Cherokee Indians Tell Elizabeth Warren She Is Not Native American

Furious Cherokee Indians don't believe Elizabeth Warren is one of them and have demanded that she stop claiming to be Cherokee - unless she can prove it.

Furious Cherokee Indians don’t believe Elizabeth Warren is one of them and have demanded that she stop claiming to be Cherokee – unless she can “prove it”.

In a video uploaded by Indian entrepreneur and scientist V.A. Shiva, who also recently challenged Elizabeth Warren to prove her claims of Cherokee heritage, one of the Cherokee Indians said, “Can she come home and stand here and say whom are her relatives are, and they will come down and greet her take her up to her people?”

She should be ashamed of herself.

Another speaker brings up a number of good points:

Elizabeth Warren, being someone that has a professorship should have some type of ethics. How can you trust a person like that? If they’re willing to lie about themselves and where they’re from and who they are, you know? My name is Dale French, I was born and raised here on the Cherokee Indian reservation, and I just don’t approve of that…

John Grant, another Cherokee Indian commented:

That’s not right at all, she’s lying to the American public by running for public office and claiming a race that she’s not. If she’s claiming that she’s Native American, prove it.”

Johanna Martin, one of the last Cherokee Indians featured in the video remarked:

In a way it feels like they’re making fun of our heritage because they don’t have any realization of what we went through as a people.

You can watch the full video below:

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • John C Carleton

    Zionist lie. Thats what they do.

    • r wood

      In no way is there ANY link between whether Sen Warren has whatever % of Cherokee……and any issues of ‘ Zionism”.

      • John C Carleton

        Did you have a point you were trying to make? I will give you anouther stab at it. :-}

        • jims-blog

          lol perhaps the point was her “LIEING” inorder to get preferential treatment and cost savings to collage, warren has “NO” shame, funny how she do sent mind LIEING to further her career!!!

      • John C Carlton

        I am John C Carlton and I know everything.. don’t interrupt me again you got it??…goooood

  • Joseph Kalman

    Elizabeth Warren is free to take the genetic test which will indicate who her ancestors truly were … it should be the proof to V.A. Shiva seeks, one way or another …

    • jims-blog

      Though of course she “WONT” it would only “EXPOSE” her deceit!!!

  • jims-blog

    Warren does have proof, remember one of her family told her so because she has high cheek bones, lol im Apachy and can “PROVE IT” though so little 1/8 th I believe but Apachy none the less, was also born in “Roswell New Mexico” where the Trible reservation is located!!!