Clinton ‘Furious’ After Finding Out She Lost Popular Vote

Hillary Clinton upset after losing popular vote

Hillary Clinton is said to be “furious” after discovering that she didn’t win the popular vote after all. The Former Secretary of State’s bid to overturn the presidential election appears to be falling to pieces. 

In a bitter blow, the Clinton’s are now coming to realise that the American public have flat-out rejected their form of politics, which appears to have left both Bill and Hillary dazed and dumbfounded. reports:

In Wisconsin, Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn has refused to order local officials to conduct the state’s presidential recount by hand, acknowledging that Stein’s wild conspiracy theory of Russians hacking voting equipment had zero evidence.

And in Pennsylvania, Stein’s team missed a critical deadline to officially file for a voter-initiated recount. According to The Washington Examiner, “That blown deadline is a huge blow for Democrats who have pinned their hopes on recounts in the Keystone State, Michigan and Wisconsin.”

As a result of their stunning election loss, the Clinton empire has begun to unravel — and it has left former President Bill Clinton stunned.

In early November, it was widely reported that, as poll numbers began to shift in President-elect Donald Trump’s favor during the last days of the election, Hillary and Bill’s had an intense screaming match over the phone, blaming each other for the failing campaign.

According to The Associated Press, since the election, Bill “has been poring over the election results, second-guessing decisions by top campaign aides and intensely trying to figure out how his wife lost the white working-class voters who were the base of his electoral coalition, say people familiar with the campaign.”

Meanwhile, donations to the controversial Clinton Foundation have plunged this year, down a reported 37 percent. And Hillary has been left to wander aimless around the woods on long, lonely hikes near her Westchester home in New York, according to her remaining staffers.

Even longtime Clinton cronies and aides are expressing their discontent. “This [recount effort] is a big waste of time,” said former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, a longtime Clinton political ally who is urging Democrats to move past the loss.

“I wouldn’t give a dollar to Jill Stein,” said Adam Parkhomenko, a longtime Clinton aide, told The Associated Pressregarding his fellow liberal’s effort to overturn the election. “Volunteers, supporters and Democrats, they want to pick themselves up and get back out there. The best vehicle to do that is the Louisiana Senate race,” referencing a Dec. 10th runoff election that is progressive’s last chance to pick up a Senate seat.

  • mike

    their power is gone, hooray ! now prison can start

    • TomIron361

      While I agree with your sentiment, I don’t want them in jail. If there’s a trial, they’ll never go away. Let those two pieces of garbage just go away forever.

      • Lugubrious Lou

        Then let everybody else out.

      • whitesoxed

        Tell that to the children that were raped and tortured at the hands of her campaign manager John Podesto’s pedophile ring in Washington. The Clinton Foundation trafficking children. The 114 people she murdered. The 4 men that were sodomized and ripped apart alive in Bengahzi, calling 600 times for help to cover for her illegal sale of weapons..That Evil Bitch should be publicly hung.

        • TomIron361

          Yes, but it’s best she’s let go. I stand by that. ore she’s in the public eye, the more harm she does. Don’t get me wrong, I despise her as much as anybody, but in this case, we must let her go.

          • Lugubrious Lou

            It’s best she is imprisoned. No one should get away with what she has done. Her harsh treatment and incarceration should set an example. Let it be long and dragged out trial too. The longer the better. The longer her sentence, the better , as well.

          • LarryNC

            That makes no sense at all. If anything, she should be prosecuted to show that all are equal in the eyes of the law.

        • LarryNC

          whitesoxed, You wrote: “That Evil Bitch should be publicly hung.” The word is hanged…as in hanged by the neck until dead.

        • Dr. Rieux, aka Deplorable Duck

          Agreed. The House and Senate must do their duties and investigate the sleaze and shenanigans, which are just normal behavior for the Clintons. The corruption and sleaze they participated in just as “business as usual” makes every other scandal in American history pale in comparison.

    • whitesoxed


    • Dr. Rieux, aka Deplorable Duck

      The C-hag makes Lady Macbeth look like Mother Theresa. Bargain basement Kennedies, someone called them

      Posterity will remember both these sociopaths as a mixture of evil, lewdness and buffoonery. They’ve been stinking up the national stage for almost 25 years, now, and if either of them had any sense of decency, they’d commit sepuku.

  • AtomicMetroid

    Now to flush Zionism…
    America doesn’t want that, either

    • James

      That was where all the problems started in the first place.

    • yep

      good point

    • Hatrick Penry


    • Muhammad Abbass

      Trump hasn’t given any indication he is anything but an ardent Zionist unfortunately.

  • Sam Nelson

    If you watch what is happening in Europe with the black Somalis and the brown Muslims; chasing the police down the streets; ambushing the police; and, even beheading a Policeman; this is what the Banker’s have in mind for our nation the USA; don’t fool yourself our USA is no longer able to protect itself from such covert warfare as this; we, the people, are deeply divided. There is only one reason why the Police in Europe have to take such filth, calling them names, screaming at them, destroying their vehicles, laughing at them, taunting them, believe me, watch a video of it, it is terrible what the Police are having to suffer. The only reason for it, the Police have been disarmed, the citizens for the most part disarmed, so our army, the Police and the citizens, have no means of defense, and, our army is not allowed to congregate or make plans like the enemies are allowed to do. Now that the Christian Churches are no longer viable, corrupt, licentious, liars and traders they are today, we the people have no place to go to find help and support nor any place, to make a plan. Like the Protocols intended we are alone and without hope. Here in the USA we have a couple of helps the people in Europe do not have, we have our own kind of Protocols, the Constitution of the USA and the Bill of Rights, which expressly demand we the people have a right to have guns and protect ourselves. We must watch out though, the enemies of all humanity not like them, the real racist in the world, the Muslims and the Jews, whose religions demand the murder of all people not like them, they are after our right to bear arms, and they will if they can disarm our Police which would be for them a major coup and for US a terrible defeat. Our Police are our army, are our protection and our friends, despite what the money has made the Police in North Dakota do to the ‘protestors’. We the people must never allow the system to disarm our Police, no matter what, for in time we will again win our Police over to our side and they will need their guns then.

  • James

    The Silent Majority is silent no more. We have taken back our country. The “new world order” is DEAD. I expect to see a lot of indictments and imprisonment for the D.C. criminals over the next year. Mass deportations are coming. We are cleaning house. The European countries will follow. The international satanic marxist criminal cabal is very scared. They should be. It is OVER for them!

    • Joe Blow

      While I agree with your optimism I would offer this. The NWO has been running things for hundreds of years, perhaps longer in other disguises. Their sociopathic nature is to not let go without a fight. Their brilliance, albeit misplaced is formidable.

      Mr. Trump can’t do this on his own. This is a revolution and we all need to help carry water. Attend ever meeting you know about that makes decisions on your lives…PTA, city and county council, anything about Agenda 21, vacinations, Fluoride, library books, etc.

      Most understand the frogs in boiling water metaphor…put them in cold water, slowly turn up the heat and it is too late when the “wake up.” This has been their approach…creating the Federal Reserve to control finance, the IRS to keep us in our “place” and steal more money. This is done in medicine, food, education, etc. Well it is NOT too late for us to wake up and revolt. 20% of us can take back our nation easily.

      • Bobby

        Great points, really!! Everything will go back to its normal criminal self, unless President Trump is reminded of his promises to clean up D.C. insider corruption and get the rule of law back, in a now weakened and vulnerable America. He can’t do it alone. He has traitors all around him in both political parties.

        • Joe Blow

          After all, it IS a swamp with venomous predators lurking in the halls of congress.

    • LarryNC

      James, You wrote: “The Silent Majority is silent no more. We have taken back our country. The “new world order” is DEAD.” Not yet, it isn’t. The voters dealt the NWO a blow, but they are still very much alive. The battle is still to be fought. I would like to see a real audit of the federal reserve bank and system, that would be a good start.

  • yep

    hang the bit*h…..she started the syria war, the libya war, the unkraine war…hang this bit*h….it was on her advice that these wars started….and when you see this bit*h screaming with laughter when kadfiffi was murdered, and when those americans died, …hang her on a lamp post where the world can see

    • Fred Freud

      But that would be justice!

  • Hatrick Penry


  • Joe Blow

    Perhaps now they are in their safe space, hugging a teddy bear and drinking cocoa.

  • L Garou

    Mr. T done neutered Barnacle Bill Clinton!
    (pity the fool)

  • justin stark

    They don’t get it. They never will.

  • Lyndon Eaton

    This article is contradictory: Title says she is furious over losing popular vote, but in the article it says she is furious because she “did win the popular vote..” And to top it off if you take out the fraud votes and illegals who voted, she lost the vote easily by millions.

  • Neighborly Jim

    This is not over. The communists will not change, but they will change tactics and in 2020 they will be back as the party of the people if the Conservatives don’t take that title first. Trump has pointed everyone in the right direction so lets get marching Washington and doing right by the people and the future Americans. That is how you earn the right kind of loyalty.

  • Bobby

    Those two vile and corrupt, social climbing baby boomers and the way they ruined much of the class this country once had, rank as some of the worst things to happen to Main St. America. Thank God, they have been REJECTED, BIG TIME!!!

  • Bobby

    What?? Bill Clinton was trying to figure out how they lost the white working class voters? Then he isn’t as smart as people claim he is. Mzzzzz. Hillary his wife was running an “US AGAINST THEM” anti-white male campaign from the start and by extension, an anti-white female campaign as well. DUMMY.

  • Paleo Pete

    The Clintons may be down but they’re not out. Their demon spawn Chelsea is being prepped for a senate run, so no matter what happens to Bill and Hillary, the Clinton clan will not be banished from our government any time soon. Ditto for the Bush dynasty, little Jebbie will not be too old for another attempt in 2020, and I think another one (George P?) is also in the wings.

    Our only hope is someone can find a way to leave the family name itself nothing but an oily smear in distant memory and so toxic nobody in their right mind, even a liberal, would consider a vote for anyone named Clinton or Bush.

  • Gus Mueller

    We came, we saw, she lost. Cackle! What difference at this point does it make?

  • LarryNC

    Fiat justitia ruat caelum

  • Zang

    They are both real scum bags who have been finally caught out !!! Now its prison time where they can have all the un-wanted sex they like or don’t like ?

  • ratnn

    there should be a giant spirit cooking gathering where the Clinton’s will be properly served for all their contributions this would be their ultimate contribution to the cause.