Explorers Discover Real Noah’s Ark In Turkey

Explorers discover Noah's Ark in Turkey

A team of explorers have found what they say is evidence of the existence of Noah’s Ark, hidden beneath volcanic debris on Mount Aratat in Turkey.

A documentary team following the Noah’s Ark Ministries International team, say that researchers discovered pieces of wood that originate from a structure said to date back 4,800 years which they say was found 13,000 feet above sea level.

Disclose.tv reports: Filmmaker Yeung Wing-Cheung helped in the discovery of the remains of what is said to be Noah’s Ark. He said that they were 99.9% sure that that is what the remains of wood are that have been found. He went on to say that inside the structure it has been partitioned off into different spaces and said that they think that the structure made of wood that they entered is the structure that was recorded in historical accounts as being Noah’s Ark.


The structure of wood was found on Mount Ararat and Panda Lee, another of the team’s members said that they saw a structure that had been made with plank-like timber. Each of the planks was around eight inches in width and there were tenons, which were said to be proof of an ancient construction that was made before metal nails came into use.

It was said that they had walked 100 meters to another site and could see many wooden fragments that had been broken and which had been embedded in a glacier. Some of them were said to be around 20 meters in length.

Many people have said that there has not been any evidence that a great flood had occurred, not to mention a giant boat of wood having been made.

The team did say that the wooden structure had many compartments inside and it included a lot of wooden beams. It was said that they also found wooden walls along with doors, staircases and some basic nails.


However, many people still remain unconvinced that what they have found is, in fact, the Ark built by Noah.

An archaeologist from Britain said that there had not been proof of a flood and certainly not of a big boat being made that would be capable of holding two of every kind of animal.

He went on to say that if such a flood had occurred that would have been capable of lifting a huge wooden boat four kilometers up a mountain more than 4,800 years ago, there would be some substantial geological evidence of that flood and up to now, it has not been found.

The Ark was said to have been built by Noah, who God had spared, along with his family and two of every animal. It was said that God had given Noah the instructions to build the great Ark and that seven days before the flood that destroyed the earth, God had told Noah to seek refuge in the Ark along with the animals and his family.

The story revealed that the Ark was afloat for 150 days before coming to rest on Mount Ararat as the waters receded. People have been searching for Noah’s Ark since 275 to 339 CE and up to the present day.

Up to now despite many expeditions, there has not been any evidence of a flood or of the Ark.

It was said that the many challenges that would have been associated with housing two of each animal along with plants and Noah and his family would have made the building of such an ark impossible.

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    lol… Noahs Ark courtesy the Ararat Tourism Board.

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    How many times had to fcuk?
    The real one already found in Turkey that earthquake helped to crack open, when they dont have the tools to see what inside.


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      Just coincidence?
      Then why coincidence dont help you.
      This kind of things need the force of nature, finish story.

      Sky matter, Earth rules and human behaviour. Don’t make me repeat again.

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    Maybe it is or maybe not!
    But one thing I do know if Yahweh said it happened then it happened and my faith isn’t dependent on finding Noah’s Ark!
    Nothing is to hard for my LORD!

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    There was no Noah! The real name of the Ark maker was Ishpanishtum a Sumerian half man half ET descended from Annunaki stock. The Judeo- Christian old testament is a plagiarized version of the true Sumerian stories. Even Abraham was a Sumerian general from The city of Ur. The judeo hebrews have stolen history and claimed themselves as the children of god. In reality it was the Sumerian culture that mankind evolved from and was the civilization first in contact with the so called gods. They judeo plagiarists have perpetuated the worlds greatest lie on mankind.

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      its called business, they know how gullible Christians are. The flood did happen but not with Noak, so many times we have heard all this bull only to findout that most of the scriptures were stolen from the sumarian especial the book of genesis, all about enki and and enlil.

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    I have Noah’s Art. I won’t say where it is though.

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    Ron Wyatt discovered it decades ago–broken into two major pieces. Also found the likely anchors.

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    Pure BS