Election Fraud: 15% Of Votes Switched From Sanders To Clinton

Election fraud bombshell: 15% of votes were illegally switched from Sanders to Clinton during California primaries

Evidence of election fraud from the California primaries continues to emerge as machine-counted ballots were inexplicably changed from Bernie Sanders votes to Hillary Clinton ones. 

The votes appear to have been flipped on hacked voting machines and central tabulators on nearly 15% of Sanders’ total votes.

Richard Charnin reports:

Sanders hand-counted share exceeded his machine-counted share in EVERY county. The probability of this occurrence is absolute ZERO.


Posted 6/25/2016 on Facebook by Phillip Wyler Evans:

In all machine-counted votes tabulated before 5:00 P.M. on 6-17 in all California counties, Bernie scored 14.2% less (36.9%) than he scored with hand-counted ballots (51.1%). In machine-counted votes that were tabulated AFTER 5:00 P.M. on 6-17, Bernie scored just 2.2% less (48.9%) than he scored with hand counted ballots. We are still trying to determine what portion of the votes before 5:00 are absentee from each county if anyone has that information.


Poll workers claim that 50% to 90% of voters who were supposed to have been eligible to vote in the Democratic primary were told they would have to vote using provisional ballots.  There were two reasons for this:

1-previously registered voters’ names had been removed from the rolls.

2- Some were marked as vote by mail voters – but they had received no ballot in the mail.  Virtually all who were not  allowed to vote and forced to vote provisional ballots were Bernie Sanders supporters.

Poll workers in Los Angeles and Orange County report that Bernie won the electronic votes in their precincts by well over a 2 to 1 margin, the opposite of the vote count.  The contrast indicates vote-flipping.

If you add the lower figure of 50% of voters who were not allowed to vote regular ballots for Bernie to the votes he received, you wind up with a substantial Sanders landslide victory in California.  The primary beneficiary of the fraud is Hillary Clinton.


Election Justice USA is a voter advocacy non-profit organization which demands a hand audit of the early mail-in ballots.  It asserts that the Capitol Weekly early-voter exit poll conducted across the state of California yielded a 23 percent discrepancy in Los Angeles vote-by-mail ballots compared to the actual results.In Los Angeles area polling of the early round of mail-in voters, Hillary Clinton  lead over Bernie Sanders was less than 10 percent.

“The discrepancy cannot be easily explained by demographic factors: the results of the Capitol Weekly exit poll were weighted by age and race. Moreover, the exit poll had 21,000 respondents, and was praised–prior to election night–by mainstream elections journalists, including Nate Cohn of the New York Times. While no exit poll can prove fraud, a significant exit polling discrepancy such as this constitutes cause for alarm, especially one of this magnitude. It’s also sufficient cause for immediate action: voters should bring pressure to bear on officials and demand an expanded hand audit.”


Acclaimed BBC reporter, author and election fraud expert Greg Palast calls  provisional ballots “placebo ballots.”

“As I’ve previously reported, provisional ballots are “placebo” ballots that let you feel like you’ve voted, but you haven’t. Provisional ballots are generally discarded.”

Greg exposed the fraud in Florida in 2000. Nightline used his footage in covering the story.


  • Nicholas Fulford

    She’s toast, because now there is proof; solid, scientifically valid proof – finally.

  • Nicholas Fulford

    She’s toast, because now there is evidence; solid, scientifically valid evidence – finally.

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    • Derek Main

      Let’s hope so. The career criminal finally getting what’s due to her.

    • Jeff Putterman

      Not in this country. There is solid scientific evidence the US attacked itself on 9/11, and the Mossad wired up WTC 1, 2 and 7 to implode. Very few people here understand it — although most foreigners do.

      • Jake Harris

        YEAP TRUTH RIGHT THERE…. jet fuel cant melt steel beams.

      • Michael Navage

        Absolutely correct and inconceivable that WTC 7 was reported collapsed by a BBC news station 23 minutes before it’s inexplicable implosion. It remains the ONLY building in history to go down at near free fall speed from a minor office fire. IT WAS NEVER IMPACTED BY A PLAIN OR EVEN LARGE DEBRIS!

        Interesting to note how how one of the planes high jacked plane went down in a field because it’s passengers overwhelmed the highjackers. Intended for WTC 7 perhaps? What a panic there must have been that investigator’s and rescue workers would see the explosives and thermite charges planted on support columns and the decision to implode it even if it looked fishy as he’ll was

      • seetruth66

        Yes. Not holding my breath. The Judiciary won’t do a thing. Hope we are wrong but history indicates this will be shoved under the rug.

    • Bill Catz

      Do you even think for a moment that liberals care how corrupt, unethical and dishonest hiLIARy is? They just don’t care.

      • Magdalene

        HELL YES! I’m a bleeding heart liberal and I care about the truth. Hillary has nothing to do with my values! She is pulling in Republicans who don’t want to vote for Trump. Sanders won fair and square.

      • it’s just me, but . . .

        Oh, trust me. WE CARE!
        If you’re thinking HRC + her people are actually liberals, there’s your problem. They’re nothing NEAR liberal.

    • Far West

      lol. There is no way in hell that this will see the light of day, in a court room, in the msm or anywhere else. I have worked in the political campaign industry for 30 years, and I have seen elections being stolen in every single cycle. There is no way to stop it. If you try, you will get to a certain point, and then you will be dead. Just look at any electronic voting machine, and you will see a modem. Hand count? Ask Al Gore how that worked out. They have 10 ways you or I haven’t even thought of to rig an election, and some of them don’t even take place at the ballot box.

    • CSStrowbridge

      Except there is no evidence. It’s made up.

      Seriously. Look at the first chart. It gives you a URL for the data. There’s no link, which is the first warning sign, but if you plug it in, you won’t find that data on the site. It’s made up.

    • Aristea Roe

      no she is not toast as we have seen by Director Comey’s recommendation to not prosecute.

  • http://jamessssmith.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/ James Smith

    It’s what’s called a giant sensationalized TV/Internet dog and pony show. The communist council for national policy choreographed the whole diebold software rigged voting machines scandal on purpose to rig something all right and to hide the fact that your only choices for candidates are all communist De Rothschild war criminals… period… https://jamessssmith.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/

    • Jeff Putterman

      So communists did it? Are you drunk all day, every day?

    • Magdalene

      That’s why no media outlets are reporting it…. Get a grip!

    • Dustin McFadden

      I do believe that there are lots of problems and that Bernie was definitely cheated but I’m not sure you know what you’re talking about fully, lol. I’m pretty sure communists aren’t to blame unless the wealthy Elites consider themselves communists or work under those defined guidelines of communism. If they are and you know it, I’d love to see the evidence. We can always use more evidence to get truth out.

    • it’s just me, but . . .

      They now have medication available for you.
      And/or support groups: AA, NA, etc.
      Call your doctor and check your yellow pages for more info.

  • Jake Harris

    OMFG lock her up already… we cannot allow her in the whitehouse it will be war on us. DNC rigged from beginning the only reason trump is running is to give her a leg up.

  • randallross822

    Everyone should see the documentary done in 2004 called Hacking Democracy on YouTube. It shows how elections in the USA are easily rigged. Why has very little been done to remedy the elections in this country since the debacle in 2000 Bush vs. Gore when the presidency was rigged for Bush and again for Bush in 2004? The reason seems to be that the powers that be do not want to address and correct the election fraud possibilities because they want these fraudulent practices to continue.

    • Magdalene

      Not this time! This crew of experts proved Kerry won in 2004, but he refused to do anything about it. They also saved Obama’s 2012 election. The fix was in for Romney and they had the FBI involved. It never materialized. They have now proven Sanders was cheated. Cheer them on!

      • it’s just me, but . . .

        Cheering my lungs out + my fingers off!
        Sharing the F*** out of this + info on the live-stream tonight!
        THIS can no longer be ignored.

    • seetruth66

      Yes it is by design.

  • Bill Catz

    And liberals still deny the reach of the Clinton Crime Cartel.
    You just can’t cure stoooopid!

  • Magdalene

    It happened nation wide! Sanders won the Democratic primaries by 15%; a landsllde that requires NO superdelegates. The rigging was caught by a team of experts and attorneys have already begun the lawsuits. Check out http://www.trustvote.org and their livestream at 6:30 PT tonight. You can get details on their youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-q2PCdRodys One of the attorney’s paralegals was online today speaking about the evidence pointing to the 15% margin across the country, Clinton is toast. This is over!

    • it’s just me, but . . .

      @Magdalene – Thank you for the heads-up on the live-stream tonight! Will share the f*** out of that info!
      I’m not religious – but I am praying to everything that might even be CLOSE to Holy that this will FINALLY be enough PROOF that WE ARE NOT “Conspiracy Nuts!”

  • Magdalene

    Thank you to YourNewsWire.com! You are the first media outlet to report this!

  • it’s just me, but . . .

    It is DISGRACEFUL that the American people are expected to believe this was “just chance.”

    WTF’s the QUESTION?!?
    PROOF that DNC rigged by DWS with HRC staff’s knowledge.
    I’m SURE HRC knew nothing about it.


    PROVEN #ElectionFraud?!

    WHY is she NOT being indicted????

    ANYONE else would have been behind bars MONTHS ago.
    This is criminal. This is disgusting,

    To quote: “The probability of this occurrence is absolute ZERO.”

  • Ignatz

    And the more votes they count in California, the more Hilary’s lead grows. Now it’s almost 500,000 votes.

    You people are in denial. And it just a lost primary. My favored candidate has lost many, many times. There’s no need to go into psychological trauma over it.

    • Geraldine Fuhr May

      You are incorrect. The count just fell under 400,000.

  • lets

    What company made has the contract for the machines? ES&S or Unisyn? Who made the ballot machines and tabulators ?

  • JanPB

    Yes, and, and….? So what’s happening next? It’s just STATED and nothing happens?????????????????????????????????????????????????????