Edward Snowden Reveals CIA ‘Invented’ Global Warming Scam

Edward Snowden claims that the CIA invented the global warming/climate change scam

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has claimed that he possesses classified information that proves the CIA is behind the “Global Warming scam”. 

Snowden told the Moscow Tribune that the CIA deliberately orchestrated the myth of Global Warming in the 1950’s in order to distract the scientific community away from the dangers of the weapons race at the time and to solidify its control over research institutions.

I have documents showing that the CIA invented the whole thing,” Snowden claims. “Global Warming was invented to both scare people, and divert their attention from other human-made dangers like nuclear weapons.”

The CIA gave millions of dollars to any scientist who would confirm the theory, so many unscrupulous scientists did what they were told in order to get the money. Now, there is so much fake data to confirm that Global Warming “exists”, that they actually convinced everyone that it was real.

Edward Snowden was hired by an NSA contractor in 2013 after being previously employed by Dell and the CIA. In June 2013 he leaked thousands of classified NSA documents to journalists. He also claims have CIA documents linking the agency to numerous illegal activities.

The US government filed spy charges against Snowden after his revelations were published. He has been living under asylum in Moscow, after fleeing the US for Hong Kong following the leaks

On July 28 2015, the White House formally rejected a “We the People” petition of nearly 168,000 signatories to pardon him.

Snowden has promised to release other documents which he claims would be far more embarrassing for the American government than ones previously released.

  • Stephen Green

    Absolute nonsense, lies and misinformation, that began with world daily news report.

  • rjrollins

    How can you believe anything? Misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, complete nonsense. Here’s what you believe: the sun is the life force energy of our galaxy, oxygen allows us to continue to breath, the world of nation-states is a state of dysfunction, but pure nature is still in harmony.

  • 1tal
  • disqus_x6kjFoUVVg

    Ok ok ok if it’s a scam, what are we going to do about the depleting ozone, the thawing permafrost in Alaska, Canada, and Russia, the rising sea levels swallowing Samoan Islands, the eroding sea coast at the Bering sea, and… … ? oh yeah, those are scams too and “natural” activities – that will do us in. It may have been a scam in the 1950’s, … but it’s not now!

  • Jeffwasp

    Sigh. This is a spoof. Fake news. It’s not true, but was published in a satirical magazine like the Onion and then was picked up inadvertently by conspiracy nut David Icke.