CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘I Killed Bob Marley’

Former CIA agent Bill Oxley has confessed on his deathbed to assassinating Bob Marley on behalf of the government.

A 79-year-old retired officer of the CIA, Bill Oxley, has made a series of stunning confessions since he was admitted to the Mercy Hospital in Maine on Monday and told he has weeks to live. He claims he committed 17 assassinations for the American government between 1974 and 1985, including the music icon Bob Marley.

Mr. Oxley, who worked for the CIA for 29 years as an operative with top-level security clearances, claims he was often used as a hitman by the organization, to assassinate individuals who could represent a threat to the goals of the agency.

Trained as a sniper and marksman, Mr. Oxley also has significant experience with more unconventional methods of inflicting harm upon others, like poisons, explosives, induced heart attacks and cancer.

The 79-year-old operative claims he committed the assassinations between March 1974 and August 1985, at a time when he says the CIA “was a law unto itself.” He says he was part of an operative cell of three members which carried out political assassinations across the country and occasionally in foreign countries.

Most of their victims were political activists, journalists, and union leaders, but he also confesses to assassinating a few scientists, medical researchers, artists and musicians whose ideas and influence “represented a threat to the interests of the United States.”

He claims he had no problem with going through with the assassination of Bob Marley, because “I was a patriot, I believed in the CIA, and I didn’t question the motivation of the agency. I’ve always understood that sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.”

But Mr. Oxley confesses that Bob Marley remains unique among his victims, as he was the only victim he “felt anything for.”

The others were assholes. Bob Marley was Bob Marley. I was no closer to being a long-haired hippy back then than I am now, but I must admit Bob’s music did move me. It held some power over me.”

He claims to have “mixed feelings” about Bob Marley’s death. On the one hand, Marley was “a good man, a beautiful soul” with “profound artistic gifts” who did not deserve to have his life cut short. But according to Mr. Oxley, Bob Marley was also placing the goals of the CIA in jeopardy and threatening the existence of the United States:

He was succeeding in creating a revolution that used music as a more powerful tool than bullets and bombs. Bob Marley in 1976 was a very serious threat to the global status quo and to the hidden power brokers implementing their plan for a new world order. As far as the agency was concerned, Bob Marley was too successful, too famous, too influential… A Jamaican Rastaman who started using his funds and fame to support causes around the world that were in direct conflict with the CIA… To be honest, he signed his own death warrant.”

“It’s not like we didn’t warn him. We sent a few guys to shoot up his house in Kingston,” Mr Oxley says, referring to a shooting in the Marley residence that left the singer with an injured arm and chest.  “We had a message for him. We impressed upon him the gravity of the situation he found himself in. He didn’t listen.”

“Two days later, in the mountains, I stuck him with the pin.

How Bob Marley was murdered by the CIA

Two days after Bob Marley was shot in the left arm by one of three gunmen who ambushed the singer and some of his crew in his house in Kingston, and after a brief stint in hospital, Bob Marley travelled to the protective hills of the Blue Mountains and spent time at the highest point in Jamaica, rehearsing for an upcoming concert.


According to Mr. Oxley, he used press credentials to gain access to Bob Marley during his Blue Mountains retreat. He introduced himself as a famous photographer working for the New York Times, and gave Bob Marley a gift.

I gave him a pair of Converse All Stars. Size 10. When he tried on the right shoe, he screamed out ‘OUUUCH.

That was it. His life was over right there and then. The nail in the shoe was tainted with cancer viruses and bacteria. If it pierced his skin, which it did, it was goodnight nurse.”

There had been a series of high-profile assassinations of counter-culture figures in the United States in the late sixties, early seventies. By the time Bob Marley’s time came around, we thought subtlety was the order of the day. No more bullets and splattered brains.

Mr. Oxley says he kept close contact with Marley during the final years of his life, ensuring the medical advice he received in Paris, London and the United States “would hasten his demise rather than cure him.” He died from cancer in May 1981. He was just 36 years old.

The final photo of Bob Marley, days before his death.

The last time I saw Bob before he died he had removed the dreadlocks, and his weight was dropping like a stone,” he says.

“He was very withdrawn, unbelievably small. He was shrinking in front of us. The cancer had done it’s job.”

“The day he died in Miami was definitely one of the most difficult moments in my career. I felt real bad. For a long time I wasn’t comfortable with my part in his death. But eventually I came to realize it had to be done, for America.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • monica

    What about dealing with George Soros in a quicker way ? since
    Bob Marley in 1976 was a very serious threat to the global status quo and to the hidden power brokers implementing their plan for a new world order.

    • Kaza Dum

      George Soros is who he was working for, rhetorically.

    • Michael Van Horn

      Trump is by far the biggest threat.

      • Debora

        That devil is a treat he ain’t getting a pass. Only devils rule this world so yea he one

    • Jon Reremy

      George Soros is just a code word for saying “the Jews did it” to look less anti Semitic.

      • Henry Balfour

        The Ashkenazim (the ones who fuck everyone, all the time) are not “jewish”. The Jews are the Sephardis, the actual Semitic Arab descendents of the Bible jews. So when Ahkenazim call someone ‘anti-semitic’ it’s a completely meaningless term. BTW, the Sephardic population in Palestine is discriminated against by their Ashkenazi majority overlords.

    • Marcus Garvey ll

      Very serious threat to the status quo. Speaking of hyperbolic statements…….Gross exaggeration.

    • Denise Carter


    • Rosemarie Chapman-Griffin

      So what’s the good old cia doing to shut oxley up

      • DrGroove

        You missed it when they said he confessed these things on his death bed.

        • Rosemarie Chapman-Griffin

          Maybe they did him in,,,Karma

      • Clarence Craigg

        He’s in the hospital,has a short time to live…

        • Rosemarie Chapman-Griffin

          poetic justice…..

      • Eve Somers

        He’s dieing what does it matter to them

        • Rosemarie Chapman-Griffin

          lol, you’re right but he sure busted the secret before he did

  • Slim

    Is soul belongs to hell now. He will burn in brimstone.

    • duane

      Judge not lest…

      • Jayjay

        SO what? He soul will sure rot in hell… Whether you like it or not.

        If Slim kills, then he too will be judged. But for now, let your uncle rot in the deepest part of hell….. Yeahhhh!!!

    • yesheisgoingtohell

      yes he is bound to join his master satan in hell ..alas

    • Nicholas Achor Ajong

      By confessing he did it is already repentance
      He was under the influence of the statusquo for fear of his own life
      He could not do it out of his own free volition
      Now I bet u Jesus will forgive him.
      This is the mystety of the love of God.
      It is the love that covers sins, it is the love that forgives even enemies.

  • Leighton George

    Fake News

    • Agha Valo

      Just think the guy is not normal

    • Peace

      Wake up people, so did they crucified the profit which was before them. Ans now they worshipped him in spirit and in truth. Then come Bob, they murder him, but is message lives on. But the careless Ethiopian them that hurry come up in music, preach about Gun an War, change the whole world .

  • jemimahg

    Wow….the USA is truly the second beast in Rev chapter 13…described as having two horns like a lamb but speaking as a dragon!

    • Linda Newell


      • jemimahg

        The weight of the evidence proves it is beyond all REASONABLE doubt.

        • Shaina Rogerson

          Exactly what evidence? Why would you believe a garbage website who takes a photo of an innocent man and marks him as a murderer? That man is NOT on his death bed in Portland, Maine.

          • Litel Campbell


          • Ange Ngubiri

            if its garbage why are you here

          • Shaina Rogerson

            I’m trying to pull people like you out of the garage. You’re welcome.

    • Don

      Exactly Right

      Anyone with a ounce of capital sense would realize Marley was a messenger of The Living God The Creator of All that Cannot be killed. Babylon must Fall!

      • youstupidhuman

        Marley was a messenger of satan…he ruined countless peoples lives with drugs and hypnotic music…… he will burn in hell along with his god…. you are an idiot

        • binghiman

          Fuck you and you are a stupid head… Go fuck yourself … They killed my Icon.. God punish all the culprits and inflicts incurable disease on them… They will all suffer and die

        • Eve Somers

          Who do u think u are?

        • Don

          Good news is you are not the Judge 🙂

        • Don

          You may be right And whose Messenger is the Pope

  • Musa

    The Whiteman is the devil

  • Carl Wileman

    What a load of fabricated bollocks click bait and nothing more, Another CIA guy on his death bed story wtf ever

    • Jayjay

      At that time, I was a teenager and we all knew even way back in Nigeria then that Bob was killed by the CIA. So, what’s the news about it today…. OK most of the people who come online these days are under 20, and so, it’s strange thing to them.
      It was a wide, wide and widely open secret.
      Stop the hypocrisy now

  • andthepointis???

    bob marley was a wanker anyway.. he was responsible for a lot of kids getting on drugs and ruining their lives.. he will be joining satan in hell..

    • Fabion Sutherland

      Bruh just shut up if u have ntn to say compare Bob and every musicians in this era they are more wankers than everybody so just keep Bob name out u mouth

      • David Reynolds

        Thank u

      • Unknown

        Can know say da bwoy deh a white boy ino…..pussy suck u mada n leave bob alone….@andthepointis….fabion bless up mi g

        • Marcus Garvey ll

          Why is he White? Because he made a statement which you do not appreciate? Marley, Micheal Jackson and others were used by the Capitalists to make a lot of money, as the expense of the dull and ignorant.

        • bewareofoldlady’scalledmaria

          nobody can understand you.. stop eating the pills dude…you are making a dick of yourself as usual. .learn English BEFORE you try writing it…lol

    • Kerr-i

      Shut up!! Idiot!

    • Unknown

      Man move u bomboclaat….king bob 4eva

      • Donett Matthews

        I am so upset I can’t even talk if bob marley was bad what are you,look at the crime that has been committed against us,yet know one have ever payed the price ,you rot in hell ,no one can force anyone to smoke ,I grew up with people around me smoking and no my parent has never smoked, I personally hate drugs of any form even the legal ones ,the drugs you guys use are even more dangerous, plus drinking .if this arse hole murder bob I hope the bastard die slowly.

        • Marcus Garvey ll

          Yes, if he was really murdered that would, of course, be an abomination.

          • The prophet

            Bob Marley was murdered by the illuminati, i you listen to the song he did, Lord they are coming after me, Lord I’ve got to keep on moving, where i can’t be found ,Lord they are coming after me, Bob know they were going to kill him, and in the same song, he tells Ziggy not to go on that bridge, because it’s dangerous, he tells him in parable. Listen carefully to the song and match CIA Oxley confession then you will know Bob Marley was murdered by the illuminati.

          • knob barley niggerman

            so what..he was dickhead knob barley ..dickhead black man witchcraft man…evil bob…badman.. he is to hell man.. got to have fire now for the hell is falling…on knob barley

          • Angela merky baby

            Absolute best post on this story…. Well done lol@knobbarley.. bob marley = knob barley.. lol so very very funny

        • shutitslartttt

          donna you idiot… shut the fuck up…thanks slartttt

          • Donett Matthews

            It’s werdthat when a discussion comes up about our people ,and we answer back first thing comes up is shut fup I did not use swear words to you

    • A Jamaican

      That comment shows you are more of a wanker than anyone else. Don’t say another word about Bob Marley you imbecile!!!

      • Marcus Garvey ll

        Well, there is some truth to it. Marley and the music fraternity were responsible to lots of our ills but we are to afraid to reveal the truth. Popular music is one of the great evils of our time, though I am an amateur drummer.

      • Timothy Townsend

        and the point is …is correct in what they say,,,, bob marley was definately a wanker.. and his brain was fried from drugs,…in the end he lived a life of fear and anger.. not peace and love.. so yes he died a total wanker

    • munchie watson

      Batty boy suck your big pussy dont dis the man waist man


      Who will you be joining?

    • Janis


  • Dully

    Assassination sounds feasible and may very well be true or As man with experience and ill he was having delusions/illusions of grandeur.Those things and timelines should be investigated for verification.

  • Tenrou_Hibachi

    Yeah without additional sources of some sort. This story is just as reliable as reptile overlords controlling our minds through Disney movies, music and the ddestruction of family values.

    • Bonnie

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    • billstreeter

      Fiction as it may be, it’s still a good story. I dug it.

      • Malachi Throne


      • PMF

        Who said it’s fiction? We shot every other reggae luminary of the era to death. Not counting the counterculture musicians here.

        • Prince MoonEl

          Those days have come to an end. Light Knights have been activated universally to bring about balance to this planet. Those interfering will be dealt with on a spiritual level in ways that hell couldnt compare to. 333

          • Akindeji Hill

            Dark knights > light knights

          • Cole Green

            True talk just look at Libya for example.. the America killed Muammar Gaddafi of Libya

    • PMF

      There ARE “additional sources”; you just haven’t heard of them. We killed Hendrix and Lennon, why wouldn’t we kill others who preached racial unity and peace (and who had the ears of millions) while we’re a war profiteering economy?

      • Barry Douglas


    • James Titcomb

      Wait. You don’t realize that reptile overlords really are controlling our minds through Disney?

    • Karl Kaiser

      Check out the Vatican’s modern auditorium, especially the inside view from the rear, central aisle.

  • tvstreamjm

    More evidence need article is too flat.

    • David smith

      It’s the same story they use about princess Diana. This is fake and fabricated. Look up the VISA that confessed about princess Diana death

      • Jayjay

        I guess, by the way you are going now, you will soon end up denying your own very name.

        I bet, soon, and pretty soon, you will. Please don’t kill for your country when you must kill, let the fela go through the legal process. The way your uncels are going about it will put the blood of the innocent all over your thin skin.

  • pinay

    …. is that article even legit? how did his wife rita get shot in the head on dec 3 and then released on dec 4 to see the prime minister??? I’m so lost

    • Breogan O’Moal Dougnaic

      pinay: Rita’s Dreads Were So Thick That They Stopped The Bullets…….

  • Terry Brown

    Injecting cancerous cells into a person isn’t enough to give him the disease—the abnormal tissue has to penetrate and grow in other areas of the body. If you injected someone with live cancer cells, his immune system would almost certainly attack and destroy the foreign tissue.

    • Tracy

      Actually, you CAN inject a person with enough carcinogenic agent that can cause cancer. Please people, stop being backwards in your thoughts. I mean, there are lots of questions to ask, but all of this is quite possible.Bob managed to bring both political leaders i.e. JLP & PNP together on stage. Unity on the island would mean PROSPERITY. Prosperity is something that America, Britain etc refuse to allow 3rd world countries to enjoy!! Bob activism was catching on like wild fire. i.e. the spirit of LOVE and Unity on a wide scale, he fell short in his relationship with Rita, but they communicated and she was fine with sticking around while he stepped out, that didn’t change his authentic message regarding the REAL possibility that HUMANS can inhabit this world in PEACE. Something WHITE people and SELL OUT African leaders can NEVER comprehend. Why not kill him before the world realize that money is a farce, a spell that make people commit atrocities and ignore what is real. This may also be a plan B to anger Jamaicans and stir problems.However, its very feasible, not farfetched at all. Bob may have thought it was football injury because he played ball often. He could easily have appeared to have healed from the prick, then went on to kick ball and incidentally harmed said toe again.

      • Daniel Ferguson

        Additionally, cancer cells would have some survival issues outside of a host, but a cacenogen can sustain for a while, and fit on the tip of a needle.

        • Akindeji Hill

          fake news. false

          • proudfrombangor1

            What profession are you in that qualifies you to deem it fake news?

          • Rasta bob

            The University Of Trump,LOL

          • Deji

            Im a government assassin

      • peterT

        That’s why USA today get D Trump as president. The All Mighty Father has His own way to make any nation fall. Babylon your kingdom is falling.

        • YVONNE

          I agree

        • Akindeji Hill

          This is the only believable theory on this page

      • Morgan Sheridan

        The story said the CIA used cancer cells, not carcinogens.

        • Cody Stone

          It’s entirely plausible that the agent didn’t really know what he was carrying and failed to accurately describe it. Most info in agencies such as the C.I.A. is compartmentalized. I doubt the Agent had a degree in Chemical Engineering, what is believable however, is that he was Told he had a needle infected with cancer causing agents that he was supposed to deliver to the target.

          • Morgan Sheridan

            The whole damn story is unbelievable. Just another conspiracy theory.

          • Rasta bob

            Morgan, you’re scared,LOL

          • Itsthesundog

            A “conspiracy theory”? You are either sheeple or an operative to use those words. Either is bad for you. Good luck for the future my friend.

      • Akindeji Hill

        Actually people develop cancer cell on a daily basis, and their immune system destroys them. Stop spreading fake news.

        • Ange Ngubiri

          are you a doctor

          • Akindeji Hill

            No, but my doctor is a doctor. If you have one I suggest you ask a few questions instead of believing everything you see on the internet.

          • Akindeji Hill

            No, I am a healer and a fixer and a teacher. But my doctor is a doctor. If you have one I suggest you ask a few questions instead of believing everything you see on the internet.

        • Itsthesundog

          You know this is fake for a fact do you?

          • Leonard Griffiths

            Do you f

      • Uk43228

        You say peace is something WHITE people and African Americans who sel, not can understand. And you think that is love? It is flat out racism and nothing more. If you want to listen to Bib Marley, then that is fine. I will listen to God who called Abraham righteous because Abraham believed Him and it was accounted unto righteousness. That tells me that it is all about belief and has not one thing to do with skin color. If Bob Marley was assassinated, then yes, that is evil. But evil has no color. If a white man killed a black man, it is because of what the white man believed. Do you really think that black on black crime is because a black man sold out to white people? Often, black on black crime happens because of drugs which they peddle for money. It is the love of money, the root of all evil…..greed and power on earth, which often makes man and woman kill each other. When you say “evil white man” how is that any different than what Hitler thought?

      • Eve Somers


    • Jean-François Lapierre

      It takes years of intake of a carcinogen to develop a cancer, and it is not 100% sure… this is clckbait, typical conspirationist’s “news” ypu are right, it is not a good way to murder someone, tryin to induce cancer… and how could they lnow he would not amputate the toe? This could have saved him, he refused…

      • PMF

        They DID develop a concoction guaranteed to give you a particularly nasty cancer many decades ago. Jeez, if you think THAT technology is conspiracy nonesence, you definitely won’t believe SCALAR technology is real – despite it being operational since 1908..

      • Cody Stone

        “They” would know that he wouldn’t amputate the toe due to his Rastafarian beliefs. Rastafarians do not believe in removing parts of the body.

        • Eve Somers

          Thank you, they have studied him before they made this attempt

      • Itsthesundog

        Alexander Litvinenko.

      • Don

        Amputating parts of the body would not have saved him. Didnt you heard that the angen was keeping close link with the health care professionals to ensure they did not allow any healing.

        I am convinced the story is sound reasonably accurate given that even today people are eating inorganic arsenic in rice and chicken without even realizing.

        Clearly the powers that be is hell bent on controlling people in more ways than people realize.

    • cestover

      If his immune system is not working correctly, it could work. Like if he were taking immunosuppressive drugs for an autoimmune disease. Or like if he had Aids.

      • Akindeji Hill

        So basically what you are saying is that it’s possible to give someone cancer if they are already dying. Sound like the easiest assassination job ever. Kill people already dying. Nice use of government money. But hey, you know, contractors right? They are always taking advantage. “Yeah I killed him, real slow like you asked. He’ll be dead in 10 – 15 years tops. Where’s my bag of money?”

        • Ange Ngubiri

          what do you know about anything

          • Akindeji Hill

            Whatever Olodumare desires me to know. Which is more than you can imagine.

    • PMF

      Not just cancer cells; they developed a concoction that would guarantee you came down with a particularly virulent strain within a few weeks..

      • Clarence Craigg

        What is this concoction,can they place it in your ventilation system,or food?can radiation exposure cause cancer?

        • Daniel Morgan

          my god what am I hearing? cant believe this to be true after al those years!!!!

          • Eve Somers

            Believe it or not it’s true.

    • Litel Campbell

      Not on someone who smoke like Bob did, smoking was his demise, if you smoke it is harder to heal a common bruise more over one that is contaminated with a special type of virus. Plus he was not given the right medication. It could happen not saying that it did.

    • Eve Somers

      He did have cancer in his toe and he refused to remove the toe so it took over his entire body. I do believe he did it as he knows every detail of even the shooting at the house

    • Clayton Bigsby

      You’re an idiot!

  • Howard Campbell

    Not surprising: The messages from his music did not go unnoticed especially the global impact which United States view as a potential for a revolution .
    – regardless, his messages from his music lives on: They did not like the messages so they killed the messenger.

  • Me

    God give life his the only one who can take it. Everybody that kill will burn in hell

  • Gonsalves Antoinette

    Bob first discovered the melanoma during a game of football in 1977, when a foot injury seemed unusually bad, and worsened over time. When doctors discovered the cancer, he was advised to have his toe amputated, but refused as his Rastafarian faith considers it a sin to have a part of the body ‘temple’ removed. He did consent to a skin graft but this didn’t stop the disease spreading throughout his body by the summer of 1980.

    • Howard Campbell

      Whatever were the likely scenarios surrounding his death, the rapid degeneration of Bob’s illness seemed like whatever was done to him act as a catalyst leading to his death.

      • addmorejuice


      • greatguy999

        Anyone with stage 4 cancer will have rapid degeneration of their health. When cancer has spread throughout the body, it is stage 4. It is generally incurable.

        • Clarence Craigg

          This just shad a light on the 2 cancer scientists found murdered had a breakthrough on cure for Cancer.They don’t know or have any suspects

      • Nicholas Achor Ajong


    • Richy

      It wasn’t his rastafarian beliefs but on one doctors order, he was made to take skin grafting on affected part. What he didn’t know was that that won’t stop the cancer. He saw another doctor but it was too late as the cancer had spread.

  • johnny o

    Well the day you, Oxley, injected Bob Markey with poison that eventually killed him, you denied the world the wonderful talents of an innocent music genius who did not only entertain his audience in a special and unique way, you also killed a beautiful and indeed innocent soul. The judgment belongs to God the creator. As long as his music remains alive Bob Marley lives for ever.

  • Jewel No Excuses Maynard

    Lol….really? You don’t say. I assassinated Lincoln.

    • Charmeleta Rhoden

      Rotten in hell big man and eye for and eye you are very wicked why now you are confessing you are going to die slowly for your wicked deeds

  • Kwakubobi

    There is only one difference between you and Bob. He died with clearly good conscience. But you, it’s not for me to tell though. May you find mercy from the good Lord.

  • Vivah

    Does it mean that cancer is a manmade virus and can be transmitted by wounding with a needle?
    How legit is this article?

    • Geepee

      “Papilova virus” apparently can cause cancer…perhaps there are others as well. Retrovirusses can change DNA. The reality is too ghastly to contemplate 🙁

  • the one

    Imma go smoke a joint in Bob’s honor… Ja mon.

  • David smith

    Fake news don’t believe. They use same story body for princess Diana the CIA who confess to killing her..

  • RLM


  • RLM


  • RLM

    WHAT ABOUT Johnny Chocran, and Reginal Lewis.

  • Jach J. King

    Ooooouch! notably, an average American is a bastard terrorist. Well mannered relatives of which the community saw them as God sent.

    They were seen as the future hope of my community, but everyone was cast down and disappointed by the character of these American citizens when they came home.

    They were the undoing of other youths, so a lot saw them as potential terrorists and lose confidence in everything they had to do with them.

    Are they really?

  • Mbachu Chimaroke Obineze

    So what about Bill Gates who is currently using his funds to support causes around the world? What kind of causes did Bob Marley support? Were they different from that of Bill Gates? If not why is Bill still alive? So much unanswered. Bob did nothing wrong. He was simply a Man who understood what live is and the power it held. He knew it was the only thing that could heal the world. Just like the originals who preach the message of Love he was killed by the bad seeds and children of the devil who do nothing but destroy what the Father creates out of Love. They don’t want the world healed. They don’t want the truth known. They are weaklings and pathetics who can never understand love because they were simply made without it. Like is said, they stumble without knowing what made them stumble. They kill without knowing why they do so. They don’t sleep until they have done one evil or the other. They are the wicked and no good can come out of them because their source has no single good in it. Well I have got news for them-love is above death and can’t die. It is eternal and no matter how much you try u can’t kill it.

    • Marcus Garvey ll

      Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Emeinem and others were “invented” by the Capitalists to make much more money at the expense of the dull and ignorant.

  • Tokunbo Odusanya

    You did it, not for America but your paid evil American lords.
    Well, over time I have view America worse than the Babylon, causing about 85% of world disorders and almost the happening in all the world countries….America feed and live better on chaos, America is a virus!

    • Nicholas Achor Ajong

      Threathening virus against human exixtence

  • netfa

    I believe he was killed, but I don’t believe this story. If Bob was stuck when he put on that shoe, he would have said, “Bumboclaut!”, not Ouuch. Rastaman don’t say “ouch”. Fiya!

    • Anye Deso

      Good one bro

      • netfa

        Real ting.

    • Ulrike Christine

      How interesting! Does “Bumboclaut” mean ‘ouch’ then?

      • netfa

        It’s a Jamaican expletive for anything out of the ordinary (hard to translate), but Jamaicans, especially Rastafarians, don’t say “ouch”.

        • Nicholas Achor Ajong


  • barriga bello

    George Wallace & others playing ignorance to atrocities committed by the past administration


    So sad but one has to be patriotic to the survival of his country at all cost.
    At least Bob Marley made his mark in the golden history of his ear. He came, saw ,conquered and died as hero.
    Death is a necessary end…..

  • Charles Hutchinson

    I’m so saddened by this revelation considering his age then at just 36yrs. This will make me love Bob more. Even though, he has confessed his role in Bob’s death, I wish he burn in hell for killing an innocent legend. RIP Bob Marley!

  • Kayode Agunbiade

    If this report is true we leave CIA and America in the hands of Jehovah to judge.

  • Bonface marw

    God is always good and blessing, He has forgiven you for your confession

  • Jah people

    Most high no say ah 3 letter mafia kill the man of peace and love my blood that so me ah threat already remember them kill sallasie and take him crown gone ah England ,Russia uk USA ah one don’t let them fool you Jah love live with no hate forgive them Jah .even tho him half white them still kill him just like john Lennon ,so when them pop me off you already see them coming check out king wid Nixon ah Ghana and you will see CIA at work always killing peace is the only way to live right because you can’t kill for red white and blue

  • Godfrey Kyei

    “The evil that men do lives after them but the good is oft interred with their bones” May he be remembered through the mercies of GOD

  • Kufaman

    If this confession is true, It must be a big story that must even be on the mainstream news. Actually, the Marley family must go to the courts for some claims against the US and CIA. Imagine the loss. Imagine all the false accusations on Rita.

    The must not end here.

    • Clarence Craigg

      They use contractors or pay informants to do their dirty work and keep their hands clean…

    • Nicholas Achor Ajong

      They even went as far as accusing Peter Tosh as well.
      Well as time permits we will also know who was behind the assasination of Tosh and Lucky Dube
      Why kill a rastaman who spreds the good message?

  • Chykdon

    His confession tallies with the incidents that ultimately led to Bob’s passing. What other secrets does he have before he kicks the bucket himself. Only the truth will set one free!!! Hope the Marley Estate will sue the Govt for Billions…

  • Samuel Reed 1:11

    So, the nail hidden in the shoe is how they gave him skin cancer?

  • Debora

    We no know who the devil really is. White people smdh

  • Denise Carter

    So former cia agents comes forward and confess to doing killings for the good of the country including marlyin monroe because of pillow talk but all fall short of the killings of the kennedy boys. Something smells fishy here. Former president OBama described our cia, fbi, nsa the best in the world oophs secret service… Too. And his presidential goes smoothly traveling all over the world. Yet president Trump denounces all these agencies. I don’t know if I believe theses last two agents or if they aren’t using their last minutes to serve this country for their own beliefs. Which person said this country wasn’t great? They missed teir mark.

  • Cat Brown

    With billions of people starving, endless wars, extinction level pollution and food/pharma killing unsuspecting people, what is so strange about this report on Bob Marley?

  • Natty Dread

    These are deathbed hallucinations.

  • sidda

    I don’t think USA won’t do this. This country capable of anything. In every war story their is USA. Late see some, Iraq, Sriya, Libiya … There government may bad but the life was much better than what they’re. 🙁

  • Peter mcloed

    Interesting story, and might have been convincing even but for one little detail that seems not to agree with the story tellers claim. According to the narrator, the agent had marley’s place shot up as a warning to him that he needed to lay off ( presumably) from whatever he was doing to offend the CIA. However, just two days later they found it necessary to make another attempt on his life. Two days! So it took just two days for them to determined be that he had not heeded their warning. I can’t imagine what he could have ( or had not) in two days for the agency to then say, “enough”. The fact that he was actually shot during the “first incident” also tells a story about this story. That bulletin that struck him could easily have been fatal. That wound not have been a very effective warning, had that been the case, would it.

  • Sannah Bouchet

    This is beyond sad

  • Sir CHRIS

    if this is true, be ready for your own old man

    remember I love AMERICA i love Bob Marley as well

  • Rudolph Anderson

    If your confessions are true, let The Most High Adonai Yahuwah have mercy on your soul and forgive you for such gruesome murders. Yet to know that your country is the house of the devil, the design is of fallen angels and the land of dead spirits of darkness. Your country will be begging in front of the Most High Adonai Yahuwah the Alpha and the Omega for Yah is the Elyon, Creator of All Ages. O you stiff necked freemasons you work and kill too hard because of fear. Prepare for your bloody works and dark secrets are never hidden for the Most High Adonai Yahuwah seeth and knoweth your evil plots and dark intentions of war in the name of peace. Nevertheless, what you sew, you shall reap and so you sew destruction, you shall reap destruction. Listen to my words for you know that they are true. Ahmayn to the Most High Adonai Yahuwah.

  • Ulrike Christine

    We we’re always told that Bob Marley died of lung cancer. It was only a few days ago that I read for the very first time that he supposedly suffered from a cancer in his toe. I am almost certain, it was mentioned in an article on his fb fan page While the motives are all true and feasible, the fatal “toe cancer” story seems odd to me, I’m not a doctor, but can one die so quickly from a cancer to the toe, and what part of the toe? The bone, muscle, skin, blood tissue, …? What type of cancer? This doesn’t seem to make much sense. Again, the motives are rock hard, but the cause of death seems wishy washy to me. Any opinions or insights?

  • Darrell

    I would ask him what do he think about once he has to go to the other side…

  • cestover

    Tell me, why does the photo of the old guy in the hospital bed look familiar? Where have I seen it, previously?

  • Crystal Hooper

    the nazi doctor who treated him in his swiss? health center did little short of expediting his condition with the torturous procedures he performed on the Ras. the wire/pin in the gift boot has long been acknowledged by those in his inner circle. have no doubt, babylon knows no limits. RIP Birhan Selassie

  • never

    LOL… same as the other “CIA Agent confesses on deathbed: ‘WTC was an inside job'”. Why do these guys keep posting this shit? The other, ok… but it is getting stupid now…!

  • carolece

    If this is a true confession.
    Who’s gonna remember you?
    Who will commend you for fessing up?

    May your soul go where it belongs with the devil.

    Live on Bob!
    Dem tek yuh body but dem couldn’t tek anything else.

  • never

    Baxter Dmitry… Sincerely… Fuck you! LOL… You stupid piece of shit! WTF is this? You keep going with this stupid garbage? Ahhha. You know?! There’s people who believe this… Well, but you know that, right?

  • blackPOWER

    This cave animal need to be in jail

  • Haji Abdullah

    I thought Marley died from complications of Gangrene. He was playing soccer (football) step on a nail. It turned in gangrene which should been remove but Marley refuse treatment

  • annannamouse

    He said it had to be done for America?
    what the Hell?
    Good riddends M F .Rott

  • Dana W


  • Rapunzel24

    This is not the first story I have heard about these goons. Damn them to Hell. Let’s just say it does not surprise me however ugly and painful it is.

  • QuestionItAll

    I’m constantly amazed at the cognitive dissonance of the sheep! Oh no! My country would never do that!

    Grow the F’ up! Satanists run this world! The sooner you acknowledge that little factoid, the sooner we get rid of these monsters!

  • Sarah Payne

    I was told by Bob Marley’s own family that he cheated on his own wife and has more children with the mistress! My husband told me! I’ve grown too learn that most of them are trouble and am married too one. Something has got too give!

  • Ron Pleasant

    could be fake sure wouldnt be the first time that the CIA murdered!

  • Shaina Rogerson

    Heres the link to the website where Baxter purchased a stock photo of some innocent Polish stock model. Some of you need to use your brain. You go around claiming that everyone is a sheep, meanwhile you eat garbage like this up with a silver spoo silver spoon. congrats. You’re a sheep.

  • PMF

    Of COURSE it “had to be done”; you can’t have another prophet like MLK running around promoting black and white unity, can you?

  • Steven Mcguillicutty

    “The nail in the shoe was tainted with cancer viruses and bacteria.” What a crock of 100% Grade A shit.

  • Suleiman Adekunle Omipidan

    It is pathetic to read about this stunning confession from an ex CIA agent. He was instrument in terminating an innocent soul. His acts reminds me of how MKO Abiola of Nigeria was also terminated. He sought to find forgiveness for the guilt he bore all this while. Imagine the pains and loss the families of Marley had to endure and all his dependents! It is up to Marley’s spirit to forgive this man and it is up to the On High to forgive him as well. Eventually we would all die and render accounts of our deeds.

    • bewareofoldlady’s

      marley was not innocent you idiot… he destroyed many lives by encouraging drug use…he basically killed tens of thousands of people.. he will burn in hell

      • Suleiman Adekunle Omipidan

        Mr. Guest, why did you chose to hide behind the screen and throw insults like someone with a verbal diarrhea? You basically have the right to express yourself as you may chose to but throwing insults and those lospsided comments basically reveal have much your knowledge could reach and the fact that you basically make use of your hind brain and not the forebrain that many people have displayed in this forum. You should rise above your animalistic substantialiy and endeavor to ‘enlighten’ those you think are in the ‘dark’ with logic and reasoning or simply express your view. Going by the way of insults and hinding behind the veil does not speak well of your so called ‘avowed civilization’

  • onlinethreatalerts

    This is fake news. The man in the photo is not Bill Oxley, he is a photo model. Click the following link to learn more:

  • Kenn Cramer Hanberg

    You see a picture of an old person in a bed..probably a hospital. Then we should take that as a proof? It could be anyone. A little better if it was a video of him saying those things.

  • onlinethreatalerts

    This is fake news. The man in the photo is not Bill Oxley, he is a photo model. Click the following link to learn more:

  • Yakubu Bompy

    What a shame,so did the world or America become a better place by his death,May God have Mercy on your soul when you eventually join him,a shame indeed!

  • Jermain Johnson

    Long story should be made short. Bob Marley still lives, you can take away the body but not the soul.


    I believe it, sounds true to me. People can inflict disease, they have people that kill with powder, lotion, spray, needles etc they are definitely out there. Bob did not deserve that though, he just sing from his heart and that was his gift to humanity. RIP Bob.

  • Jodi Houts

    Hugo Chavez claimed the US had given him cancer also. I think we contribute to increasing cancer daily by allowing corporations to continue marketing known carcinogens, such as round-up, to be used, infecting our food and water. Shucks, we allow mining byproducts to be put in our food and water. We opressed and suppressed research on cancer by Gerson and who knows how many others. We hold families hostage with our medical system, bankrupting families trying to save their loved ones. The CIA is absolutely a power unto themselves. We, the people, don’t support spreading chaos in other countries. The majority want our tax dollars spent here, not building bases in other countries.

    • Nicholas Achor Ajong

      The pharmaceuticals are the evil brains,
      They frustrate scientists of good will
      They also kill professor and scientist VICTOR ANOMAH NGU who brought out stunning breakthrough
      In the development of a genuine AIDS vaccine

  • TITA

    CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘I Killed Bob Marley’ … via @yournewswire

    “He was succeeding in creating a revolution that used music as a
    more powerful tool than bullets and bombs. Bob Marley in 1976 was a very
    serious threat to the global status quo and to the hidden power brokers
    implementing their plan for a new world order. As far as the agency was
    concerned, Bob Marley was too successful, too famous, too influential… A
    Jamaican Rastaman who started using his funds and fame to support
    causes around the world that were in direct conflict with the CIA… To be
    honest, he signed his own death warrant.”

  • carol harry halley


  • I. B Eye

    That is some real fucked up shit for them to do to Bob Marley but no matter what his legion still goes on period. Big up for Bob Marley much respect for him and his family for life sincerely, Billy Yarborough InI Jah Rastafari

  • Joe Livingston


    Oh well, nothing is going to save America. This country was given a certain time, it does not matter who they killed then, it wouldn’t have made any difference. While they were busy killing countless people they view as a threat to them, I can see the part where they ere obviously blinded by the sick arrogance.

    Everybody came here before and after and found planet earth here, and nobody understands exactly all of what Earth represents, so to think that a small group of psychopaths think that the world has to bend and bow to their demonic view, then its obvious that they were to far out to see the real reasons they were allowed to go that far.

    They thought that they would have the negro under their clews forever, the negro was sent in to slavery for for 400 years as a result of their disobedience to their creator. As a black man i don’t really have to agree with it, because countless black people lose their lives in the reign of terror of white supremacy and if this number is not past half a billion Negros killed by this race, then may God help us all. Because they killed black people all over the world where we existed, Africa, North And south America, in the Caribbean, you name it. They thought that their world was invisible and that their control would remain. But what they fail to realize is that, slavery was allowed for 400 years and from there, it would spell end of this the Quarantine & what some called the curse on the negro, it would be lifted from there. Slavery started in 1519, which means its suppose end would be 1519.
    However, this is going to end a lot earlier than 1519, that becasue there are already preparations behind the scenes that will pretty much allow the negro to regain what they have lost and that this QUARANTINE will no longer be locked on the negro. what whites fail to understand is that, Come 2018, things will be totally and completely different for the negro, everywhere they exist. and white people are not going to be able to dictate our future, not anymore. they have always maintained and gone out of their way to make sure Negros never did well, everywhere we exist.
    when the curse is lifted, their white world has to go down for this to happen and what you are witnessing is the downfall of Western Civilization, which simply was a matter of time. Notice that Western civilization , especially America has dominated for this 400 years , that they were allowed to enslave the negro. now this is all but coming to its end and that the enemies of the negro will get what’s in-store for them

    It has to go down to make way for what’s in store for the negro. Because as it has been written, that after these 400 years , the Negro will come out of this with great substance and rewards and there is nothing they whites can do to stop that. Thats becasue their tyrannic would will not have the legs to stand on to keep up with what they have been well know for. goodbye Western civilization & your reign of terror on our people. You cannot stop your demise. look around you, its coming to a crashing halt)

    • Marty Jeason

      You really need to wake up and smell the coffee , first off the negros that were sold into slavery were sold by your own people to Muslim merchants that sold them all over the world , so the primary start to slavery in the States was started by your own people and you blame it on the white man , last week there were at least 8 slave auctions in Turkey and negros were being sold , only negros , they were set up by their own people to travel to the middle east looking for a better life then when they arrived they were sold off like dogs , get your dumb ass head out of your ass and look at the real world , don’t babble on about something that HAPPENED WELL OVER A HUNDRED YEARS AGO and never effected you …SMH AT YOUR IGNORANCE .

      • dontfuckingbreedidiots are correct……. and Liberia was one of the worst places for niggers selling niggers to muslims… anyway..who cares.. they are dirty people..and they take drugs and shoot people and rob people.. fuck them niggers… dirty fucking things

  • Fredrick Mutooni
  • Rose Abyssinian

    Well,we can easily say that this news is “not from a reliable source.” We can say that one extreme or the other are lying.Usually,the truth will lie somewhere between the 2 extremes.

  • Shaina Rogerson

    This is a stock photo of a polish model, not a CIA agent on his death bed in maine. Some of you will buy anything. Heres the link

  • Jockim

    U r soon going to find him

  • Ay

    After all these evil you and the evil agency committed around the world we are all going to die one day. Whatsoever u sow u will reap

  • amechi

    It is only God that know how many people, they ( CIA) has killed out of fear for nothing. USA government should pay the family for the wrong thing the have done.

    • Clarence Craigg

      Not only the CIA,Other Agencies….

  • Kye Makyeli

    His right toe was infected right from childhood and he declined to seek any form of treatment for it as the years went by, even having it cut off. I refuse to believe this fiction, but it’s a good story.

    • Nicholas Achor Ajong

      You are lieing not from chilhood
      Where are you coming with this one

  • netfa

    All this fake news is troubling. It makes me wonder about the truth of Libyan slavery story. It appears that as black people are becoming more empowered, a plan is being implemented to make the race seem victimized and defensive, thus diminishing their perceived power and credibility. Ultimately, the world will be controlled by African peoples again; these are ploys to slow down the inevitable. Keep loving and keep strong, the days are fast approaching for a better world.

  • Akindeji Hill

    This sounds like fake news BTW. How do you kill someone with Cancer? That’s stupid. Everyone knows only unicorns can do that. I’m glad to know though, that it’s ok to assassinate people to protect our ideals. Now my unicorn army can move forward with it’s plans without any hesitation. Thank you CIA.

  • rasta niang

    now is your time to go

  • Ashanika Latham

    This fuck up n that’s y America is gonna fall n trump is the right man well done the black people own America we were the first inhabitants u white folks are come around with your racism n critics Bob Marley was a legend n he would of stop your acts pronto America the land of evil n misfortune

  • Neb

    Amazing how many people know so much about cancer, immunity, chemistry in this comments section. We should get these people from comments to form a group that will most likely eliminate cancer and make our World a better place.

  • Rasta bob

    Old news, most Jamaicans knew that

  • jack_k1

    Fascinating! Delusional, but fascinating!

  • LizWizard

    Ah, the scent of a steaming pile of horseshit. This is nonsense/

  • Xavier Gaultier

    If anyone believes anything in this article they are dumb fools. First of all CIA would have used much quicker ways to end his life.. second.. cancer “virus” transfered through a nail in the shoe? How stupid are you if you believe this crap? I’ll tell you.. you would be absolutely ignorant… go back to school.. if you have ever seen one before.

    • Nicholas Achor Ajong

      You are the capital fool
      Can you disprove the story


    But why? Americans say it is God’s own country. Does God support this wicked act?

  • rampriya

    Brethren, Stop smoking deadly carcinogenic TOBACCO in de chalice mon! Dats what killed Robert Nestor Marley. Ganja NEVER hurt no body…

  • Kouyate Yaya

    You did it now It is your turn to go meet him

    • Nicholas Achor Ajong

      Go meet him where

  • Fingal Carson

    A very likely story. Some pothead Jamaican musician was definitely a threat! Yeah, okay.

  • Simone

    I believe

  • Simone

    We all knew he was murdered we just never knew how,now the proofs in the pudding nobody wants to believe???

  • Stelios Pasiardis

    Umm sources? Hello..?

  • Johnny T. Sollitto

    Light a SPLIFF Mon’ and LAUGH as dese comedic FINGER PUPPETS explain how BOB MARLEY was ASSASSINATED! >

  • Kenneth Onwuta

    I believe in earnest this old man sayings. He’s about to meet his maker and felt that confession is necessary, maybe he might get last minute forgiveness. Many did it, i.e. the thieve on the right side of Jesus, the economic hitman, etc,etc .If is truly a remorse hearth confessing best of luck to him. That been said, the most troubling of it all is that there are still 60years and above members of congress still planning for wars, destroy nations, and kill people who they think have the potential to obstruct American foreign policy objectives. Such Americans like Senator John Maccain should learn from Bill oxley.

  • Matthew Fogg

    Reality is we don’t know what reality is vs fake news unless we r insiders. The goal of news is to gather readers. If this got your attention then I say welcome aboard the Enterprise!!!

  • Redderthan Red

    Jah alone knows the truth, and if Jah lives then all wicked shall account for their deeds to him, thats all thats important not what people think, people can think and guess all they like, only Jah know seen!.

  • Don

    As The Killer is confirming Bobs motives were true, not perfect since knowledge is key in most aspects of life. But since no man is perfect the only important question each man must ask himself is what have they done with what they have been given.

    Clearly his work was finished before he was 36!

    The rest is history

  • Victor Abekware

    You sure are HELL bound. You will never ever rest in peace, oxley.