China Orders Attack Subs to US West Coast

China deploys subs to west coast of America

China have invoked Article 9 of the Sino-Russian Treaty of Friendship (FCT) notifying Russia that they have begun offensive/defensive military movements to protect national interests – including the deployment of a flotilla of attack submarines to the west coast of America. 

China’s announcement comes just one day after President Xi Jinping warned President Obama that the two countries were perilously close to war: “China will firmly safeguard the sovereignty and related rights in the South China Sea and will not accept any freedom of navigation as an excuse to undermine China’s sovereignty and national security interests.” reports:

Article 9 of this treaty, this report explains, states that: “When a situation arises in which one of the contracting parties deems that peace is being threatened and undermined or its security interests are involved or when it is confronted with the threat of aggression, the contracting parties shall immediately hold contacts and consultations in order to eliminate such threats.”

In the formal PRC government document invoking Article 9 of this treaty, delivered under diplomatic pouch international legal protections and procedures to Security Council (SC) Chairman President Putin, this report continues, Chinese authorities state that their vital national interests are now under immediate threat due to:

  1.  Continued military provocation(s) against the PRC by the United States in the South China Sea.
  2. The possible ascension to the US presidency of Hillary Clinton who has threatened war against the PRC (and is the most hated American woman in China).
  3. The possible ascension to the US presidency of Donald Trump who has not ruled out war against the PRC.
  4. A direct threat of nuclear war made against the PRC by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) the United States, and its allies, are preparing to “intervene/interfere” in.

Immediately coinciding with the PRC’s invoking Article 9 of the FTC, this report further notes, China, also, made an immediate economic protectionist move against the United States and its allies by imposing a new tax system on all overseas purchases—which, ironically, billionaire US presidential candidate Donald Trump had threatened to do against the Chinese if he was elected.

MoD analysts contributing to this report further state that China’s “preparations for conflict” with the United States include their military setting up “non-war” units able to evacuate their citizens from foreign territories, their establishing a massive military base in the Horn of Africa to counter American aggression in the Middle East, and their deployment of the world’s longest range nuclear missile.

As per the protocol and procedures to be followed once Article 9 was invoked by the PRC, this report continues, Security Council Chairman President Putin directed the MoD and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to immediately begin all needed steps to “ameliorate/alleviate” this conflict and to, likewise, assess its potential to harm the national interests of the Federation and take all necessary means needed to protect the citizens of Russia both at home and in potential war zones.

A rather lengthy conclusion to this report written by MoD intelligence analysts shockingly states that the American peoples knowledge of this conflict is nearly non-existent, in spite of the many warnings issued to them about it these past few weeks—including US Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work announcing that the Obama administration would not recognize any air defense identification zone that China might proclaim in the South China Sea, and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius warning that “the US is heading toward a dangerous showdown in China.”

Kurt Campbell, the former US Assistant Secretary of State for Asia, perhaps, gave the most accurate warning to the American people about this coming war by stating “This isn’t Pearl Harbor, but if people on all sides aren’t careful, it could be ‘The Guns of August.’”  Campbell was referring to the Pulitzer prize winning book by Barbara Tuchman on the events that led up to World War I, which led to the deaths of 17 million people—a miniscule amount when compared to the hundreds-of-millions, if not billons, who will die in World War III.

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    Why does this not surprise me anymore? -___-

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    There have been a huge volume of Mainland Chinese arrived to US by boat loads, Chinese communist are no dummy, they infiltrate deep into US with so call immigrants from China and now they’re everywhere, it’s just matter of time that in case of war… Americans will be slaughtered by these “immigrant” from within and nuclear warhead from the air – Damn Stupid n ig Obama and politicians in Washington! Slick Billy Clinton must be happy for selling American’s secrets to China! Fkup! – Americans must WAKE UP! Arm yourself!

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      That is a load of lies and fear mongering. You and your comment is a threat to the security of not only the US but the entire world. You should be under the care of a doctor.

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        Americans are getting armed. Women are learning how to shoot their new guns at gun ranges. Unlike Socialist Democrats running around trying to incite a gun grab policy by Socialist Commie Democrats trying to run the country verses being told what to do by the people, [IF] our US of A is attacked from within, We were taught how to defend ourselves by the Israelis (who have done a nice job of it til now) So, I find your comment of fear mongering meaningless. The only threat to the security of this country are commie socialist democrats who want to run the country in a government designed to be run by the people. [IF] you are one of them, you better hope they don’t line you up against the wall when the revolution comes.

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          You’re sadly mistaken if you think that socialist dems are the only threat. Both of our two parties are controlled by the same financial interests. And war is good for business. The biggest threat to our country are those who would benefit from a US/China war. In fact, both Trump and Shillary have both made threats of sending us to war with China. Cruz and Kasich too. The only one who hasn’t promised us another war is a wild haired socialist dem. His gun policies are garbage, but the senator from VT has a calmer head on his shoulders then those of his counterparts.

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          Taught by the Israelis? What are you smoking?

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        Prove what that person said is wrong. People that need mental help are the ones that believe everything the liberal and Republican establishment tells them .

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        I live in California and I can tell you that isn’t a load of lies at all, whatever mongers you is none of my business, wake-up.

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    “Chicken pigs protecting a secret society, China should step off giving Obama &Berlu a US third term with war. Hillary pant suits mak’n them MAo nervous?”

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      Mao has been dead a long time, hello.

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    The real threat of war comes from Obama. He needs to be removed from office immediately. He intends to start war on any front whether it be against Russia or China. The guy is insane, mentally unfit to be president, worse than Bush and Cheney.

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          That is simply not how war works. Perhaps if we handed our political criminals over…

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      I really don’t understand this and to be honest when I see someone start on the it’s Obamas fault then they lose me.
      Also..having considered Iran, who I’d say is how it is because of again, one eyed foreign policy and a “we know he’s a son of a bitch, but at least he’s our son of a bitch” attitude at the cia. Well we have a deal now with Iran re nuclear weapons and a load of people have not been killed..Obama did ok there.

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        the crap is coming mark my words

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    i don’t believe this, but it is within par for the course obama wants. america will fall, not sure how just yet…

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    April Fools Day

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    China has had their submarines off the west coast of the United States for over 63 years, that the US knows of. No big surprise. Our Hydrophones on the West Coast know where they are. If China decides to shoot and go to war, pigeon torpedoes laying on the bottom awaiting activation will be like shooting ducks with laser guided precision. If I was Chinese, I would find a safer occupation, like dancing in Bejing.

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      Their government has never in it’s history cut military spending, ever.

      Our liberals have since Vietnam. Our military has been systematically stripped of it’s finest leaders in favour of lick-spittle toadies who will kowtow to the left..

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      Don’t underestimate the Chinese, they have released on the planet 6million perfected assassins alone and a lot of them are in the US disguised as normal citizens.


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    All the comment posted here makes laugh and basically shows how stupid and idiotic, an average US citizen is. Do you think you can win WW3? No No, you cant even get a draw, it will be the end of USA and its complete demise. You should all be pouring into streets to warn your citizens and to let your government know its actions are dangerous but what I see here is the same stupid blind people. Too much food or entertainment, I just dont get it.

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    what china bought some old subs to escort their 1 aircraft carrier