CDC Forced To Admit They Knew Vaccine Preservative Caused Autism


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been forced to admit that a widely used vaccine preservative does in fact cause autism.

The CDC had long insisted that the vaccine preservative thimerosal was not linked to autism. However, after a hundred Freedom of Records Act (FOIA) requests, the CDC has been forced to reveal the once-secret documents, showing that the agency knew that thimerosal caused autism but deliberately hid that evidence from the public

Christina Sarich via Waking Times reports:

With help from PhD Scientist and Biochemist, Brian Hooker, the agency has finally had to reveal that they have known for years that thimerosal, which was banned in 1999, but still used in over 60 vaccines, causes autism. Robert F. Kennedy has been trying to alert the public of the same troublesome findings that Hooker has unveiled, but he is often dismissed, or worse, made into a media fool by the pharmaceutical industry.

“When the results of the Verstraeten study were first reported outside the CDC in 2005, there was no evidence that anyone but Dr. Verstraeten within the CDC had known of the very high 7.6-fold elevated relative risk of autism from exposure to Thimerosal during infancy. But now, clear evidence exists. A newly-acquired abstract from 1999 titled, “Increased risk of developmental neurologic impairment after high exposure to Thimerosal containing vaccine in first month of life” required the approval of top CDC officials prior to its presentation at the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) conference. Thimerosal, which is 50% mercury by weight, was used in most childhood vaccines and in the RhoGAM shot for pregnant women prior to the early 2000s.The CDC maintains there is “no relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism rates in children,” even though the data from the CDC’s own Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) database shows a very high risk. There are a number of public records to back this up, including this Congressional Record from May 1, 2003. The CDC’s refusal to acknowledge thimerosal’s risks is exemplified by a leaked statement from Dr. Marie McCormick, chair of the CDC/NIH-sponsored Immunization Safety Review at IOM. Regarding vaccination, she said in 2001, “…we are not ever going to come down that it [autism] is a true side effect…” Also of note, the former director of the CDC, which purchases $4 billion worth of vaccines annually, is now president of Merck’s vaccine division.” [Source]

What is Thimerosal and Why Should I Care?

Thimerosal is a mercury-based vaccine adjuvant (preservative) that causes a number of brain-injuring problems, with autism among them. Thimerosal is also a human carcinogen, mutagen, and teratogen that also interrupts the immune system and interrupts proper fetal development.

Thimerosal, is metabolized into toxic, and highly dangerous methylmercury. From there, the methylmercury is converted into the even more harmful, persistent, inorganic mercury that is retained in our physical tissues to wreck havoc on our health. For the immune-sensitive, this is the equivalent of a one-two punch. That must be why the World Health Organization (WHO) thinks thimerosal is ‘safe.’ It follows right along with their covert agenda to thin the herd.

There is no safe level of exposure to this neurotoxin, yet it is still used widely by Merck, Eli Lilly, and numerous other pharmaceutical companies. It is also still used in almost every flu vaccine currently administered.

According to Hooker, hundreds of thousands of babies born between 1991 and 1997, had their vaccine files analyzed by CDC epidemiologist Thomas Verstraeten, MD. Hooker says that this, “proves unequivocally that during 2000, CDC officers were knowledgeable internally of the very high hazard of autism, non-natural sleep problem and speech disorder associated with Thimerosal exposure.”

CDC as a Murderous Agency

These alarming facts, along with the testimony of whistleblowers like Kennedy expose the CDC as a dangerous, even murderous, government agency that cannot be trusted. They have lied to scientific bodies, fixed data, and withheld important information that could have prevented any number of autism cases, among other health dangers. With over 22 different medical cases that prove vaccines can cause autism, and the latest documentation from Hooker that reveals what the CDC has withheld, why would anyone trust this agency as a protector of public health?

Hope for the Future

Dr. Hooker’s is adamant about what must happen going forward: “We have to make certain that this and different proof of CDC malfeasance are supplied to Congress and the general public as quick as viable. Time is of the essence. Kid’s futures are at stake.” It will take vigilance with propaganda being slung from every direction.


  • dannyjoelamaster

    Maybe I stumbled on to a wacked out news site.

    • Ser Korz

      No; It is reasonable.

      Vaccine Scandals and Criminal Cases Increase in 2014 – See more at:


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    • Bammajamma Nondeplumeron

      Maybe your brain is too tiny and your heart too full of fear to accept truth when you read it.

    • Chez Kiva

      Maybe you are scientifically disconnected, as if by Media, by convention, or by fate….

    • jps73

      CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus

      The CDC has quickly removed a page from their website, which WAS cached here (since removed by google so you can view an image of the cache here), admitting that more than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span from 1955-1963 when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40. It has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of the vaccine.

    • Anders Normansson

      …..caused by the neurotoxin absorbed by your brain, from the last Flu shot which was administered to you.

    • AnotherLover

      This article/language seems to be making the rounds. It’s pretty discrediting since I’ve yet to see the “forced admission” in any of them. Just long fluffy quotations re: the Verstraten(sp) study followed by a pivot to thimerosal and another pivot to the “murderous CDC.” It’s plain discrediting to put a factual assertion in an article’s title and fail even to address, much less substantiate, it.

      I don’t know if it’s just lazy… It could be a sinister plot to influence the minds of the 3 people that read this article. You never know. Oooh — burn!

  • Chez Kiva

    The numbers are astounding. The ‘solution’ is quit lying about the obvious source of issuance. You got tiny bodies. You got strong chemical urges. You got a so-called “health care” system that would be more humane if it were run by the Columbian Liberation Army.

  • Matthew Chen

    Now that the truth is out, it’s time for the tens of thousands of parents of autistic children to take a multi-billion dollar Class Action lawsuit against the CDC and Big Pharma, which manufactured the poisonous vaccines,

  • Erwin Alber

    Thanks for the great article! As far as I am concerned, Nigerians and second hand car salesmen are more trustworthy than the people working for the CDC (Centers for Disease Creation and Proliferation) who are arguably a far greater threat to the public health than ordinary rapists and murderers. Unfortunately, most parents are unaware that the vaccines doctors inject at the CDC’s recommendation cause far more harm including deaths than the diseases they are used against.and that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science, or that vaccines are designed, made and used not to prevent – but to promote ill-health, in order to create life-long customers dependent on the medical-pharmaceutical mafia.

    Yet, because vaccines are perfectly safe as long as they are not used, it is easy to avoid vaccine-related reactions, illnesses, disorders, disabilities and deaths 100% simply by keeping one’s child or children vaccine-free.

  • Don’t smoke anything !

    First of all I am allergic to THERMISOL and so is my daughter. I had all the normal vaccinations and she did also, neither of us is autistic. We also take flu shots and pneumonia shots . Kind of distorts this theory .

  • Lincoln

    APRIL 7, 2016 The Insane Censorship Of Vaccination Truths

    In this video Luke Rudkowski goes to the premier of Vaxxed in NYC and interviews the main producer of the film Del Bigtree. The controversial film was pulled from the Tribeca film festival by Robert De Niro after a media backlash, but was able to premier at another theater.

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  • Robert G

    Read this:
    It started here: (Andrew Wakefield, fraud!)
    It ends here: (debunked!)
    And if you’re not qualified to fully understand the studies, or what conflict of interest is, or what peer-reviewed means, then you shouldn’t spread these dangerous claims… But even if vaccines did cause Autism, then good! Now that I understand Autism, I’m quite glad to be Autistic. But sadly for you know-it-alls, the evidence to support your conspiracy theories and the pseudoscience scams you support, simply isn’t there. Also, there is plenty of evidence that Autism is genetic.
    Shame on YourNewsWire. The truth is plain to see. It isn’t the sort of science that can be covered up; people with actual scientific training have already sifted through all this! Please educate yourselves and then remove this article, thanks.

  • John Sinclair

    Class actions against every single person employed by the CDC down to janitor level. They must ALL be held accountable.