EU Declare ‘War’ On Russia – Putin Issues Statement

Putin responds to EU declaration of war against Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a statement following comments made by European MEPs declaring a state of “war” against Russia. 

MEPs in Strasbourg voted on a non-legislative resolution demanding that the EU “respond to information warfare by Russia“. reports:

The laughable rubber-stamp parliament in Strasbourg, which the EU Politburo (EU Commission) created to fool people into thinking they were a democracy, has found something to occupy its time: passing a non-binding resolution deploring the heinous Russian propaganda coming from outlets such as RT and Sputnik. (Non-binding, since that’s the only kind of resolution the impotent parliament can pass – it’s not empowered to originate its own legislation.)

A series of irrelevant nutjobs mostly from neurotic eastern European states suffering from chronic National Identity Disorder, proceeded to lecture the chamber on the wiles of Russia and its nefarious English language propaganda organs.

Obviously these sycophants are trembling now that Donald Trump is poised to overturn the political status quo on which they have staked their mediocre careers. This is their way lashing out – a knee-jerk, pointless spasm of angry imbecility.

Still, not to take such a provocation lightly, the Russian government responded in characteristically measured fashion.

Vladimir Putin leveled a gentlemanly rebuke at the sorry legislators for their abandonment of principles of free and democratic exchange of information.

He also found a moment to congratulate Russia’s English language media on their fine work in proving a thorn in the dishonest Eurocrats’ side.

  • Kieron

    Mr. Putin, his foreign minister and the lady often seen replying to so called Russian aggression make the British and American equivalents look amateurish. The world is waking up and these ridiculous European MEPs just confirm what a waste of time and money they really are. Pathetic!

  • photonic

    Madness! Turkey’s Erg… is a threat to the stability of all the region
    which will soon be lit with thunder and fire, yet the world stands by
    and accuses Russia of baseless crimes; total lunacy has gripped western
    leaders, that is why the people of Europe will rise and oust these
    puppet rulers and replace them with hard right nationalist governments
    who will unite to protect their beloved Europe and restore their roots
    and cultures and will rush to squash the ME that threatens them. It is obvious these eastern European leaders are just simply anti Puti/Russian and blow out hot air of baseless meaningless words hoping some will fall on stupit ears and gain sympathy and support to keep them in power. They are depyaved with phobias, one being Trump will send them to the wolves, and I hope he will.
    There is more going on in the ME and Europe then meets the eye, as a vortex of
    forces shift and shape events to come according to Biblical end time
    prophetic events.