Cover-up: Doctors Being Killed For Speaking Truth About Vaccines

Doctors being killed for uncovering the ugly truth about vaccines

Dr. Bradstreet was doing incredible research in uncovering the truth about vaccines and their connection to autism. 

However,  he and others had a chance to widely publicise his findings, the FDA raided his offices and soon after the doctor was found dead under suspicious circumstances.

In this video, Dr. Ted Broer explains why doctors are being killed for discovering the truth about vaccines, and what you can do to stop the forced genocide on your children by our very own government.

According to the video’s description:

Dr. Ted Broer explains why doctors are being killed for what they’ve discovering about vaccinations and how to cure the effects of the Elite’s genocide forced on your children and those taking forced vaccinations.

Video: Doctors are Being Killed from Saving Your Children

  • Jeanette Domzalski

    Now add to this the chemtrails blocking out the sun which we need to make vitamin D in our bodies and the eugenics agenda is even more in focus. :/

    • WTF

      You do realize that such a process would not be the least selective in whom it affected, right?

  • tonibark

    Sorry, Gonzalez was not working on the link. Bradstreet seems to have been murdered, that is not the case with Gonzalez. Sensationalism does not help

    • layla

      Can you prove that?

  • James Smith

    If the worlds population’s learned the truth about HIV and AIDS there would be mass revolts against all governments.. and I can thoroughly prove it too.