David Bowie’s Last Online Post: ‘Google Is Illuminati’

David Bowie warned fans in 2015 that Google had been infiltrated by the illuminati in an attempt to enslave humanity.

David Bowie was a regular contributor on bowie.com, the forum at his official website, and his final message, written weeks before he died, contained a prophetic warning about the future of humanity in a world of information controlled by Google.

Describing the future of our society, if it’s controlled by Google, as a “fascist dystopia,” Bowie warned that the internet search engine has been infiltrated by the elite in an attempt to enslave humanity.

Google’s motto is b.s. They are destroying the most glorious gift humanity was granted in the last 300 years. Google is illuminati. Illuminati is google. The future under google is a fascist dystopia, their way or the highway, no room for dissidents, no room for free speech. Google is a boot stomping on your face for eternity. sailor.

Another message from Bowie, written in the same forum thread, read:

“Google are deep state. Forget about conventional wars, forget about spies, forget about intelligence agencies, forget about all of that. It’s all about the internet and google run the internet. They decide how you feel, what you think, what information you can and can’t look at, and ultimately who does and doesn’t have a voice. sailor.”

Bowie wrote on the forum at bowie.com periodically, updating fans on what was happening in his life, shooting down poorly sourced rumors, and participating in general discussions about topics of interest. He signed off his posts as “sailor” and wasn’t averse to speaking his mind.

A message from ’sailor’ (David Bowie’s handle) at the official DavidBowie.com forum talks of Google being ‘illuminati.’
A message from ’sailor’ (David Bowie’s handle) at the official DavidBowie.com forum talks of Google being ‘illuminati.’
Another message from Bowie claims that Google are the ‘deep state.’
Another message from Bowie claims that Google are the ‘deep state.’

Always ahead of the curve, Bowie embraced the internet during the 90s, believing it was an ideal platform for creative and intellectual freedom. In 1998 he launched BowieNet, an internet service provider, offering subscription-based dial up access to the emerging online world.

At a time when most major corporations were still struggling to comprehend the significance and impact of the internet, Bowie had a clear vision of the future. BowieNet offered uncensored access to the internet, and he was excited by the possibilities of cyberspace being free of censorship and regulations.

If I was 19 again, I’d bypass music and go right to the internet,” he said at the time. In the 90s Bowie understood that a revolution was coming, however BowieNet closed in 2006, and his vision of the future of the internet became decidedly darker.

The personal freedom promised by the early incarnation of the internet had been replaced by something resembling the Illuminati prison for humanity.

David Bowie’s final album, Blackstar, released two days before his death, was full of occult symbolism and warnings for humanity.

Eighteen months after his death, Bowie’s final warning to humanity has proved to be as prophetic as his previous claims about the internet. Google is currently under fire for clamping down on free speech, censoring the internet, and attempting to usher in a new world order.

Bowie believed that the internet is not just a tool or a medium. The old world and the new world of the internet have merged, becoming reality. Whoever controls the internet controls everything.

Google and the social media giants have been suppressing content from news outlets that publish information that doesn’t suit their agenda. They claim they are doing this to create a better society. But history suggests their attempts at creating a liberal utopia will backfire.

As Bowie warned, free speech is essential, and political discourse is central to democracy. By censoring opponents and taking away their right to express themselves in society, Google is driving humanity towards a fascist dystopia.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • renewed4life

    Very insightful article Mr. Bowie.

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    The Jews aren’t fascists, they’re communists which means you will own nothing.


  • Rodrigo Quinan

    This is totally fake. Bowie’s sailor account last activity on BowieNet was back in 2007. Those prints were made up

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    • Adrian Milton

      The article claims that Bowie said these things on Bowie.com NOT BowieNet.

      • Ruth Williams

        Bowie.com is the site of a poet Robert J. Bowie Jnr .. he posts plays and sonnets. Bowienet.com does not exist

  • Paul Murray

    a few words to google adsense and i will demonitse your site..stop posting bollocks

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      you sound like (((them)))

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    Heroes is the worst song in the universe

    Can’t take him seriously

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      YOU are an absolute idiot and also a sack of shit…feck off and die…..soon…

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  • Anka Ri

    If Bowie posted in his community in 2015 after Blackstqr release, it would have effect of atomic bomb explosion; but he was silent after 2007. Beside that and the fact you’ve outlied his site address – the page design wich is in your screenshot, has first appeared in July 2016, when Bowie passed away already. Your are not too skilled in faking news. 😀

  • Tammi Starten

    Absolutely Fake. The last post of ‘sailor” on BowieNet(as it was then) was October 29, 2007. Also, the design used to mock up this post wasn’t used until mid-2016, when the site switched hosts. Not to mention, David didn’t write posts like that. not his rhythm, style or anything like he wrote.

  • Apul_MadeeqAoud

    Remember when Google’s motto was “Don’t be evil”?

    They should be the clinical example of the phrase “Power corrupts”.

  • Red Lope

    well, smells like bs… these posts do not exist, when searching for them on the Bowienet-messageboards. “Sailor’s” posts are ending in 2007. And, I guess we bowiefans would have noticed, if “Sailor” would have written something on the boards in december 2015 (and there are no “likes” at these posts!). And if they would have been deleted just after posting, we would not be seeing these “screenshots” in the new messageboard-design.
    Yes, it is the (recent!) bowienet-messageboard-design ( – ok, also old posts do now appear in the new look – but a real Sailor-post definitely would have “Likes” – if it would be in the web since december 2015 till they changed the design!).
    But, the story is still interesting: I wonder who could make it so genuine looking? Because that “someone” must have been on Bowienet, and he knew, how to find these old Sailor-posts. He even payed attention to the “number of posts”, which is (now) “91”.. and he added his posts as number “93” and “94”.. .which makes me think of, where “number 92” is? Did he post one more?.
    Mr. Dmitry, can you tell us more about, how that story caught your attention?

  • cjae

    Bowie was one of those into Alistair Crowley’s satanic power trip.

    • Art Ma-Ar

      Of course. The Illuminati OWN Google. (And Microsoft, and Apple). So really nowhere to hide

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    Now we stand at the cross load…choose your nails wisely.

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      A cross load???

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    Why don’t you fake news people just FUCK OFF and get a life you sad little cunts!

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  • Simon William Kitt

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    Fake or not, this is true shit. Google destroys everything they touch. Fuck Google!

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      do u use google maps?

  • Deanna Clark

    These “attack the messenger” comments smell suspicious….the point is Google.

    • Ramoana Stone

      Doctoring screencaps and using Bowie’s name to further a cause falsely, is beyond disgusting, no matter the cause.

      • Deanna Clark

        Yes, of course, if you’re sure. perhaps Google would like to take this on and prove their own innocence in court.

  • andy moore

    RIP David you’ve preserved a generation !

  • DouglasFur

    Bowie.com is not even a David Bowie site. You’re a lying piece of shit that is succeeding at dumbing down already dumb humans. David Bowie would skewer your dumb ass, given the chance. Go fuck yourself.

  • Alessandro Peixoto Nascimento

    thats not true.. google is good.. facebook is the REAL ILLUMINATIIII!!! lol

  • Scoob

    I’ve always assumed that his song I’m Afraid of Americans was about just this sort of thing. I’m glad he put it so plainly

  • Ramoana Stone

    Yup FAKE, you doctored the supposed screencaps, you can tell by the number of likes and posts. All one has to do is search for all sailor content, the last actual post started by sailor was September 23 2007, and a couple sailor comments on other threads in October 2007. http://community.davidbowie.com/profile/594-sailor/content/

  • Sushia La Leniah

    So how do we “the world” get rid of google?

    • Liberalism Has Failed

      I see Google morphing into “BIG BROTHER” from Orwell’s 1984…..

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    I believe I put up some stuff on youtube reg trumps corruption and it gets hidden deleted or account canceled.

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