Open Season: Czechs Granted Rights To Shoot Terrorists On Sight

The Czech Republic has amended its constitution to allow citizens to carry arms in order to protect themselves from terrorists.

The Czech Republic has refused to follow the European Union’s directive on disarming citizens by voting overwhelmingly in favor of a constitutional amendment allowing ordinary citizens to carry arms and use them to shoot terrorists.

While the United States and Western Europe pass laws to stop their citizens from so much as criticizing Islamic extremism, Czech lawmakers have taken active steps to protect their people.

Unburdened by the scourge of political correctness, 139 of the 168-member Chamber of Deputies voted for the amendment on Wednesday, which was proposed in response to the European Union’s directive to disarm ordinary citizens.

Interior Minister Milan Chovanec said that the EU’s plan to disarm all citizens did not make sense given the current climate of fear surrounding terror attacks bought on by the migrant crisis and a series of devastating attacks in Belgium, France, Germany, and England.

We do not want to disarm our own people at a time when the security situation is deteriorating,” Chovanec said during the parliamentary debate on Wednesday.

Show me a single terrorist attack in Europe perpetrated using a legally-owned weapon,” he said.

​The new law means that Czech citizens have the right to purchase, own and carry arms in public in order to “ensure the security of the state.”

It means that the approximately 360,000 licensed gun-owners in the Czech Republic are allowed to carry their weapons in public and use them in case of a public order emergency, such as terrorism.

The EU directive, which was drawn up by the Commission in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, was adopted by the EU Council in April.

It includes a ban on civilian use of short semi-automatic firearms with loading devices over 20 rounds and long semi-automatic firearms with loading devices over 10 rounds, as well as long firearms that can be easily concealed, for example by means of a folding or telescopic stock.

The EU plans to make ordinary citizens helpless in the face of terror. At least in the Czech Republic ordinary people will have the ability to protect themselves and their families.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • LowellST13

    Outstanding, Way to go Czech Republic I was concerned about this nation after the passing of Vaclav Havel years ago. THEY did right here. again Outstanding

  • sheri

    We in the US are allowed to openly criticize Islam any time we want-Where are you getting your info?? We are all armed to the teeth..geeze…more media lies

    • Arrow Durfee

      We are not all armed to the teeth. Where do you get your information from.
      Many states restrict the usage of guns and you cannot carry them openly in public . Yes some states are broadening the ability for citizens to arm themselves and Carry. Dont Believe me? Just try open carry in New York City or Los Angeles and find out what happens to you.

      • Gethin Davies

        “we are not all armed to the teeth”??? 112.6 guns for every 100 american citizens, man woman and child. What would you consider as armed to the teeth then? Over twice as much as any other country on this planet ffs

        • disqus_c1mBD6Pc4C

          2.50 guns per legal citizens

        • BK

          You’re attempting to apply a statistic by generalizing, and that’s illogical. 100 people may own guns in an Arizona town and they may collectively own the anticipated 112.6 guns you’re looking for, but in Boston or Los Angeles, that figure is entirely different. There are areas of America that are not hillbilly collector zones, that’s to say many gun owners actually collect firearms, and certainly not every American who owns firearms carries them due to restrictions from Liberal policy making, or the militarized police state in general. Only a mentally unstable Liberal would cry about a useful tool such as a gun, because they, just like criminals, prefer unarmed victims.

      • Jason Bryant

        Lol or ny….a couple of the stupidest city’s about guns with a higher per capita crime rate…..liberal control means decent people die and criminals get to bitch and moan about how it’s not their fault and get off for crimes to not only the highest crime per capita….highest repeat offender per capita as well as highest immigrant crime per capita….so yeah..let’s let the libs run things….that way the EU can own us when they take all the guns from the good guys…fucking seriously he only thing that stops a bad guy with a weapon is a good guy with one…and I’d rather a good guy with a ccw be on hand than wait for cops to arrive 10 minutes later…and then spend another hour assessing the situation before they decide to pull their gun…seconds can be a lifetime in the life of someone in the middle of any terrorist situation….and let’s face least the Czechs won’t have to stand by and watch their women be gang raped by immigrants….they will be able to shoot the bastards dead as shit…which is the end they deserve. And if anyone thinks differently….wait till it’s your mom or sister or daughter being gang raped by those refugees who “don’t know better”

    • Reason

      Try to criticize Islam in Canada and you go to jail, no problem. Our elitist IYI PM pushed trough this law in parliament.

  • Paul Bryant

    Now your cooking If it looks Muslim blow its head off

    • NDMA don’t worry whores of money lenders, god promised my children your world #WW3 just remember who started it, wasn’t the nation without a military #FreePalestine for trying to steal it : wretched SIMPLETONS DESERVE NOTHING (but to be slaughtered or thrown in jail of course) 😛

  • Vox Populi

    Look to see the religious allegiance for those in EU organization pushing such moves. You will find the same ethnicity in the individuals pushing for the same in the United States. They plan to disarm us all as their country of allegiance becomes the new world power at all of our expenses.

  • disqus_c1mBD6Pc4C

    they know how hard it was to get rid of them the last time ,, (the turks)