CIA Agent: Michael Flynn Was Ousted After Obtaining DC Pedophile List

A former CIA agent claims that General Michael Flynn was fired after he obtained a list naming Washington D.C. pedophiles connected to a huge DC pedo ring

A former CIA agent says that General Michael Flynn was ousted from the White House after obtaining a Washington DC pedophile list naming high-level politicians who belong to a DC pedo ring. 

According to Robert David Steele, Flynn was actually fired after he obtained a list of names, some of whom the FBI were actively investigating in connection to the Pizzagate scandal, and one of whom was Vice President Mike Pence’s “best friend.”

The former CIA officer says that there are locations in Washington DC and Saudi Arabia where children are routinely “ordered” and trafficked to highly placed politicians operating in the Capitol.

Here’s the main summary points for the first 5 minutes of the video:

* Donald Trump is our chance to take down the deep state

* “White hat” intelligence community was able to stop Hillary from rigging the vote electronically like she did to Bernie

* Former CIA head John Brennan committed treason by telling lies intended to overturn the Electoral College

* John Brennan highest paid agent of Saudi Arabia, should be under FBI investigation

* Reince Priebus is an enabler and cover-upper of pedophilia — Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is the tip of the iceberg

* Wikileaks is going to take down Priebus?

* Pedophilia is an “elite privilege” — For the Democrats it’s an “acquired taste” — Podesta is a “pedo-light”

* The Republicans and the elite in banking are the ones who have made pedophilia a “big league thing”

* There are Saudi Arabian and Washington DC restaurants with basements where you can order children off of the menu

* DC pedophilia is the Achilles heel, and Trump has figured that out

* Flynn didn’t get fired because he called the Russians

* Flynn got fired because he “had the arrogance to think” (sarcasm) that he could tell Mattis and Tillerson what to do

* Flynn pissed off VP Pence

* Flynn’s call that got him in trouble included a conversation about a list of high-level pedophiles inside the US, one of whom happens to be VP Mike Pence’s best friend

* Flynn did not tell Pence about the list, or that his “best friend” was on it. Pence found out about this from the deep state (probably NSA taps)

* The NSA has been spying on all of our politicians with impunity!

* The CIA is leaking HIGHLY classified information as part of a political coup against Trump

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    When does the Pedo Roundup start?.

    • tavistock

      Round em up Rawhide

    • Jeanne Marks

      It is crucial that it starts NOW! It is so vile and absolutely sick. Names should be named, too!

    • Susan Eldridge

      It already has 😉

      • Little Bright Feather

        Yes but that’s just the easy to replace little people in it. The ones who hire them to gather, kidnap, the kids, are the ones who I want to see PERMANENTLY ENDED.
        Hillary (who’s had a child trafficking ring with Bush SR since the 1970’s), Soros, Obama, “Michelle”, McCain, Podesta, = you know the list. The top dogs is who I count has the real criminals – the others they go after are just the hired help most of them, and easily replaced after they are arrested.
        If you don’t cut the head off the snake , the snake lives on to continue its evils.


  • mike

    Fake news I am sure

    • Tuaca1107

      Not really all this is very true.

  • Tom Buyea — Fla.News service

    Claims but no names ?? ! as usual

    • Jeanne Marks

      They need to start naming names…

      • Jeanne Marks

        Absolutely! Speaking as a victim of a group like that I know you NEVER get over it; It affects you all your life.


    The Deep state is not going anywhere. It killed JFK and won’t hesitate to fire off some more lead. It lives and breathes while we think guys with names like Bush, Obama and Trump make the real decisions. Obama knew he had handlers…Trump will learn too. Joseph Kennedy talked about the 50 men who run America.

    • Susan Eldridge

      Oh please .. you give the little men behind the curtain way too much credit.

  • HaywoodZarathustra

    Well, if he has that list there’s nothing to prevent him from coming out swinging now, is there?

    • mllyjul

      I am calling bull excrement on a couple of these items.

      “Pedophilia is an “elite privilege” — For the Democrats it’s an “acquired taste” — Podesta is a “pedo-light”

      * The Republicans and the elite in banking are the ones who have made pedophilia a “big league thing”

      First, it is known that Hollyweird is rampant with pedophilia and they are all Democrats.
      Secondly, the Wikileaks emails themselves put John Podesta KNEE DEEP in pedophilia so the “pedo light” is total bullcrap.

      So….. if these 2 items are bullexcrement….what else is ????????

    • Dan Crocker

      Or….maybe he just wants to continue with his retirement – instead of finding himself among those who have tried to peel back the onion of DC politics – and have died under mysterious circumstances. Dead is dead no matter how you slice it.

    • Little Bright Feather

      Yes, he’s got threats on his life if he breathes one word of it. They kill to protect their pizzagate and pedogate ! IT’s the base of the OWG and the glue that holds them all together.
      You cannot BE part of the OWG unless you are a part of it – here see it for yourself =

      “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” — David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

      The UN is the OWG. The EU is a wing of it.
      Take note of the requirement of the (routine) Luciferian INITIATIONS = that is pedophilia and Pizzagate = rape, torture, and sacrifice of babies and children and the consumption of their blood and flesh. Also weekly orgies. That was what those Obama Wed night parties at the WH were all about. ALL of that.


  • Robert

    And yet no arrests, no nothing. Why is Trump not investigating these perverts? You don’t need Flynn for this.

    • Jeanne Marks

      So true!

  • corimari

    As a Christian, if Mike Pence found out his “best friend” was being investigated for pedophilia, Pence shooting the messenger–Flynn–would not make sense. He would want the “best friend’s” behavior stopped.
    I have a very difficult time believing a smart, savvy man like Michael Flynn would be dumped out of the Administration for gaining intelligence about an evil that must be stopped.
    Here is a story with references and links that tells where Flynn is now–and why:

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      You just gave a link to Sorcha Faal aka David Booth. The original fake news site. Every alternative site knows about that disinfo site and pulls the stories when they get fooled into putting them up. Are you a disinfo troll or just stupid!

      • DonaldTheWhiteMan

        So why wasn’t it on the list of fake news sites published by the fake news aka mainstream media?

        • Marta J

          Sorcha Faal? Good question why it isn’t. It should be near the top of the fake news sites list.

    • bea green

      ARIZONA , Sen. JEFF FLAKE just came out with a book.

    • bg9g1

      correct, the other reason being..

      March 3, 2017

      General Michael Flynn Admits That Obama
      Knowingly Armed ISIS Committing Treason (Video)

      you can Google or Bing the headline for more links..

  • Chris ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    Who is Pence’s best friend?
    Paul Ryan?

    • Jeanne Marks

      Paul Ryan is one of the men who got huge payoffs from George Soros, along with John Kasich, John McCain, Se. Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. They all OWE George Soeos…

  • apeman2502

    It is a cinch the CIA has to go and is wrapped up in the jesuit/Church of England CJ ‘End Times’ obsession and pageantry. Ignorance will nor help you and a habitually lazy mind is especially out of place. All the Constitutional violations are gathered around butt hurt paid vandals creating the illusion of basic government instability. The Council on Foreign Relations is no longer believed, nor are their news media outlets dominating the national airwaves and cable broadcasts, except by the laziest most brain dead minority..

  • Paggertheblagger

    Listen to Alex shit his pants! Fucking class!

  • stonehillady

    I feel like we are back in the days of Julius Ceasar, even his son in-law will stab him the back, he is backed by Soros, remember his father is a convicted felon, so the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. I would hope this isn’t true but, something tells me I could be right. Ye too Brutus ? Pense, Prieus, Kurshner, I think his greatest and only Ally is Gannon.

  • Stradart

    First, Trump knew and said he would win from the beginning. Second how can this stupid site be taken seriously when they have a fake monster on a beach article. This creature was posted on sites for the last 10 years and its the size of a dog… You people are the reason Trump came to power and I hope you get flushed soon…

  • Mike Flores

    I would be very doubtful of this information. Pizzagate is a fake replete with blood smears. The tip off is the connection to satanic abuse. After the last 100 years we know which religion had Priests molesting kids and it wasn’t satanists. Steele was a Marine. A case officer handles spies who handle spies handling rings. Sometimes he handles all that. He is trained to withstand torture ( you don’t want to know) for a period of time so his partners can move. His belief in false flags could be a false flag. He could be spreading disinformation to discredit groups. Or he could be in need of very serious counselling. The fact he has taken his ideas to Occupy, the Reform Party and the Libertarians is wildly philosophically bizarre. Occupy and libertarians are almost on fighting terms. That would be like joining the KKK and then the Black Panthers. Something is very wrong here, and I hope he seeks help. If it is a ruse to discredit groups, I still hope he seeks help as it hasn’t worked, and its really dumb.

    • Marta J

      No Mike Flores, Pizzagate is NOT fake, I assure you! Pedophilia isn’t found in just one religion, one group, one organization… it’s found EVERYWHERE. It IS in DC and it IS real. Try not to say something is fake when you know nothing about it.

  • Neil Keenan

    Robert Steele is a treasure trove of knowledge that politicians just do not want to go near seeing everyone is one step away from the fire…Except Trump that is he is not politician for businessman and is yet to find out the heat of the fire…I pray he is careful…Robert can explain this so much better

  • L Garou

    SEAL Team Six needs to pay a visit to Langley..

  • judyjudy

    FAKE NEWS!!!

  • mllyjul

    I am calling bull excrement on a couple of these items.

    “Pedophilia is an “elite privilege” — For the Democrats it’s an “acquired taste” — Podesta is a “pedo-light”

    * The Republicans and the elite in banking are the ones who have made pedophilia a “big league thing”

    First, it is known that Hollyweird is rampant with pedophilia and they are all Democrats.
    Secondly, the Wikileaks emails themselves put John Podesta KNEE DEEP in pedophilia so the “pedo light” is total bullcrap.

    So….. if those 2 items are bullexcrement….what else is ????????

  • John Prewett

    “CIA “smuggle gold, cash, drugs, guns and small children”
    “…. and SMALL CHILDREN”

    3:30-3:40 time mark

  • Little Bright Feather

    It’s worse then just that – Pence is suppose to be on that list too but they will never let that out. He is very Establishment and all Establishment are on the list – it’s required to do the satanic rituals to get into the Establishment ! Of course Flynn would not tell Pence that. i wouldn’t either – that kind of info can get you killed in DC !

  • Extablisment Media

    Boy, the dingbats on this board who think Dems are on the list are delusional. Trump is a sex trafficker and Republicans are proven to be sexual deviants who have to hide it and that is why they turn to pedo crimes. Meanwhile, Flynn is a Russian traitor bot and he’s using this list as his get out of jail card? Classy– wouldn’t have wanted to turn the list over to the FBI before hand just to save some kids, right? Pathetic.

    But look at the disinformation actual hypocrite Republicans wallow in… hope you aren’t going to raid any pizza places, ha ha ha.