“Dark Shadow Looms Over The World” Says Chinese President

A dark shadow is looming over the world after more than half a century of peace, the Chinese president said following North Korea’s successful detonation of a hydrogen bomb.

Addressing the annual meeting of the BRICS economic alliance, the Chinese President Xi Jinping remarked on the increasing unease in the region and around the globe.

Sputnik news reports:

In a tacit acknowledgement that Pyongyang’s continued weapon and missile development was destabilizing hopes for nuclear non-proliferation, Xi spoke of using negotiation and dialog to put out “the flame of war,” cited by The Guardian.

“Thanks to the joint effort of all countries, global peace has reigned for more than half a century. However, incessant conflicts in some parts of the world and hotspot issues are posing challenges to world peace,” Xi asserted during a speech to the annual BRICS summit attended by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Noting that the recent nuclear detonations had “cast a dark shadow over the world,” the Chinese president acknowledged that, “People around the world want peace and cooperation, not conflict or confrontation.”

The People’s Democratic Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) latest high-power nuclear test is now shown to be a significant challenge for Xi, after striving to document his foreign policy capabilities prior to an important Communist party gathering scheduled for October.

Chinese state television recently aired a six-part tribute to Xi’s foreign policy acumen, describing his achievements as a “whirlwind of charisma.”

These, and other power moves by Xi have been sidelined in light of continued and increasing DPRK development of weapons of mass destruction.

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    out the Petro Dollar has collapsed, start a war quick to hide it from
    the small children quick!. Double down on Agenda 21 they won’t know its
    because they hate our freedom (sarc).

  • Patrick J. Herbert

    Dark shadow? Actually it’s called the Rothschild New World Order.

  • MforMankind .

    The 3 of them are dark shadows.
    Why are people slaves ?
    Not because there are tyrants,
    but because people are idolaters,
    in the first place.

  • Val Valerian

    There is zero proof that Korea set off a ‘Hydrogen’ bomb … they’re also muttering about EMP …. too much propaganda theatre … both things are not something the Koreans could come up with, technologically, in such a short time. However both items have been mentioned in US media as items people here should ‘worry about’ … suddenly they end up as North Korean ‘achievements’ … they set off a nuclear device … it’s wishful thinking beyond that. It’s another show in the Game.