DNC Sued By Up To 2 Million Sanders Donors In Class Action Lawsuit

Up to 2 million Bernie Sanders donors are expected to join a class action lawsuit against the DNC for alleged election fraud.

DNC being sued by up to 2 million Bernie supporters in election fraud class action lawsuit

Hundreds of Bernie Sanders donors have launched a massive class action lawsuit against the DNC alleging fraud and collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign, in a move designed to fundamentally change the way the DNC exists and conducts business, and thousands more people have requested paperwork to sign on as plaintiffs in the past 48 hours.

Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers, a civil litigation firm based in Miami, Florida, is announcing the filing of a class action lawsuit against the DNC early next week, and anyone who donated to the DNC after Bernie Sanders entered the race for the Democratic nomination, either directly or through third-party payment platforms, along with anybody who donated to Bernie Sanders’ campaign at any stage of the primaries and caucuses, is eligible to join the lawsuit.

Considering around two million people donated a combined seven million contributions averaging $27 a piece – and they are all eligible to join the lawsuit – this has the potential to turn into one of the largest class actions in American history.

‘Signed agreements are coming in steadily and we continue to get new requests by the minute,’ Beck & Lee partner Jared Beck said.

“We think that the DNC has been running absolutely out of control and completely disregarding their responsibilities, rights, and duties to the public,” attorney Elizabeth Beck said.

usuncut.com reports:

Jared Beck said whether or not a “class” in the lawsuit is deemed valid by the court will depend on a number of factors, but the number of class representatives in the lawsuit could be as high as the number of individual donors to Sanders’ campaign.

“The way a class action works in civil litigation is that not everybody who is represented or is a member of the class needs to be a class plaintiff,” Beck said in a phone interview. “We’ll be seeking relief for everybody who falls into the class around the country.”

“Given the average donation of $27, that could be a lot of people, to say the least,” he added.

The basis for the lawsuit stems from DNC internal communications published by hacker Guccifer 2.0, who took ownership of the compromising of DNC servers and allegedly leaked their contents. Among other items, the leaks revealed emails showing the DNC had been actively working behind the scenes to boost Hillary Clinton’s profile in the media as early as May 26, 2015, nearly a month after Sanders had entered the race for the Democratic nomination.

New leaks published this week showed the DNC spent time and resources assessing Clinton’s vulnerabilities as a candidate in the early summer of 2015, and the DNC even drafted talking points for campaign operatives to suggest as narratives to members of the media, attempting to inject their own phrasing into third-party stories.

Beck said he believes the lawsuit will be successful, as Article 5, Section 4 of the charter and bylaws of the Democratic Party explicitly requires the chair of the DNC to remain impartial during the primary process:

“In the conduct and management of the affairs and procedures of the Democratic National Committee, particularly as they apply to the preparation and conduct of the Presidential nomination process, the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.”

Beck also said a fraud lawsuit is justified due to multiple actions taken by DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who served as co-chair of Clinton’s 2008 campaign. Wasserman Schultz repeatedly claimed neutrality throughout the primary season despite numerous allegations from the Sanders campaign and national media that she tipped the scales in Clinton’s favor throughout the Democratic primary, most notably by scheduling the debates during low-viewership timeslots and by shutting down the Sanders campaign’s access to its voter file database for 24 hours.

“The DNC needs to do what it says in its charter, which is to be even-handed and unbiased in response to the slate of candidates running for the nomination,” Beck told US Uncut.

Elizabeth Lee Beck, a senior partner at the firm who is helping to coordinate the lawsuit, said thousands of messages have poured in from Sanders supporters across the country.

“People use words like, ‘angry,’ ‘I feel cheated,’ ‘Thank you for giving us a voice,’” Elizabeth Beck said. “I’ve read comments like, ‘I would have gotten the same results as if I had flushed my money down the commode.’”

“The common thread among all these emails is they feel deeply aggrieved and cheated, which is a natural response to being defrauded,” she added.

Elizabeth Beck described the shock she felt at an email from a Sanders supporter that spoke to the depth of sacrifice that the Vermont senator’s donors made to support his campaign.

“I remember someone said, ‘I donated $35, but if I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have done it. That was a trip to the grocery store,’” she recalled.

According to Jared Beck, no venue has yet been picked to file the lawsuit, which he expects to be officially filed early next week to allow for a hearing before the Democratic National Convention on July 25. Under federal law, the DNC, as a defendant in a class action lawsuit, has 20 days to respond upon being served. He said there are several options the DNC can choose from in how it responds.

“They can issue a motion to dismiss or move to stay the case, which means they try to delay it. I don’t know what kind of strategy we’ll see from them,” Beck said. “There’s not a lot of precedent for this type of lawsuit, so it’s really hard to say what we’d expect from the defendant at this point.”

Jared Beck described this lawsuit as unique in that the goal is to not just secure financial compensation, but to fundamentally change the way the DNC exists and conducts business.

“You have people who say they’re homeless or unemployed, and they gave whatever was in their pockets to Bernie, and you have doctors and lawyers who have given thousands of dollars… We’re civil litigators, and usually our cases can be reduced to dollars and cents, but I don’t know if any amount of money could compensate for American democracy, which is priceless to me. I think anything short of a fundamental change in the way the DNC conducts itself is not acceptable… This isn’t a case that’s about money, this is a case about the fairness about the Democratic process.”

Beck and Lee is a civil litigation firm that has previously won multi-million dollar judgments in previous civil cases. While their firm is based in Florida, they have prior experience in nationwide class action lawsuits, with Elizabeth Lee Beck serving as co-lead counsel in a nationwide class action case against Unilever.

Anyone wanting to join Beck & Lee’s lawsuit is encouraged to email dncfraud@jampac.us and follow the progress of the lawsuit on its official Facebook page.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Jazzenjohn

    I’ll join too! if one thin dime of my donations went to anyone but Bernie they defrauded me!

    • David Alvaro

      Not at all what this is about!

    • Glen Warner

      Jazzenjohn, chances are good that your money got to Bernie’s campaign.

      The problem is that the DNC/Debbie “Do Anything For Hillary” Waserman Schultz manipulated the process so that numerous voters that would have voted for Bernie were unable to for various reasons, like not enough polling stations, suddenly either not being registered to vote at all, or having been switched to Republican.

      If you’re up for some interesting reading — and the occasional video — go here:


  • e2theitheta

    Imagine! The DNC backing the Democrat! The nerve! Jesus, people, the DNC owes you nothing. They are a private party whose job is to get Democrats elected to office. That is why they exist. You might think it is unfair, but frankly I doubt they care what you think. They took a look at both candidates and decided that Hillary was the one they would back. That’s exactly what they are supposed to do. If you donated money to them and you didn’t know what their primary purpose is, then you are a, well, not the most informed person.

    • Schmo Schumacher

      Beck said he believes the lawsuit will be successful, as Article 5, Section 4 of the charter and bylaws of the Democratic Party explicitly requires the chair of the DNC to remain impartial during the primary process:

      “In the conduct and management of the affairs and procedures of the Democratic National Committee, particularly as they apply to the preparation and conduct of the Presidential nomination process, the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.”

      • Jennifer


      • http://twitter.com/random_tangent Random Tangent

        The bylaws of a club are not the same thing as actual laws.

        • rainfade

          If they’re taking money on the basis that they are acting on their bylaws and representing to their donors that they are acting by their bylaws, but behind the scenes are acting in opposition to their bylaws, then that is fraud.

          • http://twitter.com/random_tangent Random Tangent

            Okay, now all you need is any sort of evidence showing intent! Good luck!

          • Carl Edward

            Does civil court require intent?

        • https://www.D-ID.us Linda

          This is not a club, nor is it a business. The party controls a great deal of power. Like abank both can be sued forbeach of contract.

          • http://twitter.com/random_tangent Random Tangent

            The DNC is absolutely a club.

          • Carl Edward

            Yes, a rotten club, like Hollywood.

    • Real Michaud

      If they are such a private entity as you say why does the Democratic Party use state bought and paid for voting machines with county election clerks, all paid by the tax payers, a private entity again?

      • nutsinavice

        Here in Colorado, the primaries are paid for by the parties. We had a caucus, which sucked. But we did go for Bernie in a big way. At least, the delegates beholden to the voters did. Superdelegates are another matter.

    • Reader

      If that is true why in the hell do they encourage us to spend our time to vote to pick a candidate if they have already decided who that candidate is going to be??? I have donated to the DNC, the DCC and even what I thought was directly to Bernies campaign (which from somethings I read may not have actually happened). From things I have read recently the only thing this whole thing has done for me is to stop me from sending anymore money to anyone. Not to mention the number of emails since donating that all say we need so much money by midnight to meet whatever so call regulation-reminds me of the late night commercials saying but you have order in the next hour or so or miss out on this deal. I keep waiting to read but WAIT there’s more!

      • alix777


        • Carl Edward

          lol, you all ignored Americans who want our borders protected and said their health insurance premiums went up/they lost their insurance and or doctor because of Obamacare-and lost to Trump, now you ignore someone who says they won’t contribute to Dem candidates because they think the DNC is fraudulent………please, by all means-KEEP IT UP!

      • Glen Warner

        Unfortunately, it *IS* true. As for the why go through the trouble of even having an election, I would guess that if the elections were just done away with, the peasants — as in, you, me, and everybody else reading this — would get a little upset, and upset peasants tend to revolt, and the results of a revolution are often not very pretty for the folks on the wrong side of said revolution. The days of fire and pitchforks are over! Now we have hypodermic needles, tasers, and reality TV!

        Well, okay, so I was kidding about the reality TV.

        A little.

    • teeky2

      There were two Democrats in the race.

    • Michael Weir

      Huh, you really don’t know a fucking thing.

    • ArtfulEric

      No, actually that isn’t what the DNC is supposed to do. Their charter states that they are to assist in the exposure of all candidates in any way they can until the eventual winner gets elected to office. Not to get out the scale and put their thumbs on one side until it’s “win by fiat.” The time for private organizations being in charge of public elections is over.

    • NoToGMOs

      “They took a look at both candidates and decided that Hillary was the one they would back”

      No, they didn’t. They had already decided they would back Hillary long before any other candidate entered the race.

    • Carl Edward

      “In the conduct and management of the affairs and procedures of the Democratic National Committee, particularly as they apply to the preparation and conduct of the Presidential nomination process, the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.”

      Consider yourself informed.

  • cyberqat

    Where do I sign up?

    • Peter546

      Email address in the last paragraph

    • David Alvaro

      Don’t! This guy runs a PAC and this is a scam to get everyone to give him their donor information so he can use it for fundraising.

      • phaed

        Nice try Hillary shill.

        • David Alvaro

          Okay, idiot. Give up all your personal information. IDGAF.

          • Carl Edward

            “Just trying to save you from getting your information stolen……”.

            “………. IDGAF”.

            Make up your mind…….

      • cyberqat

        Im sorry but, so what? All he’ll get is how much I donated to Bernie and I’m already public with that>

        Frankly, the Hillary push-pollers bothered my wife all season. Can’t get any worse.

      • Chris Phoenix

        David Alvaro is trolling. Aka lying to stir up negative feelings, because these people enjoy doing that to other people. (the tables will turn, and you’ll cry, child)

        • David Alvaro

          Just trying to save you from getting your information stolen. But you, please, go ahead, asshole.

  • Peter546

    Email address in the last paragraph.

  • Schmo Schumacher

    Damn straight

    • David Alvaro

      This is a phishing scam guys.

      • Sam Smith

        It is a PAC, but they purport to be a “grassroots” PAC designed to represent a liberal perspective. Here is their information:


        • David Alvaro

          Sure. But they are launching a class action lawsuit on the basis of almost nothing, with what seems to be the intent to obtain the kind of demographic information (who, how much, how, etc.) that PACS kill for. That’s the purpose of the lawsuit. Regardless of his politics, he’s still doing a stunt to phish for data.

          • Chris Phoenix

            If you think nothing, you know nothing. Leave it to the lawyers; you know… the people that actually understand law.

          • Chris Phoenix

            BTW, the data already exists on social media, which is all public. Nice try, nubcakes.

          • David Alvaro

            No, it doesn’t. They want all your contributions, itemized, the destinations, methods, demographic info, etc. It is really fucking obvious why they want these specific things.

          • Jazzenjohn

            What is “really fucking obvious” is that you’re a CTR Hilldo David Alvaro. They are asking if you donated to the primaries because the Guccifer leaks and the actions of the DNC, and DWS in particular, have been obviously one sided and biased. Treating the primary candidates fairly and even evenhandedly is in their charter. If you donated even a dime you have been defrauded by virtue of the fact they never were going to allow another candidate that their chosen shillary.

          • David Alvaro

            I’m not even at all disputing the crazy charges that this lawsuit is ostensibly meant to address. Just the fact that it is not meant to win, just to gather data. But go for it, dude. It’s funny that you guys are so fucking paranoid about everything, but once someone says something shitty about Hillary Clinton, you will trust him will all your personal info. Be my guest, asshole.

          • Jazzenjohn

            You are really earning your $10 an hour for being a paid Hillary troll David!

          • David Alvaro

            Right. Literally everyone who disagrees with you is an enemy agent. You’re a pathetic fucking child.

          • Jazzenjohn

            Anyone simply clicking on your name can see your posts and they are all just you calling people idiots if they say anything negative about corporate shillery. If they click mine, they see I talk about many different things, many different topics, with only a few post where I get into it with dumbasses like you. I’m starting to get bored with you now since you have no real depth as a commenter.

          • David Alvaro

            Hey that’s fucking awesome! Who started addressing whom here, fanatic?

          • David Alvaro

            Also, bitch please. You don’t make any comments that aren’t regurgitating anti-Clinton memes. How much is Donald Trump paying you an hour? What a fucking joke.

          • Carl Edward

            “Right. Literally everyone who disagrees with you is an enemy agent. You’re a pathetic fucking child”.


          • Carl Edward

            And you are paranoid about it being a data collection effort, DNC training?

      • https://www.D-ID.us Linda

        Your an idiot

      • cyberqat

        Fishing fo what? Sorry I dont see it.

      • spambrando

        Do you have to practice at being this clueless or does it actually come naturally?

        • David Alvaro

          Are you fucking kidding me? By all means, be my guest, be suckered. I’m sure it’s totally impossible that anyone would ever pretend to promote your cause to take advantage of you. Idiot.

  • DogeRangler

    Another article about Sanders people who can’t deal with the fact they lost. The whining will never end. 10 years from now, we’ll still be hearing about how Sanders supporters are being suppressed somehow.

    • Prudence Maidenhead

      He won, scum.

      • DogeRangler

        Ahahahahahaha, thanks for the laughter, I needed that 🙂

        • Chris Phoenix

          You’ve made zero sense. Zero. You have the same number of points for an argument. Good day and gtfo.

    • Edward Grimes

      Yeah laughter, go look at videos of sanders events vs all the others, his numbers have more than all the others combined. But yet somehow lost.Selling out stadiums and thousands of people waiting OUTSIDE them, and he always gave a second showing.. outside the venue..

      • DogeRangler

        Rally attendees don’t matter, voters do. Sanders failed to register independents early on when he needed to and it contributed to the result of Clinton winning by more than 4 million votes.

      • Bozeman42

        25000 voters who attend a rally and vote still is half as much as 50000 people who vote but don’t attend a rally.

    • Chris Phoenix

      Shut the hell up. If you can’t deal with being on the side of lying cheaters, then either keep the trap you call a mouth shut or at least admit that you have no moral values. End of story. This is real life. If you want to argue over your fantasies, go back to online video games and complain in the forums.

      • DogeRangler

        LOL. Listen to the tone of your words and tell me you’re not an asshole.

        • Carl Edward

          takes one to know one…have at it Democrats….

  • Sandy Steubing

    Thank you for this lawsuit. I’ve filed my client application with you and hope that all other Bernie donors will do likewise.

  • Kim Ber Lee

    When you have repeated sold out,stadium filled, long lines and record breaking donations… only to lose state after state that you actually won… SOMETHING needs to be done about the corrupt manner in which they are conducting business. #BERNIEISAWINNER

    • Edward Grimes

      It’s absurd.. Literately sold out inside, and second events outside… But somehow lost.. yeah okay.

      • alix777

        Maybe they should have voted.

        • Chris Phoenix

          They did, you moron. Those who didn’t, showed up and were either turned away or their votes were “lost”. What are you paying attention to? A rock? Fox News? Same difference, really.

          • alix777

            You’re so adorable.

        • Chris Pratt

          Loool WE tried. I hope that was sarcasm

          • alix777

            Sure…and then you found out that you messed up your voter registration so you freaked out because obviously it was someone else’s fault. Or you didn’t pay attention to the polls and were surprised when Hillary won her states by what the polls had been predicting for months. Or you only know Bernie supporters so how could Hillary win (which says more about your lack of diversity in friends than about government corruption)? I mean, you can keep yelling about voter suppression if you want, even though you are trying to force suppression of the millions of votes that Hillary got over Bernie. Cognitive Dissonance at its finest folks.

          • Catherine Kane

            given that a number of people I know personally were registered and showed up, only to be turned away, this issue does justify investigation

            and you making snarky comments doesn’t make you right

          • Carl Edward

            The voting outcome is irrelevant when the issue is fraud by the DNC.

            But you knew that, Deflerction 101.

          • alexander Taylor

            One from the vaults! Bernie lost because the Bernie campaign (and more specifically his supporters) refused to campaign for new voters. Instead of doing the work you need to do to win a campaign, they figured their smugness would win them an election. Instead of trying to get new supporters they just rested on their laurels and in turn lost the election. Everytime they lost a state, instead of trying to reach MORE voters next time, they screamed conspiracy theories and shared fake news to justify their loss. This turned off MORE voters and made their failure increasingly inevitable. Anyone who tried to change the course of the campaign to a winning strategy was labeled as a “shill”, a “troll” or a “hill-not” and blacklisted. The very people who were working for the campaign’s best interests were shunned, this leaving only the people who were killing the campaign in places of leadership. So spare us even further conspiracy theories and maybe do something useful…

          • alexander Taylor

            Oh…and what I really should have replied was…you do realize that yournewswire is not a reliable news source don’t you? It is a fake new site.

        • spambrando

          Seriously? Paid or pro bono furry Hil Bot?P

          • alix777

            Just another god fearing American like yourself, Bubba.

        • http://Yahoo.com/ Irm Alderman

          Yep, just showing up but not being registered to vote, makes one a dummy!

        • Pat Engness

          They’re all Worried about every single little “vote” for $HilLIARy being counted, not that it’s going to change any of the state results, but there were a couple MILLION Votes that still never got Counted in just California alone, even with a month to do it, from the primary. Did the DNC/Obama/$HilLIARy Care about that? hell, no. and NO you don’t want to get rid of the Electoral College, because then New York, California and Florida, let’s say, can just band together and SELECT every President for the rest of the Country with smaller populations. Although, just the same way $HilLIARy USED the Super Delegates that are supposed to be UN-Pledged and not vote until the Convention, I’m sure she’ll be the ONLY Person who will will try to do some More Election FRAUD with the Electoral College! She went around collecting supposedly UN-Pledged SD’s like stamps, bribing, threatening, cajoling SD’s to Pledge” to her, YEARS in Advance, including our own Representative, who I Did NOT Vote for just for THAT reason. OUr District voted 76% for Bernie and he cast his SD Vote for HRC. It was amazing to me how, with all the sexual/sexist slime ball stuff that Hillbilly succeeded in sweeping under the rug during Bill’s ’92 primary run, that SHE would be the one to bring up stuff, only tamer, about another candidate! She’s a Gutter Rat that dragged the whole country down in the Sewer for the last two weeks of the campaign, while at the same time saying “When they go low….WE go High” ! Her and Michelle both big Hypocrites with “pimp pimp pimping the pussy” Jay-Z on stage! wow http://occupydemocrats.com/2016/04/26/hillary-trolls-just-got-facebook-shut-bernie-groups-reporting-pornography/

    • Luna Maya

      Thanks for your donation, now Jane Sanders can continue to receive $80K/ month from your money!

      • spambrando

        Any time, “Fake Profile”…

      • Tricia Mo’orea


    • Bozeman42

      Not everyone who votes goes to rallys. Pulling numbers out of the air just to make the point, if one person has 25,000 people who are all super excited at an amazing rally and they all vote, but another candidate has only 50 people at their rally but 50,000 people who voted but don’t go to the rally, the person with 50 people at their rally still wins. Rally participation =/= voter participation

      • @bozeman42isamoron

        ur an idiot if u think this. passion = participation when it comes to american politics. if people went to a rally they sure as shit voted.

        • Bozeman42

          Right, I’m sorry! I forgot! You can vote if and only if you attend rallies. OF COURSE THE PEOPLE WHO ATTEND THE RALLIES ARE VOTING. I’m saying that PEOPLE WHO DO NOT ATTEND RALLIES ALSO VOTE. 25,000 voting rally attendees count for 25000 votes. 50,000 voters who do not attend rallies count for 50,000 votes.

        • Bozeman42

          Some people who care deeply about politics don’t have time to attend rallies.

        • alix777

          I can bet that 25% of those people at rallies weren’t even registered. They just wanted to “say they were there” and pat themselves on the back. I can bet another 10% of those people, on the day of the primary, just didn’t bother to go and vote. So that’s 35% of those rallies that ended up being rubbish.

          • alix777

            Oh and let’s not forget the other 10% that either messed up their registration and registered for the wrong party or didn’t get the registration done in time to vote at the primaries. A lot of the so called “voter suppression” turned out to be user error.

          • Carl Edward

            that’s a lot of dumb democrats out there……

          • Catherine Kane

            “I can bet” that would be your theory and doesn’t have data to back it up, so saying your results are facts is illogical and not valid

            bad science alix777

        • http://Yahoo.com/ Irm Alderman

          NOT if they were not registered as Democrats in that state! Or not old enough to vote.

  • iamnotarobot

    After you sign up go to GOP. gov and register as a Republican too.

  • awfiof

    fuck dnc and their supporters

    • Chris Pratt

      Pretty much , it’s time to get dark money influence out of our government so that it may represent the people instead of $$$$ intrests

      • Carl Edward

        Uh, Trump already did that.

  • https://www.D-ID.us Linda

    I am on disability yet even I can pull ten dollars a month. I would do it all over again even if we lose. This fight win lose or draw has just started.

  • Harold Wittig

    How do I join the lawsuit

  • Varuka Salt


  • Scott Domzalski

    Don’t appease sleaze go Independent .

  • Spiv Kurl

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    Learn the signs of recent herbicide use –
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  • Nina Ricci

    i am filing a lawsuit against Sanders for using DNC money to go to Italy and taking his whole family to a non political visit.
    I am also suing to get my money back on the 38K a day security detail he is wasting of the DNC donations because he refuses to go back to the hole where he came from once he LOST.

    And I am suing this idiot for trying to ruin MY PARTY and running as a Dem because he is too incompetent to have his own

    • NoToGMOs

      Evidence that he used DNC money to go to the Vatican (not Italy, you ignoramus!)??

      Take a photo and post it on here when the judge laughs you out of court when you ask for ‘your’ $38K ‘back’!

      How incompetent is YOUR party if they were incapable of saying a simple “NO” when Sanders initially joined the party to run for POTUS??

  • Robin

    how do we join the class action lawsuit?

    • Indio

      Send an email to the address in the last paragraph

  • Solange Nelson

    This video explains why many,many Berners won’t vote for Hillary. Worth to see on its entirety! https://www.facebook.com/iamaliceanil/videos/1304630146231704/

  • Dragon Lady

    The DNC has repeatedly told voters to go f*ck themselves. We’ll be returning the favor in November.

    • Luna Maya

      Buh bye!

  • http://avclub.com/ Cookie_Monster

    Hey, I was rooting hard for the Warriors. Does this mean I can sue LeBron?

    Sanders lost. Not because of fraud, not because of some devious conspiracy, but because more people voted for Clinton. He ran a sloppy campaign. He didn’t study the caucus/primary rules, he didn’t make sure his supporters were registered to vote in time, he dismissed the black vote and the Southern states—he was disorganized and unprofessional, and then cried foul when he lost to a more popular, better-run campaign. I have to say, none of that is terribly presidential.

    • Carl Edward

      Niether is Hillary’s “blame everyone but me” tour…….

    • Carl Edward

      No, but if the ref’s made calls to help GS…….on orders from the league office-in discovered emails…..?

      Maybe a civil case, but who’s the plaintiff? Ticket buyers? Proffessional gamblers?

  • lasallepal

    Bern down the house and put democracy back into the Democratic Party

  • Luna Maya

    Why is Bernie suing the DNC, he is Independent NOT Democrat. Stadium filled does not equal votes, Free College is NOT the only issue Americans are facing, but it’s much more complex than that, Bernie can go back to a Senate. Bernie lost and should go back to Vermont. I hope someone will replace him as a Vermont Senator! He is part of Do Nothing Congress!

  • thatpageguy

    This lawsuit will go nowhere. The reason is that the courts are loathe to intervene in internal party matters. Also, on a factual basis, it will be hard to prove. I’m wondering how much the law firm will get out of this and I also wonder if they are doing this in order to take advantage of the fervor of Bernie’s supporters.

  • Anne M Parent

    Hillary R Clinton is the worst possible candidate ever in the political arena. I will never vote for her. She is only a demon preying on the public for her gains. I only have one God that is more powerful than her and I know he will fix it. I will stand true to him and when I do meet her I will be wearing a crown and will let the devil take her to her new domain in hell. Where she belongs for lying, cheating, and stealing. I have no use for her whatsoever in my life. I cannot and will not give her any due credit for her actions. She will never get any respect from me either. I am a Bernie Sanders Supporter and will remain that way forever. Feel the Bern Killery!!!!!!

  • arlysmills

    How about filing civil suits in states with closed Primaries on behalf of the tax payers who funded the primaries but weren’t allowed to vote because they are registered as Independents?

  • Gilgamesh

    Law suit tossed out by judge in 3…2…1…

  • bcarreiro

    End citizens united original founding member and been fighting for justice for many years…intelligence over influence & performance over preference!! Hillary Clinton is endorsed by a superpac which suppresses the people voice. I was a part of nancy pelosi original campaign reverse citizens united… She endorsed Clinton flipflopping against her own campaign to overturn prop 49 introduced by Justice Roberts in which that only speaks for itself. Was truly disappointing to hear our president endorse her as well. Its more than a conflict of interest…its bribery at our expense. Redefine (501) orgs. between good will (donation) & free will (redistribution). One person, one vote…re-enact the VRA and ANTI-CORRUPTION Act & end citizens united once and for ALL. Its not democracy it’s hypocrisy and we the people deserve fairness in any election. 150,000 signatures to be on ballot and individual donation only thats transparent. Thank you for due diligence in this matter. We are saving our future for all not just a one percentile.

  • Peggy James

    I admire especially the young generation for not bowing down to public servants who seem to have become so comfortable in their government positions that they cheat right out in plain sight! It takes courage to stand up and fight for honesty and integrity within our government no matter which party one belongs to or chooses not to belong to. Maybe it is time to start a brand new progressive party that creates and stands by fair rules and fair elections.

  • mauims

    I’m in!

  • stageplay

    Clinton vs Trump: two terrible candidates and a horrible choice for the American people. And if there is any Democrat in America who can lose to Trump it is Hillary Clinton. The Dems should have nominated Sanders, and it is truly possible that the DNC fraudulently tipped the scales heavily in Clinton’s favor. If that is true, then it is just as despicable as the 2000 anointing of George W. Bush by the Supreme Court. What is happening to this country?

    • Carl Edward

      It’s more despicable, the SC followed the law.

  • MassCentral 2016
  • Motorhead

    The Democratic Party stated that it doesn’t ..by law…doesn’t have to be Democratic!!! Their lawyers said their purpose was to pick a candidate for the general elections and therefore doesn’t have to follow its own guidelines!!!

  • sifting

    I need to sign on to this law suit as a Bernie contributor.

  • Carl Edward

    The ironic thing in it all is if they had been honest they may have nominated a candidate who would have won………..