Denzel Washington: Trump’s Election Saved Us From ‘Orwellian Police State’

Trump's election win saved America from the establishment of an "Orwellian police state" at the hands of Democrats, says Denzel Washington.

Donald Trump’s election victory saved the United States from the establishment of an “Orwellian police state” in the hands of Democrats who would have used the same authoritarian tactics “over and over again” to “circumvent the will of the people in future elections,” according to Denzel Washington. 

If the Democrats had won the election, we never would have found out they were using false documents to get warrants to spy on American citizens and political opponents. We never would have known this. Think about it!” said Denzel Washington at a press conference in New York.

“They would have a tool they would use over and over again to circumvent the will of the people in future elections,” said Denzil Washington, who has just been nominated for an Oscar for his film Roman J. Israel, Esq.

The nomination marks the eighth time Washington has been nominated in the best actor category, making him the most-nominated African-American actor of all time.

Asked by a reporter if he was sure the memo released by Congress on Friday was “reliable“, Denzil Washington said, “Hell yeah, it’s reliable. We don’t need to know the nitty gritty to understand exactly what’s happened here. 

We know that a warrant to spy on the Trump team was issued based on media reports, and these media reports were based on information provided by an opposition research firm being paid by the DNC and Hillary Clinton.”

You guys can’t see what is wrong with this? You’re kidding me,” The Equalizer actor said, before adding, “Well I guess you are reporters. How many reporters was it that got caught colluding with the Clinton campaign?”

Addressing the reporters personally, Denzel Washington called them out for refusing to publish anything critical about the Democratic Party.

I grew up a Democrat. I get it. I know a lot of people who hate Trump with a real passion.”

“But you’ve got to understand that we dodged a bullet when Clinton lost. More than one bullet. We avoided a war with Russia, and we avoided the creation of an Orwellian police state.”

Roman J. Israel, Esq. is available digitally now, with the Blu-ray and DVD hitting shelves Feb. 13.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • William the Resolute

    Finally a Hollywood actor I can agree with 100%…MAGA Denzel!

    • william couch

      !!! SECONDED !!

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        • william couch

          Did “U” swallow to night?

        • Godzilla17

          Too good to be true

          • megapotamus

            Exactly. It is a hoax, never happened.

          • Will

            What is it that didn’t happen? A movie made? That the criminals aren’t actually criminals? That there was at least one repub criminal that conspired with the demonic rat criminals?

          • diannek

            What world are you living in megapotamus

        • james thomas

          Grab your ankles and get a sense of right time and place you narcissistic fool.

          • megapotamus

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    • Christine Russell Johnson

      I guess there are plenty of moron in the world now that the country is run by one.

      • William the Resolute

        Christine, thank you for the Leftist tolerance….now troll back to Mother Jones or Salon.

      • ed

        Your momma?

      • Glenn Richmond

        When did you get elected president?

    • Rawr

      Site is fake. Stop fucking believing shit without source. Being naive is the trait of the left

      • Will

        Which site is fake?

  • RappFan

    Denzel Washington is interested in TRUTH. He’s probably an Independent and my guess is he voted for Obama, at least the first time. But if you are a person of character, you were put off by O’s first 4 years. DW has character.

    • megapotamus

      Never happened.

      • Will

        What never happened? Why do posters have to keep reading your one(or two)-word responses? Say what You think.

        • llkenney

          Don’t waste your time. This is either a bot or someone who is just throwing out hoax with no facts to back it up.

    • Rawr

      Fake site scrub

      • Will

        Which site is fake?

  • Petula9271

    Amen, Denzel!!!

  • william couch

    ! Mr. Washington! SPOT ON !

  • william couch

    There are still some closet repubs there in hollyweird …….

    • megapotamus

      Maybe but he ain’t one. This is a hoax. Fake news.

      • william couch

        There are many closet repubs in hollyweird.. At the next awards show,,,,,,, those with a scowl on their faces are the repubs.. I know I ran with the “A” crowd………… Probably before you were born..

    • Terry

      Dislike the term “closet” term, it refers to some other people. If a conservative upcoming actor/actress is conservative, their careers are over, how is that for intimidation.

      • william couch

        Closet !! To bad.. I used to run with the “A” crowd.. I know what I’m talking about !! CLOSET repubs keep their mouths shut if they want to work!!

  • contrariant

    Wow, just wow. And you know he’s not wrong. But let’s not forget that it was one of the Never Trump Republicans who first went to Fusion looking for dirt to be spread around. So it isn’t just the Democrats who need a spanking, it’s the DC establishment.

    And let’s not forget that McCain played the happy messenger when he gave the dossier to Comey with a “go get ’em” also on the back. By rights he should be in Leavenworth instead of Congress.

    • memnoch_the_infowarrior

      Sing bird McCain is “one of them” also. He’s definitely controlled by the Saudis as are a lot of these “actors and politicians” spewing from the mouths. But you’re right it’s not only the Dems, they do make the majority though.

      • megapotamus


        • Will

          What is a hoax? That McCain worked with demonic rats to illegally torpedo the Trump campaign and later the Trump administration (sedition)? Or are You saying that the criminal behavior by the demonic rats didn’t happen? Where is the Hoax?

        • Berean

          “On 3 February 2018, the disreputable web site reported falsely that actor Denzel Washington said the election of President Donald Trump saved the United States from becoming an ‘Orwellian police state.’
          …There is no evidence that Washington made this comment, though it isn’t the first time he has been accused of being a Trump supporter without factual support. At a red carpet event for his film “Fences” he responded to a question about how he voted in 2016 with ‘none of your business.’

          YourNewsWire is a fake news site that is notorious for making up sensational quotes and attributing them to celebrities or politicians. YourNewsWire. For example the site started a false rumor that actor Sylvester Stallone said former President Barack Obama was a ‘closeted homosexual’ and claimed, again falsely, that actress Julia Roberts had said former First Lady Michelle Obama ‘isn’t fit to clean Melania Trump’s toilet.’

          YourNewsWire also regularly exploits the early hours of tragedies to spread false rumors and conspiracy theories.”

          links for claims & quotation is from

          • TBRider1

            You do know snopes is a liberal (funded by George Soros) institution right? smh

    • megapotamus


      • Will

        Try to lay some words down that explain Your assertion. What exactly is a hoax?

    • Terry

      So who was the first Republican who went to Fusion?

      • contrariant

        Don’t know how to google? Never heard of the Never Trump gang? Bye bye troll.

      • Will

        McCain carried the opposition research document to some buzz-out leftwing fruitcake rumor mill (not huffpo but sadly I can’t remember the name of the site). Who touched it first (among never trump republicans is unknown, but McCain is the first known at this time).

        • TBRider1

          Never Trumpers were created by one of the 13 indicted Russians. Not Republicans, though I’m sure some republicans were hornswaggled into the ame. McCain is RINO for many years.

    • TBRider1

      Wake up call. The Never Trump organization was one of the 13 Russian founded to create mayhem Was reported as such soon after the 13 indictments came in. So anyone who affiliated themselves with the Never Trump movement and assorted Never Trump FB groups got suckered big time.

    • Troy Cline

      Your so right my friend, McCain is a dirtbag out for his own interest for sure. The are all going down, check this out my friend this guy also prophesied that Trump would be elected in 2011, Kim Clement prophesied it in 2007:

  • Walrus Tusk

    Mr Washington once again proves he’s a ‘Tower of Class’ … Denzel? Please come to Canada and replace our satanic Prime Minister I will work on your campaign for FREE!

  • Guest

    Where’s the tape? No one else is reporting this. It’s important to fact check stories on this web site because many of them are flat out false. I hope it’s true, but doubt it is.

    • megapotamus

      Good move. This is a hoax.

    • Rawr

      Dumb ass f4ggots always want to believe what they already believe and never checking source. These writers are paid to shill. They have no real job so they sold out to society to watch the world burn. Dont ever link to this site if you love America

      • Will

        Thank You for Your first complete thought on this board.

  • Erlend Sorbye

    Denzel mist have lost his contact with reality.
    Grace the pussygrabber.
    The GOP has lost its values from the Eisenhower era.

  • james thomas

    The man is a brilliant Patriot. He visited a Fischer house in San Antonio where families of badly burned servicemen and women stay while their wounded relative is treated. He asked what one of the facilities cost and if there were enough of them. Told no, he pulled out his checkbook and wrote a check for a complete facility on the spot.

    • Donald J. Powell

      That is partially true, he made a LARGE Donation a few days later but did not donate enough to build a new Fisher House.

      • Terry

        When is not enough. Have you given. You don’t know how he spreads his money around. the point he gave a donation, as to the amount you and I don’t know.

    • Rawr

      Fake site. You being shilled.

  • Michelle Castañeda

    He is 100% right. Hollywood think they are exempt of a police state all because they have money.

  • White Lightning

    Fake News. Where is the audio to prove it’s true?

    • megapotamus

      Exactly. There is none. Never happened.

  • Fake news

    They spelled his name wrong.

    • megapotamus

      Another indicator that his is a hoax.

  • Ron Hussey

    Denzel knows the deal, if Clinton was elected you would never know that some in the DOJ, the FBI, Hillary, and Obama were corrupted, they would have erased every trace, the emails and the texts, Americans would never have known.

    • megapotamus

      He may know the deal but this is a hoax.

  • Vic Piemonte

    I have always enjoyed his acting and his movies. The last one I saw was the one when he played a body guard for a little girl.
    I’m glad he is a Trump supporter. Go Denzel.

  • Timothy Thompson

    Denzel gets it! I wish people would listen to his counsel!

    • megapotamus

      It’s a hoax.

  • Razorback

    He’s the man…100%

  • EValerie

    I knew it. Glad to see Denzel speaking out and sharing the truth.

  • Harold Melton

    …and how right he is.

  • EvelynPringle

    Where is a link to a source for this article? I am getting hammered on FB for posting articles from this site. Last week I sent an email asking for a source and I got no response. Please provide sources for your stories so you won’t continue to be called fake news or I will definitely have to stop posting articles from this site and admit that is totally fake.

    • megapotamus

      This is a hoax on a well-known hoax site. DO NOT spread these lies, it harms us all and it harms Trump.

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    All people should be concerned about a secret justice system. Maybe we can’t end it…but at least…The system should be Extra diligent in Requiring disclosure of all real or possible conflicts of interest.

    Thus..If the accusers have a real case…tbey should be able to show it..despite all disclosed conflicts of interest.

    • thinkingabovemypaygrade

      …and what in the disclosed cover letter or short memo warranted such a fight against disclosing it???

    • megapotamus

      This is a hoax, ma’am.

  • megapotamus

    This is a hoax, people. And this is a well-known hoax site. How can you tell? This writer was not at the press conference, right? Where is his citation to the original source? Nowhere because that is where this interview took place. Often you see Morgan Freeman employed in these stories but those, also, are all hoaxes. If this is an actual site for The Right it is doing a grave disservice. If it is a Leftwing trollery, it’s doing pretty well. To repeat, this is a hoax, never happened. Almost certainly never will. Washington has certainly shown more class than the general Hollywood commie but he has said no such thing. Google his name for news and this site is all you will find. Hoax, hoax, hoax, hoax, hoax. Fake news and if Washington or anyone else were disposed to look into these things and speak on them, using him in this way will dissuade him from that act, not encourage it. Dmitry, if that is your name (and it ain’t), don’t crap in the shallow end and expect people to keep high-diving.

  • BooBots

    Wow! Bravo, Denzel!

  • Terry

    Why are you shocked that someone in Hollywood would support Trump. You mean you thought that Obama, the empty suit was better.

  • tittietwister

    Finally some sense coming out of Hollywood!! Go Denzel!

  • Bobinms

    He’s absolutely right!!! They were to the point where they thought they were above the law.

  • 3rdjerseyman

    Is this one of those Russian fake news things?

  • jammgor

    Brave actor!

  • Stop the BS

    Oh my, I want to see that press conference.

  • Howard Vidal

    This is right on and it’s not the worst that has been done! However, start here! Indict!

  • AndyDo

    Denzel is not the only Hollywood rep to acquit himself well in the common sense savvy department — James Woods, Jon Voigt and Morgan Freeman come immediately to mind — but most are so outrageously radical Denzel appears to be a James Madison or Frederick Douglass in his wisdom. And a Mark Twain in his clever observations. Love his movies, too! Looking forward to viewing Roman J Israel, Esq.

  • Lady Con

    I’m not sure we’ve dodged anything. Those in the DEEP STATE are manipulating the stock market – they are in a complete panic with fear of exposure of their crimes in the last two years! Be afraid…. be very afraid. If they are able to crash this nations’ economy, including the dollar, there is nothing they cannot do. (and yes, I AM a conspiracy theorist!)

  • Rawr

    This is a niggar site. Democrats with no real job shill here for a living. This is how they contribute to society. Stop getting clickbait f4gs

  • Rawr

    Fake site faggot

  • Jack Inder

    Strange how there’s no evidence of him saying this…

  • freeboulder

    Wow, Denzel! Thank you!

  • Janice Carpenter Anaya

    Does it bother anybody else that all these revelations coming to the surface doesn’t seem to worry the Democrats as much as I would have imagined?? Do you think it’s because they don’t need to worry about something that they know isn’t going to happen,,,,that all of them except Trump because he is an outsider are playing a part for the benefit of “We the People” and in the end this thing will too pass and nobody will be made responsible and in time it will all just fade from our memory???

  • Theresa Smith

    You misspelled Denzel several times in this article.

  • Greg

    Baxter Dimitry, you Fake News Mother Fucker.

  • Hope

    Thank you, Denzel Washington! It’s nice to know that not everyone in Hollywood has been inflicted with whatever left-wing disease seems to be flying around. God Bless You for voicing the truth in an environment that truly tries to stifle it.

  • reeblite

    And if Trump hadn’t won the election, we’d never know the level of meddlng Putin’s investing in our country. But what I want to know is, while obviously having visited the Armtitage family upstate, just who’s brain did Denzel receive after his Coagula procedure? And for the conservaitve commenters here, where did you get your brains? This site is known for its satire, it’s fake news. But I guess you’re just naturally drawn to that fake news garble.

  • Princeton67atCoxdotnet

    I always admired Denzel Washington as an actor. Now I honor him as an American.

  • Princeton67atCoxdotnet

    I have received several reports from reputable conservative sources that the remarks attributed to Mr. Washington in this article are not his remarks. I have been unable to find any actual audio or video confirmation of the statements. As much as I wish that these remarks were attributable to him, I cannot confirm. If there is any video and/or audio to substantiate, please post. Thank you.

  • samkatz

    Totally fake shit. Hope Washington sues your ass off. It’s just incredible the shit people think they can get away with just because it’s the Internet. Bend down and kiss your ass goodbye, fool.

  • samkatz

    It’s totally fake shit.

  • Tami Chapman

    Only in that he is acting as a catalyst.

  • W.T. Hatch

    He put it exactly as it would have been. By using the U.N. Hoeillary would have gone after our weapons. She would have forced America into a police state as we Deplorable’s fought back against her continuing the use of 1/2 Negrobama executive order socialism. Her corruption and lust for money and the corrupt departments she would control would be free to do whatever she desired. All the while the predator, weeny wagging slick Billy, would be able to freely chase interns around the white house once again..

  • EllenTwo

    Yes, it did. Not only did a sizable body of American’s see that coming, but so did the Electoral College, even in its watered down state.

  • cori1956

    Denzel is absolutely right! The “will of the people” would be gone in future elections especially since Dems have been trying to overturn the “will of the people” even after a legitimate election!

  • saveitnigga

    Save your breath nigga…its still on its way…… Trump is one of their puppets…… do some research…open your eyes

  • grey

    Funny how this didn’t make it on TMZ or any other Left leaning Show