Connecticut Officials Tell Owners ‘Hand In Your Guns’

Officials in Connecticut are asking owners of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines to hand them to the police.

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection have sent letters to owners who failed to register their weapons by a January 1st deadline, as part of new gun control laws. reports:

Officials offered advice on what to do now with the weapons and magazines.

The letter says gun owners are in compliance with the new state law if their items are no longer in Connecticut or were sold to an authorized gun dealer.

Those who fail to comply face charges of possessing an unregistered assault weapon and/or high capacity magazine.

Commissioner Dora Schriro denied rumors DESPP is confiscating weapons.

  • Josh Hollon

    Yea whatever. I got a better idea. Keep your guns Connecticut and shoot anyone who tries to take them.

  • Patriot Eagle

    Use what that 2nd was meant for. If they want it then let them take it out of your cold dead hands. Molon Labe!

  • The Infidel

    I’ve got a feeling that’s there are going to be a lot of body bags filled by those trying to confiscate the gunS!

  • paul

    allow me to try to get this straight.. Conn. wants owners to turn in to cops, their private owned property..assault weapons and large capacity ammo … and that will stop all shootings ? some shootings ? one shooting ? ah.. what about those who operate outside of the legal system..?? like criminals, who have guns, who have lot’s of guns. who would never turn them in … aren’t they the ones we should worry about ? How many law abidding citizens who own assault rifles are going to go on some unknown rampage ? what a ridiculous state Conn. is

    • izraulhidashi

      All mass shootings are done by registered gun owners, most by cops or someone with a military background. lol.

      Backgrounds checks will stop criminals.. who never ever even buy guns legitimately anyway. Makes all the sense in the world! More tap water anyone? Drink up!


    Tell the commi assholes running the former “Constitution State’ to shove it…

  • izraulhidashi

    Ah yes! Please hand over your protection. We are only trying to help you. Like the Indians and Iraqis before you.

    T.v. commercial 3 months later… “Have you or a loved one died from taking American help?”