Civil Uprising Spreads Across Germany

Civil uprising spreading across Germany

German authorities have warned of a huge civil uprising taking over the country unexpectedly due to political instability spreading across Germany and Europe.

The German security services, BfV, say that right-wing radicalization, spurred by the European migrant crisis, may see Germany collapse into a civil war between left-wing and right-wing demonstrators. reports:

– What we see in connection with the refugee crisis is that right-wing extremists are mobilizing in the streets, but also that the radical left mobilize against them, says Hans-Georg Maassen, chief of Bundesamts für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), to German radio on Sunday.

The extreme groups show a greater willingness to use violence, he informs. This applies to both right-wing radicals, anti-racists (fascists) on the left, and Islamists.

On Saturday night, police and soldiers had to protect two buses with 100 immigrants and refugees who were taken to a reception center in the town of Niederau in the east German state of Saxony. Protesters gathered at the reception center, a former supermarket.

Demonstrations against refugees and immigrants gathered over 1,000 people in several towns in the northeastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on Friday.

In the coastal town of Stralsund, three people were wounded in clashes with counter-demonstrators. Also in Leipzig, regular street fights between demonstrators from left and right erupted.

So far this year there have been 22 attempts to set fire to reception centers, including reception centers which had not yet been taken into use, according to Maassen.

But not only the extreme groups protest the out-of-control migrant situation.

In Dresden, tens of thousands of ordinary Germans, men, women and children, gathered in the city center to peacefully protest this week.

  • Yeims

    What possible reason for the people NOT to uprise against such treachery? More power to them. Nourish the tree of liberty.

  • Mira

    Merkel and the EU brought this on Germany and Europe, let’s not forget the evil Cabal who are promoting the NWO agenda…., Sorros, Kissinger , the Bush family et al.

    • Crooked Hillary @

      Soros yes. Bush family, now. WJC, yes. Other antigentilic devils, yes.

    • CharlaS

      Watch the new documentary NWO: Communism by the Back Door. Several of the segments include info about this. VERY GOOD.

      • Mira

        thank you.

  • JGTThrasher

    Good. May the German’s recover the warrior spirit.

    • Crooked Hillary @

      Hopefully, lawfully, but yes.

    • itsjustme

      As goes Germany, so will go every country that takes in an avalanche of newcomers from a multitude of countries…

      And that will include the United States.

  • Crooked Hillary @

    Well, that was some anti-native, victim-blaming sh!tpost reporting. You’d never see libtard sh!tlords likeSean Adl-Tabatabai describing non-white natives against a violent invasion and loss of their culture.

  • itsjustme

    I have said it before and I will say it again: Never should have been allowed.

    There is a cultural clash.

    Not to mention they do not speak the native language.

    Where do you put an influx of very large amounts of newcomers from other countries? You are out of housing, out of public school seats, out of health care, out of officers of the law, out of utilities, out of social services and out of luck.

    NOT a good idea.

    Send all of them packing. Send them home. Sorry for your troubles but we do not have the room or the time or the amenities.

  • CharlaS


  • bruce80

    Everyone should watch “The Greatest Story Never Told” for free on Youtube and share it