Deadly Nerve Agent Attack In UK Was ‘Inside Job’

The deadly nerve agent attack in the UK that contaminated over 500 residents was an inside job designed to frame Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to reports.

The deadly nerve agent attack in the UK that contaminated over 500 residents was an inside job designed to frame Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to reports.

On Sunday afternoon, emergency services were called to a man in his 60’s with a woman in her 30’s, slumped against each other on a public bench, in the picturesque Wiltshire town of Salisbury.

Swiftly, matters escalated, as it became clear they had been poisoned in some way: even more so when their identities were established.

Sergei Skripal, Russian Defector,  who was swapped for Russian Spy “Anna Chapman” in an exchange between the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation in 2010: and his daughter, Yulia, visiting her father from Moscow.

Within hours, the media was reporting as an attempted assassination. And while no formal accusation has been made, the suspicion is firmly directed towards Russia.

However, the initial discovery soon turned into a crisis as responders and other persons also became ill. The exact number of people is still being revised in media reports but is being put at least 500. There is no clarity on the source of what is making them ill, as investigators look into a pub, a shop, a restaurant, Skripal’s house, and his wife’s grave. Was it a gift his daughter had given him? Was it something in their food at the restaurant? The press has been rampant in its guesswork.

CCTV from Salisbury Town Centre sources was scoured, but no announcement has been made of anyone approaching them suspiciously, so it seems no light was shed from the footage, other than establishing their movements.

Initial speculation suggests they may have been sprayed with an ultra-strong form of heroin called Fenatayl, which is absorbed through the skin. A swiftly fatal dose can be delivered by spraying someone’s ear. But in the last couple of days, the narrative now says it is an un-named nerve agent.

Sergei Skripal and his daughter remain in critical condition. If they recover they will face life changing health problems.

Another person, DS Nick Bailey, was also contaminated and fell in a coma. He is now reported to have awoken from his coma and is hopefully on the path to recovery. Initial reports said he became ill attending to the couple on the bench and attempting first aid, but now it is announced that he actually was contaminated investigating Skripal’s home.

Skripal has been connected to Ex-MI6 Agent Christopher Steele, and allegedly helped Steele compile his dodgy “Russia Russia” dossier that has been so troublesome to President Trump. The FISA and Senate memos have established this dossier was used to defraud the FISA court by members of the Obama administration, to get full surveillance of then candidate Donald Trump.

Right now, Russia is complaining about being traduced in the media while having no formal contact via diplomatic channels. Theresa May is “considering a response when the picture is clear,” while Boris Johnson is speculating that England might pull out of this year’s Football World Cup and warning that Russian Oligarchs in London may have assets seized in retaliation.

In other words, it’s a chaotic bloody mess.

But also, an appalling incompetent assassination.

It’s not so much an assassination attempt, as arson against international relations.

This is not a business-like killing, this is chaos, this is broadcasting a message across the planet.

So what are we to think of this?


At this stage, with no official explanation for the events and no formal diplomatic action taken against anyone, I can only be as honest as everyone else, and say we do not know the truth.

But what I can do, is line up a list of scenarios, and the last one, no-one seems to be thinking about…

“It was Russia”

Russia is known for always being willing to take out a traitor. Its not that Russia couldn’t do this: of course they could. But could Putin really have authorised this kind of FUBAR? It does stretch reason. Apart from revenge for prior treason, Skripal helping Christopher Steele has damaged Russian interests and international relations with the EU and the USA, and that could be a price that needed answering for.

“It was the EU”

The EU is very antagonistic towards Russia, it has aggressive expansion ideas to absorb all the countries up to the Russian border. If the EU had its own army four years ago, it would probably have sent it to confront Russia over the Ukraine. And the War of words and ongoing sanctions shows the EU is hardly friendly and hospitable. They could have done this hit on Skripal to frame Russia.

“It was the UK”

Porton Down, where Britain keeps its Chemical Biological weapons, stuffed full of exotic nerve agents and all other things, is mere MINUTES from the town of Salisbury. Errrm. No, it wouldn’t be hard, at all, IF that was something the British State decided to do: in alliance with an EU/NATO agenda to continue provoking Russia? Don’t think Britain couldn’t, we have done far worse over the years.

“It was President Trump”

Well, Skripal, his role in creating the dossier, Trump isn’t know for mercy towards those who cross him, and those who think he’s a “fascist pig” could easily already believe it. I most CERTAINLY DON’T: but I have to mention the possibility, don’t think America couldn’t do it either, we all know better.

“It was the US Deep State”

For the SAME reasons, that Skripal had his fingerprints on the Russia Dossier. It’s all gone horribly wrong for the Obama “secret society”, conspirators who did all they could do stop Trump. They broke any law they had to, but now face the Department of Justice appointed Prosecutor that AG Jeff Sessions has now announced.

That prosecutor will be levelling charges at the Obama inner circle, so shutting up Skripal would be covering ass, and hardly difficult to understand. Rogue CIA, bloody clowns, this kind of God-Awful mess is JUST their style.

“Other foreign actor”

MOSSAD. ISIS. CHINA. Just go wild, none of it’s impossible.

But HERE is the thought to really make you wonder:


What, you think Skripal couldn’t have done HIMSELF? Wouldn’t know how to create a nerve agent from common chemicals? Couldn’t have created it at his house? Wouldn’t sacrifice his own daughter for a change of revenge FRAMING VLADIMIR PUTIN???

Do you know what? Of ALL of those theories my truth-seeking instinct tells me SKRIPAL could be the suspect who explains ALL the facts!

And you know what Sherlock Homes would say about that….

* * * * *

Meanwhile, let us hope against hope that the UK government doesn’t do anything excessively stupid.

Oh, and UK mainstream media:

I do hope you boys realise, that if it then turns out officially to NOT have been Putin, he will sue your asses into OBLIVION for the reckless International slander you have cast against him?

Yeah. It’s like Q-Anon says:

“These people are stupid”

John White

John White

John White is a truthseeker with years of experience, a veteran of 9/11, Brexit and Trump. Follow his Facebook page
John White
  • tired

    Interesting.Do not forget USA has done biological testing on it’s own people,before.But,as all the info is already out there,the deep state taking this guy out is a mute point.Trying to create havoc to prevent brexit is more likely,the UK deep state.He lost me on the “if the EU had an army” lol,they would have done nothing,Obama and other powerful globalists helped set up the mess in the Ukraine,while condeming it,lol.

    • John White

      Well they did nothing because they had nothing. The political push to create an Army directly under the EU’s control was still ongoing at that time. The EU had no choice but to watch its chosen proxies get their asses handed to them, to be frank. As a brit, I was delighted our boys were out of it: one of the reasons for Brexit is we don’t want to fight the EU’s wars. If the EU had of had an Army, then Ukraine could have invited them in (as Crimea invited the Russsians ooo the hypocrisy) and not had to mess about with the globalist UN while the people, not the politicians, of Europe collectively said “don’t you dare!”. The last time the elite intends to have to listen to that voice, and some would say the punishment started the next year. Hope that clarified that part of the article for you. I do my best but sometimes there are differences between US and UK mindsets and little bits get missed, or I would have explained that statement more. PS UK have tested all sorts of shite on the British People: ironically, FROM Portland Down, as mentioned, just down the road from Salisbury.

  • ich bin es nicht

    maybe Russians thaught to kill someone in Britain should be a major event pointing to the russians,which all the world should watch.

  • Rabid Nid

    The Russians really aren’t that incompetent. Everybody Putin wanted dead ended up dead. This is either strangely out of character or something else entirely.

    • John White

      Yes. Unless it IS the Russians: and they ARE going to War! A deliberate provocation to start a war is exactly what this now looks like. It has never mattered more to know if this is a false flag or a real one: the wrong choice will be disastrous: but it may be unstoppable anyway

      • Rabid Nid

        With the UK? Russia has issues with the EU not NATO and is doing what they want anyway, so a war with NATO would be a pointless waste of resources. The Russian public wants a war with the Ukraine to throw the nazis the US installed out of power, but Putin has avoided that and instead supports the separatists. Only the USA thinks wars are a solution to anything.

        • John White

          Well I agree it makes no sense. But its still the only rational option for the behaviour if Russia WAS guilty. I’ve just done a new follow up piece, the OPCW is involved now, and the whole story is looking a lot more questionable. It’s also given Putin worldwide publicity and he’s just got his mandate for another 6 years. The Chess continues!

  • wscaddie56

    The paragraph below is laughably inaccurate. First, the memo you mention was from the House. Second, the memo proves absolutely nothing because it only reveals a fraction of the FISA warrant application. Third, the warrant was used to spy on Carter Page, not ‘full surveillance on Donald Trump’.

    Try harder comrade.

    Skripal has been connected to Ex-MI6 Agent Christopher Steele, and allegedly helped Steele compile his dodgy “Russia Russia” dossier that has been so troublesome to President Trump. The FISA and Senate memos have established this dossier was used to defraud the FISA court by members of the Obama administration, to get full surveillance of then candidate Donald Trump.

    • Tracey

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    • John White

      Dude. You don’t even KNOW of the Senate Memo! :O ?