Farage: Europe Almost ‘Completely Lawless’ And Dangerous To Women

Nigel Farage says that Europe is now completely lawless, and that it is dangerous for women to live there

Europe is descending into a lawless and violent continent which is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for women to live in, according to Nigel Farage. 

The UKIP leader has said that women, especially those with blonde hair, are under the constant threat of sexual attacks in once civilised countries such as France and Brussels.

Express.co.uk reports:

Mr Farage was speaking on LBC in the wake of the Nice terror attack last week, which has raised questions about the capability of the French security and intelligence community.

He said: “I have to say I am worried about France and I have been worried working in Brussels for some time.

“Just large parts of that city are now virtually lawless.

“Very difficult in the centre of Brussels for women at night to walk alone, particularly if they are blonde-haired.

“They get repeatedly stopped and pestered and something has gone badly wrong.”

Molenbeek, a Brussels suburb which has been linked to several terrorists and terror plots, has been identified as an area of concern for Belgian authorities and labelled Europe’s “jihadi capital”.

During his two-hour radio show, Mr Farage discussed whether the recent attacks in Nice would increase the likelihood of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen being elected.

Mr Trump has previously called for a ban on Muslims entered the United States while Ms Le Pen has said the Nice attack is proof of Islamic fundamentalism’s rise.

One caller to LBC backed the use of military force to combat ISIS in Syria and Iraq, saying: “I think we should get in there… and Trump seems to be the person who is actually saying something about it.”

Last year Mr Trump sparked outrage by claiming there are parts of London and other European cities which have become “no-go” areas for police.

He said: “We have places in London and other places that are so radicalised that the police are afraid for their own lives.”

Over the weekend Ms Le Pen, leader of the French National Party, called on the French Interior Minister to quit.

Bernard Cazeneuve has been in charge while both the Nice and Paris terror attacks have taken place.

Ms Le Pen said: “In any other country in the world, a minister with a toll as horrendous as Bernard Cazeneuve – 250 dead in 18 months – would have quit.”

  • LadyVonZetien

    We are regressing into the dark ages…it’s terrifying what is happening in the world today. I never imagined that in my life I would see this.

  • Barbara Brown

    250 dead in 18 months, American police averaged at least that in any given month last year…..OK, Well maybe about half that monthly. There are already 599 dead this year, and they killed at least 1146 last year; I would sure like to see someone fired over that carnage.

  • Euronymous

    Four years ago I went on a guided
    walking tour of Molenbeek, Brussels, an area which Mr Farage now
    labels as a “no go” area, one full of violence, and nasty
    Muslims. There are indeed many Muslims there, but in my
    experience they are a lot less scary than the inhabitants of
    Kingston on Hull (England) on a Friday or Saturday night.

    The walk of which I speak took place
    one afternoon during Ramadan. During Ramadan your average Muslim is
    not supposed to eat from sunrise until sunset. Nevertheless, our
    walk took us past a number of bakers and other food shops, all
    smelling delicious, who were putting their wares ostentatiously on
    show to tempt the hungry faithful to forswear their fasting
    commitment. The shops were doing no business then, but I’m sure that
    after sundown the cash tills rang to the heavens. However, all the
    people we encountered were extremely polite and civilised, despite
    the gnawing hunger in their bellies.

    Somewhere on the route our walking
    group was caught in a heavy downpour of rain, and though some walkers
    had had the foresight to bring a brolly others (like me) had not,
    and were cowering for shelter against a wall.

    A car stopped, and despite the rain the
    driver got out, got wet, opened the boot of his car and whipped out a
    number of umbrellas, which he then distributed to the foolish
    Christians who had not looked at the weather forecast. The brollies
    were a random selection, all advertising various sporting events.
    As a result, quite apart from remaining dry that day, I acquired an
    umbrella which suggests that I was present at the 2011 All Africa
    Games in Mozambique. If only. The umbrella dispenser refused any
    payment for his kindness.

    I would love to hear from Mr F***ing
    Rage how he accounts for this civilised behaviour in such a “no go”
    area. But perhaps he will prefer to continue to dispense such
    untruths in the service of Donald Turnip.