Bombshell: List Of Corey Feldman’s Hollywood Pedophiles Leaked Online

The list of Hollywood executives who sexually abused Corey Feldman and Corey Haim as children has been leaked online.

Corey Feldman names and shames Hollywood pedophiles

Corey Feldman has been trying to expose the identities of the Hollywood pedophiles who abused him and Corey Haim for years.

The actor recently announced that he was working on a plan to publicly name and shame these powerful tinseltown moguls, despite numerous attempts on his life by insiders trying to silence him.

On Monday, however, the full list of Hollywood pedophiles was leaked online. reports: In December of 1993, FELDMAN met with Santa Barbara county sheriffs in California and recorded a deposition, naming his attackers. Authorities, however, did nothing about it, as they were too busy trying to build a case against pop music icon MICHAEL JACKSON and FELDMAN’s case did not fit into that agenda.

He faces daily criticism for not naming his attackers but is frustrated because he has already done so and gotten nowhere. He appeared on ABC’s “The View” in 2013 to talk about Hollywood pedophilia and was harshly admonished by hostess BARBARA WALTERS for doing so.

FELDMAN has started a campaign to raise money to make a film that will expose the pedophilia that takes place in Hollywood. So who are FELDMAN’s [and pal COREY HAIM’s] abusers? In his biography “Coreography: A Memoir,” he identifies them [using pseudonyms] as “TONY BURNHAM,” “RON CRIMSON,” “RALPH KAUFMAN” and “BILL KAUFMAN,” but their actual names are as follows. (Excerpts are from the book.)


“I met some older actors, too, in particular, Tony Burnham, an overweight character actor in his twenties, who I recognized immediately from ‘Friday The 13th: A New Beginning’ … Tony must have thought of Haim as his boyfriend … I still thought, erroneously and ridiculously, that because Haim ‘wanted it,’ the abuse had not been Tony’s fault.”



“RON CRIMSON” = C. JOHN GRISSOM “I had taken some pills, some concoction that Ron had made up … Ron came over and sat down next to me, a triple-X magazine in his hands … Ron started touching me, reaching across my thigh to the crotch of my pants … He unbuttoned my pants, and took out my penis … He pushed me on the bed and took me in his mouth … When I woke up, he was on me, touching me, tugging on the zipper of my pants. I realized it was happening again … Ron was still having his way with me … Surely Ron wouldn’t attempt to sodomize me with his own mother in the house [he would] … Under Ron’s tutelage, my drug use has progressed quickly. I’m doing coke constantly, with Ron … Ron is pushing me to try crack … ‘Dream a Little Dream’ is filming in Wilmington, North Carolina. I’ve already been here once, to assist with location scouting, but now I’m back, checking into my room at the Shell Island Resort. Ron is with me, still acting as my assistant. By the time filming ends, he’ll have scored his second cameo in one of my movies – I managed to get him a small role in ‘License To Drive’ as well … I wake up. Ron is at me, tugging on my pants.”

“RALPH KAUFMAN” = ALPHY HOFFMAN [a.k.a. ALPHY RIVAS] “Ralph Kaufman … the great casting director at Paramount who had placed me in ‘The Bad News Bears’ … Ralph put on a porno. He took a seat next to me on the couch … I passed out on the bed. When I woke up, Ralph was on me, exactly the way Ron had been … Ralph and Bill had been working together, coercing young men into their home. I was just the latest in a series of boys to be groomed.”

Feldman was on NBC’s “The Today Show” Monday Oct 30 morning. He said that one of his abusers used to run a club for kids and now works for the LA Dodgers.

From Feldman’s book: “Ralph Kaufman’s club was a private social space for famous teens.” Look at Alphy Hoffman’s Twitter:, now deleted but archived here . See also – Online searches for Alphy’s Soda Pop Club Skyrocket

Nothing but LA Dodgers!

“BILL KAUFMAN” = ROBERT “BOBBY” HOFFMAN —- “I developed a natural, easy rapport with the head of television casting, a sweet little old man whom I will call Bill Kaufman … Ralph used to tell us that … Bill Kaufman was actually his step-dad, the one who had helped get Ralph into the business. None of that turned out to be true. Bill Kaufman wasn’t Ralph’s step-dad; Bill Kaufman was Ralph’s lover. Together, Ralph and Bill had been working together, coercing young men into their home. I was just the latest in a series of boys to be groomed.”

Other suspected abusers include MARTIN “MARTY” WEISS, II & ROBERT DAVID “BOB” VILLARD. “Surrounding us … are Marty Weiss [arrested in 2011 for committing lewd acts on a child] and Bob Villard [indicted in 1987 on child pornography charges … and convicted in 2001 of a misdemeanor for child pornography possession; pleaded no contest in 2005 to committing lewd acts on a child]. It is, frankly, rather creepy. I wish I had understood the significance then, before everything that was about to happen.”

DAVID NICKSAY – COREY HAIM stated that he was 14 and his molester was 42 when the abuse first took place. “Lucas” was filmed in 1985 [when HAIM was 14]. NICKSAY produced it and was 42 at the time of filming. In 1979, NICKSAY produced “The Bad News Bears,” starring COREY FELDMAN, who stated that the person who molested HAIM is still a Hollywood mogul. NICKSAY is a production manager for JUSTIN BIEBER and a movie producer.

  • Larry

    So terrible, the abuse and molestation of Cory and friends.

  • Sienna

    Corey has been trying to get this out to the public for years. Finally the vial perpetrators have been named.

    • Nx

      Feldman could have and should have done it years ago. He wants money from people, for no good reason. He is not a good person.

  • Slim

    The best day is when all scum trash is sent to hell.

  • Not pro Israel

    Jewish Hollywood elite drugging and raping kids… straight outta the Talmud…

    • Melissa Simpson

      to mention they are Jewish is not necessary

      • Me

        you should learn about what’s really going on, Melissa, not everything is meant to be mean and hateful, sometimes there’s some truth to some observations. should learn about the ruling elite that have slowly created corporations out of people, you and I. how they’ve created a network called the ‘deep state’ that uses blackmail (usually child abuse) to get leaders to do what they want. it’s not all peaches and rainbows in this world, and reading history doesn’t make someone an anti-semite like they want you to believe. the rothchilds own the world.

      • Sean Geissler

        Naming any commonality is necessary

        • Melissa Simpson

          Not true.

          • Sean Geissler

            They’re a sect of pedophiles. Accept it.

          • Melissa Simpson

            I know many wonderful people who are Jewish and are not pedophiles. Repeating lies does not make them true. I will not accept anyone spreading hate and lies.

          • Sean Geissler

            Just because you haven’t caught them does not make you aware of everythi g they do

          • Melissa Simpson

            First, as God knows, they are not worthless as are you, I am sad to know you live with such animosity. You don’t know every Jewish person, please be aware of this as it seems you just have a type of hate that is wrong. There are also Jewish children who are innocent, God bless you.

          • Sean Geissler

            Another commonality I notice is that pedophiles hide behind religion as a shield. Your comments are telling about the skeletons in your closet, pig.

          • Sean Geissler

            If you are but worthless goyim, i suggest you not your children with the filth unattended, given the patterns here.

          • Amber Allen

            talk like yoda and enki you do mr. geissler lol

        • Susan Barlow

          Why is it necessary?

      • Lizzie Leishman

        Why? We call out Catholics. We mention muslims. How the fuck is this different. They ARE zion jews and its VERY central to Hollywood that its pretty much owned by jewish people so why is it not okay to say jewish but we can say “catholics” or muslims as a generalisation. They get away with it because people like you jump all over anyone brave enough to call it as it is. If they were all Catholic or Muslins accused NO ONE would flinch from someone pointing out that fact. But all jewish and we all get to scared of being vilified to call it out. Zion runs Hollywood. Zion jews have been using Hollywood as a personal playground. This is truth and nessasary to address

        • Melissa Simpson

          No, it is wrong. Implying that they abuse because they are Jewish is prejudicism and false and that is hating on someone because of who they were born. Muslim is a religion of choice and some of the guidelines of that reoigion are written in wrong ways. The Jewish people do not have a guideline to sexually abuse children. I am sad anyone would imply so.

          • Lesley Cathey

            It is in the Talmud but it’s not relative here. It’s stupid.

          • John Ross Hopkin V

            Melissa ~ Are you familiar with the Talmud?

          • Amber Allen

            She should have said specifically Zionist Jews…as should I have.

        • Susan Barlow

          Yes! We DO “call out” Catholics & “mention” Muslims.
          We should do neither!

          • Paul Sullivan

            Calling out the Catholic Church is important because the infrastructure of the church protected the rapists and they used the political and religious power to silence them. The Roman Catholic Church is a criminal organization. That is not an opinion. That is a fact. Now to call out people simply because they are Catholic is wrong. The fault lies not in the people of the religion but in the actual organization itself. Catholics would be better off wiping out the church and starting from scratch.

          • Melissa Simpson

            No, calling out a person is what is important and the place that it is done people. If it is done in a certain church because and individual is doing such horrible things it does not mean that all churches condone or all people in church exhibit such behavior. As for myself, I am not part of the Catholic church but would not say all people in the catholic church are pedophiles because some individual people were. It is call prejudice thinking, prejudging all people of a certain type based on what some people of that type have done and it is basically falsely accusing those who are not guilty of the behavior that is being using to prejudge. We should all determine who someone is based on who they are not what their race or said religion is. God bless.

          • Nameless face

            Not all do but MOST sterotypes exsit based on observebale fact and lived exspreinces of many people not all arguements are bullshit deflects made to ignore reality..

          • Melissa Simpson

            Let me be more precise with you, not all Jewish people are pedophiles, in fact I think not even the majority are and I know some wonderful Jewish people. While pedophilia is horrible disgusting and wrong, judging someone based on any stereotype without even knowing them or pre judging all people of a certain race is wrong. May God bless you with the peace, truth, joy and love of Jesus.

          • Mcguire

            Have you read the kaballah? Myticism and dark magic and it’s all JEWISH! These are the ones who rule the world! Roth child’s etc. Don’t be fooled, they worship the bathemet of old who is satan! These Jews are not Godly. They are Zions who prey on others and have more money than anyone knows. They’ve been hoarding it for nillinia. This form of worship goes back to the EGYPTIANS. AS A HISTORIAN I HAVE DELVED INTO THIS AND SOMETIMES I WISH I HADN’T. YOU CANNOT UNLEARN SOMETHING AFTER YOU’VE LEARNED IT. TRUST ME THE TRUTH WOULD HAUNT YOU THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. DO NOT try to figure this out if you don’t want to see something you can’t erase. Is very real. If you must know Stanley Kubrick eyes wide shut movie tom cruise Nicole kidman. It barely touches on the truth. But I’m sure your imagination can fill in the blanks. It leaves out the blood sacrifices. One week after the movie was done Kubrick died under suspicious circumstances. The adults for a sudden divorce yet never fair in public. I thunk they were so disgusted they couldn’t live together anymore. Be sure you want to know because you will not see the world through the same eyes. Blessings, I pray if you do see it you can let it go. It is not fiction. This and much worse goes on. Human sacrifices and EatING human flesh. Babies murdered. Notice all thE missing children today? How do they dissappear without a trace? They are sacrifices. For someone to be inducted without asking to join they have to have 20m in the bank and someone they love gets sacrificed. Then around 50 60 their ticket gets punched. They don’t get to be old. They are then sacrificed for a new upcoming with who has joined the satanic coven of the elite. Yes they do run the world. Sodom and Gomorrah were not as bad as it is now.

          • Melissa Simpson

            You do realize that it is wrong in God’s eyes to sexualize a child and that the Jewish people know this, if some horribly choose to not follow God’s way that doesn’t mean all Jewish people are pedophiles. I know wonderful Jewish people whom I love and I hope and pray God fills you with His love instead of hate.

          • Susan Barlow

            The Catholic Church is simply one establishment in which these horrible acts against vulnerable people have taken, and are still taking place.
            We live now, in an era of greater transparency; where minority members of society have, not only more rights but are gaining the confidence and the courage to “fight” for those rights. To speak out! Praise God!
            There is going to be a great deal more exposed, not just within the Catholic Church and it is going to be very ugly.
            While I do agree with you, up to a point, about “calling out the Catholic Church”, I believe that “change” can only come from the top! It is not the Church itself but those in control! Individuals! Another Swamp!
            I fear that using generic terms such as “Catholic”, “Jewish” “Muslim” etc only serves to inflame the less discerning amongst us. There are radicals on all sides
            (I am not Catholic, by the way)

      • Christina Fridley

        Melissa!! Ugly. Ugly. Comment. Omg.

        • Melissa Simpson

          Ugly is impying it is because they are Jewish they were sexually abusive, also it is false to try to say what I said was wrong.

          • Sean Geissler

            Ugly is covering for pedophiles by accusing their detractors as ‘hateful’

            Sorry, children Trump your feelings.

          • Melissa Simpson

            I can’t have a conversation with someone who lies. Pedophiles are wrong, and by saying you should not imply that Jewish people by nature are pedophiles is in no way detracting from the fact that pedophiles are wrong. So in essence, detractors can agree pedophiles are wrong while at the same time acknowledge that not all Jewish people are pedophiles. You are very see through in your veiled attempt to pretend you are simply trying to detract from pedophiles when you are obviously trying to attempt to attack all Jewish people with your support of such a statement.

          • Melissa Simpson

            Also, calling me a pig does not make me one, sadly it just shows what your mentality level is. No one has to hide behind any religion to be a horrible pedophile, because no religion I know and especially not Christianity encourages pedophilia. I feel sad you seem so angry inside, I hope you find peace with Jesus one day, I really do mean this.

          • Sean Geissler

            Spare me your disgusting pedo sympathy. You’re as transparent as your filthy religious veil. Sickening

          • Susan Barlow

            Melissa is NOT defending pedophiles!
            Have you actually READ her comments; do you understand them?
            Melissa has offered a perfectly rational explanation for the reasons why she thinks as she does. YOU, on the other hand, have not. All you have done is throw insults.

          • Sean Geissler

            more pedo enabler scum. Blocked

          • Susan Barlow

            Typical! Block anyone who asks “difficult” questions or who poses rational reasoning to your mindless ranting! Still SAD!!

          • Amber Allen

            Melissa it is mostly white haired blue eyed men and women…sure others too but mostly white. mostly Zionist jew, not all but mostly. Most Christian or Zionist jew, not all but most…do u see the trend here?

        • Susan Barlow

          What is “ugly” about Melissa’s comment?
          Please don’t just insult people and offer no explanation for your judgement.

      • Susan Barlow

        I agree with you Melissa. Quite unnecessary!
        Neither religion nor race has any bearing on this situation.

      • Amber Allen

        Melissa it is specifically Jesuit’s and the jews are. sorry to say it as I did not want to be racist either. but truth is truth. I’m Scottish and my history sucks too….oh well makes me wanna do better than my ancestors.

    • Eve of Destruction

      These people have no God.

      • Paul Sullivan

        Neither do I and I have never raped anyone. Maybe not having a God is helpful in building a solid morality.

        • Melissa Simpson

          Paul, that is false because you are not perfect, Jesus and God are.

    • Trina Tousley

      Absolutely, ultimately its satanic & about absolute power…

  • Nora Snatch

    (((Hollywood))) needs to be razed

  • Josh Stern

    Key point here is the claim that a witness made a deposition with names to the police and they did nothing.

    • Renee Hetrick-Lamp

      He did There’s audio files somewhere on the internet

  • etyrnal

    honest question: WHY stay in the business, if this kept happening? i see a pattern, and it didn’t happen to me. it would seem that a person experiencing this would sense a pattern?

    • Runndontlookback

      My girlfriend was sexually abused by her Mothers boyfriend as well as her Uncle. She was first raped at age 6. She explained that she thought it was actually ‘normal’ for these things to happen to her, not knowing till much later. They are also THREATENED if they tell, this this or this will happen. No, it doesn’t make sense, but when you are already ‘changed’ in that way, you are also stuck in your own sad world till you receive help over a long period of time. So SAD. :'(

    • Alicia

      Because they were kids when this was happening. When you’re young like that you are scared and back then, well boys saying stuff like they’re being raped would be laughed at.

      • etyrnal


    • Paul Sullivan

      Why should kids play sports if their coaches molest them? Why should people keep praying if their priests rape them? He is an actor. He should stop acting because of pedophiles. Not sure I follow your logic

      • penny

        you don’t remember the coach who was caught molesting his players? How could you forget that? He is now in prison. The boys didn’t stop playing sports even tho they were getting molested. It becomes something almost normal once it happens. Threats, promises, gifts, you name it. They keep doing what they do because they can get away with it.

        • etyrnal

          Yes but there were other directors and movie production companies in the business. And it’s not like every single one of them ever was an offender. this is the problem with teaching children to shut up and just obey.

          • Susan Barlow

            I was molested as a child.
            Penny is perfectly correct; it DOES become “normal”. I was not physically hurt … what did I know of right or wrong as a 5 year old? This is a “realm” in which children know nothing!

  • Mech Vasquez

    Detestable Satanist pedos you have been served and your industries judged we need to hear the sentencing ASAP

    • Lizzie Leishman

      Not satanist. Zion jews

  • Fast Amir


    • liberalsRtarded

      That or they will flee and move in with Polanski.

    • Susan Barlow

      Or that they repent the error of their ways and find salvation in Jesus Christ.

  • mattrlang

    Crackle, Crackle!!!

  • RayNAiken

    Hollywood needs to be shut down until this is fully investigated and shut down in the way that lefties want the NRA, Fox and conservative talk radio shut down.

  • liberalsRtarded


  • liberalsRtarded

    NO MORE CHILD ACTORS! And to be honest, when a kid is in a non-childrens movie they tend to be annoying and you don’t even need them for the story line. NO MORE CHILD ACTORS! Oh and arrest these pigs!

  • Matt Foley

    Isn’t it odd that all of these men are Jews?

    • Klappy

      no. It’s expected.

    • lyndseyawesomeface

      Did you go to Longwood?

    • Lizzie Leishman

      Why odd? Hollywood is Zions playground

  • lyndseyawesomeface

    This is just people in HOLLYWOOD, what everybody should understand is that this is such a small portion of the international pedo rings that are run by the most powerful and inconspicuous top players in the world. Shut down Hollywood? How about we shut down the vatican, or possibly all of Thailand? Don’t understand it yet? How many kids go missing in YOUR county alone? Here in America we have politicians, judges, doctors, people of all types who are getting away with this because unfortunately we honestly live in a society where the victims are portrayed as antagonists. Why? Not because we all feel like that; but because those top percent that control your information input portray it that way.

    • RayNAiken

      Trump was criticized by the Pope about a border wall while at the same time there is a wall surrounding Vatican city that was built to keep Muslims out. Tear down that wall Pope!!

  • tigertmoore

    Not sure that I really care about anyone sucking the dick of a young boy… am thinking as to why I should care as a parent and my sons never given over to pedo folks who would gladly suck their dicks. I kept my 3 sons and daughter at home… so anyone care to tell me why I should care about dick sucking and pussy fucking of powerful men and little kids? Little kids who knew perfectly well what the men wanted and gave it to them? Then cried rape later? And yes I am a hard bastard but then again none of my kids raped by anyone. Dick sucked at 14 years old and now 10-20-30 years later all of a sudden its rape? Pussy fucked and got what pussy wanted and many years later its rape? I doubt any of this very seriously. Sounds like will dick sucking and willing pussy fucking little kids then when adults all of a sudden raping. Why no raping at the time? Where were fathers, brothers, cousins, uncles aunt or mothers or anyone? “Too scared to say” bullshit. My kids told me of a smack on the butt. To say rape years or decades later sure seems like buyers remorse to me. Let the hate begin!!! Which I’ll be sure to do nothing about but delete and ignore.

    • lyndseyawesomeface

      Please do not feed the trolls

    • WithoutRights ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      You sound like a pedophile yourself. You are a disgusting perverted POS. Kill yourself.

    • Kragnorak

      tigertmoore…. when Disqus turns to disgust.

    • Paul Sullivan

      Stay away from my kids

  • alberton

    They wasted millions to investigate and prosecute Michael Jackson whom Corey and countless other kids said was an innocent manchild
    while these real pedos could molest with impunity for decades even after Corey named them in 1993 the police did nothing
    and now they try to cover their ass they say Corey didn’t give them any names. Bunch of liars.
    The tape of his police interview was leaked in 2005 it was already reported back then that Corey told them the names.
    They didn’t care because the name was not Michael Jackson. Deborah Linden and Rush Birchim were the names
    of the officers who interrogated Corey, they are now retired, covered up for real pedos and got away with it.

  • David SoMo

    May the Almighty YHVH protect Feldman and Haim as they do battle with these perverted slime bags.

    • One Cat Short of a Crazy Cat

      Unfortunately Haim passed away at 32, only Feldman is left. May he be protected from those who would do him harm. There are many powerful people out there who want him gone….

    • Lizzie Leishman

      I don’t think they want a jewish god mate. But nice thoughts I guess. P.S not anti jewish. Pro palestine and anti ANYONE that thinks they’re superior or gods chosen

  • eat poo

    I was expecting more well known people.

  • Linda Pottle

    I can no longer go see movies with young children or teen actors in them with a clear conscience anymore. As well as movies with headliners that are perverts!! Just nope can’t support Rape/molestion arts!!

    • etyrnal

      I also see children being forced to do and say things in movies that are inappropriate just because the adult stars they are around specialize in inappropriate humor. if we are saying that children can be pressured into doing things that are inappropriate by Adult authority figures in the movie business, we have to question every time we see a child doing or saying something in a movie that is pretty much an appropriate for their age. If they cannot say no to some sort of sexual Advance our activity from an adult, how would they ever be able to say no to the words in a script or the actions in front of the camera?

  • Paula Muehl Klingman

    I commend Corey for continuing to fight given the apathy by authorities and hostility by others. He is one courageous man who deserves to be heard and justified. What a hard, horrifying journey he has had to endure. Keep fighting, Corey!

  • Jessie Jay

    Its amusing to see all the Jew hate here, especially when its muppets like you who “go to the movies they make”, “buy the merchandise they create”, “go to concerts they produce”, etc etc etc. These SCUMBAGS would not have the environment to undertake their desires if “YOU” did not support the industry!

  • Patrick Deluca

    Better late than never!

  • Linda Pottle

    Boycott Hollywood. I no longer support the rape and molestation corporation!! In clear conscience I can no longer watch Movies made with under age childern in them. I can no longer watch films with those accused or affiliated with the cover up that has harmed so many. I am boycotting Hollywood. Don’t support the rape/molestation arts!!

  • Shizzle Mooman

    Except David Nicksay was not 42 when Corey Haim was 14. Your post is false information.

  • Melissa Simpson

    I will pray for You to believe in, love and follow Jesus.

  • Nx

    Abuse of children is one of the most despicable behaviours of our species. It is reprehensible and vile, so much so that any limitation on prosecuting such crimes should be abolished. When I think about the worst that we as a species have to offer each other, such abuse comes readily to mind, along with our propensity for violence on small scale and large or our desire to remove entire groups of people from existence because we’re too stupid to see beyond how stupid it is.

    But there are certain human behaviours that are, while less obvious, almost as objectionable. For example, preying on people’s fear and vulnerability for personal gain. Which brings me to Mr Feldman. While I have no doubt he knows or knows of people in the entertainment industry who have visited horrors upon children, his current campaign to raise $10 million via a crowd funding effort is nothing short of extortionate.

    He has said that he is going to use the money to make a film that somehow furthers the cause of victims of abuse while simultaneously exposing the abusers. I don’t know if a script exists, or even a treatment. I don’t know how he reached the seemingly arbitary figure of $10 million. I don’t know how a multi-million dollar film production will expose an abuser or a culture of abuse any better than using the media, law enforcement and the judicial system and sparing people the expense. I could go on.

    These are issues that people need to ask themselves before they hand over their hard-earned cash to a celebrity who has been and is afforded the opportunity to make money using his talent. Presumably Mr Feldman also has the ability to raise funds for a film project without need to take money from regular, wage-earning people.

    Feldman’s crowd funding has reached $200k. For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would give their money to a celebrity beyond paying to see a movie or to buy an album. Feldman is using the subject of child abuse for personal gain. It is a cheap, tawdry, vile money grab from a man who apparently has no shame. If he did, he would shut down the extortion and refuse to accept any of the money pledged. He is a disgrace.

  • Nx

    This is the tl;dr of my longer contribution: Feldman’s crowd funding campaign, using the subject of child sexual abuse to prey on people’s emotions, is morally reprehensible and tantamount to extortion.

  • Amber Allen

    So I suppose all these chomos will go into rehab then go on the dr. phil show to cry….next oprah and her girls home in Africa will be the next story we hear….wtf is going on here???Dr. Oz had haims mom on Fridays show and said he would have the rest of the story on today…but then its a no go??? wth?? Do I let my kids go to school or will the teachers try to fuck them? Can they go to church or will the priest try to fuck them? Can they go to boy scouts, pathfinders, mcdonalds, bowling alley….where is safe now? where are kids suppost to go now?? Or has it always been this bad and we are just now waking up to reality?

  • Michel Anderson

    why must people involve religion al the time. Thats when people lose intrest and only left with 1 type of people get stuck in a forum board like a dead end.