Congressman Demands Feds Investigate DNC Whistleblower Murder

Republican Congressman Blake Farenthold is demanding a Federal investigation into the murder of DNC whistleblower Seth Rich.

Republican Congressman Blake Farenthold is demanding a Federal investigation into the murder of DNC whistleblower Seth Rich.

Farenthold told CNN that he believes Congress should launch a special investigation into the suspicious circumstances surrounding Seth’s murder – with particular focus on links between Seth Rich leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks and his subsequent death. reports: There is complete panic in the highest levels of the DNC over the Seth Rich murder investigation which makes us even more suspicious that the DNC had something to do with it.

Why wouldn’t they want this murder solved?… What are they afraid of?

On July 8, 2016, 27 year-old Democratic staffer Seth Conrad Rich was murdered in Washington DC. The killer or killers took nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.

Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family.

Seth Rich’s father Joel told reporters, “If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life.”

The Metropolitan police posted a reward for information on Rich’s murder.

In August Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for information on the murder of DNC staffer Seth rich.

Julian Assange also suggested in August that Seth Rich was a Wikileaks informant.

Via Mike Cernovich:

Now this—

Republican lawmaker Blake Farenthold on Wednesday called for a special investigation of Seth Rich’s murder.

The Corpus Christi Caller reported, via Free Republic:

Corpus Christi Republican Congressman Blake Farenthold considers the source behind the 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee’s email server an unanswered question and believes a federal investigation is warranted.

Speaking on CNN Wednesday, the fourth-term congressman refuted a widely believed conclusion that the Russian government interfered with the U.S. presidential election to aid President Donald Trump’s campaign and instead indicated a conspiracy theory about a slain Democratic National Committee staffer could be true.

“My fear is our constant focusing on the Russians is deflecting away for some other things that we need to be investigating,” Farenthold said on the network. “There’s still some question as to whether the intrusion of the DNC server was an insider job or whether or not it was the Russians.”

Later Wednesday, Farenthold elaborated on his opinion of how the investigation should be handled in a phone interview with the Caller-Times. The death should be investigated in the same manner Russian interference has been reviewed, he said.

  • rrjames

    I saw another report that said Seth Rich was not dead at the scene. The doctor who treated him said that his wounds were readily treatable and he was expected to make a complete recovery. But then the Washington D.C. police interfered and would not let the doctors continue the necessary treatment to save his life. And he subsequently died the morning after the shooting so members of the D.C. police are guilty of murder, also.

    • patriot6

      I saw that too.

  • Eye4one2

    Uh, YEAH!

  • Maggie Gisonde Faltskog

    Have you noticed that none of the suspicious deaths related to the Clinton’s have ever been investigated and solved?? I suppose no one else wants to die exposing it! I have a feeling that someone got to Seth Rich’s family, cause why wouldn’t you want to know who and why if your son was killed! UNLESS……you were given ultimatums!

  • L. Apachicano

    When asked by the CNN anchors why he thought the story was true Farenthold said “Because it’s been circulating on the internet”.THAT was his answer!! Farenthold is possibly the dumbest politician in Washington, and that is saying a lot. Sadly he represents my district here in Texas.