Electroshock Therapy To Be Reintroduced On Millions Of American Teenagers

With mandatory mental health screening for all American teenagers coming soon, this move may see electroshock therapy become the 'norm' in dealing with teenage depression.

Electroshock therapy to be reintroduced to million of American teenagers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) haver announced plans to reintroduce electroshock therapy as a viable psychiatric treatment, making it easier for doctors to prescribe its use on patients suffering from conditions such as depression and anxiety. 

The FDA downgraded Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) devices from Class III to Class II – meaning their use are now much less regulated. This follows the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act (H.R. 6) which “relaxes scientific standards, virtually guaranteeing insufficiently tested drugs will hit the market only to be recalled after the damage is done“.

At the same time U.S. authorities are also pushing for mandatory mental health screening for all American teenagers, meaning American teens may well be subjected to routine electroshock therapy in the near future.

Naturalnews.com> reports:

In a January article, CCHRI, in commenting on the proposed rule change by the FDA, said that officials there sought to make the change “despite the federal agency’s admission that the ECT device has not been proven safe and effective.”

To date, the organization says that 5 million people have been treated with ECT devices, but none of the manufacturers have ever had to submit clinical trial evidence of their effectiveness or attest to their safety.

According to an announcement of the pending rule change from the FDA, the agency is proposing changing the classification of ECT devices “for use in treating severe major depressive episode (MDE) associated with major depressive disorder (MDD) or bipolar disorder (BPD) in patients 18 years of age and older who are treatment-resistant or who require a rapid response due to the severity of their psychiatric or medical condition.”

But wait! Aren’t these dangerous?

Oddly, the FDA also lists 14 health risks that are associated with ECT devices. The more serious complications and side effects include:

— Death, which could occur due to “reactions to anesthesia, cardiovascular complications, pulmonary complications, or stroke,” CCHR reported;

— Cardiovascular complications from convulsion-induced arrhythmias (irregular, and sometimes dangerous, heartbeat patterns), or from a heart attack or hypertension;

— Memory and cognition can be impaired or destroyed, “specifically immediate post-treatment disorientation, anterograde memory impairment and retrograde personal (autobiographical) memory impairment,” said CCHR;

— Device malfunction;

— Physical trauma;

— A worsening of psychiatric conditions.

“One has to wonder, then, why has such a possibly deadly device been allowed for decades to be utilized and never undergone clinical trials for safety and efficacy? Further, from what source will the patient obtain a ‘detailed summary of clinical testing pertinent to the use of the device…?” as required under the new reclassification, CCHR reported. “Clinical testing has never occurred on the devices.”

CCHR maintains in a separate alert that if the change in classification is initiated, it will mean that for some uses, ECT devices will be in the same category as contact lenses and air purification machines.

“Because the FDA does not regulate medical practice, classifying the ECT device as Class II for any ‘disorders’ opens the door to a massive potential for off label use and enforced treatment of involuntarily detained patients and children,” says Jan Eastgate, president of CCHR International.

  • Frances Leader

    headline, as usual for YourNewsWire is somewhat inaccurate. The
    document linked as source is a request for submissions both for &
    against the devices listed. It is not suggested that any conclusion has
    been reached.

    • Kate Lycett

      The best indicator of future behaviour is based on a pattern of past behaviour. Unfortunately in Australia what used to be labelled as scaremongering in relation to diagnosing very young children with disorders from the DSM became a very painful reality. Would I be so shocked if Psychiatry has a plan for our teenagers? Absolutely not. And for the record I am not part of any organisation or scaremongering campaign. I’m a deeply concerned mother – leave my children alone!

    • 12yearoldfag

      If you could only read and understand what you’ve just read, you wouldn’t post this inane comment. I’ll chew it up for you, mister Upinarmsforwhateveryournefariousreasonscouldbe. FDA is essentially proposing to bypass their whole process and reclassify this device without going through their own approval procedure. That’s way too underhanded for something that essentially killed, for example, Ernest Hemingway. So get lost with your baseless accusations.

    • steals

      Shame on you… TROLL

  • johnnybe

    Id rather be- scared- and alive- than not -and dead -thanks Frances. Call it scaremongering if you like- id call what they’re doing– as sickness mongering- shame on them- so I guess where all square then.

  • Jessica Coco

    They already do this in New York state. In NY any physician, hospital, family member, judge, lawyer can get guardianship and do what they want. An elderly woman told the doctor at Columbia Presbyterian hospital to go f himself when he insisted and refused to take no as an answer for a mammogram. He had her institutionalized and drugged. Luckly she managed to get past guards and call my girlfriend, who promptly called her lawyer. In court, the judge wouldn’t allow her lawyer to even speak and sided with the hospital. Her lawyer objected and mentioned that so and so will be very upset with him if he didn’t change the decision. Well he changed it. You the woman used to work at the UN as a translator and had many important contacts. If that was me or you, we’d be dissected already for the profits of the hospital.

  • Corrie Egleston

    They do this already in California. It’s only a matter of time before our society will be forced to undergo all types of treatment like this. I suffer from major depression and do not respond to medication but I will never under any circumstances go through ECT or electric shock therapy. I will trust and keep my faith in JESUS. Not man or psychiatrists. JESUS IS MY HEALER.

  • Brian Sandle
    • Chris W.

      Excellent video, worth listening to.

  • Anonymoususer12345

    But not on Jewish children, of course. Only for goyim.

  • Chris W.

    I signed myself into a psychiatric hospital back in 1969, coz I was young and had been thrown out of my very physically and verbally abusive home and there was nowhere for me to stay. (So I say that to say, I didn’t just “feel like leaving.”)
    I was made to fill out a form with my details and also what my “problem” was. I remembered someone saying that “hearing voices” is a psychiatric condition, so although I didn’t have that problem, I put it in the form. It was winter and I only had the summer clothes I left in, I needed somewhere.
    I wasn’t seen by a doctor – not once in the 9 month enforced stay.
    I was put into a hospital gown and given the rules of the place.
    I was forced to take 6 lots of electric shock treatment over a few weeks (it was like sheer hell!!) I was told that I had to do whatever they said.
    I struggled and cried out, so they manacled me to the gurney and wheeled me into a ward where they simply pulled the curtains around and put the electrodes on me. I would come out of it feeling louzy.
    One time, I lost my memory for what seemed a long time and couldn’t remember who I was, where I was, or my name. I was desperately scrabbling inside to try and remember – anything! After about 5-10 minutes, I slowly remembered my name and where I was. I felt horribly depressed after the shock treatment.
    Also, I lost chunks of my memory, whilst being able to recall episodes of when I was even 1 -18 months old quite clearly!
    When I was eventually released (after about 9 months of being forced horrible drugs as well,) I did not recognize my friends. I knew inside me that I should know them, but I could not remember anything about them. They met up with me after in the street; I bluffed my way through conversations, letting them take the lead, and feeling bad about it.
    I also lost my ability to absorb information on occasions. I had an I.Q. of 140 prior, but even to this day, if someone is in front of me talking, I find on occasions, I cannot “hear” a word they are saying. I desperately try to “hear” them, but as hard as I try, I cannot. It doesn’t happen all the time, but its embarrassing.
    I have managed to nod my head or try and read what the appropriate response should be in these situations, and its been doing that for 47 years (I’m now 66.)
    It is the same if I watch TV and the news is on or something, I cannot “hear” a word they say at times. I threw out the TV though, but only because it is a time waster for me. Thankfully, much of the time I am able to “hear,” but this problem occurred only after the shock treatments, or somewhere during the course of them.

    I believe this thing is a tool of the devil to destroy minds.
    What they can’t do with the vaccines, chem-trails and fluoride, etc., they want to finish off with this “treatment.”

    If it becomes mandatory for all teens to be screened for psych. illness, you can almost bet your bottom dollar that they will ask them “loaded” questions, like, “Do you ever feel sad, or angry and not really know why?” Etc.

    This is one of the worse things I have ever heard!