Chemotherapy Shortens Life Span Of Cancer Patients, Study Finds

Professor Dr. Hardin B. Jones of Medical Physics and Physiology at Berkeley, California, studied cancer patients for 25 years and announced at a Cancer Society Seminar in 1969 that patients who are not treated with chemotherapy live longer than those who treated with it. It sent shockwaves through the medical community who believed traditional treatment was better than nothing. 

Another of his discoveries was that breast cancer patients survived longer if left untreated than those treated with conventional therapies.

“People who refused treatment lived for an average of 12 and a half years. Those who accepted other kinds of treatment lived on an average of only 3 years,” he stated. reports:

Other researchers have conducted similar studies which came to similar conclusions. “Those who refused medical procedures had a lower mortality rate than those who submitted” concluded Dr. Maurice Fox, Biologist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, based on a study completed at the Harvard School of Public Health.

In the February 2, 1979 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, it published an article by Dr. Maurice Fox, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Based on studies conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health, Dr. Fox found many things, including:

  1. Complete mastectomy was no better than simple lump removal.
  2. The diagnosis of breast cancer was twice as frequent in 1975 than in 1935, and the death rate was also double, meaning no progress had been made in the attempt to cure cancer.
  3. A lower mortality rate was found in patients who refused medical procedures than those who submitted to conventional treatments.
  4. Early detection amounted to quicker treatment and earlier death.

A team of researchers from Israel, led by Dr. Michael Feldman conducted a study at the Weizmann Institute in 1978.

An article titled “Failure of Chemotherapy to Prolong Survival in a Group of Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer,” was published in British medical journal The Lancet on March 15, 1980. Read what it says:

“Overall survival of patients with primary breast cancer has not improved in the past 10 years, despite increasing use of multiple-drug chemotherapy for treatment of metastasis. Furthermore, there has been no improvement in survival from first metastasis, and survival may even have been shortened in some patients given chemotherapy…. Actuarial survival analysis … reveals no prolongation in overall survival, despite the increased use of multiple-drug chemotherapy for metastatic disease. The survival of the 78 patients who received chemotherapy from first detection of metastases (including single-agent chemotherapy) was no better than that of the 80 who did not receive chemotherapy. There was also no improvement in survival for those who received multiple-drug chemotherapy (66 patients)…. The fact that regressions of breast cancer had no influence on overall survival must reflect the inadequacy of present-day chemotherapy.”

Chemotherapy is so lethal, that if the liquid is spilled, it can burn right through human flesh. As if being diagnosed with cancer wasn’t bad enough, just take a look at what it did to this patients hand:

The burning and scarring that you see in the image to the left is the result of chemotherapy fluid spilling onto a bare hand.

This picture, worth far more than a thousand words, illustrates clearly just how toxic chemotherapy chemicals are. Considering the outer skin of a person is actually better protected than our insides, just think what happens when this fluid is injected into the vein of a cancer patient.

So toxic are the chemicals used in Chemotherapy, that nurses administering it have to wear personal protective equipment, and follow strict security measures in case of any accidental spills of chemotherapy.

Spills larger than 5 cc. require:

  • Phone calls to 911, and to the Occupational & Environmental Safety Office – OESO.
  • Access to the affected area must be blocked off, and the area must be marked with warning signs
  • Donning the protective coveralls and two pairs of gloves (a latex pair for underneath the coveralls, and a rubber pair for on top) from the “Chemotherapy spill kit”.
  • Picking up broken glass using the scoop in the “Chemotherapy spill kit”.
  • Cleaning up liquids using spill pads.
  • Washing the spill area 3 times: Once with hydrogen peroxide, and two more times with a strong detergent.
  • If the chemotherapy drug comes in contact with the skin, eye, or airborne particles inhaled at any time during the procedure, they are instructed to go immediately to the emergency room.


The moment you’re diagnosed with cancer, you become worth about $300,000 to the cancer industry. That is, unless you refuse the barbaric conventional treatments that your doctor might offer you, and treat yourself safely, effectively, and inexpensively with one or more natural Cancer Cures. You’ve seen the evidence, now you can decide for yourself whether you want to expose yourself to brutal poisons, or use substances provided by nature that will heal you without side effects.

  • Dave Gregory

    Is this some kind of p**s take? I’ve got cancer, but fortunately i’ve got the common sense to know that this article is talking utter rubbish. Put yourself in the position of a cancer patient. You get told you have cancer, and are told there is a treatment that could potentially save your life, you’d take it. Cancer treatment is a lot of money, because some of the treatments have very expensive chemicals, some even contain platinum! But it does work, and you are talking utter nonsense. Cancer ranges immensely in every patient, and no two cases or treatments are ever the same. Its very dependant on your biology AND of the type cancer you have, because there are thousands!! You can’t use a broad sweeping statement like ‘cancer patients’ its already to much of a generalization to be evidence of anything legitimate. On another note, trying to convince people to use homeopathic remedies is irresponsible and dangerous!! Cancer is a serious and deadly desease that requires tested and evidence based treatment administered by highly qualified proffesionals. It is absurd to suggest that trying to treat a highly aggressive tumour with herbal remedies is even a remotely logical idea. Do you know what they call homeopathic remedies that work? Medicine. If it hasn’t been proven to work, then it doesn’t work. If it did, pharmeceutical companies would snap it up, slap a brand on it and charge a premium for the pleasure of buying it.

    And sorry to really dismatle your argunment Einstien, but the study was conducted in 1980. Chemotherapy has evolved by several magnitudes of sophistication in 35 years, now accompanied by radiotherapy, proton beam therapy, stem cell replacement therapy, bone marrow transplant therapy and huge advancements in tumour removal surgery and the actual understanding of cancer itself. It’s offensive how condecending and arrogant this article is, trying to imply that we cancer patients are the short sighted ones, for doing whatever it takes to stay alive, by putting our faith and our fate into the hands of the people who REALLY know best. Especially when the evidence brought forward is outdated by decades and actually very vague in the first place. You are a cretin, sir. Good day.

    • Gina Martin

      One snall piece of information that you don’t have a whitch you comment on, is that the doctors would snap up something natural and put a label on it and sell it if it worked. The truth is that a patent can’t be put on anything natural. Therefore no money can be made. The FDA will not do studies on something that they cannot make money on. Therefore, The government or pharmaceutical companies have no interest. Instead the pharmaceutical companies are going to do all they can to undermined a remedy that does work. In some cases making it illegal to have these substances or selling them.

    • 1digger

      Suffering fool. You do realize that Chemotherapy has its roots in Mustard Gas? How’d that work out for the soldiers in WWI? You’re welcome to use that barbarism but it makes NO sense to flood your body with poisons in a ‘shotgun’ approach that kills good cells along with cancer cells. My brother in-law had stem cell replacement therapy only to get his ‘cancer count’ to near zero, only to return to ‘maintenance’ Chemo instead of bolstering his immune system. He’s on a fast track to death with multiple myeloma and yet a woman in Europe just this past month confirmed her same bone cancer was gone using Curcumin/Turmeric. Natural treatments; the original ‘traditional medicine’.

  • Celia

    Well Dave Gregory I disagree with you and your thoughts, you are welcome to poison yourself and set yourself up for a huge fall. You may be cured now through chemo but it will come back and ten times more aggressive than before perhaps then you will decide to try the natural route. It totally makes sense to me to go natural as by cutting, chemo and radiation all you are doing is taking a short cut to fixing the problem but at the end of the day you have not sorted out the original cause of the problem. I too have been diagnosed with cancer and have been bullied and pushed to take chemo treatment they even went as far as to schedule my chemo session without consulting me needless to say I flew off the handle at the them. Yes they tried bulling by saying things like in three months time you will be begging us to help as the cancer would of spread. I apparently have a slow growing cancer but according to them the opposite. They will do whatever they can in their power to make you take the treatment. The sad thing is when you try to speak to them about alternate therapies they will tell you there are none. The reason being is because all they know is what they have been taught and they paid allot of money to be taught to do what they are doing. If you ask them and I did ask a nurse who has been working with cancer patients for many years what she would do if she go cancer and her exact words to me were if I was diagnosed with cancer I would never poison myself with chemo but would rather go the natural route. Those words came from a nurse who deals with this on a daily basis. I have been treating myself naturally now for three months and my cancer levels are all within normal range. I feel allot better too and look great so good luck with that each to there own I guess.