Ronald Bernard, Dutch Banker Who Exposed Illuminati, Found Dead

Ronald Bernard, the elite Dutch banker who exposed the Illuminati in a series of TV interviews, has been found dead in Florida.

Ronald Bernard, the elite Dutch banker who exposed the financial industry Illuminati in a series of TV interviews, has been found dead in Florida. He was 61.

Bernard, who was 61-year-old, had been living in Sebring, Florida for the past year after marrying an American citizen. The Highland County Sheriff’s Office said that Ronald Bernard called 911 at 3:46 p.m. saying he got lost after leaving for a walk at 1 p.m. on the nature trail on the west end of Sun ‘n Lake in Sebring.

More than a dozen deputies along with K-9 units, air units from Highlands and Polk counties, four-wheelers from HCSO and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission searched for Ronald Bernard. “The terrain was very difficult, and searchers were at times in waist deep water as they tried to zero in on Fernandez’s location,” the sheriff’s office said.

Deputies pinged his cell phone but it kept showing different locations and Bernard called back several times — he said his life was in danger — but he kept moving despite being told to stay put, deputies said. The last contact dispatchers had with the former banker was at 6:13 p.m.


At 8:24 p.m., the Polk County helicopter spotted Bernard, who was face down in shallow water about 300 yards away from the last known location of his cell phone and 1.8 miles from the entrance to the trail at Sun ‘n Lake Boulevard and Balboa Boulevard.

The cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner.

[Banker: I Was Told To Sacrifice Children At Illuminati Party]

Ronald Bernard blew the whistle on occult practices and child sacrifice among banking industry elites, describing his experiences in a gut-wrenching TV interview that went viral earlier this year.  Sharing explicit details about the way the Illuminati uses child sacrifice to test and blackmail its members, he said he was asked to sacrifice a child at a party.

I was warned off when I got into this – don’t do this unless you can put your conscience 100% in the freezer. I heard myself laugh at it back then, but it wasn’t a joke at all.”

“I was training to become a psychopath and I failed.

Describing the period his “freezer began to malfunction”, Ronald also told stories about crashing national economies and bankrupting companies. These actions led to suicides and destruction – successes worth celebrating, according to his banker colleagues.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Dave McMahon

    Rest in peace, Ronald. Justice is coming.

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  • Christian Thomas

    “Fernandez’s location” Who is Fernandez?

    • Any Mouse

      Ronald Bernard Fernandez. The Dutch banker is Ronald Bernard Blij. The guy who died today wasn’t the same person.

      • CatsEyeView

        Are you certain? You think that Newspunch didn’t check that out? Kinda changes the story….

        • MrE23

          Doesn’t matter to a site dedicated to clickbait.

        • PithHelmut

          I have had it checked out and this is a totally fake story. Beware of Newspunch from now on and the writer, Baxter Dmitry.

      • Christian Thomas

        Thanks for that info. That’s good to hear. I couldn’t find anything else on it on the usual sites, which surprised me. Have you done any more checking to make sure? This case sounds very odd indeed with the large amount of time between his last location and being found dead, while just 300 yds away.

      • Slave 2none

        only somene that has watched his interviews knows about his last name…thank you for clarifying for others!

    • Fraser Paul

      Where does it say Fernandez . ? . . it just says Ronald Bernard all the way through . .question is , why didn’t he stay in one place and keep phoning the deputies . . . .

    • Tim
    • LucaLCG

      Didn’t he marry an American woman to get American citizenship? Could it be that her last name is Fernandez?
      I’m not 100% sure because this is new to me, but this has to be researched.


    I think this is erroneous. The person who died in Florida, back on JULY 24, 2017, was named RONALD BERNARD FERNANDEZ. Can we get a Fact Check, please? See sheriff’s report here:

    • chet

      yes, but notice there is nothing in the report about Mr. F saying his life was in danger. In the report he talks about being worried about his batteries running out. This is very weird.

      • Hmph

        Looks like the author here (Baxter Dmitry) PURPOSELY CHANGED the text.
        This is at best overzealous and at worst, involvement in a malicious agenda.

  • ritournelle

    Are you sure it’s him? “Ronald Bernard Fernandez”. Please don’t give fake news.

  • Ruud Stoop

    This Ronald Bernard is Dutch (Holland; Netherlands) and there is absolute no “Fernandez” in his name. It must be another person.

  • Brian Takita


  • EnemyoftheState

    God bless you and thank you for your courage. Send his videos everywhere.

  • clarioncaller

    The Rothschild’s have zero tolerance for non-compliance. Just ask former Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

    • joe

      Ask Trump too.

    • Lancelot

      Sorry, do tell about Jason Chaffetz’s connection to the Rothschilds. I heard he resigned his congressional post so he could run for the vacating hatch senate seat.

    • ArnieLerma

      Could it be that the Israeli ‘problem’ is just a mega-real estate investment hiding its crimes behind Judaism, just as cults like $cientology hide their real crime of being a hypnosis based fraud used to steal money from people that hides behind religion? 1829 Rothschild buys “Jerusalem from Sultan” 1882 Edmond DeRothschild begins buying land in Palestine.

  • Melvin Bennett

    Kinda strange he drove to a very remote place, if he thought he was being followed. Unless he was driven there. Of course there will be High Strangeness in these kind of murder/death/kills.

    • sean

      Lets hear the tapes of the 911 calls. I think its all speculation dressed up to be what happened and I don’t think it happened like that. How can they even say it was him by voice and his phone, they don’t have any idea that it was even him talking to them.

  • Adam Carson

    France Fernandez the guy who started WWI?

    • Christian Thomas

      High ignorance here. Franz Ferdinand is who you are thinking of.

  • Godert Walter

    This article is false!!!! Ronald is alive!!!!
    This article is based on an article from one month ago. It is about a US citizen called RONALD bernard FERNANDEZ. Shame on you Baxter for not checking the facts.

    • Joj

      What do you expect from fake news website? Not the first one.

  • John

    This guy is not dead. Newspunch has the names mixed up. They’re taking the name from another news story where a guy (with a similar name, who lives in Florida):

  • Lena Mozya

    The Dutch whistleblower was born in 1962 (according to the B of Joy website) – do the math yourself. Can’t be him.

  • Scott Dressel

    I wrote the press release this article used. Definitely NOT the same person. Mr. Fernandez had lived in our county since at least 2009 and looked nothing like the picture shown here. As a former journalist, I am disgusted at the lack of research or, worse, deliberate fabrication by the writer.

    • PithHelmut

      I have had this story of Ronald Bernard’s death checked out and he is definitely alive and kicking. This article is totally fake. Take note of the writer Baxter Dimitry and the publication, Newspunch We have to start recognizing fake news sites and learn to keep away from them always.

      • Doctor Moebius

        Awesome, Pith & Scott! So now, I have to check all these articles out myself.

        I don’t get fake news assholes. Everyone in the world needs to identify these cretins, and then KICK THEIR ASSES!

  • Pete Greco

    They have been murdering whistleblowers for decades if not centuries. But they are infiltrated into the justice departments and nothing will or was done about these murders.

  • MrE23
    • ronald

      This news is FAKE! Look at his Facebook page! How is it possible? You die at august 24, and you post something on Facebook at 29 august (5 days after your death)?

  • Josh Tolley

    Two things could have kept him alive. A gun and a dog.

  • Sosa Laforge

    give me a break. occult practice doesn’t make anyone that rich. people that have no idea what occult is talk nonsense BS. so serial killers should be very rich.

    • Doctor Moebius

      Sosa, you do not understand this material very well. The elite are Satanists – nearly every single one of them (“The 8000 Families that rule the world”); also, I studied the Occult in undergrad (a few courses), plus I’ve read most of the literature, from the Kabbalah, to the Lesser Key of Solomon, the Goetia, the Mahabharata and so on. It has nothing to do with serial killings – yes, some serial killers do ritual sacrifice, as do Satanists, but not all Occult is evil like THAT. YOU speak BS.




  • gadsdengurl

    This is fake news… a hoax.

  • Tim Hadfield


  • Shabbos Shekels
  • Doctor Moebius

    I am not surprised – the Cabal Luciferians are a bunch of sick fucks, and they are cleaning house to avoid prosecution, as Bernard would have been one of the spears. Wouldn’t it be a miracle if some REAL HEROES (like Bernard), but former Commandos, MI-6, James Bond…, funded by some less wealthy, ethical ‘investors’ (say the less than 0.01% yet in the 1%, but not Luciferian or Cabal guys), who could fund such a global crusade against the Cabal, like Red Reddington is doing on “The Black LIst”.

    I don’t see the world changing for the better, until their threat is removed. Of course, No American politician, No CIA/FBI/NSA team has the balls to do it (hell, the Cabal runs all the three-letter agencies..), so we’re all basically fucked, until we say enough. One way or another, these evil folks have got to go, because they keep corrupting regular people through sex and blackmail to compromise any values they had because of materialistic greed and fear.

    When WILL enough be enough?

  • Ruud Stoop

    I consulted the woman that did the interviews with Ronald, she did the factcheck an she told me it is NOT the Ronald the ex-banker from the interviews, the Ronald that is found dead really is another person. So the guy in the picture / video is still alive!

  • Guy Fawkes

    You change your name but keep publishing BS… This guy is not dead fucking liars.

  • garwain

    Fortunately it seems Roland is still alive but there’s a massive pile of filth still to be uncovered.

  • wizard of octagons

    ok, I understand the name was made in error. but, who was the real person assassinated and why?

  • okydokyartichoky

    This is not true. Another man was found. Iunderstand the orig source is also Your News Wire which puts out Fake News
    Different name (“Fernandez”): (death: July 25)

  • Joy Meah

    i can not find one reliable source in search for this post! there were 2 people that died in Florida, with the same name, apparently? but hope it wrong?

  • Robyn King


  • John Burns

    His You Tube account of the horrifying activities among the “elites” was hard to accept but, due to the obvious distress it caused him, one has to give it a high degree of trust.

  • Winston Smith

    Baxter the hackster. I trust nothing you write. Are you sick or something? Why can’t you find some truth in this world?

  • Patrik Kling

    Bless Bernard for all he exposed!! Thank you and be well in the “life after this”!
    EDIT: It seems it might have been another person that got missing with the same name as the Dutch ex-banker Ronald Bernard, so he might still be alive and well! Hmm.. time will tell. No matter what, thank you so much for coming forward exposing the corruption in our world!

  • Agent Michael Scarn

    You will never stop us. We run the world. We control your life. You are helpless. Stay quiet to stay alive.

    Illuminati Agent Michael Scarn

  • Hyperboréen

    You forget the day of death…. what is the fucking day????

  • AaronCourtyard

    fake news site! dont fall for this crap

  • Franco Brocardo

    Another crime of The Cabal.

  • Tony Murphy

    Purely a (((cohencidence))). Nothing to see here goyim, move along.

  • Tim Veater

    Seems this story is part fake at least. Apparently Ronald Bernard referred to is alive and well?

  • Tim Veater

    It seems this story is part-fake at least. Apparently the Ronald Bernard referred to is alive and well?

  • Bill Scherk

    This is a false story. The ‘author’ has borrowed a story from Florida and changed the name of the dead person. This is the kind of false reporting that leads to a bad reputation …

  • victorianur

    this is not true. why do you lie?

  • Hominyhrm

    Wait…who’s Fernandez?