Donald Trump Accuses Israel Of Funding ISIS

Donald Trump says that Israel are supporting ISIS

Shortly before cancelling his Israel trip, Presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on national television and dropped the bombshell that he believes that Israel support ISIS by funding them.

On the Morning Joe show, Trump said:

Donald: Right now, you have things going on, you have so called people that you think are on our side, they’re not reporting it, they’re not talking about it, and in some cases they’re involved with it. I mean look: I’ll give you an example.

Some of our so-called allies that we work with and that we protect militarily, they are sending massive amounts of money to ISIS and to al-Queda and to others.

Joe: So, who are you talking about there?

Donald: You know who it is. What do I have to bring it up for? You know who it is.

Joe: Because you’re running for President. Are you talking about the Saudis?

Donald: Joe. Hey Joe. Other countries are giving massive amounts of money. People from other countries are giving massive amounts of money.

Joe: So are you saying the Saudis are doing this?

Donald: Of course they’re doing it. Everybody knows that.

Joe: Okay, any other countries?

Donald: There are, but I’m not gonna say it, because I have a lot of relationships with people. But there are. And you know that. And everybody knows that. And nobody says it. Nobody talks about it.

Joe: You aren’t even saying the countries that are doing it right now. Why aren’t you willing to name those – you say you have a lot of releationships –

Donald: Hey Joe. Joe. All you have to do is check your records. Our government knows the countries.
“Everybody Knows.”

Starts at 26:00 in the below video: reports:

Everybody in the government and the media knows, is what he means by that. The average person doesn’t know. Everybody who reads the Daily Stormer knows.

The country pouring money into ISIS that Donald Trump just referred to is Israel.

And the way he said it was pure magic. Exactly how it should have been done.

(Note: Some have been saying he could have been talking Turkey, but that’s obviously wrong. If he’s going to call out Saudi Arabia, he’d call out Turkey. This was a country which is unmentionable. And there is only one such country.)

The media purposefully avoided mentioning this little exchange, because of course they don’t want people Googling “which countries fund ISIS.”

But Donald was signaling. Not just to us (though he was doing that), but to all the powerful and/or intelligent goyim in the world who understand the situation with the Jews and are fed-up with it. There are people all over who know what we talk about here, because they are involved with the world. They just are bullied into not talking about it. There are people in government, there are high-level businessmen, there are people in law enforcement and intelligence who are sick to death of these Jews.

They’re as unclear as we are about his connections to certain Jews, and how he is going to approach this foremost of problems.

He was signaling to all of them: “look, I’m gonna deal with this.”

Because you don’t call out Israel for funding ISIS unless you’re serious about dealing with the Jewish problem.

I am absolutely certain that backchannels of the rich and powerful were as loud about that 90 second exchange as the national media was silent.


You all know I joke a lot. I have fun, call Trump things like “Glorious Leader” and “ULTIMATE SAVIOR,” I talk about bagless cats. It makes the site more interesting to read, and it is funny when the media quotes it like I’m a 100% serious skinhead neo-Nazi White supremacist gas chamber technician.

But let me speak totally seriously: with each day that goes by, my faith increases that the Donald could truly turn this thing around to where we might have a chance.

He has entered a whole new realm.

The fire rises.

  • common law

    thankyou for the truth Mr Trump

  • Tim Crowley

    So, basically your headline is a lie.

    stupid click bait garbage.

    Trump is a Nazi bitch.

    • Bjørn Gunnarsen

      you are a dumbass, trump is a hero

      • Callista Graves

        A Nazi bitch hero to you, perhaps. And yes, I am a (((JEW))) and will fight you.

        • MO JO Ham

          you’ll get ur ass baked

  • Yasmin Kirmani

    Don’t make your life short,that’s my advice Mr Trump.

    • d marino

      That is why he is speaking in code words and avoiding the use of the “J” word or the freaking Israel word. America is being held hostage by the free speech police – the ADL. When we can’t call a Jew a Jew or name them in discussing all of our nation’s problems.

  • Kaname Fujiwara

    Israel supports ISIS.

  • sailorbill

    Israel did 911,AIPAC is the real enemy of the USA.911 truth.

    • Bjørn Gunnarsen

      jews are behind all wars in history

      • MO JO Ham

        and thats how the pigs get rich

  • Mahboob Khan

    Yes. Because Israeli lobbies are the major donors of the US Presidential candidates and others they are afraid to name Israel.

    Remember, initially they said that Saudi Arabia was involved in the 9/11? A few days back the CIA Director polluted the air by saying Saudi Arabia was not involved in the 9/11. This indicates that Israel was involved; they are just reluctant not to say it.

    When will America learn to stand with itself? For how long the US will use its blood and treasure to fight Israel’s wars?

  • d marino

    Indeed, the Donald is speaking in hidden terms to those of us who know the viperous snake of Israel. Just like he purports to refer to Arabs when he reads the poem “The Snake” but he means the Jews. He has to hide the jew/Israel words because we all know the horrors of the ADL and the vengeance that would occur if he used the J word.

  • Mariana Massoud

    In the name of money,They are killing innocent people. Bastards they think they will live forever. I wonder what are they going to do when they will meet their creator. I am not surprised if they had something to do with the Orlando Massacre.

  • J. Nev

    The Day Israel Attacked America…

  • János Dunai

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  • cj

    They will not allow Trump to win, If they cant cheat to keep him out, they will assassinate him. This is what they do. Ever notice how they seem to be behind everything evil that goes on? The killing of Christ, 9/11, I mean please. 3 weeks before 9/11 Larry Silverstein takes out a double indemnity clause on his insurance that pays double if the towers ever get hit by a plane. The demolition term “pull it” on building 7. These people will do anything and everything to have all the money and power including killing their own mother if they had too…Question is, what are we going to do about it beside bend over and wait for the vaseline to come in the mail…

  • Hubert

    If you have to choose between some megalomaniac massmurderers or a greedy swine, the latter is still better.

  • Juan Pablo Cafena

    if true, the degenerate Jew will do whatever possible because donald not elected, or simply send to murder . The genocidal and degenerate , without financial support , weapons and criminal jew US lobbie disappears ..

    • José Fregoso Edelstein

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  • Mauricio Massa

    ISIS = israhelli secret intelligence service….. israhell did 911.

  • yeshuado

    Don’t believe it, IT IS LIE!
    CHECK WELL WHO POSTED! You might find behind a liberal, Muslim, or illegals.

    • Nope.

      Find a Garak tree, quick!

  • Ed

    Isn’t this the same Trump who is lying to people that the 5 Israelis caught dancing in NJ after 9/11 were Muslims ? Isn’t he the one who keeps admiring Israel for knowing how to build WALL ? NO, he didn’t cancel trip to Israel, he was ready to go kisd their asses but asked not to by Bibi bcz AIPAC supports Hillary………he’s on a Islamophobia campaign to make Israel happy……

  • Ed

    Trump is so stupid he doesn’t realize if 2 billion Muslims are banned from entering the USA there will be world economical collape, plus more WARS……..he also doesn’t know the chance of an American getting killed by a terrorist is less than getting hit by LIGHTNING. ……don’t be a fool this guy is the worse WARMONGER ever and you’re being fooled ……

  • Ed

    Trump has no clue about the practicality of what he is talking about; sending 12 million Mexicans back to Mexico ? Is he out of his mind ? The guy has no idea what it takes to round up 12 million adults and kids from their jobs, schools, etc. and just roll them back to Mexico. ……it gets even worse when this idiot says he wants them to return LEGALLY, someone should educate this punk that a pennyless Mexican has zero chance of returning LEGALLY……then he goes on and says 2 billion Muslims should be banned from visiting the USA, is he crazy or what , USA cannot just freeze its ties with 2 billion Muslims , it’ll be economicall and polital catastrophe. ……the chance of an American getting killed by a terrorist is less than getting hit by a lightening, so for this racist hostile punk starting hostilities with the rest of the world is beyond any right mind……

  • John

    THIS is an unbelievable DISHONEST JOURNALISM that I have seen recently! Trump did not say Israel! YOU, the journalist said ISRAEL! Nothing more than incredible dishonesty here! You put in the title something Trump did NOT SAY!
    Don’t BREED! You should have your ability to say anything, anywhere, REVOKED! No longer will I listen to your diatribes and rubbish! YOU ARE DISHONEST!

  • Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    Israel is liability and not an asset to the US. Before the establishment of the shit hole in the Middle East, no one chanted on the streets “death to America” or burned the Old Glory. Over 1,700 injured ISIS fighters received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. ISIS job is to fight ISISrael’s enemies and create a rift between Christians and Muslim worldwide through staged beheading and other heinous crimes. Most of ISIS victims are Muslims. Ever wonder why ISIS never attacked ISISrael? Inquiring mind wants to know!

  • Watchman for Truth

    The Synagogue of Satan at their finest! Everyone has no doubt heard of NAZI’s but has anyone ever thought of this?
    NAZI = NA-tional ZI-onism. Google Hitlers Jewish Soldiers. Jews were mass murdered in the so-called Holocaust by Zionist demonic Jews not Germans! History needs a major re-write.