Comedian Anthony Jeselnik Jokes About Paris Attack On Twitter

Anthony Jeselnik tweets about Paris attacks as ex-boyfriend of Amy Schumer takes to Twitter

Amy Schumer’s ex-boyfriend and aspiring comedian Anthony Jeselnik took to Twitter on Friday, moments after the Paris attacks, to take full advantage of the media frenzy.

At the time of his tweet, between 30-60 people had been reported dead, with a further 100 hostages being held at the Bataclan theater where the Eagles of Death Metal were scheduled to play.

In true shock humour style, Jeselnik tweeted:

Speaking of tragedies, everyone should check out John Mulaney’s brand new Netflix special, The Comeback Kid.”

The response was mostly of disappointment from fans, who expressed apathy at his obvious attempt to garner more social media followers on the back of an unfolding tragedy.

Fans tell Anthony Jeselnik that his joke was weak and that he could do better.

Jeselnik is no stranger to controversy. Back in 2013, moments after the Boston marathon bombing had occurred, Jeselnik rushed to Twitter to similarly joke, “There are some lines that just shouldn’t be crossed today. Especially the finish line.”


Shortly before cancelling his show, TV network Comedy Central forced Anthony to delete the controversial joke amid a furious public backlash, with fans calling on the network to fire him using the #firejeselnik hashtag.

Anthony has since gone on the record saying he deeply regrets censoring himself for the benefit of his short-lived TV career.

It looks like the Thoughts and Prayers Netflix comedian is hoping to break into the mainstream, following in the foosteps of ex-girlfriend Amy Schumer. But is this tweet enough to get him noticed?

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  • Jesus christ

    “Is this article enough for this mediocre reporter to get noticed?” Wtf man are you an idiot? jeselnik has made it

  • Anon

    Finally someone who’s honest with himself. Most people out there are just spamming PrayForParis to get their daily dose of self-righteousness. Celebrities and politicians are having a PR field day with this event.

    And then there’s Anthony. A man who isn’t afraid to admit that since it didn’t happen near his home, he doesn’t really care. It’s how we all truly feel inside, once you peel away all the bullshit.

    • Bonniesue

      Have you watched Thoughts and Prayers? He hit the nail on the head when referncing why he jokes about tragedies..

  • Timmy

    “to take full advantage of the media frenzy” -exactly what this article is doing

  • JDubs

    You should watch Thoughts and Prayers, Sean.

  • Brent

    “Aspiring” comedian? Dude has 3 smash hit specials. Not to mention, Amy Schumer was HIS girlfriend before she blew up as comedy central’s pet project. AND, you didn’t even pick a single example that actually backs your assertion. This is garbage.

  • EDarien

    “Aspiring comedian”? Sure sure. You might be an aspiring writer, or blogger, whatever this site it. But the fact is, I only found this article because I Googled Anthony Jeselnik Twitter after the Paris attacks to see what he said. Because I knew he’d say it, thanks to his Netflix special Thoughts and Prayers.

    Though, while trying to call him a hack, it’s nice to see this page do exactly what it criticizes, trying to capitalize on a tragedy by sensationalizing a Tweet while simultaneously dropping the name of the current flash-in-the-pan comedienne Amy Schumer. Because, what’s a mediocre, at best, article if people can’t find it through Google when trying to look for her latest bit or special?

  • NotTimHolt

    Its pretty clear the writer doesnt understand Jeselnik’s humor, the point of those tweats or the context behind the fan responses. Lazy media criticism, just filling a word quota with ignorant bullcrap that reveals more about the writer than the subject.