Democrat Principal Defecates In Front Of Students During Pledge Of Allegiance

Andrew Whitmore was "visibly under the influence of alcohol" when he decided to take down his pants and defecate in front of disturbed students and teachers.

An intoxicated school principal at a Springfield, Ohio middle school was arrested Friday morning after defecating in front of hundreds of students during the pledge of allegiance.

Andrew Whitmore, 53, was “visibly under the influence of alcohol,” according to witnesses, when he decided to take down his pants and defecate on the schoolyard in front of disturbed students and teachers.

Mr. Whitmore, a registered Democrat, also embarrassed himself further when he lost his balance and “fell to the ground into his own pile of feces” before passing out. He was eventually carried away by local police officers.

He started yelling something about Trump being a racist pig and a fascist **** or something,” one student told local reporters.

He dropped down his pants and everybody was shocked, but then he started to crap on the grass, fell down and started puking all over himself. It was truly disturbing,” said another student, visibly repulsed.

Franklin Middle School secretary, Hillary Johnson, says she was shocked by the behavior of the principal and had never seen him this out of control.

Highly intoxicated

The middle school principal later admitted to police officers that he had spent the previous night night “drinking heavily” and “may have smoked some crystal meth.”

He said the situation with Donald Trump and the national anthem had really pissed him off and that he didn’t remember doing the things he had done,” Deputy Sheriff Tom Hannity told local reporters.

He allegedly had a blackout and does not remember defecating in front of the whole school,” he explained.

Mr. Whitmore made local headlines last June when he uploaded a faceless live video of himself masturbating on Facebook at 3 am, telling President Donald Trump to “suck it”, before taking down the video hours later, claiming his account had been hacked.

Whitmore was arrested on charges of public intoxication and faces six counts of obscenity and could face up to 18 months in jail, according to legal experts.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Phanumas Bank

    sick evil busstard

  • sandy daniels

    how classy… democrats everywhere must be cheering

    • Mary Davis

      Not democrats. Just idiots and they come in republicans and democrats. We need to do away with both parties and hope we can all work together instead of blaming one party.

      • Dan Paterson

        Mary Please enlighten me as to the last time a Republican did anything like this in public. We put up with 8 years of Obama and to my knowledge behaved in the best interests of the country. We tried to get along with Democrats as they passed the party line ACA without a single Republican vote and when we got the House and Senate under our control we still had to deal with Obamas unconstitutional executive orders. I agree there are idiots in BOTH parties, the difference is Republicans have some sense of decorum and would NEVER stoop so low. Doing away with the ‘parties’ is not the solution to the problem, parties represent the voters who owe allegiance to them for any variety of reasons. Liberalism leads one to think that they have ALL the answers without having to compromise with anyone and minimizes conflicting viewpoints. Thus, you get the name-calling, shouting down dissenting voices, burning the books (Dr. Seuss included), lewd and lascivious acts among others.

        • Ellen

          2 words, GOLDEN SHOWERS

          • Jeannie McCall

            Ah yes – a dossier that was a total fabrication containing lies, written by a British spy, and paid for by the DemonRat National Committee. Keep hanging onto the lies; Killary is STILL NOT OUR PRESIDENT!!!

          • Becca

            Ellen, Ellen, Ellen….you are a perfect example of a hater. You hate POTUS so much, cause he beat your girl, you’ll believe anything you hear as long as it fits your agenda. Watch something besides CNN and learn what’s really going on in the USA.

          • Nazi Hunter

            That’s rich coming from someone who bought the fake news of this very article. SMH

          • Becca

            What part of my comment makes you think I bought anything from this article, Skippy? Speaking of haters, check in the mirror.

        • Kelly Spence

          OMG – this article if 100% fiction!!!!!! Don’t you people fact-check anything? Holy crow! A page full of idiots who refuse to use google. The dumbing down of society reveals itself on this page. holy $hit!

    • Kelly Spence

      We are collectively LAUGHING OUT LOUD. The article is 100% fake news – yet a bunch of morons who refuse to fact check anything are posting about this fictional story – getting butthurt over nothing. lol.

      • Nazi Hunter

        I don’t know, I can’t laugh at it. These gullible fools are destroying America.

        Trump has convinced these poorly educated rednecks that the New York Times is fake news while is not. SAD! Truly.


    • Kelly Spence

      We are collectively LAUGHING OUT LOUD. The article is 100% fake news – yet a bunch of morons who refuse to fact check anything are posting about this fictional story – getting butthurt over nothing. lol.

  • hiphop

    Typical democrat!

    • Mary Davis

      How do you really know? You are just going along with what some people think is smart to accuse all of the people who are Democrats. You are mistaken. The idiots you are speaking of come in both parties. We need to do away with both parties and quit this name calling and work together.

      • hiphop

        I would agree with you Mary about working together but there are more liberals who believe do as I say not as I do and have no intention of working together with anyone because that is not pushing their agenda of destroying this country.

      • Theresa M Collet Armstrong

        No we do not need to do away with both parties! They “Just” have to “Start” Working Together!!! As a former Committee person I do know what I am speaking about! To get things done you have to “Work”
        “Together Not Fight”

      • Becca

        Some of the Democrats are saying “I will not negotiate” before they even hear a proposal. They hate POTUS so much, they are like petulant children. They’ve had their way for so long, I expect at any time they will stick their fingers in their ears and scream “la la la la, we can’t hear you.”

  • Guest

    So he was caught masturbating on Facebook yet allowed to keep his job?!? We have to get the Democrats out of our school systems. Do some research before voting on the school board candidates.

    • afftongrown

      Probably the newest answer to liberal “sex education” My question would be, why weren’t the parents up at the school DEMANDING his
      termination after the FB incident? What is wrong with people today, they just sit back and roll with the punches and don’t give a damn about what’s going on in their school’s and communities.

      • paparazzimommy

        Probably because they are smarter than you and used google.

        • afftongrown

          Wow! You do know how to put a sentence together!

          • paparazzimommy

            aww you’re so cute! lol you couldn’t figure out what “google dumbasses” meant so you resort to this? but your dumbass fell for this fake, poorly written and obviously illiterate piece of crap??!!!! typical

          • afftongrown

            Once again, can’t find anything intelligent to say, you resort to name calling! I have to say though, at least, you’ve not lowered yourself to calling anyone a “racist” as of yet!

    • Pebbles

      Every time a liberal goes off the deep end, they blame it on Trump. I’m sick of excuses from grown adults! They need to be held accountable for their actions and made an example of, so the socialist liberals will think twice about creating chaos and blaming President Trump and the people who voted for him!! I think these brainless idiots need to be called out and we need to make sure everyone knows exactly who they are and what they are!!
      DANG! I’m so sick of this! Ten years ago, it was a different world!

      • Becca

        Exactly! They say “sowwy” and expect everybody to forget what a-holes they were. As long as they are allowed to get away without consequences, it will only get worse.

    • Jerome Rubenawitz

      did Cuckerbreg put him in FB jail?

    • greg

      lmao. This isn’t a news story… it’s fiction… parody/sarcasm. It’s a joke, and now you all are the butt of it. Get a clue, truly.

    • Nazi Hunter

      Do some research before believing obvious FAKE NEWS like this.

  • Panzer8945

    He will have a job at mnsnbc

    • Travis Harper

      Democrats will run him against Trump in 2020.

      • Mary Davis

        You think you are funny. Actually you are not showing much intelligence. Think before you try to be cutesy. Do not class all Democrats in a certain pile and I will not class the whole Republican party in there with you and ones like you. This is how racism started, classing people. Look at history. This is not what America is suppose to be about.

        • Becca

          Great wording…”Democrats in a certain PILE.” LOL

      • Becca

        LOL…talk about breaking the glass ceiling! He’d fall through it.

  • Panzer8945

    Msnbc. will be on panel with other degenerates .

  • Panzer8945

    College professors teach that his actions are normal

    • Mary Davis

      Where did you find that fact? More misinformation.

      • Glennfollower07

        I have 5 Nieces and Nephews that recently graduated from big name colleges, and I can’t believe the stuff these “Professors” are teaching the kids.
        One of my Nieces Professors told the kids their very first week that every time that he said one of the “trigger words”, they were supposed to yell “I LOVE SEX”. what kind of pervert does that and how does that help them to prepare for jobs? Especially when seemingly every word in the dictionary is offensive to lib women and can get you sued.

  • wavesofgrain

    Outrageous!! Our Public Education system is controlled by Public Union Democrats. Once unionized, it is nearly impossible to fire them. This is why our government is out of control, from Municipal, State and Federal Employees. Public Unions must be abolished, as they do NOT answer to the taxpayers, but to their unions and the Politicians who receive their union cash. Abolish Public Unions,..get control BACK in the taxpayers hands!

    • Lora Wain

      These criminal offenses should cost him his teaching credentials, and perhaps put him of a registered sex offender list for exposing himself in front of the kids. This ass has no business being anywhere near children.

      • afftongrown


  • Dean Smith

    He could not remember doing that but he could remember, while being that drunk, that he was so full of HATE against our POTUS and against Conservatives that he would literally and physically show his butt. Typical HATE FILLED democRAT. This is what has taken over our education system and we must take it back. Our country will not heal until we rid ourselves of these deviant imjmoral anti-Ameerican perverts out of our education system.

    • MN_Sabres Fan

      Sorry, this type of behavior is not typical. It is an act of someone who has lost control of themselves.

      • afftongrown

        Again, blaming iidiocy and shamefulness on Trump! That IS shameful!

      • Jeannie

        Sorry but THIS KIND OF STUFF IS typical for the left. They spew hatred, vile rhetoric, filthy actions, rioting, burning, defacing property, protesting our flag, our country, and our national anthem, and then blame it on our President. It is idiocy at it’s best.

        • Yvonne Massey

          You are 100% correct. We have spent decades catering to these liberal crybabies who demand that we acknowledge their “special what-ever” on a government level forcing their issues upon us and our wallets without even a thank you. They make us pay for their contraceptives, birth control, child care and abortions because they do not possess the strength to practice safe sex or abstinence and have no ability to act responsibly. It doesn’t matter to them if it is against “OUR” beliefs or religion as long as they are satisfied. Try to make women open their private restrooms to men because Transgenders fear going into the men’s room, screaming they have just as much right to privacy. Yet they prefer to take women’s right to privacy away from them instead of fighting for their own rest room. We have multiple mass shootings, people being killed in large numbers, women screaming for rights when we already have the ultimate right of taking a life without consequence, blocking traffic preventing innocent people from going about their daily lives and hindering emergency personnel from doing their job, wearing vagina hats and plastering tampex all over the outside of businesses, burning cars and public and private property, looting during natural disasters instead of helping those effected, celebs making false accusations against anyone who gets in the way of their agendas and calling for people to be assassinated, sexual deviants being classified as hero’ s, honoring a woman who has for almost 50 years been under one federal investigation or another with a scandal list a mile long, athletes deliberately dishonoring our flag and anthem because they do not possess the courage to admit that the suffering of the black community is self inflicted, forcing another country’s religion on our children in school when our own religion is banned there, Groups like Antifa and BLM making it dangerous to even attend college, government officials doing everything they can to divide this country just so they can push their own agenda of implementing their New World Order, a Pope who has lost all concept of Christianity and is nothing more then a politician in the UNs pocket. None of these things are being done by Conservatives, this is a liberal agenda to destroy the very fabric of what this country stands for and the Democrats and Republicans are feeding fuel their fire, hiring a man who isn’t even a US citizen to be our President, Forcing every United States citizen no matter what their financial status is to pay for the food, clothing, housing, education, medical treatments etc. etc of illegals who refuse to become American citizens themselves because it is more profitable for them not to. This country has gone to hell in a hand basket and that is why Trump was elected President. We The People are tired of this crap. And That is why these liberals have lost their minds. Because they can’t conceive of this country not putting them on their self proclaimed pedestal and they are in shock over it. Literally shock to a point where they need an intense check up from the neck up.

          • Merry Calvert Hayes

            You are so right! I agree completely. I just pray we can turn things around and we can pull together as a country.

          • Patricia Hayden

            In my opinion, The Left morons are the spawn of Satan.

          • StevetheGiant

            wow…..satan….and 38 likes…the right are so stupid it hurts

          • Shecky

            How’s your Weinstein sandwich this morning…? Guess all of you fools take a hypocrisy oath.

          • StevetheGiant

            you are so stupid….you assume i was ever liking the fucking ugly slob which is Harvey W

          • Shecky

            So, who do you like there lefty? Choices are dwindling on those that aren’t actual pervs, assaulters and plain old rapists.

          • StevetheGiant

            who do i like? i would like anyone in office except for trump/// megalomaniacs need not apply

          • Shecky

            That’s funny considering there were only rinos and demos disguised as a Republican candidate….oh, and there was a socialist and a criminal on the other side….so you were for a rino? Or was it a republidemocrap…? Wait….you wanted the C—t?

          • tcurry

            Curious as to what you thought of Obama and Bill Clinton? Great men right?

          • Jon Booth
          • benjie wagner

            the best defense is a good offense. right, steve?

            p.s. do you know what lenin, trotsky, stalin, KGB, etc. called liberals?
            useful idiots.

          • Julie

            If you were any smarter, you wouldn’t be trolling the comments trying to appear smarter than anyone here, right? Since we’re all racist white supremacists, I suppose all of those on the left are sex addicted pedophiles who worship satan. Fair enough.

          • Oscar Pearson

            Way to go Julie.

          • StevetheGiant

            if you had a HALF a brain , you would know this was ‘fake news’ as your idiot pres says

          • Julie

            Well, I have two halves, so what now, nincompoop?

          • Woody Dakson

            At least we have a President in office trying to right the wrongs of your Muslim, Moron, Racist, Reject of a “President.”

          • Jon Booth
          • inquisitive

            44 now asshat.

          • Esther Villarreal


          • StevetheGiant

            another dumb cunt….you better pray to god for my soul stupid

          • StevetheGiant

            what a fucking loser

          • Esther Villarreal

            Principal probably your father.

          • StevetheGiant

            it wasnt a real story dumb-ass

          • hwy505

            Looking at they way you formed that sentence – at least the right are way smarter than you. Fool.

          • StevetheGiant

            i doubt that you fucking hick

          • hwy505

            Hick? Lol. I’m a Jew from Brooklyn with two college degrees and an adjunct professorship. Thanks for proving my point – you’re real perceptive. Lol

          • Mary Mclocke

            NOT the RIGHT who is STUPID!! WE realize that you DON’T EAT PEOPLE!! TROLL, I SEE…..

          • CharlieSeattle

            Satan expelled Soros as a threat to his kingdom.

          • Tom Westfield

            When is this POS Soros going to do us all a favor and DIE ?

          • CharlieSeattle

            Soon, fecal matter dries up and blows away.

          • tcurry

            I can only hope that God will take care of him soon.

          • Italia Johnson

            And his son!! Or is it a nephew thats married to Chelsea Clinton?

          • Julie Sharp

            Soros’ nephew married the spawn of Satan..

          • Brendan Ryan

            Sadly, soros has 2 sons and one daughter. You can be certain they will carry on their father’s legacy of heinously destroying countries, economies and all things directly connected to Satan.

          • Jon Booth
          • geo burger

            Holy shit! This site is fkd up!

          • lost in the desert

            It would cost less than $5

          • tcurry

            Yes, he put him here on earth to test us. His disciples are fighting hard. Did you ever take a really good look at the group Antifa? Take a good look. They show up with bottles, sticks, metal poles, fire starters because there is not a one of them that could stand face to face with another person. They are cowards.

          • Sealo

            Thankfully, no one cares what your sorry misguided opinion is.

          • Betty4440


          • Troy Edin

            Very well said Yvonne

          • Terry Cecil

            Very well stated !

          • Dinki McHenry

            This needs to be reposted. Well said.

          • EmmaKate1Von Plouse

            I AGREE.

          • fishing4truth

            Yvonne, your comments cut through all the BS and accurately tell it like it is in America. I couldn’t have put it any more articulately or forcefully myself. Very well stated and quite noteworthy. God bless you and all those whom you love.

          • palcau ioan

            Yvonne,best comment ever read in my life! And if u dont mind,i want to tell this(espeacially after Las Vegas horrible false flag):AMERICA,WAKE UP !WAKE UP!!WAKE UP!!! lets dont have fear against this satanic NWO n their satanic agenda,as well! the truth and freedom will win,eventually

          • Becca

            I applaud you and your comment. Recently I’ve had friends ask when I became so political. It’s not that I have become political. I am just sick and tired. I refuse to sit back any longer, remain silent and have the leftist agenda crammed down my throat by people that are either too lazy or self centered to fix their own lives and instead wait for the government to fix it. The problem is the money the government is playing with is my money, your money, the money of every hard working American in this country. I’m tired of holding my tongue.

          • Jackie Czarzasty

            Good for you! All my friends and acquaintances are democratic except for 2-3 that I know of. It occasionally comes up in conversation but not often, and when it does I explain briefly why. I believe the democratic party always wants to raise taxes, they want to increase legal immigration, and don’t do much to deport illegal immigrants unless they are criminal illegal aliens, AFTER they are released from jail. Frankly, I think they depend on them to become legal, then citizens who will vote for them. We really need to think about birthright citizenship, i.e. no more ANCHOR babies. Those born to noncitizens should be the same status as the mother, if she’s illegal, then the baby will be illegal. If the father is a legal resident, he should have petitioned for his wife if he has been one long enough to do so.

          • Jon Booth
          • hydiesel

            Remember the silent majority ? Well I think they finally woke up and now you are hearing them.

          • flyingtabby

            excellent! well said!

          • Nazi Hunter

            Wow that was an amazing litany of stupidity and racism. I guarantee you and every ‘tard applauding this are among the most poorly educated trash people around.

            What a sad state our country is in w/ backwards imbeciles like you able to vote. Literally SMH.


          • Paul Bearer

            Kill yourself, kike

          • Nazi Hunter

            Don’t be mad at me. It’s not my fault you are poorly educated racist trash.

            And I’m not Jewish. I’m Arab. Although I’m breeding a buxom English beauty.


          • Lindsay Zipprich

            In other words you’re are a brain dead, indoctrinated Liberal troll.

          • Shecky

            Right, like any self respecting woman no matter what color would let you within reach of that 3” flea infested dick of yours….lol

            Oh, wait…your boyfriend was pissed and posted a pic with your babe.

          • Paula Myers

            Yep, he is a libtard!

          • tcurry

            Now that is funny.

          • Esther Villarreal

            Sure ur not breeding an english sheep or goat?.
            Americans have higher standards so breed away.

          • Bruce Cassady

            That’s Hillarious you acting all knowing, then refer to the Russian involvement like its all real! You make funny, right?

          • Shecky

            Wow, a moron with a keyboard….haven’t heard so much quiet from the news and you liberal hypocrites after Weinstein has been outed. Huge obeyme and clinton donor dontchaknow…
            Typical though of hollyweird and you kooks to try and steer your lunacy away from the lime light. Crawl back under your rock with the rest of the creatures of the dark.

            As far as Russia goes….best friends with the left….during obeyme’s term they got 30% of our uranium rights without a word from Secretary of State clinton…guess that’s because slick willie was get huge speaking fees from those same Russians …see, you do know hypocrisy well!!

          • tcurry

            You want us to check Snopes???

          • Julie Sharp

            SNOPES…is fake news, run by ppl So liberal they make Killery look moderate.

          • Nazi Hunter

            Snopes cites all of their stuff. Compare that to the actual fake news sources that helped install Trump and lead otherwise intelligent people to use 3rd grade rhetoric like “Killery”.

          • Jackie Czarzasty

            Mostly true, however, Obama’s mother was a US Citizen, so no matter where he was born, he would have derived US citizenship.

          • Bill Coleman

            It is not that simple! Research it a little more thoroughly. Besides, when he was adopted by an Indonesian and went there to live his U.S. citizenship would have been null & void. Also, no effort was made to restore his so called U.S. citizenship and he registered as a foreign student in our U.S. schools.

          • afftongrown

            I believe his mother reneged her US citizenship at some point, did she not?

          • tcurry

            The liberals ignore the fact that Obama became an Indonesian Citizen and never changed it back to US. No proof has ever been shown. He also hid his college transcripts which would have shown that he enrolled as a non-US Citizen. They want to pretend like this was not the fact. Our country elected an Indonesian Citizen as President of the United States and kept him in power for 8 years while he dismantled our country, our laws and our constitution. Go figure, and they still revere his ass.

          • Bill Davis

            Very powerful information reguarding what is wrong with this Great REPUBLIC. The twisted minds of left have done everything tjeu possibly could to distroy our nation HOWEVER after 8 terrible years Obooboo it seems most of Americans have woke up.

          • Tina R Montgomery

            You speak nothing but truth. The left Democrats are and always have been evil and we try to allow them their time? ?;We have been silent for 2 long but we are no longer silent or asleep. We are fully awake and Praying that never again will a Democrat live in the White House. They have poisoned our Children with their “believe us only” dumb down education. Children can’t do anything anymore, they are disrespectful, scared of everything, so they go hide, think they are entitled to everything free, Participation awards because they were there but couldn’t win if they wanted or tried to. Don’t even know what they are crying for or what it means or even know what the outcome would be for their ideas.
            Their parents are worse. But now more than ever Young Parents are teaching their children at home or Private school and getting them in Church. I buy up every old encyclopedia and school books I can find.

          • Diane Ross Eslinger

            way to go Yvonne! About time someone finally said what the rest of us have been thinking!

          • Nan

            Thank you for saying exactly what I’ve been thinking. Good for you and well said.

          • disqus_cYzspNiyt1

            Bless you, Yvonne. Conservatives are fed up and just beginning to stand up for their rights. Thank God for President Trump.

          • tcurry

            It is all about losing control. They have lost control of the Presidential Office, The Senate and the House and they do not like it one bit so they are putting on the most ridiculous shows and acts that have ever been seen.

          • Jon Booth
          • LTC. Bill Kilgore

            BRAVO!! Well said!

          • Sealo

            If anyone is a crybaby….. It’s you Yvonne. Read your BS, it’s nothing more than a cry-fest about “liberals.” Grow up and get real.

        • Ed Wade

          And don’t forget pissing and shitting on police cars during their “occupations.”

        • Lisa Hosman

          And then try to explain it away as “not typical”, or “A really nice guy”, etc. Throw the book at him! Start with firing him and pulling his teaching certificate.

          • takeitandshoveit

            Also revoke his pension.

        • Michael Baird

          I agree 100% Jeannie.

        • Frances Chute Quinn

          this is what the muslims do all over our country, just defecate in the streets or where ever, now i understand the Romanians are doing it.. what kind of low life are these people and why do we want them here. filth.

        • LTC. Bill Kilgore

          And they lie, make up false stories, try to frame innocent people for their own hate crimes, protect massive pedophile rings, and harbor those who want to kill and destroy America.

          • Jeannie

            You are so right!!! One person said they hope God will take care of him. I pray God will take care of the whole education system, once he is let back in the classrooms…

          • Jeannie

            Thank you for your service…God Bless you

      • yankeebean2000

        Yeah, in more ways that one…lol!

      • greyhounds plus

        Not typical of what? I don’t see any Republicans pulling this BS. The leftists are hate mongers, that have no problem supporting the most corrupt democratic party in history, and ooze jealousy out of their pores at what Trump is trying to accomplish. The left needs to get over it. The 2018 elections are going to wipe their worthless butts even more.

        • Kelly Spence

          It’s fake, you dumba$$. Dont believe everything you read on the internet.

        • Michael Baird

          Absolutely Correct

      • SickoftheBS

        Called Democrat

        • Mary Davis

          Look there are lots of democrats who are normal citizens who want the best for our country. It is so pitiful that people keep up this negative stuff between the parties. No party is made up entirely of these negative things. I wish we did not have republicans or democrats and then maybe they would work together without spewing all this hate and misinformation. The newspapers and news networks are practically owned by one certain party and they also spew out misinformation according to the party that they represent. They should be impartial, but they are not. Stop all of the hate. It helps nothing.

          • Gail Sutherland Dontigney

            I hope you realize that the news media is pro-Democrat and you are talking about your own party spewing out misinformation. I do agree this hate needs to stop, and there is some in both parties but the Democrats are more outspoken.

          • Jeannie McCall

            Since the DemonRats STARTED with all the HATE after our President Trump was elected, THE DEMONRATS are the ones who need to STOP THE HATE, violence, AntiFags, BLM, and on and on. We have been patient, but our patience is running thin. The DemonRat party of petulant children HAS TO REGAIN SOME SMALL BIT OF CONTROL OF THEMSELVES and STOP THE HATRED AND DISRESPECT NOW!!!

          • Nazi Hunter

            Just like the right showed so much respect to Obama? Trump himself was the leader of the racist birthers for years.

          • Jeannie McCall

            When did you see violent riots and protests when Obama was elected? When did you see Conservatives looting, burning, rioting and protesting, blocking traffic on highways when Obama was elected? When did you see Conservatives emerging as hate-filled groups known as AntiFa, BLM and so forth when Obama was elected?? YOU DIDN’T, BECAUSE WE ACCEPTED WHOM THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR AS PRESIDENT!!!

          • flyingtabby

            seems they are very few and far between these days. Gone are the days of Hubert Humphrey, Paul Tsongas, Joe Lieberman, et. al. Bill Clinton took the party to the sewer.

          • hydiesel

            There is no normal democrats, I was a democrat for about forty years Obuma and Clintons opened my eyes. Anyone that still can’t see open your eyes, you are blind or stupid.

          • afftongrown

            Name 2 in Congress!

        • Kelly Spence

          It’s called fake. As much as conservatives scream ‘fake news,’ you have no idea when you’re that target of it. lol

          • Nazi Hunter

            Studies have shown that twice as much fake news is pro-conservative than pro-liberal. And trump has done a professional job ensuring that his credulous followers now think that fake news comes from the MSM rather than sites exactly like this one. Of course he had to in order to ensure his poorly educated base never understands that it is exactly this type of fake news, highly targeted by swing states, that the Russians used to steal the election.

          • Lindsay Zipprich

            I take it you have never been to web pages like Occupy Democrat. I would call the information on there leftist bullshit.

          • GATEACH

            What studies? I always enjoy reading about these studies and statistics, but wait!!! Nobody ever posts links to these studies! You seem well-informed about Fake news! Probably because you spend a great deal of your time commenting and posting FAKE news! You’re really are special, aren’t you?

      • Jim Bennett

        Well send the snowflake to a safe space. If he can’t control himself then he does not belong in a position to be in contact with students.

      • bibliofly

        Most “educators” are simply better at hiding it than this fool was.

      • Dennis 4 America

        He wasn’t fired last time. So they must deem it acceptable

      • John Carlson

        It’s typical for Democrats (Liberals with a murder/suicide mentality).

      • Shecky

        Go to an antifa/Trump hate rally lately? They throw piss and feces at President Trump supports and police…..very typical!
        Then you have the Weinstein’s of the world in democrat rich hollyweird…big supporter to clinton and obeyme. Haven’t heard from them….lol

      • tcurry

        Not typical. Do you watch the news? What do you think the actions of Black Lives Matters, Antifa, Organization For Action, Soros, and the rest of the over the top protesters behavior has been. I think it is very typical of the Democrats, at least in this point and time. If you are a liberal and you think that Donald Trump should not have pardoned Sheriff Arpaio, for a misdemeanor, what exactly did you think of Obama and Clinton pardoning criminal felons? Seriously, I would like an answer.

      • kimbi

        Complete mental cases are in charge of our nations children 30+ hours a week.
        Think about that horrific truth.
        Keep your children AWAY from those mental institutions!!!

      • NoBS

        Public Employees have lost control of their moral compass for the last 4 Decades.

        Apologist like you is the reason why.

    • Dinki McHenry

      Well said

    • bibliofly

      The problem is this is what has taken over our educational system for about 50 years, maybe longer. That’s a lot of generational brainwashing.

    • Kelly Spence

      Its fake, you dumba$$. Dont believe everything you read on the internet.

    • gnikt

      it should go higher than that who hired him? evidently this is not a ‘person’; that should put in this position in the 1st place.

    • Rebecca Cornett Schnetzer

      This middle-school does not exist anymore (it closed over 10 years ago. I used to teach in a nearby district). I thought his behavior seemed over-the-top….even for a liberal. Fake news, thank goodness!

    • wild life artist

      They are a cancer thats why they should have more home schooling

    • Frances Chute Quinn

      THIS IS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Democrats are perverted scum.

    • tcurry

      I did not like the fact that Obama was elected, but I never acted like this. I don’t know anyone that acted out like this over Obama. The world has gone crazy. This is about who is in power, not the actual person, although the ones shouting the loudest and doing the unthinkable pretend it is about the person. Wonder if any of them get counseling and come to the realization that they have been brainwashed and are off the rails?

    • Scott Sowada

      You are absolutely correct Dean…this is craziness!

      • Scott Sowada

        Supposedly this story is a Hoax?

  • Lora Wain

    Why are there no charges pertaining to the traumatic experience the students and teachers were subjected to?

    • James Willy

      Because he had a blackout Lassie. (Again)
      Only thing this idiot is missing is the eye patch.


    Is there a morals clause in the contract for his school district? If not, there should be.

  • Herbert Lubitz

    This is a good reason to make it law to ban Liberals and Democrats from society. And they call conservatives and Republicans Red necks and deplorables? If this is what has infiltrated colleges and public schools, then I would say there is a five million march against Democrats in Society waiting to take over the Government. OUR Constitution says when there is a good reason to remove current government like this, it is up to the people to revolt, Congress has not been doing the work for the People. Remove Congress and all the Left leaning Judges.

    • talon1812

      Unfortunately, the global puppet masters knew what they were doing when they installed a psychopatic, narcissistic, communist muslim in the white house for 2 terms. He was busy appointing more communists as federal judges across the country for even longer-lasting devastation to our country. And all of these people replying about bad people in both parties, it’s only these demonic, psychopathic democrats that we see defacating and vomiting in public, then rolling around in it. You cannot rationalize or justify this type of disgusting behavior, due to Trump Derangement Syndrome. They’re just deranged, period.

    • paparazzimommy

      Lol omg you are the leader of the ignorant arent you??!! Google man. Try it out sometime

    • Ellen

      Lets talk about spewing hate, your doing a fine job

  • Travis Harper

    He won’t see a minute behind bars after his bond release. Liberal judges will reward this piece of feces with paid leave, paid rehab and a job on the commission at double pay

  • Jaycey

    Oh Lordy. I’d laugh out loud if the whole thing wasn’t so tragic. Oh wait…..I DID laugh out loud! Especially when I read that he fell into his own s**t…..that’s classic!!! Hahaha!!!

    • Cindy Gale Helton Gilland

      We’ll, that is where most liberals belong, in a pile of their own feces!

  • afftongrown

    Well, that should garner him a whole new level of respect from his liberal friends!

  • Beachnut

    Democratic class at its finest.

    • Mary Davis

      Grow up. Quit classing everybody the same. That is how racism got started. That is how Hitler and the Nazi’s became in power. Classing certain groups or races. Be ashamed.

      • talon1812

        No, you should be ashamed for condoning this type of behavior. And Trump is not a Nazi. He hasn’t killed anyone like the millions that the nazi’s did. Your stupidity is exceeded by your ignorance.

  • Eileen K Jackson

    GEe, will he be fired now?

  • Iconoclastic Sage

    His second tryout for a late night comedy spot barely missed and his first was already on every alphabet channel that uses public airwaves at no cost for their filth. Maybe the third time will be the charm.

  • yankeebean2000

    Hope the dems are proud of him!

  • TxPatriot53

    A new Democrat poster boy.

    • Mary Davis

      Another racist, only classing all Democrats and bad people. See what I wrote to Travis Harper just above. Shame on you.

  • Tom Fewelry

    Where’s the police report? Other news outlets? Not one, even in jest? Just another reactionary shit piece to rile up Trump supporters against into a fever of self-gratification. You people might not think so, but you’re really equally retarded to your “libtard” counterparts. Straight up extra chromosomes… The man on that picture is one of the founders of Backspace being arrested for pimping a minor. It’s from Sacremento PD… Look up the story…

    • Kim Shrader-Woodby

      um yeah, can you post that link please?

  • Bullrhider

    But he is a Democrat so the mainstream news isn’t touching the story… he was just a little “confused”…

  • Jerome Rubenawitz

    NEA Proud! Shiite of the floor to be noticed. This could the being of a new movement.

  • Terry

    Just more reason to homeschool and keep them away of these sick deviants. He says Oh I may have done some drugs too on top of drinking. These are the sick disturbed deviants in the schools badly influencing children. If they don’t find one way to ruin kids futures they will try another.

    • afftongrown

      Yes, but why should parents home school when their tax dollars are paying for the public schools to educate their children!!

  • James R. Currier

    Now he can have another blackout and forget his job.

    • Jerome Rubenawitz

      he is pretty long in the tooth… will have a nice PUBLIC funded pension.

  • Mike Festa

    Fire this POS

  • greyhounds plus

    This is another, typical, POS democrat, that can do nothing but criticize TRUMP, but finds nothing wrong with his criminal, disgusting behavior. This is a middle school principal? I would no more trust any public school system to educate my children than I would allow Soros to educate. The left is full of hatred, but sees nothing wrong with supporting Hillary, the most corrupt politician in history.

  • Tiffany Twisted
  • dochandley

    Now that’s progressive!

  • EllenC

    Do “fk’n morons” actually think this click bait article is true? How embarrassing for them.

  • islandwoman2

    An entirely new take on “Higher Education” and this man is responsible for the education of children

  • Moritmar

    LOL The principal smoked some crystal meth ! So this is where Democrats go ! Some reputation huh…

    • afftongrown

      Well, look what we have in Congress!

  • SickoftheBS

    Just another example of mentally defective Democrat in America. Certainly glad he did not bring guns to school or we would be reading about another mass shooting and more mentally damaged Democrats would be screaming about gun control.

    • Mary Davis

      Your name is “SickoftheBS”, well you are close, because that is exactly what is disgusting spewing your type of BS. Except you do not know exactly what to be disgusted about. Classing all Democrats into one bowl is totally off. What does it matter if he is Democrat, Republican, black, white or purple. He is obviously a messed up person. Do not become messed up in your thinking and be one sided and bias. Your comments about Democrats and gun control go down the same path. You might think differently if you or your family had been shot in Las Vegas. Let one insane person come to your town and you might feel differently. I guess you probably would take your gun to try to shoot it out with him. It would do you no good against that kind of gun, unless you had one too. Then maybe you two idiots would only kill or hurt yourselfs.

  • Jerome Rubenawitz

    Privatize govt schools.

  • Sarah Yarbrough

    I guess it is his RIGHT TO PROTEST. Did he say exactly what he was protesting, or was he as succinct as the stupid BALL PLAYERS. It is also the school’s right to FIRE HIM….just like the owners of the NFL AND THE NBA. In the case of the ball players it is also my right to hold onto my money and not support them. Too bad the students don’t have that right…but then I would never put one of my children into a public school. MY RIGHT!!

    • Chumpper

      Sarah you are a victim of Fake News but you went for that story hook, line and sinker because it fits your narrative. I spent 30 years in the military taking multiple oaths swearing to protect and defend the Constitution of the US. Anyone flying the confederate is flying the flag of traitors who should have been tried for treason for taking up arms against the United States of America and that same flag you feel so strongly about. If the south had won what would the flag look like today? Let me guess the stars and bars would be flying over the nations capitol! Please stop spreading fake news because smart folks like me will debunk FAKE NEWS!!!

  • Michael Murphy

    This clown should be sent to the wacko wickiup for the next thirty years.

  • baylady

    That disgusting man MUST be fired immediately!

  • Richard Young

    Really, and he is in charge of the people teaching American children. He sets the example for teachers and children in his charge? This psychopath junkie keeps his job! Save America kill a liberal progressive socialist douche bag.

    • Mary Davis

      To say, “Save America kill a liberal progressive socialist …………, is totally off for what America stands. No one should should call for someone to be killed. You do not have the right. That is why we have the courts. Watch your language, because it shows your intelligence. Can’t use proper English?

      • Becca

        You mean how so many democrats have wished death on POTUS, including a Dem senator?

      • Richard Young

        Oh NFL PLAYERS can disrespect the flag = free speech Nancy Sinatra calls for all NRA Members to be killed = free speech, but you Don’t like my speech = NO FREE SPEECH! DROP DEAD YOU PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL SOCIALIST. I’LL SAY WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT. AS FAR AS MY INTELLIGENCE AND EDUCATION IT FAR EXCEEDS ALL YOU LIBERAL LOONS COMBINED.

  • Mary Alice Olds Smith

    If you ask me……. The Schools in America are causing our downfall. We are allowing teachers who have their own agenda preach to our young minds and feed them with everything but truth. It starts in the First Grade. When are Today’s Parents going to rise up and go against all the Filth that comes from the mouths of our Educators? Over the years, I have watched it get worse and worse until it is pathetic. Teachers are taking the place of Parents.

  • Sharpshooter

    He was just doing what comes natural for the Democrats, just spewing shit in public, and, also as is normal for them, they fall back in it!

    • Mary Davis

      How could you possibly know what all of the Democrats in America do and say? You are so racist. Yes racist, except you do it in classing people by the party. Do and say something positive in life that helps America.

      • Sharpshooter

        Mary, you must be a democrat! The post had absolutely NOTHING to do with race, but being a Democrat means that you can interpret any thing that is said as what you want to hear. Sorry you focus on race so much, but so does the rest of your kind!

  • sidneydave

    He is trying out for president of the school board or maybe a political office as a democrap.

    • Mary Davis

      Obviously you are a racist and don’t even know it. To class all citizens in the democratic party in this way is repulsive. It does not help America to talk like this. Check history, this is the way evil things get started. We need to pull together. Do not listen to all this misinformation that the biased newspapers and news stations are handing out. They are owned mostly by one-party and slant everything their way for their certain party. They are suppose to be impartial, but sadly they are not. Do something positive in life.

      • afftongrown

        OMG, here we go, labeling others as racists when the conversation gets unconfortable! How very juvenile! If you can’t come to these posts to read and respond without throwing such disparaging comments, perhaps you don’t belong on these type of posts commenting!

  • DynoSauR

    Where is a corroborating link to this story?

  • Dan Flannery

    I don’t understand what the problem is, He’s a Democrat. They don’t have the same standers we do.

    • Dug FmJamul

      You’re right of course, someday he may even run for Congress and wouldn’t be surprised if he won.

      • Dan Flannery

        You may be right sir. YUCK

    • Mary Davis

      Another racist, except in this case you are classing all democrats as the same. In this case I would rather be a Democrat than someone like you who is obviously a Republican, and who is very biased and one sided. This slandering of each party is not good for America. We do not need this.

      • Theresa M Collet Armstrong

        You are so right, you can not do any wrong, just like Harvey Weinstein, and Hillary Clinton!!!

  • Nelson Stanley

    Make him eat it !!

  • Tom Broadway

    How did he keep his job as principal if he did the video back in June ? Where is the concern from the parents and school board ? Looks like a lawsuit in the making to me. Don’t they care about their kids ?

  • Rex Hopkins

    He should be charged as a sexual prediter. He is no different than you or I. Charge him ,throw the book at him .

  • MonroeMethodActor

    Just when one thinks one’s seen or heard everything. After teaching for 37 years, I had just about concluded that it couldn’t get any worse. He need a long hitch in the clink and his retirement frozen permanently. Of the two extremes, conservative reactionaries are far more civilized than the left-wing radicals. Now I suppose we will be treated to defecations the country over.

  • Mischell Johnson

    Is this a satire on the Democrat party? Wow, this just seems like something “the onion” would throw out there as an unbelievable story. Although if it were true it would be under the heading “Truth is stranger than fiction”. This 2017 election year has got to be labeled “The year the Democrats truly and literally made real A**es of themselves”. I suppose it is no surprise considering it is their mascot. Never have I witnessed such a plethora of ridiculous, repugnant behavior of every form of tantrum imaginable. And in some cases unimaginable! Like this story

  • David Lagarde

    Democrats are full of shit, he probably couldn’t help himself….when ya gotta go, ya gotta go

  • Steve Allen
  • Leslie Mead

    This article is completely false and made up. I tried posting a link to the different sites that prove this. The man shown as the principal isn’t even a principal nor is he the man they name. Every time I post it One Nation Under God says I am posting spam and they delete it. Have I lost my mind or are they perpetuating more division and hate amongst us? Watch this comment will be deleted also. I am not going to post the link here. If you are interested let me know and I will be glad to show you

  • william davis

    Normal behavior for a democrat.?


    I have NEVER seen or heard of such lack of behavior no matter who won any election in my 61 years! this POS would be put away for life if I had anything to do with it! Can you imagine your child coming home & telling you this story? Even the smallest children behave better than this! They also have no business being exposed to this @ school! what a real piece of TRASH!

  • gregzotta

    Typical DemonRAT!

  • Jafo Chitown

    Yet this “man” will be protected and reinstated in a position of authority in the same school district if not
    at the same school. What does it take for us to make this country right again. I would NOT allow my children
    to attend any school district that this man is employed by.
    Why the hell was this man not put on a sexual registry after he posted his masturbation months ago. I am
    sure one of his victims could have identified him in his anti-Trump video.
    Democrats – You just can’t make this stuff up!

  • too much TV

    The man has a problem.

  • Ken Kirchner

    GEEZ US! This is only about 20 minutes from my home…what a lunatic.

  • Gobby sucks dick

    Liberals are pieces of shit

  • disqus_ffJw1TiF6G

    KILL this ASS MAGGOT DRUNK JUNKIE Before he starts molesting children next. He can not even be trusted to watch himself let alone innocent babies.

  • Katrina

    He was still employed after his disgusting facebook post from June? That entire town needs help.

  • EmmaKate1Von Plouse


  • teacookies

    I’ve not seen such deranged behavior as what I’ve seen in the snowflakes these past months. Maybe Liberalism really IS a mental disorder.

  • 2MillionBikerstoDC


  • afftongrown

    hat about Google?

    • Nazi Hunter

      This story is fake news. Trump has really done the country a horrible disservice in convincing his base that the MSM is fake news. It is not.


      • Lindsay Zipprich

        Let’s not call MSM fake news then, Leftist propaganda might be a better term.

  • PieMan

    Well after all he is a liberal. This really does not surprise me.

  • Charles Pelkey
  • Ronald Rogers

    Seems like if this jerk is the Principal of a school still after the previous posting of his video, this school district has very low standards. If they don’t fire him this time, they should all resign.

  • Steve

    This is what happens when you get so upset over the election you can’t think straight. Over come with emotions you don’t know what to do with you finally disgrace yourself in the most pitiful way you leave a trail of regret not to mention crap all over the place.

  • Jeannie McCall

    If you are calling us “morons”, does that mean you agree with what this principal did in front of pre-teen kids at a Junior High School?? If so, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM HERE IN AMERICA!!!

    • Nazi Hunter



  • msalycel

    Can anyone explain to me why this man was allowed to continue in his job as a school principal after the masturbation on FB event? He should have immediately lost his job. What a demented nut case!

  • Glenn

    It’s gonna come out one orifice or another.

  • Janis

    Most Democrats are basket cases anyway. I’m not surprised

  • EddieInFL

    He MUST be fired and prosecuted for any crimes he committed. Off to prison where defecation will be the least of his problems.

    • Nazi Hunter

      I’ll pay you a trillion dollars if you can find him. (Hint: he does not exist. This is fake news.)

  • Kevin Wirth

    Gee, why wasn’t he fired the first time when he masturbated on the internet? Oh, I know why, because he’s a DEMOCRAT!

    • Nazi Hunter

      No, it’s because he does not exist.

  • Kelly Spence

    They don’t even know the article is 100% fake news – as much as the GOP uses that slogan, they have no idea when they are the ignorant targets of it. lol. We live among a bunch of idiots. hahahahah.

  • Fingal Carson

    Sounds like a typical state/public worker.

    • Nazi Hunter

      You sound like a typical gullible trumptard. This is fake news.

  • Havoc Dog

    Democrats…why am I not surprised…put this turd out of his misery.

  • DixieAngel_76

    Let’s bring back the lobotomy for all leftists!

  • Landofidiots


    • Nazi Hunter


  • Larry

    This kind of idiot is in charge of a middle school??? He’s pissed at Trump but Hillary’s crap is ok. He’s sure a great example of liberalism at its finest! They can’t fire this POS “literally” fast enough!

  • tonym

    It’s all OK, he is a Democrat and they know best. Keep sending your kids to our wonderful system of public education so they can become just like this guy.

  • Sharon

    He needs to be fired and never be able to walk into a school or on school grounds again.

  • Ron Nadelberg

    Troll Much..

    • Nazi Hunter

      Gullible much…

      This is FAKE NEWS.

  • angel1959

    If Obama had a white son jajajajajajalmaorof

    • Nazi Hunter

      It’s fake news, racist imbecile.

    • Ray Davies

      Obama’s kid is in Harvard, you are a uneducated and poor loser, SAD!

  • Stephanie Owens
    • Rebecca Cornett Schnetzer

      Thank you! I’ve been posting that that school doesn’t exist. Always fact-check!!

      • Nazi Hunter

        Blatantly Fake news like this should be illegal. It is very damaging.

        Prior fake news rotted these people’s minds enough that they found this credible. It’s obviously fake to intelligent & informed people.

  • Jamerican

    He also made that disgusting video IN JUNE and was still a principal????? How sick is that? Ohio, do you care about your kids???

  • Rebecca Cornett Schnetzer

    Sorry, but there is NO Franklin Middle School in Springfield, Ohio. It closed over 10 years ago.

  • mmazzi

    One by one – they’ll all be gone. Disgusting!!

  • Kelly Bratcher

    Seriously????? How do you people NOT KNOW THIS IS FAKE?????? It’s made up… wow. And you all call the left “libtards”????

  • Laz Swann

    Bottom line is he is an out of control liberal Democrats who believes he can do whatever he wants with no consequence! From posting obscene videos of himself, drinking alcohol to excess and using illicit drugs, then the next morning exposing himself in front of others at the school he worked at and shitting on the ground and then falling over into his own mess because he is till under the influence of both drugs and alcohol. From comments of witnesses this must not be the first time that he has done something of a similar nature while at his place of work, a school!

  • Frank Morgan

    He’s a rotten scum of the earth and needs to be taken out tarred and feathered and put in prison until he meets his Master ( Satan)!!

  • Frank Morgan

    He’s a rotten scum of the earth and needs to be taken out tarred and feathered and put in prison until he meets his Master ( Satan)!!

  • Nazi Hunter

    This is fake news morons.

    This is why trump is president. If so many of us are truly so stupid as to be this easily duped then maybe we really do deserve him.

  • Chris .

    saves me from beating the shi-t outta him.

  • Donna Sims Howell

    Oh my word!!! What is he doing still as a Principal after the June incident alone??? He MAY have smoked crystal meth?!!!

  • David Lee Hrothgar

    lol that dude rules

  • charles

    there’s demonic influence all through this

  • CIndy Olsen

    Why wasn’t he fired after his first altercation. Unbelievable. We cannot let any Democrats get back into any position of power over our children or over our country.

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    What an absolute WINNER!!!

  • PawneeBill47

    I’d like to part his hair with a 45. For EIGHT YEARS, the Kenyan made us look like pussies on the world stage, gave $150,000,000,000 in CASH to Iran, launched a war on cops and not this jaggoff.
    I foresee a civil war in the next 10 years.
    Sadly, hundreds of thousands of us are just waiting. All you left wingers can go to a country already to your liking.
    You try to destroy this one and your blood will flow.

  • Jeff Newton


  • Lindsay Zipprich

    Nobody had their cell phone handy to take a few videos to show him what he did? Maybe they could have an assembly of parents, teachers and school officials in the gym and review his actions in living color.

  • Lindsay Zipprich

    Just look what over 70 years of Cultural Marxist indoctrination has done to our country. The Frankfurt school started with the Universities and it has permeated all educational levels and much of our government, mass media and much of our society.

  • James Spradling

    He’s 53? Looks absolutely dead to me. Too much booze and meth, I suspect.

  • Lyndel Beckwith

    HAHAHAHA! He sht on his job! Buh bye idiot!

  • Larry Notton

    Time to put a cap on his teaching career! His behavior cannot be justifed, and is only going to get worse!

  • Otto Yamamoto

    53? Jesus, I’m 58 and look better than that

  • Kenn Miller

    “may have smoked some crystal meth.”

  • Rick Smith

    And this MANIAC rose to the position of PRINCIPAL — HOW???
    Anyone who sends their kids to public school should be arrested for child endangerment.

  • Edward Oliver

    The left is at their core immoral and perverted and unfortunately they gravitate to positions of power to spread their insanity and hatred.

  • Judy Rabalais

    18 months IS NOT ENOUGH FOR THIS STUPID ASS ! Some of those students will be scarred for life. He should also never be able to teach again.

  • Stilla Finch

    this is the left laddies and gentlemen. this is the left in all its glory.

  • Gullible

    Fact check this story people!

  • Geno Angelino

    HAHAHA typical Mentally Ill lefty Libtard scumbag Demonrat, MENTALLY ILL SICKO’s!!

  • Aytac Ercen

    He beat the NFL players to their next act. They are already kneeling.Not much of a transition from kneeling to squatting. WTF is happening to our society. He was drunk? That’s his excuse? I don’t know about everyone else, when I was younger and got shitfaced drunk, I would pass out, pick a fight with strangers but somehow I guess never been drunk enough to consider insulting The President, and timing my bathroom needs to coincide with the Pledge Of Allegiance and defecate in public. These are not the actions of a normal drunk. These are the actions of rabid crazed liberal left. He is giving drunks all over the world a bad name.

  • Gerald Leddin

    Being a leftist is truly a mental disorder..

  • cappelletti63

    Nothing to see here folks . Please move along..So he has a selective memory…

  • James Nugly

    Disgusting but according to the times I bet he is still employed.

  • RelocationQuotes

    Loser drained the wrong end of the swamp

  • coe610

    SOP for the left. They did the same thing on NYPD marked autos. Occupy Wall Street………same thing……….the left have reverted back to sub-human behavior. Expect more of this self-defecating…….they can’t help themselves!

  • benjie wagner

    … a degenerate liberal. what a shock.

  • Obamalaise

    He was just clearing his throat before giving a speech.

  • Tony Venuti

    take your pick..
    Frog in the pot
    Death by a thousand paper cuts….

    Add you own in comments

  • Jim McLaughlin

    Anyone bother to check the veracity of this story before going on a “THIS KIND OF STUFF IS typical for the left.” rant?

  • inquisitive

    Wow idiots like this teaching and or supervising your kids unbelievable.

  • wattersflores

    Hold on a second here.. You all realize this is completely made up, right??

  • Diane Ross Eslinger

    did this really happen, or is it more fake news????

    • wattersflores

      Reverse search the two images and you will easily see it is fake.

  • Lori

    No wonder babies are being born diseased from intoxicants. How horrifying.

  • Paula Myers

    oh why oh why dont we get a picture with that – seems so wrong we can’t enjoy his embarrassment with the class!

  • The Legend Rayford Faulkner

    That SHIT ! ( yes the pun) intended , was funny stuff

  • Oscar Pearson

    He did this kind of garbage before and was still a principal? Liberals are crazy.

  • Michael Weinstein

    Has anyone considered removing him permanently from all schools throughout the entire universe?

  • MrBill

    Well Mr Principal… It seems that the shit is on you! Laughing my britches off!

  • sparkzz

    It’s absolutely hilarious that Trump lives for free in their tiny little brains, and can pop out at any time.

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  • willnkc

    Democrats are the most disgusting vile piece of “feces” there are, and this should surprise no one. The most racist facists are in the Democrat Party crime syndicate.

  • Debbie Redington

    He had a job after jacking off in videos? Disturbing

  • Tellit Likeitis

    He has probably been doing this for years.

  • Rootsy

    Total fake story….never happened.

  • Brenda Golden

    I don’t remember is not a defense. Liberalism at its finest. He exposed himself in front of children so this should put him the registered sex offender list. Why did he still have a job at a school after his last venture into exposing himself even though he tried to excuse it with a lie. This BS needs to stop and he needs to be held accountable for his actions. He needs to be known for the pervert that he is.

  • hwy505

    Obviously a sexual predator. Shouldn’t be allowed around schools let alone be a principal in one.

  • cg

    not fit to be round kids let alone teach or be a principal

  • I voted for Kodos

    Proof once again that democrats are full of crap and vitriol.

  • ItsME Kirby

    So now what . . . He gets paid leave and the union gives him a thumbs up 🙁

  • Hyrcanus

    All Democrats need to be put in mass graves.

  • Bob Smith

    Fake ass shit. “Hillary Johnson” is actually Catherine Armstrong Bell, a vice principal in Alabama and the other guy isn’t even in the fucking school system anywhere, but rather a website affiliate who apparently is also pimp. All yall talking about this like it’s real are some goddamn morons, your only critical thoughts are whether or not your left or right foot goes forth next.

    As for the owners and operators of this site, I don’t give a damn about humanity and I think it’s funny how easily people eat up whatever shit you feed them as long as you frame it correctly within their ideological borders. 85% percent of all humans are essentially retarded and I would like to work for you guys misleading them and hopefully doing some real, irreversible damage along the way. PM with application information. I well tell you where to send my checks. If you are USA business I will write one article for $300. Russian, Serbian, or Chinese ownership prices are $500. Extra 200 for treasonous collaboration with foreign governments, you must understand.

  • marty

    And this is the best that Public Education has to offer!

  • tcurry

    Well, will he be another school administrator who will be placed on administrative leave until he can get full retirement? Thing need to change now, not next week or next year. People need to start paying for their bad acts. I don’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, fire their asses. This is taxpayers money supporting this type of moral turpitude.

  • Brendan Ryan

    Drunk.Smoking.Meth.Defecating.Masturbating. This man needs to be removed immediately from his position. He needs jail and mental health intervention. I can’t believe any principal could be this heinous Wow. Absolutely shocking.

  • Jon Booth

    Does no one else find it interesting that there is no link to any other corroboration for this report?

  • Jon Booth
  • Steve S

    Exposing yourself to minors is a child sex crime….let the inmates have at him.

  • gomurr

    So Mr Whitmore masturbated on FB in June, but was still principal?

  • Oitac


  • phicrappazappa

    Whitmore is now being considered for several GM vacancies in the NFL.

  • lost in the desert

    I’ll guarantee, when the cops start to investigate this degenerate luciferian POS, the sickfuk was molesting his students as well

  • Incommunicado Wayout

    Sounds like something from an episode of South Park.

  • rabbelingoodstanding

    liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • kimbi

    Ugh. I can’t even. Just gross.
    He better be kept in jail. If he was the principle at our local school the parents would have his head after that nasty nauseating profane display.
    What a poor excuse of a supposed human.
    Just NASTY!!

  • LTC. Bill Kilgore

    Democrats are Satan’s minions here on Earth.

  • catgirllover

    Can anyone confirm this story? There are no news articles to back this up.

    • Matt

      This article is completely fake. The things that give it away are the fact that there are no links to other articles or a clip from a local news station about it. If this were a real incident chances are it would have at least made the local news. The fact that you couldn’t find any other articles is another indicator that it’s fake news. A reverse-image search on the images reveal The “principal” is actually a guy named Michael Lacey and the “secretary” is a woman named Catherine Armstrong. This site is a well-known fake news site and is not to be trusted.

    • Matt W

      Several aspects give it away as a fake news story, such as the fact that there are no links to outside sources such as local news websites, no video embedded from a local news station (you think something like this would have made the news), reverse image searching the two images on the article reveal that they are two people who have nothing to do with each-other and have completely different names than the ones in the article, and doing a simple search for “democrat principal defecates in front of students” reveals this to be the only article on the matter. Plus this site is a well-known fake news site so it is not to be trusted at all. It’s important to fact check before accepting anything you find online as fact.

  • papmoose

    jail time for him.

  • whiteshadow

    Why not charge him as a sex offender too!!!!

  • ZuZu’sPetals


  • Ronnie Strapp

    how about 18 years

  • Jonathan Prepchuk

    It’s satire people.

  • Johnny Doe

    He’ll probably get a raise !

  • mjazzguitar

    Is he a reptilian?

  • MatthewL

    I find it strange how this article doesn’t link to any other news sites or even have a video from a local news station about it. I also find it odd how a reverse-image search reveals the “principal” to be a man named Michael Lacey who was accused of human trafficking and the “secretary” is a woman named Catherine Armstrong who was accused of sexual relations with a student but was acquitted when DNA proved her innocence.

    It’s almost as if it was completely made up in an attempt to smear democrats and is “fake news” that conservatives always call CNN and any news source that doesn’t make Trump look good.

  • Tom

    The idea of taking a crap in public might seem like a good idea at first, but upon careful introspection one might come to the conclusion that it is a bad idea after all: especially in the presence of middle schoolers!

  • Eye4one2

    Well there you have it, proof that far left Dems are totally full of sh$t!

  • Hiromitsu Shinaka

    Yournewswire followers are incredibly inbred and retarded. First off, you would think that the actual Springfield Ohio paper would have reported this, and they haven’t. Two the image of the perp is of a man named Michael Lacey and clearly it was lifted from their site: . Jesus, I fucking weep for America you people are so fucking moronic.