CIA: Police Job Applications Favour Psychopaths

CIA insider says that police job applications look for psychopaths

A CIA insider has revealed that Police departments across the US are encouraged to seek out prospective applicants who display signs of being a psychopath. 

Former CIA contractor Steven Kelley says that the US now has a policy to not hire potential police officers if they show signs of empathy or logic. reports:

“There is a policy here in the United States that people of a relatively high IQ are not allowed to become police officers,” said former CIA contractor Steven Kelley in an interview with Press TV.

Evidently if an applicant shows signs of relatively high IQ — with excellent logical analytic abilities and a sense of compassion — that applicant will be weeded out of the hiring process.

The way that the applicants are weeded out is apparently by means of initial testing.

“There is actually a test given to applicants and if they score too high they are not eligible to join law enforcement,” Kelley said.

“They require people that are incapable of logical compassionate thinking.”

The confirmation was provided amidst cases of police brutality and incompetence that have recently received national attention.

The most recent case involving an officer who slammed a 14-yr-old girl’s head into the ground and pulled a gun on teenagers in bathing suits would be a good example.

It is not only police themselves but also their supporters who show a flagrant disregard for elementary logic and a profound lack of attention to detail.

For instance, police supporters came out in droves and tried to defend Officer Casebolt’s decision to pull out his gun on the teenagers, calling it “self-defense.”

But if you watch the video carefully, you can see that the teenagers had already been backing up when Casebolt advanced toward them.

It was not until seconds later that he pulled out his gun, angrily, after they were already trying to avoid him.

The video shows every indication that the officer pulled out his gun for irrational emotional reasons and not because he logically concluded that there was any “threat to his life.”

It’s a perfect illustration of low-IQ police being defended by low-IQ supporters — and neither group, we suspect, has much compassion.

It also came to light that Officer Casebolt has a reported history of sexual misconduct and racism, after a black man sued him alleging that Casebolt made him pull down his pants all the way, and touched his private area while making racially disparaging remarks.

Kelley went on to add that police brutality cases like the ones we’ve been witnessing recently are “certainly becoming a major problem here in the United States with the law enforcement seemingly choosing to persecute the minorities, the black people.”

“The militarization of the police here in the United States is also a big problem but ultimately I think what this really illustrates is the fact that this country has become the fascist,” he added.

Watch the full interview with Press TV below:

  • Julius Nicholas

    571 people of all colors have been killed by police as of 3:48, July 10, 2016. There’s no excuse for this. 281 white people. 138 black people. 88 Hispanics. 13 Asian or Pacific Islands. And 13 Native Americans. All of them had fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. Many had children, so cut the crap. This is about police taking a whole lot of people out of here. Percentages of blacks May be higher, but the number of white people and white families affected is still greater, so again, cut the crap. We have a serious problem.

  • baruchzed

    We have a problem with stupid mean cops in the US…hired for low IQ and low or no empathy.

  • James Fenton III

    When you want to make war, having narcissists working for you makes perfect sense.
    However if you want peace you need smart compassionate officers that can think on their feet.
    It’s obvious that our government is an international merchant of war, and peace would affect the bottom line.
    When a nation like ours makes war on humanity a priority, nobody is safe.
    American citizens are deserving of a representative government, but when they take money from corporations that create weapons, the result is war.
    Representatives need to start working for their citizens best interest, instead of going for profit.