New Evidence Links Hillary With Death of John F. Kennedy Jr.

While the eyes of the world are on the recently released JFK assassination files, evidence linking Bill and Hillary Clinton to the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. is being being swept under the carpet by those in power.

While the eyes of the world are on the recently released JFK assassination files, evidence linking Bill and Hillary Clinton to the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. is being being swept under the carpet by those in power.

Let’s quickly rewind to 1999. Approaching the end of two terms in the White House, the Clinton’s began preparing for their political future. They focused their attention on developing Hillary as a high-level politician (even though she had no experience), and selling influence while they had it…buy now, pay later…payable to what would become “The Clinton Foundation”.

Hillary refused to return to Arkansas, and suggested the purchase of a home in New York which would allow her to run for the Senate in the upcoming election. There was just one obstacle… JFK Jr. had entered the political scene.

New York was electric with word of JFK Jr. reclaiming his fathers legacy. A piece of Camelot was still alive in America, and big dollar donors began lining up to support the son of the former president. Hillary knew she could never defeat the son of JFK, let alone in New York.

But Hillary Clinton is not easily thwarted.

I’m not going back to Arkansas!”

PM News reports: During a normal flight, at 9:20 PM, July 16,1999, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. radioed the tower at an airport near Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts announcing that he was preparing to land. Seconds later, his plane exploded in mid-air, the explosion witnessed by several people including a local newspaper reporter and an attorney.

Luggage was recovered miles from the crash site, an event that can only be caused by a mid-air explosion.

Five hours after the plane went down, William “Bill” Clinton sent out the equivalent of the Sixth Fleet to find the wreckage, hide it and the bodies from the snoopy media, and though JFK Jr. was never in the Navy, and though the families did not consent,…he ordered the cremation the corpses, and threw the ashes into the sea in a hastily arranged Navy funeral.

No photographs were permitted of the recovered bodies.

Kennedy’s emergency locator was removed, the cockpit recorder was disabled, and the flight log was taken (all of which is documented in the official investigation report).

Behind the scenes, a cover story was concocted. The weather, which was perfect, somehow became stormy. JFK Jr. now had a gimpy leg, and Kennedy was “emotional”. Reports by the FAA and FBI, both concluding foul play was involved, were buried, and all inquires led to dead-ends. In truth, all reports confirm that JFK Jr. was “emotionally stable” and a “highly skilled and careful pilot”.

The Kennedy family was furious, New York was heartbroken….all evidence had been destroyed or burned by executive command. “She killed him, I know she did”, said a Kennedy staffer who asked to remain anonymous.

The Clinton’s bought their home in New York, formed the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary won her Senate seat.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Duke LaCrosse

    Don’t leave Daddy Bush’s involvement in this assassination

    • Karen Bolin

      I never heard anything about dad Bush but that wouldn’t surprise me I wish to read more about that

      • Barbara Miczuga

        Here is a dad Bush true story….Cheney held his gun to my head again as he stood over me, looking warm in his sheepskin coat. Bush ordered me to take his dog sexually while they watched, then he and Cheney ushered me back to their cabin. 24 – A-HUNTING WE WILL GO

        • Sharon Vaughan Tremper

          Is that from Cathy O’Brien’s book? Or is this another CIA sex slave? I came away from O’Brien’s book quite shaken. There were plenty of villains in her book, both Republican and Democrat, but the two most sadistic were Bush and Cheney imo.

          • Sharon Vaughan Tremper

            I should have followed the link before I asked the question. I’m glad someone else has read her book. It took me a year to read it, as when I started it, there were things so disturbing that I had to set it aside, but still I kept thinking there was too much smoke there for it not to be true. Anyone who reads this or The Clintons War on Women will never see Poppy Bush the same again.

      • Kerry Kolsch

        Read “Compromised, Clinton, Bush and the CIA” by Terry Reed.

    • Anthony Duhe

      Or his other “activities.”

    • LeeP

      It was NOT an assassination by any lame stretch of the imagination. I would be tickled to death if properly tied to Hitlery, but that cannot be.

      • Gyre

        Just because you made a statement of fact doesn’t mean that it’s credible. But you can state your opinion all you want as long as you’ve got the oxygen to spare.

    • rampriya

      Skull & Bones did JJ…the Bush dynasty slowly eliminated the Kennedy clan one by one

  • Eric Blust
  • Bettijo

    Where is the “new” proof?

  • saidhamideh

    Couldn’t be bothered to cite any sources, Dmitry?

  • Ikinitse

    It’s high time that HRC meets her maker–Satan–and spends eternity in his company! She has committed or had committed numerous crimes of a high and criminal nature that should put her in jail for the rest of her days. Orange is a good color for her anyway!

  • Idahoballer

    OK, I will bite…how does stormy weather cause a plane to explode?

    • bonniebluejeanne

      Only 1 witness saw an explosion in the air around the time he was soon to go in for a landing, and that didn’t get put on the news. So, they tried to say that stormy weather may have caused him to lose his bearings. (?????) I think the media had a hand in making it seem as if he wasn’t an experienced pilot.

  • larry shorthill

    JFK, Jr was an unskilled pilot in way over his head for the type of plane he was flying. He had very little stick time on his Piper and his ego got in the way. He became disoriented due to the atmospheric conditions of sea and sky and disbelieved his instruments. There was no storm, just a hot dog egotistical pilot writing checks his capabilities couldnt cash. Much as I would like to think Bubba and Killery were in on the accident it hurts being stupid and JFK, Jr had that in spades.

    • Barry Simmons

      It’s called “Spatial Disorientation.” Google “178 Seconds To Live,” therein you’ll find the specific fact scenario he experienced. This initially is the result of an Embry-Riddle University study.

      • bonniebluejeanne

        But the eyewitness said the explosion was in the air, not when it hit the water.

    • LeeP

      Maybe not so egotistical, but surely a bad case of get-home-itis, insufficient IFR training, a total misjudgement concerning the visibility (given the mist and darkness) that far from land, and the inability to trust his instruments: A CLASSIC graveyard spiral.

    • Kerry Kolsch

      So, that is why his plane blew up? Hillary was befriending Jr.’s wife to keep track of them before the murder.

  • Boojum
  • GR Arnold

    Sad this has to be a theory but given the evil players I cannot dismiss the possibilities.

  • Dallas Olsen Rudder

    Only JFK, Jr.’s sister/next of kin, Caroline, could have authorized her brother’s buriel and only the dead sisters’ parents/next of kin could authorize their buriel. Otherwise, I’d believe it about the Clintons.

    • Gail Bergstrom

      I’ll bet the president of the United States could do it.

    • bonniebluejeanne

      The bodies were cremated without the permission of the Kennedy family. They didn’t want them to have forensics get anywhere near those bodies.

  • happypawpaw1326

    hes just one of many they have killed

  • barbarann

    Not the first time I’ve heard this one.

  • Patricia Sullivan

    I knew something did not sound right about that crash.John Jr. flew all the time! He loved it. This is like Vegas and President Kennedy’s assassination. I can’t believe how we believed all the lies we were told all these years.

  • Doug Freeman

    I’ve flown in stormy weather several times and my plane didn’t blow up. For 30 years of flying I never knew of any plane just blow up in mid air. Not even vintage aircraft.

    • Richard Ashford

      I’ve been flying for over 40 years and am IFR rated. The radar tracks from his transponder showed JFK Jr.s plane started into a “death spiral” from spatial disorientation. He was NOT IFR rated and flew into fog. He was flying totally blind in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions). JFK Jr. FUCKED UP!!! He didn’t trust in his instruments (if he even had a clue as to how to use a Gyro Horizon and a Vertical Speed Indicator. Jr. killed himself, his wife and her sister, because he was stupid and flew in way over his head. As to the scattered luggage miles from the impact point, that Piper Cherokee Warrior broke up big time when it hit the water. He was in a powered glide and impacted the water at close to 200 kts. Luggage floats with the current… and wind. Whoever wrote this article is so full of shit their eyes are brown.

      • bonniebluejeanne

        “Luggage floats with the current.” Is that why Prez Clinton gave strict orders for no one to start any looking till the middle of the next day? The military shouldn’t have been the only ones to search – they should have let the locals do what they could as soon as it was daybreak. But Billy Boy said NO!! Then the bodies were cremated without getting permission from the family. SMH.

  • Patricia Sullivan

    This is the Clinton pattern. it’s planes or suicide.

    • Sharon Vaughan Tremper

      People who shot themselves in the back of the head or in Vince Foster’s case, shot in the head but no gun found near him.

      • f4UPhantom

        The gun was found in his hand, which is not consistent with suicide by pistol; it almost always fly out of the person’s hand. They found Foster at Marcy Park, and the scene was staged, many thought…arms down by his side, face up, and no bullets were found. The Clintons killed him, likely.

        • momsaid

          And…it was in his RIGHT hand. Neat trick for a leftie.

        • ShellBell69

          No grass or soil on the soles of his shoes, either.

          • bonniebluejeanne

            It was reported that there were carpet fibers on his clothes. Maybe someone killed him inside, then he was taken outside wrapped in a roll of carpet so neighbors wouldn’t suspect a body inside. Then his body was transported to that park which the DC police dept don’t patrol. The park has a small group of police.

      • David Jordan

        Or being in a plane crash and then when they pull the body out, they find a bullet hole in the person’s head. See Ron Brown.

    • sp


  • jane

    the clintons will get away with everything.

  • OG Brõdah

    I have studied how the Clinton’s do things, this makes perfect sense. How does an airplane explode because of ” bad weather”? Please.

    • Gail Bergstrom

      They ignored the witnesses on the ground who saw the explosion and buried it in the press. There was no “bad weather”.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Small plain crashes are a Clinton specialty.

  • Toni Parker

    I don’t doubt any of it and it would fit into who Hillary is. She’s a vile demon possessed power mad maniac.

  • Fidelis

    …..But where is the Evidence?

  • Jackie Ricca

    The CLINTONS have done so many awful things and no one does a thing about any crimes! Other people are in prison for years, after committing much less serious crimes Justice, Please!

  • Mongocutwood

    I think this is a stretch. What I recall of the incident is, he flew at night even though he had no experience with IFR. He got confused not knowing up from down and flew the plane into the sea. I attributed the huge Navy rescue to him being a Democrats and wealthy Kennedy. I was critical of Clinton doing so. Clintons were the nail in the coffin for me being a Democrat.

    • bonniebluejeanne

      I remember it well, and since this happened before 911, people believed every “fact’ the corrupt media fed them. The eye witness told a reporter he couldn’t stay at the scene, but he did witness the explosion in the sky, and gave him his business card to contact him. The reporter didn’t contact him. So it took days for word of mouth said a witness said he saw & heard something explode in the sky then pieces began hitting the water. By that time, the media had done a good job on brainwashing the public that it was Jr’s poor flying skills. Once that cover story gets etched in the sheeple’s minds. . . it’s over.

  • old hard rock


  • alpcats

    Killary killary her name is killary…

  • alpcats

    I heard the other day that Hillary and the devil we’re arguing. Hillary said you told me I would win the election. The devil’s said you told me you had a soul…
    Ha ha ha ha ha roflmao

  • monitorstl

    Motive, method and opportunity!

  • Chuck Ashley

    We can’t forget Paul Wellstone who died in a inexplicable plane crash in northern Mn. His favorite pilot cancelled at the last moment before Paul was about to leave the iron range. The new pilot was not familiar with the area or the conditions that day(heavy fog) and flew right into some trees killing all onboard. This tragedy however opened the way for the Junior senator from Illinois to enter the 2008 race where Wellstone was the favorite anti-war candidate.