Royal Family ‘Eton’ Friend Who Shared Baby Rape Vids Spared Jail

An Eton college student whose elite family lived near the Houses of Parliament, has been spared jail after sharing horrific images and videos of baby rape with his peers.

An Eton college student whose elite family lived near the Houses of Parliament has been spared jail after sharing horrific images and videos of baby rape with his peers. 

Andrew Picard owned almost 2,000 indecent images of children as well a videos of babies and toddlers being sexually abused.

Picard, whose family are connected to British royalty, was spared jail by a UK judge and instead given an 18-month suspended sentence for possessing child pornography, due to his ties to the elite.

Pride’s Purge reports:

However, evidence has emerged that the UK courts allowed Mr Boeckman to use his mother’s maiden name in order to protect his wealthy family’s reputation.

Picard’s father, Phillip J Boeckman, is an extremely wealthy lawyer, whose clients have included Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan.

During the trial of Picard, the judge commented that “Your family didn’t deserve that (suffering) but it is a consequence of this sort of offending. Inevitably your privileged background and where you were going to school added a degree of frissance to the reporting.”

All references to the name Boeckman have been deleted from the internet, but a cached article from The Daily Mirror, which has also now mysteriously been deleted, mentions the Boeckman name.

Picard may have chosen to use his mother’s maiden name before his arrest, but we have obtained evidence from a US local newspaper that shows that he used the Boeckman name as recently as August 2015.

Below is a copy of the full deleted Mirror article, complete with the article mentioning his father, and a picture which confirms it is the same person shown in the photo from the local US newspaper.


Allowing a defendant to use a false name is only acceptable with agreement from the court, and is usually reserved to protect identities of family members in extreme danger of reprisal. Obviously his family are very well versed in the art of ‘persuasion’.

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