FBI Release 9/11 Photos Proving Pentagon Was Hit By Missile

FBI release new 9/11 photographs showing Pentagon being hit by a missile

The FBI has quietly released a series of new 9/11 photo’s that raises questions about what really happened on the day the World Trade Center towers were taken down.

Amid a total media blackout, the new images appear to show the aftermath of a missile hitting the Pentagon, rather than an airplane as we’ve been led to believe.

The mainstream media and official 9/11 Commission Report insist that American Airlines Flight 77 smashed into the Pentagon on the morning of September 11. However, these new images clearly bring that ‘fact’ into serious disrepute.

Thefreethoughtproject.com reports:

Others could be seen as putting to rest a popular theory American Airlines Flight 77 never actually smashed into the Pentagon.

The FBI Vault release is minute in size, to say the least — with a mere 27 images comprising the file — and does not include video, audio, nor anything other than photos.

But, given the stony silence from the U.S. government toward families of victims of the attacks, even the meager disclosure is a welcome morsel of information with the potential to provide answers.

Indeed, in the very first image, labeled plainly, “9-11 Pentagon Debris 1,” a single piece of wreckage sits isolated on a parcel of lawn — bearing the American Airlines logo and marked with letters and numbers.

While this and pictures of evidence like it ostensively did come from the lawn of the Pentagon in the wake of the plane smashing into the building’s side, it would be prudent to note the lack of context — such as the burned and gaping hole — to distinguish it singularly.

Mangled metal in the second image appears obviously to have come from a plane, but — like the entire release — no description accompanies to explain when, where, or how the wreckage was discovered by investigators.

The third file again shows plane debris — this time, the horrendously twisted metal includes a painted red “C” with a white outline, as seen painted on the sides of American Airlines.

Several images of the emergency response to the crash follow, evincing a cavernous hole in the Pentagon building, as fire and rescue crews descend on the burning rubble.

Although the aforementioned collectively would seem to put to rest that no airplane ever crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, multiple images of exterior and interior damage evince a smaller hole than would be intuitive — but the sagging floors, twisted girders, and general destruction do show how much of the building suffered on impact.

While all of these images appear to at least generally align with the official account of what happened with Flight 77 that day, three images cannot be explained — because they seem to defy logic.

Assumedly taken from an aircraft hovering overhead and from an angle behind the blasted hole, three images show the rounded chasm cleaved into the building’s outer ring — but the burned stone from fires resulting from the explosion doesn’t extend into the inner area on the inside of the Pentagon’s second concentric segment.

However, without any evidence the crash affected the second ring, and observing what would have been the path the downed craft took through the building upon impact, a section of burned building stretching from the ground all the way to the roof oddly and implausibly appears — on the inside of the Pentagon’s third and middle ring.

Indeed, it’s entirely unclear how this strange pattern of damage in conjunction with lack of it could have occurred at all.

This isn’t meant to denounce the official story nor those proffered by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth — nor anyone else who has thoroughly examined the evidence and has a plausible theory

It should be noted the FBI released a number of revealing images previously — nearly five years ago, in late 2012 — evincing wreckage of Flight 77 found inside the Pentagon.

But these pictures, and the oddity of the release’s size and quiet announcement, should provoke thought and discussion of the events of that day — particularly considering the attacks of 9/11 ushered in the insidious War on Terror and Surveillance State.

  • Jessy Scholl

    It could be very possible that the debris is from American Flight 965 which crashed in Colombia on December 20, 1995. That registration sticker on the 2nd photo of the article is likely a written part number for the factory. The real number is N651AA.

  • Andy

    Servo across the road had real footage

    • Jimpop

      ya 4 frames and no plane was seen , there were 80 video camaras from verious places around the pentagon , funny only 4 frames were released . hmmmm?

      • Anyone but Obama

        Right only FOUR frames from a video. Where is the entire video? What possible reason could there be not to release the video?

        • Karl Kaiser

          You can’t release what you don’t have! There’s your “reason”.

          And I can do “four frames” with Photoshop in 15 minutes. But a couple hundred frames of real, consistent video? Apparently they didn’t plan ahead for that one.

          But they got what they wanted at the end of the day, so if the sheeple wake up 20 years later they really don’t care.

          • Anyone but Obama

            Thing is they DO have the entire video but if they released it, it would show a missile not a plane.

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    To quote a famous Marine, “Surprise, surprise, surprise.” St. Augustine said “The truth is a Lion, set it free it will defend it’s self.” The globalist view of dumbing down of America, by controlling the facts, and information flow has got end. We the People voted out, along with the creamed coffee idiot. And a push back against the lies, deception, which is liberal logic leadership of Democratic Progressives. Because now they do not control the information any longer. Every single American knows it was a ‘inside job’. Now the information to confirm it, should be released. 9/11 will never go away until the truth, and fact come to light. Whatever, wherever it may take us.

    • John Nelson

      LOL thank you for the great example of the effect of that dumbing down of ‘Murica…

    • Kay

      You DUMB SHIT it was the NASTY REPUBLICAN SCUM Bush and Co who are responsible so fuck you.

      • Cantilever

        Political affiliation makes no difference in this game.
        The D and R and for us to fight about.
        Both parties are equally involved in schemes of this magnitude.

  • Tobias Bruning

    where are the seats?, how about some motor fins? Plane door? door handle? emergiencie supplies? the list of the deceased? their families never spoke out about those loses? Luggage!? where the hell is the plane cargo that would be spread everywhere? rubber from a tire? surely all of that didnt disingrate on impact!

    • Gerry Waneck

      The engines and landing gear are made of titanium. Even if everything else disintegrated (preposterous), these should have been found. No plane hit the pentagon.

      • Jerry Davis

        Agreed! We’re talking about TITANIUM people! A plane did not hit the Pentagon. The official story is just ridiculous. We’ve been lied to…plain and simple.

        • The Liberator

          Jet fuel can melt titanium when fueled by additional seats and luggage. Haven’t you heard?

    • Karl Kaiser

      The coroner in Shanksville, PA said that there were no body parts and no blood at the crash site there, either. He said it was the easiest “disaster” he ever had to handle. He showed up, looked around, and left.

    • Troy

      if you dont trust your government, why do you still live here?

    • pavlovscat7

      ………al jebr………….
      The patriot hasn’t sussed it yet
      But embusques, smirk on the tv sets
      Was the missing piece of the jigsaw jets:

  • Jacques Devin

    Where is Trump on 911? He should set up an independent commission with subpoena power to do a real investigation of 911. My guess, Trump won’t do it because the zionists cabals are still in charge in his administration and will prevent such an investigation which would uncovered the Mossad, CIA and rogue elements in the Bush administration were responsible for the planning and execution of 911. What a shame!

    • http://batmannews.com Vernon France

      Remember Trump’s good buddy Rudy Giuliani just happened to evacuate Building Seven at about 9 am because he said someone “told him” that the Twin Towers would collapse. Who told him and how did they know since a steel structured skyscraper has never had a total collapse, straight down, symmetrically, before or since – from fires, plane crashes, earthquakes or anything else? Why weren’t the people inside the towers warned? They still had fifteen minutes to warn them and to tell firemen to stop going up. Why did Rudy just happen to relocate to a nearby building where FEMA reps had gathered THE DAY BEFORE to conduct one of the many SECRET war games?

  • Karl Kaiser

    And the wingspan of this plane is about 125 feet, while the hole in the building is not wider than 60 feet. So the building was hit by a plane that had no wings. Go figure.

    And we are supposed to believe that the nation’s military nerve center had no video surveillance of its exterior?

    • jacsprat

      There you go Karl, you got about 80 ft. of wings on the plane, No wings found….

      • Karl Kaiser

        Some people say 125 is greater than 80, but that’s a tin-hat conspiracy theory! Don’t get suckered!!!

  • lanxster

    where is the fire damage on the plane parts.

  • john anderson 42069

    To me, the overhead photo seem to show secondary explosions. How can the 3rd layer have a small blast hole in it while the 2nd has no damage?!? Where are the plane parts that would have to be in the hole the figherfighers are watering! Ita crazy people still believe the “official story”!

    • Karl Kaiser

      Many people are psychologically averse to admitting to themselves that they have been betrayed by authority, and so they will bend over backwards to deny that they are being lied to, no matter how the evidence mounts up.

      These are also the people who most energetically attack anyone pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.

      • pavlovscat7

        OY VEY Kaiser..the naked emperor has been circumcised.

  • Vincent Gary

    I’m not having it disintegrated and nothing was found other than what they ” planted” https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChasingTheories/

  • John McCormick

    We are to believe the cartoon image of airplane wings slicing through steel beams into the tower in New York, the plane’s travel through the entire building and coming out the other side, and yet here there is but a single hole in the outer skin of the pentagon building?

  • Eric Sutton

    OK folks. Settle down. Too may witnessed the event. We Washingtonians know the difference between a missile with no wings traveling at or above mach 1 and a commercial airplane traveling at 300 mph.

    • Karl Kaiser

      I’d like to see these “witnesses”. How much would it cost the CIA or whomever to pay someone to lie about this?

      Maybe those witness can describe the wings of the plane evaporating as it flew through the air? I bet you could get SOMEBODY to “testify” to that for the right price.

      • Amanda Roctus

        Look how successfully they are at making people believe that artificial clouds coming out of planes are just water vapour. Conspiracies on large scales are very possible. But not for long, even pilots being sold the global warming lie are beginning to question the blatant anomalies now. Truth will come out for all of it, we just need to make absolutely sure the internet remains open and keep spreading the word. Shame truthers don’t have the money, then there really would be incentive for whistleblowers to speak, although nothing like a little threat of death or harm to families to shut people up…tricky.

        • Blaine Grant

          The contrail argument is insane, simple science explains it. Where the fuck would they even keep all those chemicals…?! I know 9/11 was bogus, but don’t get all tin hat on things that are easily explained…

          • Cantilever

            Please explain this simple science Blaine.

            High bypass turbo fans don’t produce contrails.
            There was water vapor in airplane engines prior to HBTF, so, for example, when you see the WW2 footage of the bombers, there was always a long contrail.

            I see these planes flying over SoCal on bizarre flight paths. Big arcing C shapes…I can watch the chemtrail turn on, pilot finishes the “C” and then shuts it off. I’ve watched the dotted delivery as well. Makes no sense. There is definitely something going on that’s not normal.

    • Kay

      You are a dumb sheeple.

  • Michael Gunslinger

    These events the ONLY plane crashes in history where the black boxes where not found. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Karl Kaiser

      And we’re supposed to believe that one of the most important military assets in the country had its video surveillance turned off that day?

      Or maybe the military forgot to EVER put video cameras up around a prime terrorist target? Uh huh.

      • Amanda Roctus

        Either way, time for an overhaul of authority, because they are either corrupt or stupid.

  • Michael Gunslinger

    One more tid bit for those unaware and you can verify this here. http://investmentwatchblog.com/1-day-before-911-2-3-trillion-missing-from-dod/ The so called plane that hit the pentagon just so happen to hit where the computers where that would have told us where this money vanished too. Again, Coincidence? NOT!

  • Karl Kaiser

    Sorry to break it to you theorists – who believe THE GOVERNMENT’S BS “Theory” of 911 – but your government is controlled by powerful and evil people, and the politicians work for THEM.

    The sooner you wipe your eyes and face up to it the sooner we can fix this mess.

  • http://batmannews.com Vernon France

    How can people accept the cover story that Fl 77 knocked down five concrete light poles without the fragile aluminum wings heavily laden with fuel tanks immediately exploding and the wings coming off? The light poles were located well before the plane could have reached the Pentagon.

  • pavlovscat7

    What should be a hilarious work of facetious fiction is screening on OZ TV on sunday 21 May…Called, The Plane That Hit The Pentagon.

  • TG

    Funny that the planes that supposedly hit the towers left distinct impressions of the wings impact and damage on the buildings exterior but no such marks at the pentagoon.

  • Amanda Roctus

    Anyone else see telegraph poles and trees still standing. Planes that slice through steel girders and concrete in the towers surely could have sliced through them. Maybe Pentagon poles and trees are stronger but not walls….? The truth will come out.

  • jay king

    waking up to realize the nuts are right! the government doesnt give a shit about you or i, as we are not wealthy enough. so screw us right? keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit and we’ll grow mushrooms. and you will lose the devine spark by denying your fellows the basic needs. when you are afraid and dying. will you confidently enter that phase, or fear for judgement. trolls like sessions and trump are examples of those that dont grasp that christ was kind, not mean, never said go to hell for being wrong. he cheered, and welcomed you home when you realized you’d erred.do you feed, forgive, free those that have less than you? if not, youre just calling yourself christian, but you dont live a christian life. which is true christianity

  • SweetSharron

    There is no way possible that an airplane was able to fly down to the level indicated as the “point of impact” on the Pentagon. This was a pre-arranged, detailed execution by the government of the United States. Their true intent is known to them, but you can bet it has itself destined to affect a New World Order, one world government, global population world in some way or another. Our government killed its own citizens. The world knows it… the only people who are in doubt are the simple minded American people who believe our government loves and protects them and can do no wrong.

  • Kay

    Unfortunately the dumb shit. American sheeple still can’t figure out that it was a blatant inside job.