Court Takes Child From Mother After She Mentions Chemtrails At School

'I can now only see my daughter with a social security worker standing over me taking notes, and the judge said this was so that if I mention chemtrails they would put a stop to that.'

A Boulder, Colorado judge has removed a child from her mother's care because the mother believes chemtrails are being sprayed into the atmosphere, court documents reveal.

A Boulder, Colorado judge has removed a child from her mother’s care because the mother believes chemtrails are being sprayed into the atmosphere, court documents reveal.

Boulder Judge D.D. Mallard told Becca Vandb that ‘99% of people would know those are just contrails,’ and said that she is ‘so immersed in a fringe subculture’ that ‘she is a danger to her daughter.’

I can now only see my daughter with a social security worker standing over me taking notes, and the judge said this was so that if I mention chemtrails they would put a stop to that.’

Becca pointed out that there have been no neglect or child abuse allegations from the court or her daughter’s school.  There have been no criminal charges and no protective services visits.

I am being railroaded for expressing my views about chemtrails.’

Becca Vandb’s daughter wants to be with her mother, but is being kept away from her, with only supervised visits allowed, because Judge Mallard believes Becca is ‘immersed in a dangerous fringe subculture.’

I bought up chemtrails at my daughter’s school and was immediately banned from the premises.  Schools and courts in Boulder, Colorado have flat out denied there is any such thing as geoengineering or chemtrails, so has my kid’s dad who works in atmospheric research at the University of Colorado – seriously.’


The school helped him take away custody because I had the gall to argue with them when they severely embellished my comments (made to adults only) about chemtrails.’

An historic lawsuit has been filed in Canada in an effort to expose and halt the practise of chemtrails being sprayed into the atmosphere.

The suit claims that the Canadian and US governments are conducting a geoengineering program that aims to spray toxic substances and particles into the atmosphere – endangering the lives of millions of citizens.

Meanwhile in Colorado a judge has removed a child from her family home because her mother expresses her belief that chemtrails are being sprayed into the atmosphere.  Something is not right here.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry

    This can’t be all there is to this story.

    • d0nj3nko


      • ERIC BLAIR

        This would be akin to a judge removing a child from a home because the parent was a confirmed and admitted Liberal, which TRULY is an indication of dangerous mental-illness.

        • Shari Peterson

          This is happening all over Eric. They are removing children from homes where parents refuse to vaccinate too. This is life in fascism and it’s getting worse every day.

    • kaynash

      Wish that were true, but this is our legal system now – more and more bizarre results, criminalizing of our population, ridiculous sentences and judgements – it’s broken and it’s making lawyers very rich.

      • ERIC BLAIR

        This is VERY true, but as cynical and realistic as I am, I still believe there HAS to be more to this story. This judge could be censured or removed from the bench for something as flip as this . . . even in today’s world. I WOULD HOPE.

        • eric

          keep hoping.

        • lexi61

          the courts are all ruled by the counsel on foreign relations / AGENDA 21 , same as ALL career politicians are owned by the same , we are not living in kansas anymore . WE MUST STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING , FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS AT RISK —— 6 Stars Who Joined Prince in Showing Support Against Chemtrails WE ARE BEING SPRAYED EVERY SINGLE DAY & THIS JUDGE IS HORRIBLY PAID OFF & MISINFORMED

    • Cannawitch

      it is on no other news site on the internet… this is its only source… i think this is just to incite anger

  • kaynash

    So this “Judge” doesn’t know the difference between chemtrails and contrails and breaks up a family over it? He’s the danger to society.

    • Tom Parsons

      What is the difference?

      • Stephan Williams

        Look it up for yourself, lazybones. 😉

        • Tom Parsons

          I did as you said and looked it up. I found that contrails persist or not depending on the relative humidity (RH) at the altitude that aircraft is flying. The higher the RH the longer the persistence. This is not unlike why we see clouds linger for hours. I found the science behind this to be fairly easy to understand. A simple search on the internet lead me to a lot of really good information as well as many scientific studies on contrail formation There were even studies on samples taken from contrails. I found no studies on chemtrails and none of the websites about them had any real facts to present. They all said that contrails would not persist but none could say why.

          • Padraigin Eagle

            Did I mention twa$, useless one at that.

          • Mark Miller

            RH and air temperature are both factors. At 30,000 feet it’s pretty cold and the air is usually pretty dry. That’s because cold air is denser than warm air and will not hold as much water vapor. And that is what makes clouds. As the water vapor (an invisible gas) from the earth rises it will eventually intercept a layer of air cold enough to condense it and create clouds. OK, follow that so far?…. I wake up in the morning and the sky is clear, not a cloud in sight. Conclusion; upper atmosphere is relatively dry, RH probably around 32 to 37% at aforementioned altitude. Soon there after I see what appears to be “contrails” being produced by both high flying (alt 30,000ft +) and low flying (probably alt 20,000ft and up). But, there is a problem, they don’t disperse. They linger for hours and eventually the sky over me becomes all hazy. WHAT THE HECK, Real contrails won’t do this except in very rare conditions! Why? you may ask. Well here is the science behind it. As the jet engine sucks in the cold outside air (at speeds up to 500+ mph) it gathers enough of the invisible water vapor, heats it and sends it out the exhaust end, back into the cold air (app -48 F, -44 C). At first the exhaust is so hot that nothing happens and there is a clear gap between the jet engine and where the contrail becomes visible. As the exhaust cools in the frigid air, the vapor condenses, freezes and leaves a trail of ice crystals. Here is the problem with your argument, The air is so dry, most of the time, that it is impossible for this contrail to persist. In a very short distance behind the jet, it will dissipate back into the dry air and disappear.

            When I see these trails coming out from behind a jet, forming almost immediately behind the engines and lasting all day, I can make only one logical, science based, conclusion. Something is being purposely sprayed in the sky above me.CHEMTRAILS!!! Why or what? I can only surmise, but I have my suspicions. Oh, another conclusion could be is; the jet fuel that they are using is so dirty and low grade that it leaves a nasty, foul, exhaust trail. And that isn’t any good for me either. But if that were the case, planes would be falling out of the sky because of fouled engines. p.s. I do have a pilots license and did need to learn a lot about atmospheric conditions, so I do know what I’m talking about here in relation to the atmosphere.

          • Tom Parsons

            “Real contrails won’t do this except in very rare conditions!” Says who Mark? Check the science and look at a sounding for RH at FL250 everyday for a month. The RH above 250 is very often above 60% and contrails will persist when it is. RH is not the same at ground level as it is a 25 thousand feet. It can be dry as a bone at 2000 feet and the RH can be 90% at 25000 and it is anything but rare. Why would you conclude that the RH is still low when you see contrails. That would be a really good indication that the RH has risen, that wet air is moving in. RH does change you know, it changes over short periods of time and it certainly can be different even just hundreds of feet vertically and horizontally. There is really no evidence to the otherwise.

          • Tom Parsons

            “it gathers enough of the invisible water vapor” No Mark jet engines do not “gather” water vapor. They produce it to the tune of hundreds of tons per mile as they burn fuel. What do you think happens to all that water when it hits air that is 60% RH and -50F? It makes a persistent contrail. Please explain how an aircraft with a 2000lb payload can leave trails of many hundreds of miles? Answer: they are contrails. Actual in flight experiments prove this. I am also a pilot and spent a number of years as a crewmember on transports making persistent contrails as we flew all over the world. Funny I saw our trails but we never had any secret tanks on board.

          • disqus_uss2m1K3kS

            No facts? No chemtrail studies??? Wrong. If you were to watch a video on YouTube entitled, “What in the world are they spraying?” then you would become aware of the realities of the toxic muck getting sprayed over us all, day & night. Chemtrails stay up there for hours while contrails which are harmless, dissipate within a very short time.

            You could also simply look upwards any day & watch for yourself as the sun gets actively blotted out by military planes spraying criss-crosses & tram-lines (sometimes as many as eight planes one after the other within a couple of minutes over my house), always targetting the sun & its path, & turning our blue sky white & quickly making it cool & gloomy for us down on earth, instead of warm & bright.

            Do some research on the process (which seems to be taking place almost worldwide now) – it is called geo-engineering, & is being done illegally without our vote.

            There are also videos with close-up footage of chemtrail planes that you could watch. Or of course you could keep your head firmly in the hole that it seems to be in…

          • HIStory Indeed

            Thank you for your appreciation today, it did not go unnoticed.

        • Bendys
      • Shari Peterson

        One is water vapor that dissipates quickly exempting certain conditions such as being near mountains. The other one is full of chemicals that do not dissipate and spread out, hazing out the sun and blocking Vitamin D.

        • Shadow Archer

          Blocking Vitamin D?

          • Mike

            Well, think about it…the sun is the most abundant source of Vitamin D. Since the chemtrail programs started going strong in the early ’90’s, there has been approximately an 11% reduction in sunlight actually reaching the ground. Less sunlight means less natural Vitamin D.

          • Belfrey

            That’s incorrect. Surface solar radiation decreased from the 1960s to 1990, then mostly recovered until around 2000, then dipped again slightly.

          • Mike

            Ok, well, that’s about what I was saying, more or less

          • Belfrey

            I’d go with less… in fact, it’s about the opposite of what you were saying.

          • Mike

            Uh, no, it isn’t. Maybe reading comprehension isn’t one of your skills, but that’s ok

          • Shadow Archer

            Exposing your skin for a short time will make all the vitamin D your
            body can produce in one day. In fact, your body can produce 10,000 to
            25,000 IU of vitamin D in just a little under the time it takes for your
            skin to turn pink. You make the most vitamin D when you expose a large
            area of your skin, such as your back, rather than a small area such as
            your face or arms. Chemtrails…pollution etc block the UVB rays which in turn lowers the ability of the body to produce Vitamin D. Interesting though is that cholesterol (certain type) are used as building blocks for Vitamin D.

          • teddy6139

            The difference is that we’re being sprayed with heavy metals to support geoengineering. What do you think heavy metals do to the body and mind? Chronic illness anyone?

          • James Brown

            But it also means less skin cancer.

          • Mike

            Pure myth. The cancer is most likely caused but the unnatural chemicals copiously applied to the skin, and not the sun itself

          • James Brown

            Believe what you want. I don’t think you have any evidence to back that up, since skin cancer existed prior to the use of sun screens, and occurs most often in individuals with fair skin who didn’t use sun screens.

          • Mike

            And you have what evidence? Reports from the FDA and CDC? I’ll bet you believe there’s real difference between the Demos and Repubs, too? Have fun with that.

          • James Brown

            Personal experience from people I have known who developed malignant melonoma and expert description and testimony from Dr Fred Mui, PhD, ThD, an established expert in the field. But like I said, it doesn’t matter to me what you believe, so I’m not going to do your research for you when you can just use Google to get all the evidence one could possibly want. Have a nice day and some great sunbathing.

          • Mike

            Been getting 4 to 6 hours of sun daily during the summer and still no wrinkles, moles or even freckles. Never used sun block even once. I’ve known people who have developed malignancies, too, like one of my uncles, who would slather his body with lotions and other gunk, so the word of an “established expert” (your words) won’t convince me, but peace anyway.

          • James Brown

            OK, well I smoke and haven’t gotten lung cancer yet, so I guess that must be just fine health wise as well. Anyway, I see the evidence won’t change your mind, maybe the chemtrail planes that are spraying sun screen will be enough to protect you. Cheers and have a nice sunny day !

          • bonniebluejeanne

            Many melanomas are found where people don’t get sunlight – like near their groin area or they derieres. So how did the sun have an effect there?

          • James Brown

            Not than many actually. Most form on areas exposed to the sun. But just because solar radiation causes melanoma doesn’t mean its the only cause.

        • Belfrey

          Contrails can dissipate quickly, or persist for long periods. It depends on the atmospheric conditions that the plane is traveling through.

          • duhmann

            there are planes that have been retrofitted to hold tanks that spray “something.” maybe they are spraying happiness vitamins? google it. and unless you live right next to an airport,there is no reason for the sky over your hood to be criss-crossed with “contrails.” i suppose god lets the water vapor linger because he likes tic tac toe patterns? if you honestly cant grasp why people are concerned,i guess the flouride is doing its job…

          • Belfrey

            Yes, there are planes that are used for wildfire control, for mosquito spraying, crop dusting, etc. None of these cause something that looks like persistent contrails, though.

            Contrails persist when the air is “supersaturated with respect to ice.” It’s not “water vapor” you’re seeing in the trails (water vapor is the gas stage, which is invisible). You’re seeing tiny crystals of ice, exactly as in naturally-formed cirrus clouds.

          • Tom Parsons

            Belfrey it is not really hard to understand is it?

          • Ed Wade

            Belfrey is an obvious shill.

          • Tom Parsons

            “unless you live right next to an airport,there is no reason for the sky over your hood to be criss-crossed with “contrails.”” Oh really? Because aircraft only fly near airports?

          • Mike

            No, because once away from the airports, even one degree change in course can mean many miles of difference over a plane’s travel, and hence there shouldn’t be so many cross crossed lines.

          • Tom Parsons

            You do realize Mike that this is an actual airway map that actual pilots use to navigate? You have no idea why contrails can “crisscross” do you? You have no idea why or how a contrail grid can form. It is all about the wind Mike. Pilots have no problem with the very simple reason contrails form grids.

          • Mike

            Perhaps, I’m not a pilot, so I can’t argue that. However, this doesn’t nullify the idea of chemtrails.

          • Abundantz
          • Tom Parsons

            “unless you live right next to an airport,there is no reason for the sky over your hood to be criss-crossed with “contrails.” I would have to ask why? The aircraft coming in and out of airports would not be high enough to form contrails. The aircraft flying between airports…the ones we see over our hoods are.

        • Starlifter2

          I thought they were destroying our precious bodily fluids.

        • Tom Parsons

          How do you know chemtrails dissipate quickly? How do you know contrails do not? How do you know that mountains have anything to do with contrail persistence?

          • Padraigin Eagle

            Tom sucking his Thumb: How would we know you’re a moron. Or a disinfo’ shill. Such a difficult choice, rhetorical of course.

          • Tom Parsons

            Just to translate for anyone who does not speak chemcult Mr Eagle is telling us he has no clue to the answer of my question.

          • Padraigin Eagle

            The answer as always be in the question, and upon the time you have one, best you enjoy the shafing, tail gunner.

          • Jam Chu

            This “Tom” character (if that’s it’s real name) doesn’t seem to realize that we can look at the sky on a Tuesday morning at 11am (for example) and see abundant persistent trails that don’t dissipate, but crisscrossing the skies in every direction, then merging together to create a huge overcast from horizon to horizon. Then on the very same day of the week and same time, you won’t see a single airplane….as if they’ve announced all flights are cancelled. And we’re suppose to believe all these shenanigans are normal aircraft scheduling? Hey Tom….get a real life and WAKE UP.

          • Tom Parsons

            The aircraft are always there but aircraft do not always make contrails. Do you really think airlines stop flying on any given day? The conditions change, high RH at altitude means contrail persistence. The science is fairly simple if you care to read up on it. Conditions dictate formation and persistence not tanks of chemicals. Contrails have been well understood for almost 75 years and the first persisting ones were seen in 1921 behind high flying turbocharger piston aircraft. They have always been a part of aviation. Yes my name is Tom…LOL

          • James Brown

            That’s not much of an answer there, Eagle.

          • Padraigin Eagle

            But ye sure enjoy licking the ar$e of the Parson’s nose, Janes Clown.

          • James Brown

            Neither is that.

        • Tom Parsons

          “water vapor that dissipates quickly”….. Why do clouds made of water vapor persist and not dissipate quickly? Even clouds no where near mountains stay all day. Cirrus clouds are ice made of water yet they persist and stay all day again mountains having nothing to do with them as they are seen everywhere. Why can’t contrails made of the same thing (ice) persist?

          • mina

            I live in the mountains on a lake and in the surrounding mountains we have many glaciers. I have noticed that just before the weather changes into precipitation, they chemtrail very hard. I have heard that this may have something to do with trying to get more rain, glacial melt. The Columbia Basin is a huge water source for the western USA. They may in fact do this all year round, but if it already cloudy, you can’t really see the operations up there so clearly.

            Another thing that I have been thinking about recently is that perhaps people who can’t see these trails, may in fact be near sighted and not wearing their glasses or contacts. Some people may not be doing a lot of self-care in these times of change and increased stress.

          • Tom Parsons

            Mina, When the air is dry we see no trails because the air is able to absorb the water created by burning jet fuel. Jet fuel creates tens of thousands of pounds of water per mile as it burns. If the air is dry the water can evaporate into it and we see no trails. If however the air is too wet or supersaturated, that is the relative humidity is high that air can not absorb the extra water produced by jets. This is when we see contrails form. The controlling factor of whether a contrail persists or not is again the relative humidity (RH). Above about 60% we start to see persistence. Now you pointed out that you see trails on days just prior to weather coming. Guess what starts to happen when this wet weather approaches? The RH starts to rise, the air gets wetter and less able to hold the water produced by the burning of the jet fuel. It is the change in weather…getting wetter that brings the conditions that form contrails not the other way around. Additionally the RH at altitude can be very different to that on the surface. You can have days of high RH air at high altitude move through an area with no rain on the surface. Weather is fickle is it not? Science has been studying contrails for almost 100 years now since the first persistent contrails were observed in 1921. How and when they form and persist is very well understood.

          • mina

            Ok…I see your point Tom and this all makes sense, but how do we explain the hot dry days in the mountains when we see our two scheduled low elevation flights (vancouver to calgary twice a day) and then a few hot dry days later, we see the sky riddled with Criss cross tick tack toe planes flying at low elevation? You are saying variable weather conditions right? But the Whistleblowers? how do you explain them?

          • Tom Parsons

            Mina, Although contrails do form even at ground level when conditions are present it is not that common unless you live in far northern or southern climates like Antarctica. So your low level fights generally will not have the conditions necessary for contrail formation of an elevated RH and very cold air. When you have dry days at altitude you will not see contrails but only when the air at altitude is wetter (higher RH) will you. So if you do not see contrails on some days it is not because no aircraft air flying but because the RH is to low for contrails to form. If the air is dry the water produced by the engines will more readily evaporate. If the air is supersaturated the water cannot evaporate so we see it in the form of a contrail and remember the air at altitudes jets cruise at is very cold like -50 or -60. Jets produce lots of water so we are just seeing physics in action. The temperature and humidity on the surface has nothing to do with contrails forming at say 25 thousand feet. In fact the only thing that will behave how we see contrails behave is water. Nothing else will spread to cause the cirrus clouds we see contrails turn into. The reason goes back to the supersaturated air. Basically most of a contrail is made up of water already in the atmosphere and the reason they can be so long and grow into cirrus cloud banks. Criss Crossing of contrails has to do with the wind and is explained in the video link. As far as Whistleblowers I have never seen a credible one. None of them can explain even the most basic questions about both the problems with physics and logistical problems with the chemtrail claim. For instance there are no aircraft flying that can carry a load large enough to leave trails of even a few hundred miles and that is if you fly the aircraft with minimal fuel. You can fool a people but math and physics do not lie. If you took the time to study some basic aviation and weather this would all be more clear.

          • mina

            Tom…Continuing to look up…Currently at 6: 30 pm we see 67% at 13 degrees (about the same amount of humidity as yesterday at this time) in Kaslo BC Canada. There have been enough clear breaks in the sky to see a whole lot of clear blue skies with lots of big fluffy clouds throughout the day 🙂 But what happened to the chemtrails or planes?

          • Tom Parsons

            But what is the Relative Humidity above 25 thousand feet? You must remember to use the RH at the altitude that aircraft are flying. Mostly above 25 thousand feet (250hPa). You can use this chart to forecast contrails. It is a bit tricky finding the RH at altitude but there are several sites that have the data. There are only so many sites that take upper air soundings and the extrapolate the rest and the weather can be fickle. You should get a fight tracker app for your phone and you will see the planes are always there even when you see no contrails and you can find out what aircraft it is and what airline it is. Not all aircraft have the tracking system yet but many do. All this can be found on the internet or even in a library you just have to know what you are looking for.

      • nick quinlan
        • nomoredoublespeak

          Great footage – the back end of that plane looks modified, perhaps to accommodate all the chemical crap and/or special equipment.

          • Bunker Scout

            Whatever they are spraying is probably good for us, and our kids. We should all be grateful to breath these healthy chemicals into our bodies. Mercury, and radiation is good for you, and if you disagree we will steal your kids. We are the Government, and we care.

          • wut isname

            do you honestly think the government would spray harmful chemicals into the air that they themselves also have to breath?

          • Abundantz

            HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gotta laugh or cry for our babies. Below someone posted Harald Kautz-Vella’s video. I don’t know if it’s in this one or another, but the killing-fields-chemicals are a concoction that self-assemble in the body and create nanite-like structures of metals that make us all receivers for microwave and radio control and even torture. Clever psychopaths.

        • Tom Parsons

          This video is full of contrail footage.

          • nick quinlan

            You can think whatever you like, Tom

      • Melanie
    • Jimmy Yost

      Oh he knows the difference. Part of his job is to run interference for the miscreants who orchestrate the bio warfare against us.

    • Tanya MacDonald

      Why does it appear as though, aside from one very suspicious FB page, this woman did not exist before this story broke yesterday? According to the geoengineeringwatch forum post that this article was based on (and the fact that the judge retired last July), this would have happened well over a year ago. So what has happened since? Go to the woman’s fishy FB page and there is no mention of this ever having happened, despite the fact that she does talk about her personal issues on FB (she started a gofundme and posted the link when her house burned down). It all just stinks of psyop!

      • Henri Heat

        You reek of spyops! Just checked her page, and it kinda confirms that you are lying here… also i found a document from 2016 that implies that the judge was infact still working on may 2 2016. (ill make sure this document won’t disappear !) and I will backup proof of me posting this here, incase someone edits this. Its funny tho that mallard isnt listed on the courts page, but seems to be working still… weird isn’t it?

        • Henri Heat

          just incase the link “disappears” or becomes unusable for whatever reason

          • Awake

            Is the html you provided anywhere for cut and paste ?

          • Jennifer

            Can anyone else access it?

        • Abundantz

          Very good find, and I see how it appears former Judge Mallard is stlll active in what you have found. It is the May 2, 2016 Colorado Supreme Court’s opinion, given by Supreme Court Judge Gabriel.

          The case began in now-former Judge Mallard’s District Court in 2013, went to an appeal court in 2014, then was filed in the Supreme Court in 2015, and ruled on May 2, 2016 in the Supreme Court.

          See the case numbers? The first two numbers indicate the year the case was filed in each court.

          Supreme Ct. case began 2015:
          Supreme Court Case No. 15SC667

          Appeal Ct case Began 2014:
          Court of Appeals Case No. 14CA1759

          District Ct case began 2013:
          Boulder County District Court Case No. 13CV63
          Honorable D.D. Mallard, Judge

          This link shows you today’s District Court Judges in Boulder, CO, only one day after the Supreme Court decision, and you can see Judge Mallard is not still a District Court Judge:

          • Henri Heat

            man i feel stupid now -.-

          • Abundantz

            We all do, Henri. Think how all our teachers and professors will feel when they discover they spent lives (and fortunes on education) telling lies without knowing it, and that their PhDs are usless. It is a complex mess and we’ve all been fooled for centuries on almost everything we know. Keep watching for those trolls and uncovering the truth! And thanks.

          • Henri Heat

            Heres my last reply to Tanya, it ended up reall far down so ill put it here aswell: Sorry for accusing you… This reeks of spyops/manipulation/info war whatever you want to call it,

            but in a whole different way now lol… this damn trickery… I was
            somehow led to believe that theres a coverup of this story being true
            happneing… but seems like it was a fake news afterall… I just wasted
            a whole lot of time, but hopefully I am atleast a bit smarter now.

      • bnovey

        A good question to the ‘author’! Did Baxter Dmitry even validate this story?

        It all stink of lies and falsehoods.

        • Abundantz

          I looked up the mother’s last name — Vandb. It doesn’t even exist, LOL! That’s why unless YourNewsWire carries a story by a respected source, I skip it.

          • bnovey

            Good to know! It came up in my Colorado news feed and I suspected this as another fake ‘what the media doesn’t want you know’ BS article. Don’t think I’ll follow YourNewsWire fake news articles.

      • Cindy

        Tanya you’re correct. It’s a phony story. Judge Dolores Mallard retired in 2015.

      • Henri Heat

        Sorry for accusing you… This reeks of spyops/manipulation/info war whatever you want to call it,
        but in a whole different way now lol… this damn trickery… I was somehow led to believe that theres a coverup of this story being true happneing… but seems like it was a fake news afterall… I just wasted a whole lot of time, but hopefully I am atleast a bit smarter now.

      • Abundantz

        It absolutely does, Tanya, you’re on it. Good catch.

      • star

        The Judge seems to have retired prior to story, and they picked a gentile judge in case the public went nuts and sought revenge. And like you said, it is a scare tactic, to frighten people so they won’t mention the trails at a PTA meeting.

        I heard things about yournewswire, being a spook op.

      • Rachel Flanagan

        Good catch Tanya.

      • diannep

        Good thinking Tanya… I was about to research the story as it did not ring true. There will always be internet trolls…

    • Tom Parsons

      What is the difference?

    • Paidshill73

      There is no difference you imbecile.Contrails=real.Chemtrails=they are really contrails, but certain people are to retarded to understand this.

  • eric

    lol the whole country is now a crack head country. truth hurts.

  • lattermanstudio

    Horrible news………. things are getting out of hand

  • Paceride

    Yeah, what does a scientist working in atmospheric research know!

  • Cannawitch

    so where is your source for this article? i can find it no where else … not even in the Boulder newspaper….. you making shit up bro??

  • Demokratikus Koaláció

    chemtrails are not real you conteo-believing bastards. if u think they are go fuck yourself :DDDD

    • nick quinlan
      • Demokratikus Koaláció

        seems legit lol

    • Deborah Fitzgerald

      Lol just f**ked myself , silly little person …

      • Demokratikus Koaláció

        so you made a nickname just to reply me, nice job

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • Mike

        LOL, this Demokrapheadicus comes off as a whiney 12 year old that thinks people will agree just because he screams and yells.

    • Mike

      You’re not real, pinhead

      • Demokratikus Koaláció ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you
        little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy
        Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda,
        and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and
        I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me
        but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision
        the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my
        fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me
        over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my
        secret network of spies across the USA and
        your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm,
        maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your
        life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can
        kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands.
        Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access
        to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use
        it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the
        continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy
        retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon
        you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t,
        you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will
        shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead,

        • Mike

          Blah blah blah, I was a sailor, too, and my brother was a SEAL, also, so I guess we’re on even ground. Sounds like you’re making terrorist threats, you phony. And kiddo? I’m probably a lot older than you. If you speak like you type, do you kiss your momma wroth that mouth?

          • Demokratikus Koaláció ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            shut up you crazy old man

          • Mike

            Nope, don’t have to shut up, that’s why the first amendment is in place. Besides, I have nothing to fear from you, your behavior, online, is that of a spoiled, rotten cold, and I don’t fear children.

          • Demokratikus Koaláció ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            Are you kidding me you little piece of shit i’ll have you know i
            graduated top of my politics class and i’ve been involved in privilege
            checking with over 150 confirmed political demonstrations i’m trained in
            conflict resolution and i was the most oppressed person in my entire
            upper middle class high school you are nothing to me but another
            cultural appropriator i will wipe you the fuck out with precision the
            likes of which have never been seen on this side of the 49th parallel
            mark my words you think you can get away with saying that shit to me
            over the internet think again fucker, as we speak i’m checking with my
            anarcho-communist analyst brigade for your location so you better be
            prepared to deal with some molotov cocktails and angry feminists flying
            through your window yOU’RE FUCKING DEAD CHERRY!
            i can be anywhere at any time and i can kill you in over seven hundred
            ways and that’s just with me boring you to death while i talk about
            privilege not only am i extensively trained in hotline management but i
            have access to an entire arsenal of sociological articles to prove my
            point and i will use them to wipe your fucking face off the earth you
            little shit if only you had known what oppressed retribution your
            cultural appropriation would unleash then maybe you would have held your
            fucking tongue but you couldn’t you’re fucking dead kiddo

          • Mike

            You’re a liar, obviously, and if you aren’t, then you’re a mass murderer and deserve what you dished out. Please, if you really think you’re so badass, and got my IP address and what not…how about I give you a REAL address so you can put your money where your mouth is, little girl. Then again, I don’t even now why I’m responding, perhaps because I’m amused with your hilarious responses.

          • Demokratikus Koaláció ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ
        • Mike

          You’re also full of crap, you pinhead

  • Demokratikus Koaláció

    hey guys did u know that 911 was because of chemtrails?????? wake up murica!

    • Mike

      Er, now you’re the one smoking crack. Should be common knowledge by now that the US Govt, in cahoots with the Israelis and Saudis, orchestrated 9/11, but I digress, since this was supposed to be about chemtrails and CPS and whatnot. Then again, this one, Demokraphead Koalabear doesn’t seem very bright.

  • Shari Peterson

    A historical lawsuit needs to be filed against the judge PERSONALLY for kidnapping.

    • ResearchGuy

      Judges, like prosecutors, have absolute immunity to personal suits arising from decisions made in the course of their work. The obvious reason is that otherwise they would be sued all the time by people who are simply unhappy with their decisions. The system would get clogged beyond all recognition. It’s already overburdened because not enough public resources are devoted to it, and for various other reasons. In some states you can sue a prosecutor for malicious prosecution, but in such cases you have to be able to argue that there was no reasonable basis for the prosecution whatsoever, therefore it was outside the bounds of prosecutorial discretion. The remedy in cases of bad decisions by judges is to appeal the decision. If this woman didn’t get some legal advice right away, that’s her bad. That doesn’t mean I agree with the judge at all. I’m just saying what has a shot at working … and what doesn’t.

      • Paul Robinson

        That needs to be changed. Many prosecutors deserve to be sued, criminal charges filed in many cases. Charging and convicting someone is a game and a way to fame and fortune for many of them. Judges if they use their position incorrectly should also be sued or criminally charged. The system getting clogged would not be a bad thing. But once you got genuinely conscientious judges and prosecutors then the system would unclog and a lot of people would be in jail or destitute as they deserve.

    • teddy6139

      They’ve made legislation to protect themselves against said lawsuits. Same with Monsanto.

    • bnovey

      It’s a fake story.

  • Pony Bell

    This pisses me off so bad, these bastards are using chemical and biological warfare on us and this is what they do to people speaking out against it! It’s time to round them all up and hang them for crimes against humanity!

  • Trish House

    Becca Vandb please contact the National Liberty Alliance – they are working hard on getting this shit to stop, and on getting children back to their parents.

  • ctwatcher

    Something stinks like chemtrails. Colorado Water Dept. lets one order weather here. Yet this judge doesn’t know? Then this judge must be evaluated. I do hope the mother sues the judge, boulder county, state of Colorado. You just need to find a real lawyer, good luck with that!

  • ron_angell

    Unconstitutional and also human trafficing, kidnapping, and blackmail to stop chemtrail activism.

  • rubbermeatpuppet

    That’s funny because on YouTube he could see a rebroadcast of “Rosalind Peterson addressing the UN on Chemtrails And Geoengineering” More and just weeks ago, on March 25th 2016 Canadian plaintiff filled a class action lawsuit against the US & Canadian governments for the spraying into the atmosphere of toxic substances and
    particulates. Look up either.

  • HubLove
  • Alex in GB

    Dale Wigginton is either a krank, or a disingenuous charleton. Does he know SO little about the dynamic nature of our extremely stratified atmosphere? These are natural effects, NOT sinister spraying. Stop wasting time on this sh*t and get on with opposing much more important issues. Please. As for this article, it’s a distraction. A local issue, with far more going on in that personal matter than is suggested by this oversimplified, daft headline.

    • Konan Igan

      Alex in GB is a Shill…don’t believe his BS here. Geo-spraying is real and its killing all of us.

  • Konan Igan

    Will have to see the original News Story to believe this ! Don’t buy it…tell your kids about CHEMTRAILS..tell them the TRUTH when they are old enough. That is your decision and duty.

    • T

      This is the original.

      • Konan Igan

        It cant happen.

    • Jason Wilson

      A commenter above is trying to vet this story. It smelled funny to me too. I totally believe chemtrails are dangerous and that there is a conspiracy involved. But spreads a lot of articles that seem too good, or too bad, to be true.

      • Konan Igan

        Yes I see. He is either a paid shill or someone who doesn’t understand that THEY play both sides and are trying to make people afraid to speak up ! Who will believe this without checking with the court ?

      • agscienceliterate

        Ah, you have added chemtrails (which aren’t a thing, bro) to your anti-vaxxer and antiGE stance! Totally consistent, at least. Hide in your basement. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

      • agscienceliterate

        For more scientifically literate readers, Jason is an anti-vaxxer, anti-GE, “chemtrails” conspiracy theorist, and into satanic cults. Quite a guy.

        About “chemtrails,” which are not a thing;

        • Jason Wilson

          Wikipedia, huh? They aren’t exactly a source devoid of bias.

          People can go and look at what National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, father of Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC, said about what governments were going to do about “weather modification,” and “social regulation,” in his 1970s book “Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era.”

          You never would have had a Jimmy Carter as president if Zbigniew Brzezinski hadn’t put him there 😉 thats another history lesson for ya.

          • agscienceliterate

            Sounds like one of your “new world order” conspiracy theories.Yawn.

    • lexi61

      & where is this suppodsed to come from for you to think it is “real” CNN ? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , you dont think the counsel of foreign relations owned main stream ( with SIX MEDIA OUTLETS in total that are ALL TV,radio, paper, magazine etc…… ) is going to publish this do you ? they have a black out on chemtrails & geoengineering .

      • Michael McNew

        I would like to know more about the story as well but one has little reason anymore to trust the corporate media of the USA. The media makes a fortune psychologically training us to be insecure about our bodies and even our minds and then asking us to buy things from advertisers to compensate for the insecurities they help to create. Can we believe the so-called “news” they offer is any different? Even the stories they offer that have an element of truth in them are big in hype and low on analysis.

        • lexi61


    • Kimberly Boggs


      • Coq Circa


  • Ashes

    I am trying to Vet this now, I found the mother on Facebook, and sent her a friend request. I looked up the judge, he is a real judge in CO.

    • Jason Wilson

      any news yet? I’m tired of posting outrageous stories with no source. Thank you for your vigilance.

      • David Harrell

        This story needs more who, what, when, where, why and how to be more credible.
        During what proceeding, or in what document, did the judge say what she said?
        No hints as to the legal process behind this alleged occurrence.
        Skepticism is warranted until further facts are produced.

    • dimetre korsikov

      D.D. Mallard is a woman

    • Wick Wilson

      You didnt look very hard. “He” is a SHE and judge Dolores Mallard (D.D.Mallard) retired July 31st 2015. So this story is very old or it is total bullshit.

      Trust me, I know for a fact chemtrails are real and I am not defending this judge but I do not believe this article at all.

    • LindaSky

      It’s not a man, it’s a woman, if you look up DD Mallard in Boulder you will see a picture. Twentieth Judicial District – District Judge.

    • dutchsinse

      The judge is a SHE , and she retired last year.

      Dolores Mallard is a former judge for the Twentieth Judicial District Court in Colorado. She was appointed to this position in 2004 and retired on July 31, 2015

    • Nancy Keeler

      The judge is a SHE who retired July 2015.

  • lexi61

    6 Stars Who Joined Prince in Showing Support Against Chemtrails —- KYLE JENNER ON CHEMTRAILS — Jenner tweeted a meme to her 9 million followers “Let’s ask ourselves….Why did I see 75 planes spraying white stuff into the sky on my 15-minute drive to work? Who pays for this and why is it happening? Is something being exterminated here? Is that something me? Does this have anything to do with why Honey Bee’s are Dying off really fast. Why are some days normal with no planes spraying and others look like this? Who’s is responsible? What effect will this have on our health and our children’s future? WHO THE F#*% THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? Am I the only one who sees this? [sic]” Beck

  • Mike (anon) Ham

    This is terrible that judge needs some anon love.

  • Michael Swenson

    that judge should be debenched and then face criminal and civil consequences for participating in kidnapping. the evidence of geoengineering and the use of “chemtrails” is overwhelming.

  • present10s

    Guilty of “Thoughtcrime”. George Orwell predicted it all. You would think that this could be challenged on constitutional grounds, but there is not much left of the Constitution these days.

  • TheCogitator

    I like to think that when, or maybe it should be if, common sense returns this judge will get his comeuppance, and it will painful and humiliating.

  • Governmental Deception

    this will emotionally traumatize this little girl, I’d sue the living crap out all of them. That Judge will have caused her emotional distress, ptsd. POS

  • Governmental Deception

    Loss of free speech and free thought.

  • Gadfly156

    My concern is that in the marketplace of ideas, truth no longer has value or dominance. Everything is being sucked down a postmodern rabbit hole of unreality and every whim and notion being treated with the same respect as a bona fide religion. What if there really IS a concern for the well-being of a child in such a world where their primary caretakers don’t draw the line between holding their own notions of things and indoctrinating a child who will take at face value what he or she is told is “true”, particularly “true” in some secret, magic goggles sense of the word where you have to substitute a more pleasing “authority” telling you X is what is going on in favor of a less appealing “authority” telling you no, it’s really just Y? As much as I support the right of people to believe whatever the hell they wish, this is disturbing. Doesn’t truth — a.k.a. proven or at least demonstrable fact — carry any weight anymore in discussions and decisions of this sort? I feel like I’m surrounded by duplicitous dupes sometimes.

  • Wick Wilson

    “He” is a SHE and judge Dolores Mallard (D.D.Mallard) retired July 31st 2015. So this story is very old or it is total bullshit.

    Trust me, I know for a fact chemtrails are real and I am not defending this judge but I do not believe this article at all.

    • Tanya MacDonald

      Yup. Judge retired last year, so it supposedly happened last year but we’re just hearing about it now? Also, the mom (who just has a very suspicious vibe) has a Facebook, is still posting about conspiracy theories this year, supposedly after her kid gets taken away because she talked about “conspiracy theories”. Weird behaviour and the profile seems fake. This story feels like a psyop conjured up to create a chilling effect. Lots of psyop-y disinfo crap floating around these days.

  • Allan Littmann

    It has been proven … they admit to spraying… so the judge has just made a complete ass of himself and the system because of his personal beliefs … he should be retired!

    • Belfrey

      Who are “they” and where have they admitted to spraying?

  • LindaSky

    This happened over a year ago. I live in Boulder and have some intel on this… my impression is that it’s basically a custody battle. So unfortunately this is true and not BS. Just tweaked to be alarmist.

  • Tanya MacDonald

    This story seems fishy. Story is only coming out now, yet it appears the judge retired last year. So if this happened last year, why is the mom still posting conspiracy-related stuff on her very odd-feeling Facebook page? Would that be the way a mom whose kid got taken away for talking about “conspiracy theories” behave? The whole thing feels fake to me. I would guess it is an attempt use fear to silence people (especially people with kids, which is a lotta people!!) who are speaking out on the subject of chemtrails/geoengineering. This story does not feel one bit genuine at all. Anyone know the original source?

  • FaithDefender

    Meanwhile, over my house…..

  • daznez

    63 comments and no one has noticed, like almost all stories on yournewswire, there is no original source for this story.

    what truthers who write this crap thinking it helps don’t realise is, if they make stuff up it damages credibility, and even less people are going to believe anything we’re saying.

    or is that the whole point?

    it’s up to individuals to discern and to not share this terrible journalism. well, making-up stories-ism.

    • bunnyswanson

      Oh are you saying this is a “false flag” and that the masses are playing the same game? That they just made this up to provoke critical thinking? This is called blow back and an attempt to defend oneself from repercussions of previous action.

      Autism in USA is off the charts. Medical care is deadly. This is a coward’s war. You are dangerous and a threat to our very survival of a species. Dismissing this phenomena (same as fireballs and Fukushima meltdown) would label you as an imbecile but your attempt to encourage others to also dismiss this information is reason for suspect.

      If this is your job, you are a weak link in the chain and should be quarantined. If you are doing this on your own, you are a burden on your fellow man and should stay silent and follow the pack if you want a world worth living in.

      • daznez

        no i’m saying that the story is made-up, there was no court case, unless you have proof otherwise?

  • bunnyswanson

    The judges in place today are on the take. Bought and paid for. Whores. Hookers. Slutty prostitutes sucking the big dick of the TBTF banks and they are in London. London – Britain. England. British Empire.

    Some British soldiers did not leave. They laid low and waited, receiving funding from the Crown. This war is between the USA and the Bloody Brits. Henchmen come in a variety of packages, however.

    Chem-trails are real. There are no square clouds. and I have jets passing above my head all goddam day and I live in the m= middle of nowhere, not under a flight path but between two bases.

    I call this Environmental Terrorism.

  • Rusty

    Only hear this going on in the US!! What phyc Ward do they get their judges fro ?

    • bunnyswanson

      All good judges were duct taped or retired, same with cops, business people in finance, education, health (cull of women). We get funeral parlor ads in our mail in the USA. However, Canada and Australia have chem trails. This is elimination of the middle class. Sick people are least resistant.

  • Pizza Guy

    Fear mongering, this story is a lie. At least it better be.

  • Norm Koch

    It’s admitted. This isn’t even a conspiracy anymore.

  • Norm Koch

    Senile old judge needs to be forced to retire, for the same reasons he gave.

  • chris

    i bet this ” judge” thinks the religious subculture is ok though. i hope this woman sues the life out of that asshole judge for everything ,

  • Paul Robinson

    The government never had the right to take anyone’s child from them for any reason. Any reason! They went after obvious abuse to use that as a precedent. This is just an expansion on that. Perhaps many people think this woman’s beliefs are a bit nutty. Well tomorrow they can and will take someone’s child because the child was taught that homosexuality is depraved and so called homosexual marriage a huge laughable joke. Or maybe a child will be taken for being taught a slightly different version of history other than NWO propaganda.

  • Slavko Vukic

    Somebody should rip his balls with sledge hummer !!! What a sick country !!!

  • justin stark

    Mallard is quoting ‘common knowledge’, and NOT The Law. This ‘judge’ has over-stepped his/her bounds,
    and needs to be removed from The Bench. No such authority exists to back up that absurd ‘ruling’.

  • Texas Arcane

    Bolshevist Revolution #2. Worse than the first in Russia.

  • Richard_Throbbin

    Can’t the same be said of those who claim belief in a “god” like power? Of course it sounds like this “judge” is a typical leftist libtard tool…………

  • joshua ;redeemed

    It looks as if it was the father who initiated the proceedings.”The school helped him take away custody because …”. So it was the father who took the child, by obtaining a court order, from the mother based on her “fringe” beliefs. Changes the story quite a bit.

  • Seven

    Dolores Mallard is a former judge for the Twentieth Judicial District Court in Colorado. She was appointed to this position in 2004 and retired on July 31, 2015

  • Afshin Nejat

    I can just imagine the sort of Nihilist Eunuch that engineered that criminal act wrapped up with a bow of bureaucratic approval by a statist-culture empowered pseudo-elite pandered to by a giant crowd of petulant fools who would rather identify with the aggressor than defend the innocent.

  • Tyranny Stopper

    What is the number for the CO CPS?
    This woman needs a hug outcry from the people of this country.
    Whether there is any truth or not, a judge can not take a child due to a parent’s belief and without any actual proof of any harm. The State of RI has in committee a bill to ban GeoEngineering and Solar Radiation Management (SRM) programs in our skies. There are tons of patents for geo-engineering on the books. The judge is out of control and needs to be called out for this over reach, I would sue the judge in a civil case for kidnapping.

    • Mike

      The state CAN take children away without actual proof of harm or wrong doing. It happened to my wife, she lost her children (for now) based on false allegations from her ex, and there were no charges filed, no court hearing, nothing, so you are incorrect. Maybe you’re correct for RI, but definitely incorrect for Alabama.

      • Tyranny Stopper

        Sucks CPS has too much power. RI has the same problem. I mentioned RI because of the Stop the geo-engineering bill in committee. This story is about a year old and the judge has retired. I wonder fi the girl got her child back yet.

  • dumpster

    An underlying problem is family courts are illegally working under the administrative branch of gov’t, and not the judicial branch.

  • comguru

    judge apparently needs to watch natgeo
    geoengineering 101.

  • isnamthere

    Calm down freaks. In other words, the father has been awarded custody and the freak mother is on time out until she regains her sanity.

  • AffinityNetNews

    Boulder is a stinking cesspit of liberal brain-dead pin-heads. This moronic judge is a complete idiot, and corrupt piece of rat-filth. It’s way past time to clean-up the liberal vermin here in Colorado who are destroying our state with their totalitarian collectivism.

    These spineless lunatics are so stupid that you can’t even engage them in a civil conversation they are so completely mind-controlled and indoctrinated. All they have is two or three scripted talking point and then they go into ‘melt-down’.

    They are just smart enough to see all the corruption of the false-right and Wall Street but, still too stupid to see that BOTH the left and the right are controlled by the very same corrupt money and power, and are playing them off against each other as a ‘Divide and Control’ pogrom.

    Hopefully the ‘Silent Majority’ are finally starting to get a clue and actually get involved, and stay involved to expose the Marxist/fascist demented false left-right control-grid.

    You pathetic brainless liberals are being played as pawns and as the ‘useful idiots’ that you truly are to the global ruling elite. But sadly you are too stupid to realize that.

    • George B

      Easy, tiger.

  • sleepy

    They ARE spraying SOMETHING, but they (who are these evil entities?) aren’t telling us….wonder why? Cause its beyond toxic! I have video of these trails with a green candy cane stripe running thru, almost electronic wave, I’m getting all kinds of sun anomalies, ufo’s , beams of light…….

  • NHPatriot1776

    If that was me and my kid that Judge would cease to exist on this planet. What right does the state have in taking a child from a parent because they believe the government is poisoning us with chemtrails? It has been admitted that they are geoengineering, or otherwise using “chemtrails” as we call them.

  • David Turco

    Chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails!

    So I have this show on Blogtalkradio called the Unknown Zone and have been harassed by TPTB, had by computer fried, signal blocked because of mentioning chemtrails and other topics. So today I had Gary McKinstry on as a guest and although I could hear him, the callers and the listening audience couldn’t. Thank you NSA. Anyhow I had later noticed on his website that in this month’s newsletter he had mentioned chemtrails. Now I understand today’s “glitch” on blogtalkradio.


  • yep

    american nazis, people you will be suffering soon, watch, you freedom will expire, the 1% will be laughing, time to rise and stop these or else we all die .

  • Jimmy Yost

    Lots of weirdness happening in Colorado since they legalized the whackybacky. I wonder if the judge has a bong in one of his desk drawers.

  • Soul-Store Storing Our Encount
  • Soul-Store Storing Our Encount

    also it about controlling freedom of speech, apparently the mother cannot achieve appropriate attorney to suit the county for using abuse of authority over her civil liberties to speak against chemtrails,

  • gentry_gee

    It’s time for pitchforks and torches. People in Colorado need to rally around her. They need to get her child back and have that judge prosecuted.

  • Guest McFarlane

    The TV show “The Filthy Rich Guide” openly admitted on one of its more recent programs that Bill Gates is interested in and investing in weather modification through atmospheric geoengineering. I guess every one of the producers and contributors to that show should also be barred from seeing their kids.

  • Matt Glass

    Millions of people around the globe believe in an invisible man in the sky and go knocking on strangers doors to profess this belief. I can tell the difference from vapor and aerosols, neither of which are invisible. Who’s the real danger?

  • dutchsinse

    Fake story. Judge is no longer working as a judge, and the person cannot be found, the pictures turn up NOTHING in image search, and no case number is associated with the name in the entire state of Colorado.

    • dutchsinse

      Dolores Mallard is a former judge for the Twentieth Judicial District Court in Colorado. She was appointed to this position in 2004 and retired on July 31, 2015

  • Badger Badgerism

    yeah well Mr Judge…there is a revolution coming and f$cknuts like you will be the first taken down

  • Scarecrow

    but if she believes in ‘Santa Clause’, ‘Big Foot’ or even ‘God’ there is no problem right? This judge needs to be removed from bench if this is correct.

  • MaryRC

    According to this site, that judge retired in 2015. Is this an old case? It needs to be verified.

  • 23 Wolfhound

    What precious “law” did this woman break?? And will they be taking your child away if you believe in UFOs, ghosts, the Constitution or God? These tyrants must be immediately fired from the bench and put in prison.

  • duhmann

    so….she used freedom of speech and got her kids taken away? if this article is legit and not internet lies,then you have all the proof you need of a cover up….

  • Concerned woman

    Did he check the US Patent Office. There are hundreds if not thousands of GeoEngineering patents. That means there are inventions behind them. A simple scanning of the sat photos shows massive cloud seeding. A clear first amendment case. Even if she was wrong… Woe to him speaketh truth to power.

  • Member

    I went to her page and she is totally obsessed with everything other than getting her child back. She has way too many excuses….maybe she can’t afford an attorney, but there is legal aid. I have read some of her messages, and they tend to change…and to be honest, why was she discussing chemtrails with her child’s school in the first place? As a mother, one goes into a school house to discuss their child and nothing more. I believe chemtrails are real, but there is always a time and a place to discuss my opinion. If her obsession with chemtrails is greater than the welfare of her child, maybe the judge made the right choice…I really don’t know. This needs research because the big picture is missing. I don’t believe Infowars is reporting the whole story.

  • Skip Bradley

    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,… ” (Declaration Of Independence, July 4, 1776)

  • Mike S

    The “judge” should be disbarred for being so immersed in the nanny state nazi style of government she is not fit to judge anything.

  • Marcia Rutter

    May God help us all if this is a true story.

  • abnegative

    I tried to write this “judge” directly to shame her into investigating these “contrails” further but no contact offered through the court system webpage. These individuals who make decisions that have huge impacts on peoples lives have no right to sit in these positions while they themselves are in such utter ignorance , denial or collusion with the agenda we see being used against us.

  • abnegative

    Whether or not she remains a sitting judge or not we still have those who won’t accept the reality of chemtrails while we have many government witnesses , some involved with the programs giving testimony to the programs existence and chemicals used. More than that there is a mountain of evidence through studies and research being done that clearly document the highly elevated levels of aluminum and other particulates now found in surface earth and ground water. These are causing severe crop damage such as mold and other problems . One specific result is the mass banana crop failure in central america due to fungus . Yes they do spray everyday in these countries , I live and travel here.
    I also have a friend living in central Texas with a dog with continuous severe skin irritation . after a vet analysis it was found the dog , who is an outside animal , has very high levels of aluminum and 2 other metals on his skin. Coincidence ?
    This subject is beyond contestation , any who do not accept it have chosen ignorance or are delusional.

  • SlammoFandango

    Mmmm…I’m thinkin’ Mom & Dad gave been having some marital issues for a while and custody wranglings had been in play long before this.

    Mom’s already upset over a court ordered custody schedule and shows up at school on a day when the girl is supposed to be under the supervision of her ex. Then she rants to the point where the folks at school get uncomfortable and they call in the authorities. Only then does Mom start talking about Chemtrails as she desperately tries to convince anyone in earshot that her ex is evil.

    I seriously doubt that the Family Court ruled against her because she believes in chemtrails. What’s probably closer to the truth is that she can’t keep her emotions in check while in public. Since she can’t seem to show herself as stable, the father petitioned and succeed in getting supervised visits.

    • Petrarch

      Thanks for sharing what you think might be the case in such great detail and in such a superior tone.

  • Johnny Galvan


  • Archie1954

    What an absolute outrage! When this matter is settled to the Mother’s satisfaction as it will be, I hope she sues the school and all others who dared to destroy her relationship with her daughter. How disgusting is the new American police state?

  • xheesie

    Is the judge also a geoengineering expert? Does he not understand that this was the topic of discussion on the U.N. floor at the 2007 climate summit? WHY do we put people who have their heads firmly up very dark spaces in positions of power?

  • xheesie

    “Tanya you’re correct. It’s a phony story. Judge Dolores Mallard retired in 2015.

    Well, there ya go, a phony story. Makes perfect sense to me. If you can’t win by telling the truth, just go around telling whoppers.

  • Falcon101

    Boulder County has a real problem with taking children away from their rightful parents. About six years ago, a Boulder County Judge gave custody to a family that “Claimed” an emotional attachment to him, no relation whatsoever to this family but the judge gave them full custody as my daughter lived at their residence with her ex boyfriends family for a mere three months and when they broke up, they petitioned the court for full custody as retribution for the breakup and the courts agreed and they removed my grandson from my daughters custody and the only way she was able to get him back was that the family couldn’t handle my grandson as he was very active and they couldn’t handle him so they gave him back.
    Boulder County will break up a family at the drop of a hat and I think there may be some major corruption within the Boulder County court system that needs to be addressed.

  • jossass

    Hottest girls are every man’s wildest dream )))

    • Anonymous

      The lithium can’t rain down heavily enough on the likes of you.

  • S Bee

    That judge needs to go to prison for life

  • Steve Svensson

    cloud seeding with silver iodide, lead iodide and different compounds of Silver Iodide, including introducing formaldehyde and urea = chemtrail. Don’t worry folks, go back to your 20 minutes of programming and 40 minutes of commercials that you pay to watch (remember when cable tv was commercial free?) and keep eating your dumbing down processes sterile foods and you will be just fine. Just remember to take all the pills your high paid doctor prescribed you in that last 15 minute $400 visit. Everything will be just fine. Rock a bye baby………

  • Michelle

    This judge retired July 31, 2015 according to the Boulder courts. I spoke with them about a half an hour ago May 4th, 2016 to verify that this judge was still active and she is not. You can also call the main courts in Boulder as well. I would like to know when this case occurred since her retirement was over 9 months ago. I would like to know why this article is still posted with a news outlet that declares they report the truth. Guess I need to get busy spreading the real truth.

  • Falcon101

    To you “Politically IN-CORRECT people at this F/U website I just want to say thank you for DELETING my comment about the REAL CORRUPTION in the Boulder County court system where the court gave full custody of my grandchild to the family of my daughters EX boyfriend because they were upset she had broken up with him.
    There is definitely corruption in that court system and this entire liberal county of Boulder Colorado is nothing but CORRUPT just like your website for deleting my comment about the TRUE CORRUPTION that is being exposed.
    I was born and raised IN Boulder SO i KNOW FIRST HAND just how screwed up their system really is.

  • mksharma62

    Whatever may be, what her opinions about chemtrails or contrails have to do with her relations with her daughter? Stupid and arrogant judge unnecessarily interfered and made her life miserable.

  • James Brown

    Why would this mother bring up a crackpot conspiracy theory as nonsensical as chemtrails at her daughter’s school in the first place? There must be more to the story we don’t know about.

    • Mike

      Why is this a crackpot theory? Because you don’t believe it? You’re entitled to that, but there are many hundreds of patents on geoengineering and aerosol spraying that says chemtrails might be real. Many conspiracies are, “James”. For instance, the Gulf of Tonkin incident that brought us into Vietnam never actually happened, the government made it up to justify war. Or how about the USS Liberty incident that had been coveted up? That was real, too. So wad the Manhattan Project.

      • James Brown

        It’s a crackpot theory because only crackpots believe it. No one who is a pilot, metrologist or aeronautical engineer believes it. It’s just silly and comical. Seriously, if the government or some mysterious agency were spraying something in the atmosphere, why wouldn’t they just do it a night when they won’t be seen? And why would they spray it over their own homes and families and friends. Plus, anyone smart enough to actually disperse chemicals in the atmosphere is going to be smart enough to not make them all highly visible bright white.

        • Mike

          First, it probably isn’t a government program, and dismissing it outright is as bad as people who thought we couldn’t break the sound barrier, or that 100+ ton planes couldn’t fly. Second, even if it is government run, most in the government wouldn’t know about it. . .most wouldn’t have believed the Manhattan Project was really going on, either, then voila, the atomic bomb.

        • Mike

          Metrologist? Or do you mean meteorologist? Two very different jobs, as I was a metrologist (calibration technician/measurements, etc), while a meteorologist studies the weather. Probably just a typo, but wanted clarification. The reason the “chemicals” are bright white is to reflect the sun’s influence back out into space…however, it also traps the UV below it’s layers, too.

          • James Brown

            Yes, darn predictive spelling gets me, but neither metrologists nor meteorologists think those white lines are anything but jet engine contrails. You can even use an app to see what flight is nearby.wolfram alpha will tell you the flight, the altitude and what kind of plain it is. The chemtrail conspiracy cracks me up. If they wanted to reflect sunlight, they’d spray bright silver. You can’t “trap” uv, and even if you could, why would you want to. And why would chemtrail plane pilots spray their own friends and family? It’s just silly to think anyone is up there spraying stuff.

          • Mike

            Wolfram alpha is a great search engine tool thing. As far as spraying goes, perhaps some of the pilots don’t have a clue. There have been pilots who have come forward as whistle blowers describing how their pants have been retrofitted, and the idea of reflecting the solar radiation back out to space was the brainchild of that scientist Teller, one of the brains behind the atomic bomb. Greater conspiracies, which have proven to be true, sound unbelievable to most folks, for instance the feral reserve act, the USS Liberty attack, the experiments in NYC back in the 70s with bacteria and seeing how it spreads are just a few. People will do a lot for money and keep their mouths shut, even at the expense of the health of friends and family.

          • James Brown

            So why are the contrails also white at night, when there’s nothing to reflect? And, you know, pilots have to know the weight of the fuel they have on board and the weight of the plane at takeoff. So anything else they don’t know about on board the plane just wouldn’t be possible.I think the really big conspiracy is that people make up all these crackpot conspiracies just to distract the public. You can think and talk and worry about them endlessly, but in the end, what’s it going to accomplish ? I doubt you can get the airline industry to stop making jet engine contrails in the sky.

  • karmakazi

    Kidnapping sadists. Gather the community rise the fuck up.

  • Awake

    This story gets this kind of attm. OK
    Where is the attn. being paid to the 50 political prisoners resulting from resistance to the corrupt criminal so call government of the US taking private land and completely ignoring the US constitution / Burns Oregon ?

  • TAG

    I routinely speak of ‘audacious’ things in public.

  • Jesse Deane

    First thank you for writing and posting this. We must Expose Truth and Evil at the same time. This subject has played out right before my eyes, namely with the low-income and non-housed. These ‘people-in-charge’, are on a mission to, take control of Our Children!
    Keep us posted!

  • Michael Stapf

    we live in a fascistically system.

  • orgorg

    This stuff happens all the time for a variety of subjects. The world is flat, according to the judge, and if the parent say the world is round, then the judge takes the government’s kids away from the mother and father. People have to wake up to the fact that we are slaves of the government. It is long past time for a slave revolt. The government can take our kids only because we allow it to kidnap them and allow the divorce courts to have that power over us. They are rife with abusive power. The whole system is corrupted. The more kids that they take away, the bigger the government budget gets for that kind of work. They hire more employees. In this case, they hire a government worker to stand over the mother and take notes about what the mother says to the child to ensure that only one view point is given to the child.

  • Michael C

    “social security worker”? Who wrote this?

  • WhiteEagle

    Social Security worker???

  • Jeana

    What bullshit Cps sucks and is corrupt.In Shasta county they put mine with a repeat child molester as black mail to steal for Edward Jones Investments.He gets $3000 a month.Get rid of these ubeducated nuts.

  • Wade Dewell

    hows that peaceful protesting working guys, great results eh! ya your peaceful protesting works soooooo well that police never get arrested for muder,rapes, assaults or robberies even when caught on camera, they even get paid vacations and promotions no less. for fucks sake A PIG CAN RAPE OR MURDER OR ASSAULT YOU ON MOTHER FUCKING CAMERA AND GET A PAID VACATION>>>>>> for fucking jesus christs sake fight the fuck back this peaceful protesting isnt working and fighting back is the only thing as a society we havent tried.

    ive told you OVER AND OVER AGAIN, police are above the law and are enemies of the people and america is a facist country whom all politicians and judges are bought and owned by corporations and the rothschild bankers. the people in power are our enemies and do NOT work for the 99% no amount of holding your hands up or holding a sign will change anything in facist nazi america!

  • Rand
  • George

    Baxter Dmitry invents 90% of his “news.”

  • Bobby Clem

    It does make one wonder why these stories are so easily proven as frauds. No one makes forays into discovering the truth ,does so by putting out fake stories that would hurt thier cause.
    But I only have one question . if this is all so much conspiracy , then why hasn’t whoever is responsible just come out , show us the planes explain what they are doing and do it with an opposing viewpoint present. If for no other reason than to address a public concern. But I see no response from any official agency.

  • TVKalmes

    Chiarini said the law will confiscate “children or child” because it is a term used within the uniform commercial code… and that is how the state says they have the right to take…. BUT… if the parent goes to the cops and files a charge of theft of possessions were stolen then the police will return your possession because until you are 18 your offspring are your possessions… legalese matters with these freaks… it is how they do everything… why our names are capitalized as STRAWMEN…

  • Daryl

    time for that judge to go retire while he can or face charges for unjust actions and failure to follow the law pure and simple and done. he is for sure and idiot

  • David Silva

    A Google search for “chemtrails” yields over 5 million hits. CPS will be busy…

  • David

    Another false flag!