Clever Airline Billboard Shares Its Name With Chemtrails Website

It’s a very clever concept. An animated kid on the billboard follows British Airways planes as they overfly the billboard. But the joke is on the airline and the campaign they have called LookUp as it shares its name with a chemtrails website. has been campaigning for several years against what it believes are harmful chemicals being dumped into the atmosphere by high-flying military and commercial jets

As British Airways planes fly over the ClearChannel digital outdoor sites through the London Heathrow flight path, they trigger advertising creative showing real-time data of that plane, including destination and flight number. It also incorporates a weather feed which even reads the cloud height to ensure the plane is visible before showing the advert! Pretty cool huh?

As the airline are patting themselves on the back for a great campaign, the website will be tossing imaginary paper planes at them because they believe most airlines are complicit in the practice and the subsequent atmospheric pollution. Chemtrailing is believed to counteract climate change and change the length of growing seasons – but it depends who you talk to. To read how it is supposed to work click here.

To watch the video of the British Airways campaign click here.


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  • Karl Childers

    Those are pylon drains on the Airbus A319/320 and 321 series, used to drain residual fluids from the hydraulic and fuel systems of the aircraft in order to decrease fire hazard. Come on people, it took me 5 minutes to look that up.