Clinton Promises To Kill Assad When Elected President

Clinton says she will go after Assad if she is elected President

Hillary Clinton has vowed to invade Syria and kill President Assad if she is elected President of the United States. 

Clinton’s policy adviser confirmed that one of Hillary’s first priorities upon taking office will be to shift the focus in Syria towards attacking Assad and orchestrating a regime change. reports:

Clinton’s aide, former Pentagon chief of staff Jeremy Bash, insisted that Assad’s was a “murderous regime” and that US foreign policy would be to escalate both the war against ISIS and this new war against Assad to get both “out of there” at the same time.

Syria has been the subject of a lot of debate in the Obama Administration, with the Pentagon seeking a focus on ISIS, the CIA wanting to shift entirely to fighting Assad, and Secretary of State John Kerry negotiating a deal with Russia to expand the war to include al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front.

Though Bash didn’t cover where the Nusra Front would fit into this, the suggestion that Clinton’s administration would escalate attacks on both seems designed to split the difference and placate hawks on both sides of the issue.

The Obama Administration has already been steadily escalating the war since it began, to little effect, and Clinton’s policy would be that, just moreso.

24 Comments on Clinton Promises To Kill Assad When Elected President

  1. TRUMP 2016 !

  2. what a vile evil woman, please do NOT let her win!

    • If the powers the run this world wish for Hillary to be president of of America, she will ‘win’. Regardless of of anything, votes dont matter, the will of the people does not matter, her capability does not matter. If She is part of the plan, they will do whatever is necessary to implement to force her into position. Im suprised some ‘crazy’ martyr assassin hasn’t tried or taken her out. Same witg Trump, if hes such a threat to the establishment, why havent they ended him?

    • Trump is not a threat to the establishment. He works for them. His job is to be as ridiculous as possible to make her election (which has already been decided by the Rothschilds) look as believeable as possible.

    • Your exactly right. This whole election is theater. The powers that be knew Hillary was a weak candidate, that most people can’t stand, so the only candidate she could possibly beat would have to be a complete clown. Americans shouldn’t forget the Clintons and Trump are friends and have been for years, and the Clintons and Bushes are friends as well. 

    • or maybe they just want you to Think it doesn’t matter?? VOTE for Someone other than $HilLIARy. If there IS someone you want to Vote FOR. IF it IS all Rigged, than at least Have Your Say: I recommend Third Party to send a Message to the Two Party BOTH Work for the Same Puppet Masters System! It doesn’t matter This time what your Affiliation is… can vote for anyone on the ballot. Screw with their Precious Electoral System. Personally, I’m Voting for the OTHER Woman. I am impressed with her Intellect, her good “come backs” in Interviews, her Vision for a peaceful country, healthy citizens, and a Green Economy that will finally Set let us catch up to the rest of the world. Other countries now have all the things we used to.  We are becoming a backward Third World country that depends on a perpetual “War Time” Economy. Keep those young people poor with NO Options and they’ll be More apt to Join our Military. and become cannon fodder. Like Gary Johnson said, they should change the name of the DEFENSE Department because that’s NOT what we’re spending Trillions on….. while our own citizens get sicker, students deeper in debt,  senior citizens with no retirement funds, etc. NO Scandal, Healthy, Honest Peace Activist Jill Stein spent a night at the North Dakota Native American Camp….NO running water, No showers, no bathrooms. $HilLIARy wouldn’t/couldn’t DO it! The Status Quo has NO Imagination, NO Vision…..they just want to keep raking in their ill-gotten $$ that they then HIDE Overseas, avoiding taxes! The Rich NO Longer Invest in this country, and their tax rate has nothing to do with it. There were Millionaires with Mansions/Yachts living real well even when their tax rate was 90%. Enough already. 

  3. Bring it, bitch.

  4. Jerry Emery De La Cruz // July 31, 2016 at 8:10 pm // Reply

    Bring it, bitch.

  5. How many more lies can the idiots in Washington DC continue to feed the People of the US and the world?

  6. Hillary is the most evil, murdering Treasonist this country has ever seen.  I recently saw a photo of many young women and their children lying dead in the streets of Syria, killed by weapons that the Clinton Foundation had given to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries.  One day, Hillary Clinton will rot in Hell and no one deserves it more than she does.

  7. and AMERICA you want this as your next presy

  8. Let’s wait and see

  9. They wouldn’t dare

  10. What a refreshing read compared to the usual bullshit. Thank you for this article.

  11. Grant Caesar Peters // August 2, 2016 at 3:47 pm // Reply

    Not what was said in the article at all, nothing even remotely reassembling a “vow to invade”, give me a break.

  12. Wow. I guess Killery Rotten Clinton isn’t satisfied with the mess she’s already made of the middle east. After all, she hasn’t managed to start World War III yet . . .

  13. I’m gonna go ahead and call Bullshit on this one.

  14. I just watched and shared a video from the United Nations Peace Council.  Everything you just read about war-mongering Hillary is a lie.  The people of Syria just want peace.  When I look at the photos of tiny children lying dead beside their dead mothers in the streets of Syria, murdered by Saudi Arabia who got their weapons from the Clinton Foundation, I pray that God dams Hillary’s soul to Hell.  What I wish is that I could superimpose photos of Chelsea Clinton and her 2 children lying dead in the streets of Syria and see what Hillary thinks about that.  I loathe and despise murdering Hillary Clinton and her sidekick, Barack Obama.  

  15. I think Saudi Arabia should fight its own battles.

  16. It’s NOT a CIVIL WAR! The Lame Stream Media repeats this phrase Over and Over. Same with “Snowden Defected to our (enemy) Russia”, when it was the OBAMA Government that REVOKED His Passport, Shut OFF His Chip, preventing him from traveling on to Asylum in Ecuador.  If you’re short on time, skip ahead to 16 minutes and listen to this woman, who WENT There, explain:  

  17. What’s new here. We know she’s a killer specializing in heads of state. The queen assassin.

  18. lol hillary is a women speak with full force when she knows she cant do fuck all.. obama wasnt able to shit what is she going to do ? shell end up getting america destroyed and im waiting for that when will someone actually drop a fucking bomb on america i know who?.. NORTH KOREA so dont fuck about hillary 

  19. ‘Clinton’s policy adviser confirmed that one of Hillary’s first priorities upon taking office will be to shift the focus in Syria towards attacking Assad and orchestrating a regime change’ ‘Clinton’s aide, former Pentagon chief of staff Jeremy Bash, insisted that Assad’s was a “murderous regime”’ So that makes it alright to murder Assad and Syrian citizens. Bit of a hypoctrical way of thinking really.

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