Dying Syrian Kid Says “I will complain to God About You”

A three year-old Syrian boy who was being treated in hospital for serious wounds caused by war, told doctors that “I will complain about you to God; I will tell him everything!” shortly before he died. 

Uprooted Palestinians Blog reports:

On this sentimental picture shows the three-year Syrian boy. He has received numerous severe injuries that led to internal bleeding. Doctors desperately fought for his life of the crumbs. But, unfortunately, those injuries that this little child received were incompatible with life – to save the baby’s life failed …

While being in the hospital, the boy felt that soon would give his soul to God. Dying, he uttered the words that hooked not only the hospital staff, but also shocked the world.

Choking with tears and exhausted from the incredible pain, the little boy said,

“I will complain about you to God; I will tell him everything!”

Shortly thereafter, the baby’s heart stopped beating … Many believe that this cry from the heart a little sacrifices great misfortune was a kind of sign from above that people have thought again. After all, as they say, truth is the mouth of babes.

  • Debbie Thompson

    Poor, poor baby. This mean madness needs to end, somehow.

  • Rhonda

    Can this child’s word’s & death stop these senseless wars? There has been so many and the only one’s who can stop it is the soldiers standing down and refusing to fight anymore for GREED!

    • 墓地 鈍ら

      You honestly think it’s up to the Soldiers to end war?
      … smh

      • kazuya kamenashi

        Actually yes it is, if soldiers refused to fight those in power that want wars will not have them less they go and do the deeds themselves which they are cowards and would not.

      • Stupid_Human

        If there is no one to fight them, yes.

    • sitnsouth

      Was he complaining to the doctors, because adults caused this? This article is confusing.

      • Son Ja

        He was just complaining in general, lord knows if his family members were alive or dead

      • My Bitterftta Borgström

        Every child that dies and especially needlessly is a disgrace. However, no one ever stops to be a child, so all death that could have been prevented is a disgrace! Why oh why don’t we all come together and fight for a better world, without fighting of course, but through focusing on what builds and rebuilds, instead of tearing down and destroying, which hurt ourselves too in the end … The TIME IS NOW for change, time is running out …

        “If not now, then When? If not us, then Who?”

        • dinita whipple

          I have a hard enuff time taking care of my kids none helps me wen I need it I feel sorry for them but they should offer birth control the parents should know better then to have all them babies if they cannot clothe and feed them just my opinion.

          • susan

            It’s a war get it. We are losing our freedom soon, because so many people don’t care.

          • Dona Jones Zarr

            You do know this child was born in a war zone, right? Your comment is heartless and ignorant.

          • Ardeni

            Your compassion is overwhelming

          • petulantes

            Your reading comprehension is just sh!t , isn’t it? Try reading this again or ask a grown up to do it .. My God where is your humanity ?

          • wisdom

            This is the reason the world is going to shit. Ignorance….. You should’ve needed a permission slip to have kids. You’re so ignorant! Selfish people think like you. Our world….Yes OUR WORLD ….. Needs more compassionate folks who are willing to share knowledge as well as resources.

          • Fuk the NWO

            I think you’re parents should have used birth control. People like you are the reason this world is in this mess. So dinita when you are with you’re kids today just think for 1 second about what life would be like if it was you and you’re children in Syria or maybe it was you’re child huh. PEACE biatch

          • Van

            Your parents must’ve wished they used birth control. 🙂

          • Son Ja

            This war started 2 years ago you ignorant lady

            • Şiżzłiņğ Šyäh

              Speechless..!!! I don’t understand how god s watching all this n still allowing it to gud ppls and small children’s

          • Angela Verschoon

            You are a very heartless person. Count your blessings that your children are safe. And Rest in peace little boy. I will light a candle for him and all those who are suffering.

          • SK

            sich an ignorant fellow!! must be from USA

        • nycmcmike

          Well that sucked.

        • baruchzed

          Americans…it’s easy for us to sit here and say how sad this is…and it is…but ultimately it is our complicity that keeps this going. We pay taxes to a government that engages in warmongering as it’s major occupation. War is our major export. War drives our economy. Anyone reading this who has mutual funds probably owns stock in weapons manufacturing. If we really want this to stop we have to stop handing our power over to democrats and republicans who value money and power over life. It is the likes of Barack Obama and George Bush who keep all this going.

          One thing is for sure…our freedom is not what’s at stake when our young people and drones murder children in other countries.

          • jon

            This is NOT Americas fault. Go ahead with that bs

          • jon

            We are the peacekeepers of the world.

            • Jake Garn

              The media is your religion, they have your soul.

            • SK

              hahaha, peacekeepers!! and who gives you that authority?

            • keeperofthefire

              surely you jest,i’m 74,and america has been roaming the entire world,murdering innocents men,wemen&children,since day one of this horrible country,starting with millions upon millions of natives,just to steal their land!!!!!!

          • SK

            well said.

          • Pm

            May God wrap you in His arms and comfort you forever. And may He throw his might tenfold against those that hurt you. And I’m a pacifist.
            RIP kid.

            • petulantes

              I join you in that prayer !

            • Van

              I believe “god” is part of the problem.

              • Pm

                A ridiculous comment through and through. Man is the problem, and children suffer as a result. If you don’t believe in God, a valid choice considering the global situation, then you can’t blame Him any more than you can praise Him.
                My &.02
                It’s tragic either way, Van.

                • Van

                  Oh sod off will you? It’s religion that makes otherwise normal people keep 2 sets of books, one of them based on superstitious nonsense. The middle east is fucked up thanks to Islam.

            • Son Ja

              God bless you

            • Jack Umphrey

              a 3 year old????? said that??? hmmm

            • TJ

              I blame IsraHell and they will pay one day.

            • imrobertknight

              There is no God.

              • guavass

                How do you know?

                • imrobertknight

                  Lack of supportive evidence.

                  • Son Ja

                    Faith.. Believing in the unseen. Children have it.. Unfortunately adults lack it… May you find it or may The Lord have mercy on you and just let you see feel a glimpse of it to open your eyes of your heart

              • Son Ja

                Then make every breath count in this life… Because that is it for you… 🙁

              • petulantes

                This ones pleas made it in the news.. millions more don’t. We as adults have a lot to answer for. We PERMIT this by our apathy and acquiescence and willful ignorance

              • Jorge

                The lives of many children as this, as the Palestinians, is an injury to all mankind , that we produce the voracious Empires and Zionist thieves and murderers …. even when going to allow it without shouting ENOUGH !!!!

              • RexRed

                I don’t believe in any gods but I will pray for you little one. 🙁