Crisis Actor Exposed: A Mormon Missionary Named Mason

Is it likely that Mason found himself at the site of the last three terror attacks ‘accidentally’ and ‘coincidentally’ or is there more chance he works for an intelligence agency such as the CIA?

Mormon Mason Wells crisis actor exposed

In Russia there is an old saying, ‘The first time is an accident. The second time is a coincidence. The third time is an enemy attack.’

Keep this old saying in mind while you consider the story of the 19-year-old Mormon missionary from Utah by the name of Mason Wells who, in an unfortunate string of ‘accidents’ and ‘coincidences,’ found himself at the epicentre of the West’s last three major terror attacks, spread across three cities and two continents on different sides of the world.

That’s right, young Mason found himself at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, in the firing line in Paris when it was under attack, and has now popped up in Brussels, where he appeared in the news with bandages on his face covering what he said were serious burns.

Now I may not be a mathematician, but I’d say the odds of that happening to one person are literally astronomical.

Is it likely that Mason found himself at the site of the last three terror attacks ‘accidentally’ and ‘coincidentally’ or is there more chance he works for an intelligence agency such as the CIA? Do not forget that CIA agents in Russia and Ukraine were exposed in 2013 disguised as Mormon missionaries.

The FBI also has a long history of recruiting heavily from the Mormon population in America.

Mason would be far from the first clean-cut, innocent-looking Mormon receiving a high salary from a corrupt US government agency.

Germany’s Die Welt news outlet first reported the fact that the same Mormon missionary was seen at the Boston Marathon attack, as well as the Paris and Brussels attacks.

Die Welt did not use the term ‘crisis actor’ to describe the high profile involvement of Mormon Mason in all three terror attacks, but the way the report is written implies that the likelihood of the same person being involved in all three attacks on different sides of the world is close to zero.

But let’s not jump to conclusions. Maybe Mason really is a regular 19 year old guy who can’t help popping up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe it’s his Mormon ‘magic underwear’ that saves him.

Maybe, but maybe not. Don’t forget the old Russian saying, ‘The first time is an accident. The second time is a coincidence. The third time is an enemy attack.’ And don’t forget this young man’s face.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • eric

    the cia like them young.

    • Brian Mcardle

      So do priests and MPs

  • Frank T

    He was moving his facial muscles easily without any pain despite claiming to have severe burns. I don’t think so.

  • Danica

    If he is not hired actor, than one can assume that he may be part of the terror attack group? Isn’t it suspicious from that standpoint as well?

  • Stuart_H

    What the… who proofreads this stuff? “Do not forget that Mormon missionaries in Russia and Ukraine were exposed in 2013 disguised as Mormon missionaries.” Imagine that!

  • CAV

    lol i happened to miss 4 major terrorist attacks barely as a civilian and two major attacks as a soldier. I was in Trafalger Square London the day before it was hit by the IRA. 1992; In Israel my two favorite watering holes was Mikes Place Tel Aviv and Mikes Place Jerusalem. I Was at Mikes place Tel Aviv 2 days before it was hit. 2003; I was supposed to be in the Afula mall in Israel with some buddies and because i over slept we all went to a closer mall in Mig Dal Hymeck and Afula mall was hit. 2003. I walked by Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem thinking about stopping in. me and a buddy went up the road about two blocks and Cafe Hillel was hit horrendously. little did i know a friend of mine was killed in a separate attack that day. 2003. that was all as a civilian… in 2009 i was in Iraq in the military. one morning i was supposed to be my usual dismount position (airguard) on lead stryker. The medevac did not have a driver and i took the position. The lead truck hit a 50 lb IED. another time i was in the motor pool i went back to my chu and debated on chow or gym. i chose gym 10 minutes later we were mortared in the motor pool and the chow hall and people were wounded and one was killed. I am not a CIA member tell me the odds on all that? second thought… “never tell me the odds”

    • Pally

      You are a lucky man, Cav. But you were a soldier based in some of the most dangerous places on earth. Mason is a missionary who is supposed to knock on suburban doors in wealthy cities to convert people to paying 10% of their income to his church. Bit of a difference.

      • Chris

        If you honestly think the sole purpose of these missionaries is to get wealthy families to join the church just for their tithing is appalling. I know for a fact these young men go wherever they are called with the intention of bringing the light of Christ into people’s lives.

        • Pally

          You are damn right it is appalling that the wealthiest “church” in the world per capita sends their young men out to recruit more sheep to grant the corporation 10% of their hard earned money.

        • Michael Hoppe

          The light of christ my ass. It is purely to garner their 10%. The mormon religion is one of the biggest frauds in American history, a silly religion created by a common criminal.

          • Joe

            Mormons BELIEVE!

          • ElectroPig von FökkenGrüüven

            That’s why I’ve always said that there’s one too many m’s in their name.

        • POW

          I know for a fact that the vast majority of these young men who go on missions don’t know their ass from their elbow and have been pushed into the mission field by the intense pressure (dare I say brainwashing) they grew up with and which gets amplified dramatically as they get closer to the age. The idea Mormons have that teenage boys are fit to talk to the world about important things is either laughable or insulting, depending on your mood.

    • Fitchy22

      As an ex military man, I have had loads of close shaves similar to yours but that is part and parcel of military life. And Israel is not Paris or Brussels, so the odds of attack are pretty high.

  • 220VOLTS

    There is no new news here. Young Mormon missionaries are born and raised in a belief system that glorifies the American experience. They are taught that Mormonism is part of God’s plan for the Americas.

    The Book of Mormon tells of the resurrected Jesus Christ and His visit to His faithful followers in ancient America. After His visits to His disciples in the Old World, He descended out of heaven and appeared to His followers in ancient America.

    The FBI and other agencies are laced with young Mormons. Their abstention from drugs and alcohol and their willingness to serve make them ideal recruits. Howard Hughes famously used Mormons as financial guardians and personal aides. They are trustworthy.

    Unlike Judaism or Catholicism, who harbor loyalty and devotion to overseas entities, Mormons hold their religion and relation to God as an American gift. It is a rare Mormon who sheds this belief.

    • Pally

      The FBI and CIA are laced with Mormons, as you say. Common knowledge. And your reasons for the FBI and CIA choosing to recruit Mormons in large numbers are correct too. This does not mean that Mormons aren’t being used for nefarious purposes by these agencies.
      These Mormons are perpetrating crimes against the American people, whether they are fully aware of what they are doing or not. In my opinion they are pawns. Being members of the Mormon church means they are easily led. But they are perpetrating crimes nonetheless.

    • ElectroPig von FökkenGrüüven

      My invisible omnipotent fairy in the sky that I can’t prove exists can kick your omnipotent fairy in the sky that you can’t prove exists’ ass.

  • Insouciante

    Baxter, that would be “site.”

  • Maxianna Pictor

    it’s a fake news that he was exposed to terr attack 3 time!

  • ElectroPig von FökkenGrüüven

    only logical conclusion one can come to is that god hates mormons, otherwise, he wouldn’t be trying so hard to get them killed, flying them all over the planet like that until he finally gets ’em. Right?

  • kevin locke

    His name is MASON WELLS? Seriously? How people are being mocked while being traumatized shows what kind of humans are in control of this psycho-drama.

  • mikesmullin

    This post is filled with conjecture. and it references articles with more conjecture, but no evidence. It makes a bold claim about a supposedly declassified CIA operation in Ukraine that I cannot corroborate on Google.

    Though an intelligence mission is one plausible explanation for his coincidental whereabouts, and there is a basis for these Mormon-CIA rumors generally, there is NO ATTEMPT to explain the charge of “CRISIS ACTOR”. The Brussels bombing was a real terrorism-motivated attack–no acting was necessary. Overall, it is a poor presentation, and includes some jabs at Mormon undies that are unprofessional.

    Here’s one that is more on-point:

  • Pamela Hunter

    And just maybe it is not him under those bandages.

  • diana