Facebook Employees Forced To Live Out Of Their Own Cars

Homeless facebook employees forced to live out of their own cars

A Facebook contractor has blown the whistle on how the social networking giant forces its employees to live out of their cars, due to the poor wages paid to staff.

According to a brave Facebook worker named Unique ‘Pinky’ Parsha, she and others have to sleep in a car outside of Facebook HQ due to the high cost of living in Silicon Valley.

Naturalnews.com reports: Parsha, a mother of two, had been living in her car for four months before announcing her situation to the public. In doing so, she hopes to initiate a dialogue on fair compensation and the relatively high rental rents in the Silicon Valley. Parsha runs the Love n Me non-profit, which aims to help women and girls to start a new and pursue a successful, fulfilling life.

“I tell people all the time, stop looking at what somebody got and what you see on the outside. Everything I do here, this is my life. This car means everything to me because it’s all I have basically. I’m very embarrassed because I don’t want to be looked down upon or talked about…[my colleagues] would be shocked that I’m going through that because they would be like ‘I see you smiling at work, you appear to be happy. You look normal, you look clean…I think that companies need to look at the salaries. Are we paying employees enough to survive?,” Parsha told KTVU.com.

In response, a Facebook representative noted that the company acknowledges the effects of higher cost-of-living on its less prosperous employees. “[Facebook is] committed to being active and responsible neighbors by supporting the communities near’ their Menlo Park headquarters. [The company has invested an] initial $20 million contribution to… community groups, philanthropies and companies’…over the next few months and years to grow our regional impact,” a company representative told DailyMail.co.uk.

The company representative also confirmed that Parsha was not a direct employee, but works for third-party contractor affiliated with the social media giant. The representative also stressed that the company strives to develop a fair and equitable work environmental for all its employees as well as contractors. According to a company literature, the minimum salary at Facebook is $15 an hour. The social media giant has since implemented better conditions for contractors such as a 15 days-off paid vacation. The company has also instituted a child care benefit of up to $4,000.

Parsha said she started working at Facebook two months ago, and is now looking for a second job to pay her bills.

Silicon Valley’s rental rates remain high despite slow growth

Silicon Valley’s apartment rates remain relatively high despite a reported slowdown in annual rent growth. According to a report by Real Answers, the average asking rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Santa Clara County reached as much as $2,361 in 2016. This was 6.5 percent higher than 2015 rates, the report showed. The experts also noted that one-bedroom apartments in San Mateo County costs $2,590. According to the report, this was 6.8 percent higher than rates seen in 2015.

The report noted that while growth in apartment rates within Silicon Valley’s higher-priced markets appeared to have lost some of their steam, less expensive markets still exhibited relatively high rates. For instance, a one-bedroom apartment in San Jose costs $2,244 in 2016. According to the report, this was 9 percent higher than $2,058 in 2015.

  • Black Swan

    Higher livable wages may impinge upon the lifestyle of the Psychopathic Trillionaires Rockefeller’s family Nephew Mark Zuckerberg?

  • Tall T

    “she doesn’t work directly for us” no we use her thru a secondary company. Sick excuse.

    • Lara

      It’s so not an uncommon thing. Big companies hire third-party companies to do things. They usually pay a flat fee (per project) or a retainer type situation ($XXXXXX per month) for the service. That third-party company pays their employees. This woman does not work FOR facebook. She works AT facebook. Much like a construction worker on a job. Soon, she’ll be moved to the next company/job where her employer contracts. If she still has an employer after this.

      This article is meant to get you fired up and pissy about facebook. That’s how it’s written. That’s what this site DOES. And it worked. But if you know how big companies work, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

  • wakeywakeyhandoffsnakey

    who cares..anybody that works for facebook..or uses facebook should be slaughtered in the public square…only morons use facebook or twitter..or any of those other social crutches….. facebook is a tool of satan.. wake up people.. you are being fucked up the ass again …wakey wakey hand off snakey.. we are about to face the biggest economic and social collapse in recorded history….and these clowns bleat on about facebook…lol.. I bet the send sms while they are driving too… Hilarious

  • mary

    Facebook ,the most dangerous tool in these phycopaths agenda,Nearly destroyed our lives,we are here to tell the truth about its obvious dangers,you cannot defend yourselves,get off it now

  • Fingal Carson

    First, where did they come up with this $15 an hour? That’s a good mom and pop store minimum wage. In reality, small businesses should just be left unenforced with no minimum wage. If they want to pay 7 bucks an hour (meanwhile the owner is a drunk and cigar-addict who pockets a million or two a year) for the same labor as the WalMart or Lowe’s down the road who would pay 2-3 times more, that’s on them.

    But anyways, the wage seems to be an inflated 60s minimum with ZERO consideration of the rest of the factors. A living wage is nearly $22 dollars an hour, minimum. http://inequality.org/research/minimum-wage/
    In pink-collar (retail/sales), blue-collar, and white-collar, this would have to be the minimum wage for all businesses of size in order for things to go back to where they WERE.

    Can’t have that. Have to make sure a bunch of pink anglos and jews can afford to live in exclusive towns living exclusive lifestyles.