Clint Eastwood: Obama ‘Worst President In Our History; He Looted America’

Shameless Barack Obama "looted America like a mobster" while running "the dirtiest business in the town" according to Clint Eastwood.

Shameless Barack Obama “looted America like a mobster” while running “the dirtiest business in the town” according to Clint Eastwood, who also declared that history will judge Obama to be “the very worst president in the history of the United States – by some distance.

Nobody would have predicted Obama would turn out to be such a vindictive bully,” Clint Eastwood said in London, England, while promoting his new film, 15:17 To Paris, about three young Americans who thwarted a terrorist attack on a French train in 2015.

The great shame of the Obama administration was the way he looted ordinary Americans, and then put out hit-jobs on anybody who dared to question his White House,” Eastwood said.

There is hard evidence that anyone who filed a formal complaint with the authorities about illegal actions by Obama’s administration was hit with vindictive and destructive bullying tactics by Obama’s people.”

The Obama administration ruined millions of people’s lives. Go and speak to the thousands of US citizens in New York, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, you name it, who had hit-jobs put on them by Obama and his administration.

According to the veteran actor and director, who was mocked by mainstream media for campaigning against Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, Obama was “living under daily fear of being exposed” for running a sham presidency designed to exclusively benefit the elites who “rigged” his path into office.

Silicon Valley, Chicago political dirty tricksters, and mainstream news cartels controlled by the DNC managed to rig Obama’s way into office based on promises of kickbacks. And boy did Obama deliver.

“Dirtiest business in town”

In hindsight it has become clearer that Obama’s presidency was hanging by a thread of cover-ups,” Eastwood said.

“We’re talking Russian billionaire mining deals, Solyndra and Afghan profiteering schemes, and the like. The whole White House knew they were walking a tightrope. They could all go down in one Watergate-type revelation at any moment.

“Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder was voted the most corrupt Attorney General in history. And he had to be.”

But it wasn’t just Eric Holder, according to Eastwood. “There is a whole network of dirty tricks operatives passing themselves off as moral guardians of our country. Even Obama’s own FBI broke laws and the limits of morality.”

There is a good film in all this,” Eastwood said. “A cautionary tale about a Republic in crisis.

But America is not ready for it yet. The third act isn’t finished. We need arrests.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Pete Repeat

    “… We need arrests”. Exactly.

    • Judy

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    • Kristy

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  • Steve S

    Where was your voice when obama was in office and the country needed you? You are a day late and a fistful of dollars short, the new man is already on the case.

    • EagleEy

      No question excellent comment …….But the real question about all of these Obama hitmen, and I cannot stand Obama and he certainly did his fair share of damage …..where were these guys when Bush and co were shaking down or destroying the entire world, shreading the constitution and generally creating meyhem every where that they put their fingers??? Were were they America …..all the rock stars . intellectuals, foney baloney Clooney and his ilk, the women, the polititians for heavens sake ……..anybody. ????!!!!! And now everyone is trashing Trump, not that they should hold back on that pathalogical monster, but because it’s the vogue and they can get away with it because everyone is on the train. It is just amazing …..I am sorry to tell you brillant and much before admired Mr Eastwood, you lost me with your sniper cowardice and America the greatest hype, and this America that you have seen and experieced for so long……is slowly but surely dying of old and decrepit age. Self assured but senile, unable to look at itself, just like you.

  • holyreality

    Why should I believe that Clint ever said this?

    And what did Obama possibly loot from America? I see so many rightwing nutjob rants about the damage he wrought, but what has he done? A smoking gun of any documented wrongdoing is what I’m asking for.

    • Deecan Ross

      Your comments are living proof, ‘you can’t fix stupid’

      • holyreality

        Thanks, you just demonstrated how ignorance works.

    • Tom Mitchell

      To start with, he came into office with $2.2 million and left with $12.3. Making $400k a year, the math doesn’t work. Even with an ungodly interest rate. How about sending $400 billion to Switzerland to turn into Swiss Francs and send to Iran for the nuclear deal. That’s a felony called money laundering. I have many more if you’d like to keep going!!!! Left-wing nutjob!!!

      • holyreality

        Do exclamation points prove your fact, or are they just for your amusement?

        BTW do you have any documentation or am I just supposed to believe you?

        • kath2ndrew

          Seems you wouldn’t believe it, even if the truth bit you on the ass! Keep snickering, it’s not fun eating crow!

    • kath2ndrew

      You need to smarten up, seems to me the only reason you are defending him is because you and he are Black! He was a pawn that was put in by the Saudis and if you check you’ll find that the Saudis were the first people he called when he won! He is a muslim, he was raised as one, and has never professed to be Christian. He did a lot of damage while he was in office, and you need to wake up and smell the coffee! You will find that the truth will come out, it’s starting to leak out already! You think he was a great president because he was Black? Shame on you! You need to start thinking like an American, not just a Black American!

      • holyreality

        For one thing, I defend the truth, another I despise the Obama legacy. His utter and complete obesience to the corporate lobby deserves no defense from me. He escalated the Afghan war, ordered illegal drone strikes that identified the dead as enemies without knowing who they were. Wall Street whoring for banksters, and ongoing corporate welfare would make him a conservative hero if he is white.

        I don’t see what damage he did except maybe increasing the stranglehold the oligarchy has on the lowly proles, your information is not accurate. You’ve been indoctrinated into believing what is just not so, and you attack me for questioning the narrative. How do I even know Clint Eastwood said these distractions?

        Instead of mouth foaming at phantoms try focusing on policy that helps the little guy. Billionaires getting a huge tax break will never trickle wealth down to you, me, or any of us thousandaires.

        • jody

          Holyreality, I’m glad to see your last comment. With that said, you seem like a bright man. How can you not see all the harm that Obama has done? It’s all public knowledge now.
          I don’t particularly care if you like or don’t like Trump but he is at least is for the people unlike presidents before him. I always say follow the money…..well Obama has a whole shit load more than he should on a Presidents salary. He was selling this country out. Thank GOD he didn’t succeed but he gave it his best shot and is still trying.

          • holyreality

            Democrats screw us over with a smile, republicans screw us with a sneer.

        • Carolyn Nuss

          Here’s a tangible example for you: The Obamacare fiasco. Thanks to that SOB, my insurance premiums, co-pays, & especially deductibles have gone through the roof. Yes, that SOB has done real damage to this country. Nobody can afford to use this fraudulent insurance.

          • holyreality

            Thanks for the reply.
            Obamacare may be a fiasco, I cannot deny that. However before the ACA, insurance companies had a free for all. They demanded premiums from loyal customers, then after the insured got a major illness, their armies of underwriters sifted through the fine print of the policies and used clauses to deny coverage. United Healthcare had a standard procedure to deny every claim. Appeals were mandatory if a provider wanted to get paid for their services.
            I knew underwriters who won vacations to Hawaii for denying the most claims, this became illegal with the ACA. Your policy was based on this old model, after the ACA required them to pay claims, and use onlky a small percentage of revenue for advertising, insurers needed to raise their rates.
            The ACA was originally a republican plan by Bob Dole in response to the Clinton move in the 90s to reform the industry. Romneycare is the template that Obamacare is based upon, it rewards the insurers with mandated customers in exchange for them quitting their previous fraud on their customers.
            None of this is relevant to Obama personally looting money like Clint Eastwood allegedly said in the original article. BTW.

          • holyreality

            Your previous insurance policy was good- for you until you sent a major claim. Back then insurance companies could take your premiums for years and love you for it, but if you were injured, or needed a high cost procedure, they used underwriters to examine your policy and deny coverage because the fine print allowed them to. The ACA made this scam illegal, the insurers were the frauds, Obamacare stopped this.

            Industry lobbyists wrote the bill, they knew their days of easy profits were over but did write in the individual mandate thus giving them customers they did not have before. The ACA is modeled directly from the Romneycare bill which was based on the Bob Dole response to the Clinton initiative in the 1990s health care reform.

            Obama was a corporate tool, he was center right at best, while the TPer claque ranted and foamed at the mouth about his “socialism” his actual policies favored Wall Street banksters, big Pharm, and energy developers among many corporate fat cat pigs at the trough. Meanwhile he ordered the death by drone of many many foreigners and Americans by illegal drone strikes involving a huge number of mistaken targets and collateral deaths.

            If his skin was white, the conservatives would have loved him because his policies were nowhere near liberal.

      • Garratt

        Your response to holyreality was right on. But you should have left the last word off on your response!!!

  • Bella

    Who does not like Clint??? He’s exactly right!

  • Sharon Windus

    You’ve hit the nail on the head Mr. Eastwood! Thank You

  • Tom Mitchell

    Arrests are coming. President Trump is always 4 steps ahead of these liberal hacks. Buy your beer and popcorn and sit back!

  • AnnaGraceS

    Start making those arrests!!

  • Ruth Hammons

    About time someone spoke up redeem hollywoodies…..I mean if Clint Eastwood thinks this it is so and I totally agree
    with him anyway! Most in that town are a waste of space, but Mr. Eastwood is anything but a waste of space! He is
    correct! Now if some of the others would get it?