Trump Orders Every FBI Agent To Undergo Polygraph Test

Trump orders FBI agents to under polygraph tests

President Trump has ordered every single FBI agent to undergo a polygraph test in the aftermath of recent politically motivated leaks at the bureau. 

Sara Cater, investigative reporter for Circa News, says she believes Trump is ‘shaking up’ the FBI in order to oust pro-Hillary agents who are trying to undermine his presidency. reports: Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Congress last month there were 27 open investigations into leaks of classified information with a “political motive.”

Carter said it’s not clear if all of those probes are centered on the FBI, but she said the investigations have included lie-detector tests.

“This is a big investigation. What I know is that they have been running polygraphs on people within the FBI. They are looking for leakers and a lot more information is gonna come out. I think there’s going to be a shakeup,” she said.

Fox News has learned that the Justice Department is in the process of handing over to the House Intelligence Committee the anti-Trump text messages that got a key FBI official removed from Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

The actions of Peter Strzok while working on the Hillary Clinton email investigation have also come under scrutiny. Strzok was removed from the Mueller probe over the summer.

On Tuesday, Judicial Watch released an email showing another Mueller deputy, Andrew Weissmann, had praised outgoing acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she was fired in January by Trump for refusing to defend his travel ban.

Carter said she finds it “hard to believe” Mueller didn’t know these things about Weissmann and Strzok, since he’s known for being very thorough and detail-oriented.

She agreed with President Trump’s assessment of an FBI in “tatters” when it comes specifically to senior-level FBI officials, but not rank-and-file agents.

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  • Fingal Carson

    LOL? Good luck. The best liars will not fail this test if they even actually give it. Waste of time. More attention whoring.

    • John Paul Jones

      It all depends on the questions asked.
      For example;
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  • clarioncaller

    If its an MRI Lie-Detection Test, then it can reach accuracies of up to 98%. It measures brain response in particular lobes which cannot be fudged.

    • Freedoms Waining

      MRI lie tests reportedly can determine a lie before its spoken. That is needed.

  • Marcia Little

    Sara Carter, one of the actual investigative reporters left in these United States! Go Sara Carter!

  • Melani Beach

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