Ebola Outbreak: Russia Accuse Bill Gates Of Infecting Congolese Villagers

Putin warns that Bill Gates is "experimenting" on Congolese villagers, infecting them with a rare strain of the Ebola virus.

President Putin has warned that Bill Gates is “experimenting” on Congolese villagers, infecting them with a rare strain of the Ebola virus, and that research and development of “Ebola as a bioweapon” has been quietly recommenced in a remote corner of the troubled African nation.

Western news reports claim between one and three people have died since the outbreak of the Ebola virus was confirmed by the World Health Organization on Thursday, with doctors stating the victims were killed by the rare “Zaire strain” of the virus.

While medical staff remain puzzled by the appearance of the deadly disease in Bas-Uele province, a previously unaffected and remote part of the Congo, a Kremlin report claims the Ebola virus is a “bioweapon” being tweaked as part of an elite global eugenics plan.

And the finger of blame is being pointed squarely at Bill Gates. It is understood the bioweapon is being developed by Gates, the richest man in the world, to achieve his self-confessed Illuminati goal of depopulating the globe.

According to the leaked confidential Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report that has been read by sources in the Kremlin, it has been revealed that the virus was created by “world governments and non-government organizations.” It is understood the chief non-government organization behind the Ebola virus is Bill Gates’ own Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

President Putin is said to be “disturbed by the potential for worldwide harm.” There have been meetings in the past 24 hours regarding further sanctions on Bill Gates and his front companies, as well as plans to protect humanity from the “one man eugenics movement.”

In 2016 President Putin banned Gates and his company Microsoft from Russia, citing security and privacy fears. Though dismissed as “paranoid” and “weird” by Western media at the time, WikiLeaks revelations in 2017 regarding collusion between the CIA, Microsoft and Silicon Valley tech companies have proved Putin was one step ahead of the game.

In 2015 Bill Gates teamed up with Hollywood star Ben Affleck to request more money and freedom for the Gates Foundation to perform experiments in the Congo and other developing nations.


Since then, Gates has continued rolling out his biological and vaccination experiments around the developing world. But the world is slowly waking up to Gates’s sinister agenda.

India has shut down the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation’s operations and kicked its management out of the country after grave concerns were raised about the foundation’s no-consent vaccination experiments on village girls.

Devastating health effects affecting 30,000 village girls led the Indian government to sue Bill Gates, a case that is still ongoing. But it was far from the first time Gates was exposed.

In 2010, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded Australian research scientists to release GMO mosquitoes infected with a bacterium.

That same year, Bill Gates confessed he wanted to depopulate the world – a key Illuminati goal.

The world today has 6.8 billion people; that’s headed up to about 9 billion,” he said during the invitation-only 2010 TED Conference. “Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

Now those bacterium-infected GMO mosquitoes created by Bill Gates in 2010 are causing havoc in the Americas – with the whole globe at risk, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO is now convening an Emergency Committee under International Health Regulations concerning the ‘explosive’ spread of the Zika virus throughout the Americas. The virus reportedly has the potential to reach pandemic proportions — possibly around the globe.

But understanding why the Zika outbreak occurred, and why the Ebola outbreak in the Congo is happening now, is vital to stopping these viruses being used as bioweapons.

The finger of blame is pointing squarely at the richest man in the world. What are they going to do about it?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Ralf Yuri

    Microsoft and its digital and biological deceases.

  • getfuckingreadypeeps….

    Well no surprises here.. everything is unfolding as it should…. this is all due process…. what do you expect Bilbo Gates to do.. hes just doing his job as he sees it to be done…. I don’t think the congo are Christian anyway.. and so not being Christian..they don’t really matter they chose to be on the wrong team because they didn’t choose the RIGHT team… ….. all this emotional shit everybody pretends to go on with..ohh gee the poor congo people somebody should do something….. really?..like what??… what are you lot going to do about it??… NOTHING.. that’s what… WE ARE ABOUT TO FACE THE BIGGEST SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IN HISTORY…… get fucking ready peeps .. and cut the crap

  • John C Carleton

    If Washington DC was not a criminal organization, and Gates one of their buddies criminals, he would have been tried, convected of murdering people with his vaccines long ago. Well, no time like the present.

    Americans are simply going to have to reinstall their natural right common law courts to seek justice for Americans and humanity, as Washington DC courts are there to rape the poor man for the benefit of the Washington criminal elite.
    ‘Should the Common Man be Forced to Submit to the Elites Administrative Law’


    • willi

      John wish there were more Humans like You

      • John C Carleton

        Washington Dc has taken generations to dumb down and indoctrinate with their lies and propaganda, Americans. It is necessary to re-educate Americans with the truth. At the present, most do not want the truth. With the natural weather disasters coming, economic melt down, that will change. They will see that keeping their heads up their butts, following the herd, has brought them into a huge dangerous world of hurt, hunger and s#it. Then they will be looking for the truth. Getting close to that point, not yet though.

        • Ron Wheeler

          The Buddha teachings tells us that there are those who will be informed, understand the severity, than do nothing. When you see this, do not try to argue or recommend, you will push that person away. It is when they are ready to awaken that they may change. It may not even be this lifetime nor the next.

    • Ron Wheeler

      If this is John Carleton I have to say, what a contribution you have made to humanity, Your article you given a link to really succinctly and somewhat eloquently states the truth which is worth bookmarking and paraphrasing. Thank you for taking the time and creating a concise guide of, Who are the enemies of the American.” There are many of us who have the intent to in part such knowledge, however, you have delivered. Your work should be mandatory by parents and caring friends of those who wish to enlist/join the military of any country.

      If you did nothing else, I mean not have lift a finger to help anyone in anyway or the other, the good you have manifested in waking up the masses in this one article, is in itself, an incredible deed to planet Earth and those who dwell upon her. It is one of those moments when after reflecting upon your message, where one would say, why didn’t I write this?

      I will however, distribute this information anyway possible, that is what I can do.

      • John C Carleton

        Thank you. I had a conversation with my wife today where i spoke of some of the many times i should have been dead. Fighting evil is not a fun project, and does not lead to long restful nights sleep. In my early years, i did so many things that should have got me dead. I have the scars to prove that statement.
        All the times i should have died, i was not allowed too, as i had not done my primary duty yet. I was given the tools to do what i do, and for the most part, it is a thankless job, but it is my duty, and i will do it until the light allows me to come home.

      • Ron Wheeler

        We are all accountable if what actions we take. Whether is be no action, is an choice of action. If you hear someone whimpering in the dark as if in pain and you do nothing, are we not accountable? Your message of awaking the masses to who is the enemy of the American, is so profound that if we do nothing but continue in our comfort zone, we are accountable.

  • willi

    People of the world PLEASE WAKE UP THIS MAD MEN BILL GATES AND HIS FOUNDATION ARE KILLING INNOCENT people IN THE PROVINCE OF. Bas-Uele remote part of the Congo They are being. Injected with a strain oF. EBOLA Called Zaire Strain This is all part of HIS Plan of DEPOPULATION WHAT A SICK MAN!!!!!!
    He must be stopped at all cost. This Strain Of EBOLA will Spread like W[LD FIRE LET THE WORLD KNOW CALL ANYONE THAT WILL LISTEN

  • mary

    This dreadful piece of trash could have done so much with his vast fortune he will be punished ,by a much higher power

  • Anti

    Same old Same old… Just the same as they injected the HIV virus in African’s too, and look at the wealth that has created for the fat cats like this piece of shyte Gates, I would love to see him vaccinated to extinction and all his cronies along woth him.Masses of money does not make a pperson have more knowledge or a better brain, in fact obviously quiet the reverse.

  • Danny Christensen

    Go Go Go Putintin!!! <333

  • rrjames

    So Gates has more than two kids, and they will leave one hell of a carbon footprint.