Congress: Hillary Will Be Impeached If She Becomes President

Congress to impeach Hillary Clinton if she makes it to the White House

Members of Congress have said that if Hillary Clinton is elected President next week they will start proceedings to have her impeached.

As Hillary Clinton’s campaign implodes amid the FBI actively pursuing five separate probes, including one into claims that the Clinton Foundation is connected to a Washington pedophile ring, there is still a possibility that Democrats will stubbornly vote her in on Tuesday.

According to Townhall:

Yesterday during an interview on Fox News, Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul explained the process.

If the investigation goes forward and it looks like an indictment is pending, at that point in time under the Constitution, the House of Representatives would engage in an impeachment trial.

It would go to the Senate and impeachment proceedings and removal would take place,” McCaul told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer.

I would hate to see this country thrown into a constitutional crisis because of Hillary Clinton’s behavior.”

This again brings up the prospect of whether President Obama will pardon Clinton before she takes her oath of office.

Meanwhile, the Oversight Committee is already bracing for years of investigationsshould Clinton move into the Oval Office.

  • Frank C

    That won’t help save the country. The NWO throught the DNC will still be in control.

  • scott

    It wont matter if they try too impeach her. Her first act as president will be too PARDON herself. Then even if they try too Impeach her regardless of her pardon , she has a Illegal law passed by Bush back when he controlled both House and Senate, which says that a standing president can stay past his or her term in the event of a Terrorist event. She will envoke that Illegal law , and stay regardless. Then she will probably try too put Obama in as Vice president, because the terrorists just took out Her Vice president, and then if something happens too her, he gets too be President Again. , and of course as the terrorist event continues too develop, Obama could stay in office indefinitely, he will then need a Vice President, too which he could select Bill Clinton as President. Its a win win.