Dead Dolphins In Fukushima Found Stranded With White Radiated Lungs

Dead stranded dolphins found near Fukushima with white radiated lungs

Japanese scientists have said they have never seen anything as horrific as the massive group of dead dolphins discovered stranded on a beach near the site of the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

After conducting an autopsy the scientists found that the dolphins’ lungs were white – which they say is an indication of radiation poisoning.

The translated article comes from EneNews:

Apr 11, 2015 (emphasis added):

Google Translate: Ibaraki Prefecture… for a large amount of dolphin which was launched on the shore… the National Science Museum… investigated… researchers rushed from national museums and university laboratory, about 30 people were the anatomy of the 17 animals in the field. [According to Yuko Tajima] who led the investigation… “the lungs of most of the 17… was pure white ischemic state, visceral signs of overall clean and disease and infections were observed”… Lungs white state, that has never seen before.

Systran: The National Science Museum… investigated circumstance and cause etc concerning the mass dolphin which is launched to the seashore of Ibaraki prefecture… the researchers ran from the museum and the university laboratory… approximately 30 people dissected 17… [Yuko Tajima] of the National Science Museum which directed investigation research worker [said] “the most lung 17 was state with true white, but as for the internal organs being clean”… The lung true white as for state, says… have not seen.

Fukushima Diary, Apr 12, 2015: According to National Science Museum, most of the inspected 17 dolphins had their lungs in ischaemia state… The chief of the researching team stated “Most of the lungs looked entirely white”… internal organs were generally clean without any symptoms of disease or infection, but most of the lungs were in ischaemia state. She said “I have never seen such a state”.


Wikipedia: Ischemia is a vascular disease involving an interruption in the arterial blood supply to a tissue, organ, or extremity that, if untreated, can lead to tissue death.

Many reports have been published on the links between ischemia and radiation exposure:

“It has been shown that the ionizing radiation in small doses under certain conditions can be considered as one of starting mechanisms of… IHD [ischemic heart disease].” 

“Radiation risks on non-cancer effects has been revealed in the [Chernobyl] liquidators… Recently, the statistically significant dose risk of ischemic heart disease… was published.” 

“Incidence of and mortality from ischemic heart disease (IHD) have been studied in a cohort of 12210 workers [at] Mayak nuclear facility… there was statistically significant increasing trend in IHD incidence with total external gamma dose.” 

“Numerous studies have been published concerning non cancer diseases in liquidators… Risk of ischemic heart disease… seems increased.” 

“In 1990 the International Chernobyl Project has been carried out under the aegis of the IAEA… It is known that the international experts who had taken part in the International Chernobyl Project were aware of the report by the Minster of the Ministry of Health Care of Belarus delivered at an informal meeting arranged by the IAEA… The Belorussian Minister reported about… the worsening of the general health state of the affected population… “Among adults in 1988 there was a two- to fourfold increase, in comparison with preceding years, in the number of persons suffering from… ischemic heart diseases” 

“In a study on a Russian cohort of 61,000 Chernobyl emergency workers… a statistically significant risk of ischemic heart disease was observed.” –Source

How do you feel about the findings of the autopsies of the Fukushima Dolphin stranding?

This article was originally published in 2015 and is frequently updated

  • Brenna

    Have noticed lack of snails on gold coast Australia, use to be found in abundance along the walkways near beaches I now see none. Wondering if radiation levels are reaching much further than anyone would want to admit.

    • gjrussell

      Total rubbish. Radiation isn’t magic. People have been studying it for more than a hundred years. Why don’t you do some research before just making stuff up.

      • Milo

        You better have a Ph.D. somewhere! But something tells me you are one of the ignorant, stupid, moronic idiots–drawn to the internet to spout off with ignorance.

        • gjrussell

          Here you go … check what I said above about double strand breaks against this paper …

          • gjrussell

            No I don’t have a Ph.D, but I do have an endorsement on one of my books from a Nobel Prize winner … he reckoned I knew what I was talking about!


          • Jhm0699

            Are you referring to the James Thompson who reviewed your book on Amazon page you indicated? If so, then he was not a Nobel winner as he was passed over by the committee.

          • gjrussell

            no… Peter Doherty… Google him

          • Jhm0699

            Didn’t see any book review by Doherty on your link

          • gjrussell

            Click the “Look inside” link on the book.

  • Sue DeSimone

    I’m sick over this. I live in Taiwan – I don’t know if I am eating fish from infected waters. My heart aches for these poor dolphins…

    • gjrussell

      If you eat fish you are the cause of far more suffering than Fukushima. The fish around Fukushima are celebrating … the cessation of fishing in some areas is the best thing to happen for marine life in decades!

      • bbcgoneallquiet

        Shill aye

  • Louis Peluso

    This is just the beginning. It’s just a matter of time before the entire Pacific Ocean is contaminated with radioactive waste from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Fukushima is dumping 300 tons of radioactive water every day into the Pacific Ocean. Between this disaster and the BP gulf oil disaster in 2010, the oceans inhabitants are dying by the millions in painful deaths. This is the beginning of the next massive extinction in the Earth’s oceans.

  • Jagadish Chunchunahalli Doddam

    Happy Earth Day !!

  • Vm

    Pretty flimsy evidence. Dead dolphins with ischemic lungs. Radiation is probably just one of many possible causes of ischemic lung. Just from that you cannot jump to conclusions that radiation did it. You gotta rule out other stuff first

    In other cases of radiation in the sea like in nuclear bomb tests, did dolphins suffer similar injuries?

    Were these dolphins tested for radiation?

  • gjrussell

    What an incompetent piece of reporting. Why did nobody bother to check the facts?

    People know plenty about how radiation works. It simply doesn’t kill like in this dolphin story. Even in massive doses. Consider the firemen who put out the fire at Chernobyl. They got a massive dose, hundreds of times bigger than anything possible at Fukushima, particularly for dolphins. Why do you think they put spent fuel rods in water? Because it dampens radiation very effectively. It’s simply impossible for dolphins to get a massive dose, and even if they did, it wouldn’t kill them like this. Totally impossible. How did those firemen from Chernobyl die? The 50 who got massive, massive doses? They died over a period of about 3 months. Nobody just dropped dead in hours or even days … except for two who died of massive burns because burns are far more deadly. Sunshine is far more deadly than the kind of radiation levels anybody got from Fukushima.

    Why does the public have to put up with unchecked incompetent reports like this?

    Here’s some information on acute radiation poisoning, and I repeat, nobody and no dolphins got anything like the doses mentioned in this document …

    • Daniel James

      Except that this didn’t just happen over night.

      • gjrussell

        … which makes it even more certain that it had nothing to do with radiation. Drink a bottle of whiskey, you’ll get really sick. Take 1 ml per day and it will do bugger all. Similarly with radiation.

        • Joffan

          My current working hypothesis on radiation resilience is that the human body recovers from radiation exposure at about 3-5 mSv/day (the radiologists may have better figures; my inspiration here is Wade Allison), and doesn’t experience adverse health outcomes until the unrecovered balance gets to something like 100mSv.

          And I don’t expect dolphin physiology to be significantly different (because common descent).

          • Sam Gilman

            I think the ICRP may have it right when it states the suspicion that there is no uniform threshold. Different conditions may have different thresholds. There may be hormesis for certain conditions, while LNT might even apply for others.

          • Joffan

            Yes, I deliberately left a lot of imprecision in my language there to allow for variety both in people and in diseases. For some forms of cancer there are pretty reliable indications of a threshold (generally higher, as 100mSv is too low for easy evaluation) , whereas no threshold has (yet) been determined with other cancers. The radon vs. cancer “big picture” view suggests hormesis is, at the very least, a hypothesis that shouldn’t be excluded in the evaluation of evidence (which can happen in the choice of statistical methods).

          • Sam Gilman

            Yes, I think that’s fair. What it means is that we should be wary of general declarations of hormesis, thresholds and LNT.

            But more importantly, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that even at these levels of exposure, any effects are tiny anyway. In terms of energy choices, it doesn’t really affect an evidence-based approach to health effects.

      • gjrussell

        Do you know what a milli gray is? 1000th of a gray … and a gray is a basic unit of radiation. A full body 2 gray dose would make you quite sick and also cause considerable DNA damage. If you got that 2 grays in a single day, it would cause about 50 double strand breaks in every cell in your body. Okay. Now what do you reckon is the normal rate of double strand DNA breaks in every cell in your body every day? About 50. So now do a few calculations. If 2 Gray in a day doubles you number of DNA breaks that day, how many extra breaks will you get over the cause of a year if you got 2 Gray of radiation during that year? …. easy to work out. Normally you get 50×365=18,250 double strand breaks per year (per cell) If you get 2 extra Gray, then you might get 18,300 double strand breaks. Now go and live at Fukushima and you might get 20-100 milli gray per year. So you might get 18,252 breaks per cell. People understand quite well these days why radioactive contamination over wide areas from Chernobyl has done bugger all. Because people now understand about normal rates of DNA damage. Back when the antinuclear movement began scientists knew nothing at all about DNA damage and repair. Now they know a lot about it and understand what the big causes of cancer are and radiation isn’t on the list. It’s a piss-poor carcinogen. Being fat is far more potent … as is being tall! … why… briefly … more cell divisions, more growth, more mutations, more cancer.

        • LoveYourDNA

          Thank you for a dose of sanity. Although this radiation stuff is troubling…

          • gjrussell

            In the case of radiation, fear goes down as understanding goes up. Here’s a lay language introduction The anti-nuclear movement is basing its fears on 1950s science. Had they kept up to date the people of Fukushima would have stayed where they were and got on with their lives. The evacuation was in defiance of IAEA guidelines on what was required … in the words of one radiation expert it was “stark raving mad”

          • gjrussell

            P.S. The link I gave was to Part III of a 3 part series, but I suggest you start at part 1. There’s a link to the first 2 parts in part 3.

    • Rover

      Radiation in high doses most certainly can kill people and animals in days. Reports of radiation levels at Fukushima for past 4 years often reference these potentially fatal dose levels. As for swearing at the article and ridiculing the scientific findings with name calling, or proclaiming the Dolphins couldn’t have gotten a high dose = pissy fit and a theory based on ‘because I say so.’ There are parts of Europe that have been taken out of food production for the next few hundred years due to Chernobyl. Heard of Chernobyl heart syndrome? The orphanages filled with mutant children, the rampant thyroid cancer? Certainly you can google that. Acute radiation exposure can definitely kill a person within days. Many of the status reports from Fukushima reference the high amounts of radiation present and duration of exposure necessary to cause death.
      In February 2014, TEPCO revealed that groundwater sources near the Daiichi plant and 80 feet from the Pacific Ocean contained 20 million becquerels of the harmful radioactive element Strontium-90 per gallon (one becquerel equals one emission of radiation per second). Even though the internationally accepted limit for Strontium-90 contamination in water hovers around 120 becquerels per gallon, these measurements were hidden from Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority for nearly four months. As a response, the national nuclear watchdog agency censured TEPCO for lacking a “fundamental understanding of measuring and handling radiation.” And this-

      Los Angeles Times, October 20, 2013: An estimated 60 billion becquerels of cesium-137 and strontium-90 are being discharged daily into the Pacific from the ditch at the north end of the reactors [outside of harbor], said Michio Aoyama, senior researcher at the geochemical research department of the Meteorological Research Institute at the Japan Meteorological Agency.
      Soil samples collected by Arnie Gunderson (nuclear engineer & educator) in Tokyo and analyzed by US labs revealed as much as 48,000 becquerels per kilogram for tested radioactive isotopes. The safety limit for food is 100 becquerels per kilogram.
      The reactor at Chernobyl was one third the size of each of the three reactors that melted down at Fukushima. Chernobyl was a 30% meltdown which lasted ten days and has a concrete sarcophagus built around it. The reactors at Fukushima were 100% meltdowns, melt outs and melt through’s and have been releasing radiation into the environment for more than four years, and have zero containment. So – let’s do the math. 30% melt down compared to 100% melt downs is a difference of 70% x 3 reactors = 240% greater degree of melt down. Now let’s factor in the volume of fissionable material. Each of 3 reactors at Fukushima were 3x the size of Chernobyl: 3 x 3 = 9 times the amount of melted down material (corium). So we multiply 9 x 240% = 2,160% more material involved than Chernobyl. Factor in the fact that this is a 1 to 1 comparison by the numbers: fukushima vs Chernobyl. To account for the difference in time each nuclear facility melted down, we examine the relationship of 10 days total fission at Chernobyl without containment, vs 4+ years and counting at Fukushima. Let’s call it 4 years so 4 x 365 = 1,460 days. We need to divide that by the 10 days Chernobyl was uncontained while fissioning: we get the result of 146 ten day periods, so it’s been releasing radioisotopes with zero containment in destroyed open air buildings and through ground water discharges into the ocean for 146 times as long as Chernobyl, so we multiply that by the 2,160% greater amount of nuclear core material = 315,360% greater release of radioactivity than Chernobyl. Is it any wonder that most everything alive in the Pacific Ocean is dying? As for comparisons to natural background radiation and potassium 40 in bananas, every form of life evolved around and adapted to it- it’s called homeostasis: life forms developed ways to render things like potassium 40 harmless. Not so with man made ionizing radiation- those elements didn’t exist on the earth or in our sun and no life forms have adapted to it. There are at least 2,000 radio isotopes created in a nuclear chain reaction, so although you hear about cesium or strontium as though they were in isolation, there are 2000 fold as many types of isotopes being emitted daily such as cobalt 60, americium, iodine 131, plutonium, zirconium… So if each atom emits one becquerel of energy per second (the definition of a becquerel is the amount of radiation given off by one atom each second), then there are perhaps 2,000 becquerels of radiation being emitted for every 1 becquerel measured (Radiologic instruments are calibrated to detect a single isotope, often cesium or iodine due to their relatively short half lives which make them easier to track.) The real issue is that those educated in these subjects such as scientists, understand that what I’m saying is true, yet have been obscuring the facts to prevent panic. Meanwhile, you and your kids could have stopped consuming contaminated sea food and dairy if the nuclear PR peeps and shills hadn’t deceived you. Take it out on them the way the Italian people took out their frustrations on Musolini, having hung him and dragged his corpse through the streets.

      • Allegorical

        Here are links to segments of documentaries about nuke disasters in the UK, US, Soviet Union and Japan in which each turned to forcing civilians to work in melting down reactors putting out fires, shoveling smoldering waste, etc.
        Wind scale



        Japan pre Fukushima


      • gjrussell

        Oh dear. Some people will believe anything without bothering to check. “rampant thyroid cancer”? Did you check the stats? look at … the age standardised rate of thyroid cancer in Ukraine is 4.6 per 100,000 per annum and in Australia its 8.4 per 100,000 per annum. So you’d better throw in a story about a massive cover up as well!

        Sure, hypothetically, radiation can kill quickly but it doesn’t happen … people can measure the stuff and stay away. Even in the worst possible accident (Chernobyl) the only people to die quickly died of burns … now there’s something that really is very, very deadly and often kills incredibly quickly. Fire and sunshine kill by the hundreds of thousands annually … but in decades of nuclear operation in hundreds of plants nobody has ever died quickly from radiation and nobody has died or been even a little sick from Fukushima. The only thing deadly at Fukushima was the anti-nuclear madness that drove the decision to evacuate. That was definitely deadly.

        … what else… Chernobyl Heart Syndrome? Just because you give a problem a name doesn’t mean you know what is causing it.
        Becquerels? Such a stupid unit … no matter … I noticed you didn’t produce so much as a single dead fish statistic in amongst your scary numbers. In fact, the fish are doing brilliantly out of Fukushima. Huge reductions in their death and suffering rates as a result in the reductions in fishing; they’d be cheering and hoping for more meltdowns on as many coasts as possible.

        • Jim Fisk

          Thanks for all of your cheerful Chernobyl and Fukushima news! Thank God for people like you! Now we know EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is safe! It was all just a bad dream!

          • Your1Friend

            Why do I get the distinct impression that gjr is a shill?

          • SA Kiteman

            Because YOU are one and project it onto others?

          • Your1Friend


          • SA Kiteman

            Well, that is the only plausible explanation.

          • SA Kiteman

            Reductio ad absurdum, that last refuge of the loser. Jim?

        • Valley Triz

          Yeah…its all safe..why even have safety protocols at nuclear sites…why wear suits to protect from radiation…we should be able to work in this industry with hawaiian shirts on and half buttoned and flip flops…

          • SA Kiteman

            Reductio ad absurdum, the last refuge of the loser. “Valley”, do you resemble that remark?

        • Rod

          Are you taking with d currents as well as ocean currents? While I’m not taking a side on this issue, but living in Washington state, I rememember Chernobyl. I also remember a virtual epidemic of *strep throat in the months afterwards. The prevaing winds from Russia come into Alaska downward through Victoria BC , Washington,and Oregon. Ocean currents can also map similar. Everything thing I’ve ever read mostly talk about mass doses at on time can kill shortly afterwards and can about equal small doses over time that kill. This of course is ionizing radiation. No one knows yet from this article, anyway, if and how much exposure and for how long these dolphins were subjected to radiation.

        • Roxanne Connell
      • c_chandler

        the japanese lied to their own citizens saying, there was no threat from this…b.s. im sure it is killing more animals and humans including the sea creatures that keep the bigger ones alive. dead under the ocean even on the coast of western usa…

      • JenniWest

        But not because they cannot grow food there. Because someone is being alarmist, ignoring the math and making it seem worse than it was. The comments about the mutated Chernobyl children are a lie.

        Rover, you are passing along lies. It may interest you to know that lying about nuclear power has actually killed more people than nuclear power. Which makes liars murderers in my book.

        And there is a quay around the ocean at Fukushima. The measurements inside the quay, where fish cannot get in, are higher than the ocean around and outside of it. THESE FACTS MATTER.

    • Greg Allen

      What an incompetent statement coming from someone with limited knowledge of how radiation sickens and/or kills. They put spent fuel rods in the water to keep them cool and shield workers from radiation not stop the radiation, and radiation is emitted into the surrounding water. The water coming from Fukushima is not from spent fuel rods, but from the complete meltdown of three reactor cores, and a massive amount of highly contaminated water is flowing into the Pacific. How do you suppose these mammals all developed the same symptoms of radiation exposure? Sun bathing?

      Your link goes nowhere, by the way. Even if they, did a government source for radiation figures can’t be trusted. The American Government is the same entity that told those living downwind from atomic testing in Nevada they were safe because any radiation would be contained within the test site and that ionizing radiation was no more harmful than sunshine. Radiation doesn’t merely kill through cancer. It kills in myriad ways
      that are hard to quantify just like stress. One of the things that was
      learned from studying the effects of fallout from the Nevada Test Site
      is that there is no safe level of exposure to radiation, with low doses
      being equally lethal as high doses, the only difference being in how
      they killed. If it wasn’t radiation exposure from Fukushima, what is your
      hypothesis? An earache?

      • gjrussell

        I suggest you read a book about radiation: “Radiation” by Robert Gale and Eric Lax would be a good start.

        • Greg Allen

          The final word on the subject I’m sure. I’ve read more than a “book on radiation.” I suggest you research “safe radiation dose threshold” by the man the US Government tasked with the job, the late John Gofman. He told the peer reviewed truth, to the Governments eternal dismay.

          What are Gale and Lax’s credentials? Since your opinion is so erroneous, one must assume your mental rigor with regard to the subject you’re mouthing off about is too lazy to look Gofman up, so I’m here to help. From Wikipedia:

          “Gofman was instrumental in inducing the health physics scientific community both to acknowledge the cancer risks of ionizing radiation and to adopt the Linear No-Threshold (LNT) model as a means of estimating actual cancer risks from low-level radiation and as the foundation of the international guidelines for radiation protection.”

          “Gofman’s earliest research was in nuclear physics and chemistry, in close connection to the Manhattan Project. He co-discovered several radioisotopes, notably uranium-233 and its fissionability; he was the third person ever to work with plutonium, and, having devised an early process for separating plutonium from fission products at J. Robert Oppenheimer’s request, he was the first chemist ever to try and isolate milligram quantities of plutonium.

          “In 1963, Gofman established the Biomedical Research Division for the Livermore National Laboratory, where he was on the cutting edge of research into the connection between chromosomal abnormalities and cancer.”

          Don’t forget ionizing radiation from nuclear fallout is no more dangerous than your friend the sun, in fact it’s beneficial according to the theory of radiation hormesis. Makes one wonder why the vice abstaining Mormons in Utah had close to zero incidents of cancer prior to welcoming the Nevada Proving Grounds to their neighborhood in 1951, almost immediately after which it was necessary to establish the first cancer center (more were to follow,) to treat the explosive growth of the hitherto unknown disease?

          • gjrussell

            Gofman was bought up on the old understanding of DNA that was overturned during the 80s with the understanding of the ubiquitous nature of DNA damage and repair. You can look up Robert Gale on Wikipedia also. He was the doctor who looked after the firefighters at Chernobyl. Gofman died before detailed epidemiology of people living in areas of high radiation were published. They demonstrate that LNT is false at low RATES of radiation exposure. LNT is about single rapid doses, and ignores RATES. 1 Sv per year isn’t the same as 1 Sv in a second.


          • Greg Allen

            Most of what you say is untrue and evidently you learned it from Robert Gale. Gales comments that I witnessed are incredible and defy credulity. His Al Jazeera interview was so disingenuous that anything he’s published or stated with regard to the medical effects of ionizing radiation is extremely suspect, to put it mildly.

            He opens the interview regarding the long term medical effects from radiation resulting from the disaster by stating that ” fortunately the news is mostly good,” putting a happy face on the
            misery suffered by the unfortunate victims, and setting the tone for the rest of his fluff piece. He continues by “informing” us that “there were little more than 7,000 cases of thyroid cancer seen exclusively in young people, but that’s over now,” then incredibly “and um, we’ve haven’t found any other convincing evidence of health effects, I’m speaking of direct medical effects, not psychological effects or the tragedy of having to move (huh?) but in terms of cancers or heart disease or things of that nature in spite of investigations by hundreds of investig, um, scientists from many countries,” according Gale. Well thank friggin’ Gawd, we can all go home now and rest easy since ionizing radiation has zero effect on health, not so much as a headache.

            You listen to this guy and consider his information valid? Semantics have rarely been so furiously deployed to make lies appear plausible.

            Thyroid cancer is readily treatable, presenting almost zero mortality, and is the first of many radiogenic cancers to appear in a population exposed to fallout. I say “fallout” because it’s safe to assume there were no children among the Chernobyl liquidators, therefore no direct exposure to ionizing radiation in the population that develops thyroid cancer after drinking milk contaminated by fallout. Once milk is known to be contaminated it is dumped, and the fallout from Chernobyl was stopped once sand had been dumped on the reactor burying it, ergo no more young people getting thyroid cancer so “that’s over now.”

            He doesn’t stop there, claiming the exposure to Cesium 137 at Chernobyl was no different than “the amount you’d be exposed to flying from New York to London in a commercial aircraft.” Lord help us, he’s not confusing ionizing and solar radiation is he? Cesium-137 has not naturally occurred on Earth in significant amounts in over a billion years, which begs the question where does the cesium-137 one gets exposed to in air travel at levels comparable to that caused by the explosion at Chernobyl come from? Gale has no regard for the truth. If he were an honest man, his information would sound more like the following from the Journal of Radiological Protection:

            “it is too early to evaluate the full radiological impact of the accident. Apart from the large increase in thyroid cancer incidence in young people, there are at present no clearly demonstrated radiation-related increases in cancer risk. This should not, however, be interpreted to mean that no increase has in fact occurred: based on the experience of other populations exposed to ionizing radiation, a small increase in the relative risk of cancer is expected, even at the low to moderate doses received. Although it is expected that epidemiological studies will have difficulty identifying such a risk, it may nevertheless translate
            into a substantial number of radiation-related cancer cases in the future, given the very large number of individuals exposed.”

            The historical record of Utah’s Mormons proves that it will translate into a “Substantial number of radiation-related cancer cases in the future,’ and their experience dovetails with LNT.

            If not the ionizing radiation from fallout, what caused the Mormons of Utah to suffer an epidemic of cancer beginning in 1953? When women suffered effects of radiation poisoning for example
            their hair suddenly falling out by the handful, they were told they were hysterical by medical professionals. I’m sure Gale could spin a yarn that would sound believable, with his slick delivery and bonafide credentials as a bone marrow specialist and consultant to governments and other vested interests of peacetime nuclear energy. He is clearly biased, morally bankrupt, and is a well practiced liar with a glib delivery. Only a sociopath can cause so much harm and sleep at night. I don’t understand the mercenary, gun for hire mindset of people like him.

            You seem fairly intelligent, so what compels you to the levels of cognitive dissonance to take clearly flawed information and recognize it as honest assessment.? Are you a natural skeptic that requires “facts” to fit into a narrow paradigm? It takes a moron or a paid whore to believe
            radiation causes thyroid cancer and has no other deliterious health effects. You’re not a moron, seemingly, so who holds your ass over the fire to make you believe a shill like Gale, and worse, to expect everyone else (including myself) to swallow this load?

            You avoided my questions but suggested I was getting my opinions from out of date science and referred me to a hack who couldn’t be honest if his life depended on it. Gofman’s LNT work was controversial from the outset, however objections
            were raised by only a few organizations who suck at the tit of the
            peacetime nuclear industry, for example the French Academy of Sciences.
            They’re not biased much are they, given France depends on nuclear power
            for much of its energy needs? LNT remains in place and has not been

            Just because you say something doesn’t mean it’s true. The “old understanding” of DNA has not proven Gofman’s work to be wrong. When you say the ubiquitous nature of DNA damage and repair you’re promulgating radiation hormesis or cell to cell repair, correct? Though a handful were blasted with high levels of ionizing radiation from fallout, most of Utah’s Mormons weren’t, and beginning two years after initiation of atmospheric testing the first Leukemia cases appeared, followed by thyroid and other cancers. This is real world proof of LNT, period.

            Gofman died in 2007. Do you really believe I’m going to swallow that is “Before detailed epidemiology of people living in areas of high radiation were published?” That’s freaking preposterous, a lie worthy of Gale himself, grand in scale and obscene in conclusion. You can’t honestly believe that. If you do you are a genuine idiot. Perhaps I should call you Myshkin?

            All the “science” you used to back up your original contention is balderdash as even a cursory review makes clear and certain. In conclusion, if not radioactive laden water washed into the sea from Fukushima, what do you think is the cause of this dolphin pod beaching in Fukushima Sound with never before seen white ischemic state lungs? It’s merely serendipity, an uncanny, one in a trillion coincidence, right?

            My final words to you. Its been a pleasure, thanksabunch.

          • gjrussell

            Cancer rate in Ukraine 192 per 100,000 per year (ASR), and in clean green non-nuclear Australia? 323 per 100,000 per annum (you can check on

  • Janes Pain

    The radiation has reached Vancouver now too 🙁 my heart goes out to all the animals in the ocean and sure it starts in the pacific but all the oceans are joined and all the rain comes from our waterbodies so acid rain must also be more frequent… I am sad there are not more people focused on this although there is little that can be done that is not being done already.. At least Japan is one of the leaders in radiation type problems 🙁

    • SA Kiteman

      The concentration of radio-cesium from Fukushima has raised the radio-cesium level back to where it was in the late 1980s. And we all remember how the oceans were dead before 1980 when the cesium levels were even higher, right? Right? RIGHT??? Ummm, no.

  • Vladimir

    So, originally it was published in Asahi Shinbun

    and then it was transfered and falsified heavily in ENENEWS

    The original goes like this (be free to put that into google translate yourself)


    「生きて帰って」住民も救助活動 茨城のイルカ大量漂着



    And Google translate will give you this:

    “Ibaraki Prefecture hokota, for a large amount of dolphin, which was launched on the coast of the Kashima City, the National Science Museum of the 11th, were investigated, such as how or why. Detailed investigation is yet to come, but it showed the view that “there is a possibility that fell into a panic because they were encountered in the cold water zone.”
    And “alive and back home” residents also rescue activities Ibaraki of dolphin mass shipwrecked
    At the request of the National Science Museum, such as researchers rushed from national museums and university laboratory, about 30 people were the anatomy of the 17 horses in the field.
    Yuko-researcher Tajima of the National Science Museum, which led the investigation “Although the lungs of most of the 17 horses were white ischemic state, visceral signs of overall clean and disease and infection were observed,” said I said. Lung white states, that have never seen before.”

    Now notice how from the suspected cause of the death changes from “there is a possibility that fell into a panic because they were encountered in the cold water zone.” to “Their lungs were white, which according to scientists is an indication of loss of blood flow to the organs which is an indication of radiation poisoning”.

    This is very obvious example of very bad journalism. People of the world, don’t be fooled.

    • Sam Gilman

      Just to help people along with the translation, (a year later, but anyway) “horses” is a mistranslation of “dolphins” (the “counter” for dolphins is the same as for horses (cattle in general); the translation software guessed wrong).

      “Anatomy” should be “dissection” (ie 30 researchers from various institutes rushed to conduct dissections of 17 dead dolphins).

      The next bit is very garbled. From “visceral signs” onwards it should be something like “The internal organs [intestines] were on the whole clean [ie undamaged, not diseased] and no signs of infectious disease or illness were found. That the lungs were absolutely white is something I haven’t seen before.”

      ENEnews is a notorious site. It foully misrepresents legitimate science stories while promoting the work of conspiracy theorists. Ironically, no one knows who funds it or owns it…

      • Vladimir

        Thanks mate, it’s never to late 🙂 cause the conspiracy theorists are going to milk this piece for decades. I had to debunk yesterday one such from 1989 (from NYT!!) wich claimed that samurais are descendents of Ainu. #facepalm
        Anyway, I know about the counter 頭 just wanted to show the people that even Google Translate can be useful enough for checking sensationalist BS. 😉

  • MrPeach

    Necropsy, fucktard.

  • mesa wind
    • gjrussell

      You need to read scientific websites rather than crazy looney websites.

      Here’s a couple with useful information.

      • Mesa Breez’n Wind

        dude, your need to have people think everything is okay despite the evidence of their own eyes , reports by fisherman and oceanographers etc. shows an agenda. it doesn’t matter what we say, it will all play out and your lies exposed. I would love for you to be right but its too obvious you’re a SHILL

        • gjrussell

          There’s all manner of ocean problems and causes. Just labelling any problem as radiation is ignorant and mistaken. Why would you trust fishermen to know about radiation? They kill for a living without a second thought … they crush and hook and suffocate and slash animals for profit.

          You mention oceanographers, then go and read the best in the business … they don’t support what you are saying and they are doing the measurements.

          • acmavm

            Who’s ;paying you to spread the news that everything is all good and there’s nothing to worry about.

    • SA Kiteman

      Please quit your vile lying. The flow of radioactivity was choked to near zero more than 4 years ago. What has been released since then is minuscule.

  • kjv

    Perhaps the fools saying radiation won’t kill go ask the west coast of toast phytoplankton, krill, anchovies,sardines,red crabs by the millions, blue jellyfish, purple slugs, pelicans not born at breeding grounds, 100,000, Cassin Auklets in OR, 3000+ sea lions, 21 whales in ast 3 mths. ALL DEAD in last 5 1/2 mths.
    Do you know your cpm today? Veterans 12 weeks ago started posting your weekly radiation readings. 32+ cities nationwide, beta & gamma cpm, it’s ot pretty or for the faint of heart. Why do you suppose the started listing rad counts every Friday ast 3 mths hmm? Who’s next on the foodchain folks? Peace

    • gjrussell

      The doses we are talking about are small increments in millionths of a sievert. Do you know anybody getting radiotherapy? They will be getting about 1-2 Sieverts per day for perhaps 30 days. ie millions or billions of times more radiation than the animals that you think are dying because of radiation. Radiotherapy is nasty stuff, but it doesn’t kill people, and it won’t kill animals either. I don’t understand how desperate people are to blame something despite abundant evidence that it can’t be causing the problems you are talking about. Usually the same people blaming radiation for killing animals are complicit in an activity which is both individually deadly and environmentally destructive. We know what causes most of the dead zones around the planet … factory farms. Vast horrors of animal production. Do you eat meat or dairy? Then you are to blame for that and that’s a very, very big problem. Radiation? Do some reading. And if you aren’t vegan, then you have no moral standing to be talking about wildlife problems anyway, because you clearly don’t give a damn.

  • RDEF

    The Japanese government should immediately halt all dolphin slaughter in Taiji and elsewhere in addition to stopping whale slaughter. The projected numbers of marine life are based on unfounded variables and conditions. The pressures that dolphins and whales are under, pollution, outright slaughter, caught in fishing nets, entanglements, plastic pollution ingestion, ship strikes, sonar and noise threats, ship strikes, radiation and chemical pollution, oil exploration and oil extraction and spills, overfishing resulting in starvation and weakened immune systems, etc. ad naseum etc.

    And for the smart asses here making wild claims as to how radiation damage works, the damage to marine life is not just based on radiation but other pressures, and accumulated can most certainly cause deaths en masse.

    Why don’t humans start using their brains and create lifestyles that enhance all life on this planet instead of destroy it?

  • Jock Doubleday

    Wait – deadly radiation is fatal? Who would have thought! (Not scientists: they’re always baffled and amazed.)

  • JenniWest

    This is TERRIFYING!!! I mean how stupid this author is. Anyone with a brain, who uses it for crap this dumb is mentally ill. Try science-ing instead of fictioning.

    • Greg Allen

      “Fictioning.” How stupid this writer is. Nice use of the language. Maybe you’re ESL, or perhaps you’re brain is crap?

    • Greg Allen

      “Science-ing” is almost as brilliant as “fictioning.” I mean how stupid this writer is. Nice use of the language. It must be a thrill to make up words. Maybe you’re ESL, or perhaps you’re brain is crap?

      • Sam Gilman

        you’re -> your

        Have you heard of the Dunning-Kruger Effect?

        • Greg Allen

          I do now. Is there a psychological study showing why skilled people that should know better are absolutely ignorant of the obvious? For example Edward Teller, Plowshare acolyte thought that hydrogen bombs would be a phantastic means of excavating all manner gutters in the earth’s crust because any highly radioactive soil would be buried underneath the topsoil that had fallen back to earth. It’s said he was beside himself when he learned that the Sedan shot sent a highly radioactive dust plume off to M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i, and no mucker or other living, breathing construction worker would be living very long if he moseyed over to the crater for an eight hour work shift.

          I was unaware that the poor fuckers other organs, for example their stomachs, were “completely unaffected.” I’m assuming you found the autopsy report translated into the English language, or saw an interview with one of those tasked with the slicing, dicing, and weighing, or are you just saying that as fact? I’m asking. Link please. You’re also claiming that the mammals lungs were more effected than smaller fish. I’d like a link to the comparative study please.

          Why does one person get bladder cancer, two others get brain cancer, another a benign tumor and a fifth have no adverse effects? After all the studies and reports and data and autopsies and money wasted and there’s still no way to answer that question with any certainty. I’m thinking of the cast of the film “The Conquerors.” Yeah, yeah, the straw man line. Some, particularly those trying to protect their relatively high-end lifestyle will tell you all the cast illness was caused by heavy smoking. The governments been telling us how safe ionizing radiation is for sixty years in spite of the fact the Mormon experience in Utah. It’s just like sunshine, didn’t you know!

          It’s entirely possible this pod beaching had nothing to do with the state of its breathing apparatus and it’s just coincidence. Perhaps they ate some bad peanuts, or were following the Siren’s song? I’m going to say the beaching is related to proximity to the radiation released at the plant.

          • Sam Gilman

            I found the verbatim response of the researchers in Japanese and read it.

            Are you aware that your post reads like someone who’s just taken a whole load of stimulants?

  • greenthinker2012

    I guess the article is right when it says “scientists have never seen anything like it” because of course the article is fiction and thus nobody ever did see this.

    • Greg Allen

      ” Thus nobody ever did see this.” Your shitty grasp of the language is showing your outstanding critical thinking skills. Why is everyone lambasting the findings cited here a member of the Illiterati? Our schools are churning out a nation of manual laborers.

      • greenthinker2012

        Thanks grammar police.
        This article is a piece of crap.
        It has no basis in reality.
        Our schools are churning out scientific illiterates who cannot tell the difference between legitimate science and junk science from conspiracy websites.

        • Joffan

          Our sires’ age was worse than our grandsires’. We, their sons, are more worthless than they; so in our turn we shall give the world a progeny yet more corrupt.

          Horace, c20 BC


  • GnomeCoach

    This was another example of pseudoscience scare mongering writing that associated the white lung condition with radiation from the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident. It provided no scientific links between the two issues, such as a finding of high levels of radioactive isotopes in that white tissue.

  • joe9t

    gjrussell, I must admit you do appear to know what you are talking about. Rover’s response was also very interesting and also appeared to know some stuff. I will at least try and find time to look at the links you have posted. Thanks for your interesting comments regarding radiation from both sides of the argument. 🙂

  • Your1Friend

    It should be more than obvious that human beings simply are incapable of handling nuclear technology at this stage of our evolution.

  • pauleichhorn

    gjrussell. They’re drinking the water. They’re top of the food chain radiation accumulators. I’m sure they constantly inhale microdoses when they surface.

  • Marin Turk

    How can I help the whales and dolphins?

  • SA Kiteman

    The article quotes all these unsupported statements about exchemic HEART disease near Chernobyl and all the sudden its “proof” that because the dolphins had eschemic LUNGS they died of radiation poisoning. Another example of the damage that hack sites like ENENews create.

    Folks, “we don’t know” what the cause is. That was stated several times by several scientists. How about you wait until they DO know?

    • Greg Allen

      Folks, it’s mere coincidence this occurred where massive amounts of highly radioactive water is being continuously washed into the sea and nowhere else to date.

      Excellent analysis. Keep up the good werk (sic, duh.)

      • SA Kiteman

        Ummm, no actually it did NOT happen there, and very little radioactivity is being released and very little has been for about 4 years. It is too bad the folk like Greg Allen don’t actually get the data before spewing their inanities all over the net.

        • Greg Allen

          That’s good to know the plant is releasing little radiation according to the Japanese NRA. They don’t have any interest to protect, do they? We know from our experience here in America that official sources are nothing but transparent, honest in their assessment, and put the greater good before their own industry. Gotcha. I’ll put my health in the hands of the scientists just as soon as I don’t get a second opinion from a doctor, and even then…

          Inanities, that’s rich, Mr. I Heartradiation.

          While you trick for your paycheck and tell us how little radiation is being released and how wonderful it is (yes, yes, I paraphrased) I’ll stump about how vile and noxious the most toxic substance known to man is, how the level of hubris surrounding its use is unprecedented in human history, and how only an asshole would subject all life on earth to a poison you cant get rid off, keeps producing more of it, and gives not the least shit about any future life that will be exposed to humanity’s greatest folly, bar none.

          Have your fellow fans of the forever deadly poison figured out how to warn future intelligent life forms to stay well away from deposits of the stuff yet? I heard very, very large “Dragons Teeth” (you know, the antitank obstacles of the Seigfried line for example,) or similar imposing monoliths were being considered. That will work I’m certain. You guys know everything because you know science.

          Insofar as your conceit due to your having devoted more time to things nuclear is concerned, my father who went to Berkeley on a Robert Goddard Society scholarship and majored in atomic physics before going on to work in the dark science of our weapons program, is in no way any more intelligent than I, his high school drop-out progeny. He is in fact quite dense and myopic, and dare I say…stoopit. Perhaps ignorant is a better term.

          • SA Kiteman

            Well, Greg, I guess you disrespect the IAEA, a Japanese University Consortium, and the Fisheries watchdogs also, since they all say the same thing.

            Your conspiracy cr@p just shows you to be a brainless parrot of te Anti-NuPow Yactivist agants for Big Petro-Carbon (BPC). See, I can spew like you!

            “Forever deadly poison” You mean the arsenic and mercury that the replacement coal burning plants in Japan are now spewing since they closed down the cleaner nuclear? Yes, that is “forever deadly”. But guess what, brainiac, radioactive stuff… _GOES_AWAY_. That is why it is radioACTIVE and not stable. Sheesh, do you ever stop to read the idiocy you write?

            So are you as “stoopit” as he was? Do you think swords = plowshares? Just because your “stoopit” father made swords, you now berate folks who make plowshares? That is TRULY stupid. I guess you inherited something from your father after all.

      • Sam Gilman

        Why were the dolphins’ other organs – including their stomachs – completely unaffected? Why would the lungs of a mammal be more affected that the organs of much smaller fishes?

        This didn’t occur at the plant. It occurred off the coast of Ibaraki prefecture about 170 km south.

        Perhaps things aren’t as obvious as you might think.

        • Chronic Pain Coop

          In particular, eastern Japan shows high levels of contamination. 10
          prefectures show contamination of more than 1,000 becquerels of
          Iodine-131 per square meter of land –Tochigi, Ibaraki, Tokyo, Yamagata,
          Saitama, Chiba, Gunma, Kanagawa, Nagano, and Shizuoka (Readings for
          Fukushima and Miyagi were not available for a period of time because the
          measurement equipment were destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami, but
          other sources confirm high I-131 dispersion in Fukushima). 11
          prefectures show more than 1,000 becquerels of Cesium-137, and
          Cesium-134 – Fukushima, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Tokyo, Yamagata, Saitama,
          Chiba, Gunma, Kanagawa, Iwate, and Nagano.

          • Sam Gilman

            I have to thank you for this. It’s from JapanFocus. It’s utterly mad, and is another good example of how bad JapanFocus is.

            I went to the source given for these claims. It’s here:


            Nothing of the sort can be found. The article claims it was “based on Yagasaki’s analysis of the NRA monitoring data of March 2011 to January 2014)” but analysis appears to mean “making things up” or possibly “not being able to divide a million by a million”.

      • Aaron Oakley

        Define “massive”. Define “highly radioactive”.

  • JenniWest

    God this was debunked already, six ways to Sunday. Please. If it sounds wacky, do some research. Fukushima did not expel enough radioactivity to do harm. That is a fact. Now base ALL of your judgments on that fact before jumping to wild conclusions. So the first thing you should think of when you see these alarmist headlines is “OK, this is probably BS.” Then, if you really care about truth, SAY SOMETHING to the author. If they know they cannot get away with lying outright, maybe they will quit this style of writing. People are abusing the “freedom of expression” to mean outright lies and slander.

  • Non blind conservative

    Not 1 death has been directly attributed to the nuclear leak. Every death can be attributed by almost anything if you really try. That said, perhaps some tumors and deaths do result in the terrible design and poor management of this facility. It shouldn’t stop the progress of by far the safest, cheapest, most reliable for of power ever. Thorium. Coal will kill far more monthly.
    It was scrapped in the 60s in favor of the current reactors because they produce nuclear weapons material. The Thoriym LFTR can’t melt down, is half the cost to build, 1/5th the cost to run and some byproducts cure some cancers and make most electronics much cheaper.

    Youtube Thorium in 5 minutes pay close attention and research what was said. It’s really amazing and proves solar and wind are still a Chrony capitalist scam unfortunately.