FBI: Rumors About Clinton Pedophile Ring Are True

FBI and NYPD insiders confirm that rumors around a Clinton pedophile ring are true

Multiple sources within the FBI and NYPD have confirmed Hillary Clinton’s involvement in a massive pedophile ring in Washington DC. 

According to experts on Reddit, insiders have recently confirmed rumors that a child sex scandal involving the Clinton’s and their cronies are true and about to become public knowledge.

Reddit.com reports:

It seems that things are about to heat up. We are told that of the 662,871 emails lifted from Anthony Weiner’s computer, 11,112 emails are Huma Abedin’s… and pay to play – including Saudis and Israelis. Meaning Huma was the one Hillary used to communicate with foreign leaders via email for inside information and deals via Huma’s computer.

It has been established through many avenues, but mainly through Wikileaks, that the Clinton Foundation was just a farce set up in order to perform pay-to-play games with multiple entities, including foreign nations. Pay-to-play nations include: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Kazakhstan, and the Ukraine.

Furthermore, we are told by one of our insiders that one email unequivocally confirms ISIS was created by CIA and Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, with help from Joe Lieberman, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham!

An NYPD insider said the content they viewed did include State Department Top Secret emails. One file was called “Life Insurance”. A second file was titled “DNC Nuclear Arsenal“.

A third file I’m sure Hillary definitely does not want released was a file labeled “Intimate”… according to this NYPD insider, this file contained X-rated photos of Huma and Hillary with a teenager.

NYPD detectives were sickened by what they saw, according to our insider, and they had threatened FBI field agents that they would leak this information, if the FBI did not “step up and take off the kid gloves”. At that point, 13 of the FBI agents in NYC were also threatening to leak the information.

As you can imagine, the scandal has the entire Obama Administration in full panic. We are told there are emails that could send Loretta Lynch to prison, as well as Bill and Hillary.

The following information comes straight from an FBI Anonymous source, who is the senior analyst who posted on 4chan in early July of this year:

Jim Comey learned that some of his own investigators were tipping off both Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, thus making his job impossible.

Comey sent a letter to Congress, knowing that ultimately it would expose Loretta Lynch as a dirty actor and the breadcrumbs would lead directly to Obama. The State Department is terrified now. Comey has assembled a small team of 40 agents, whom he has declared “The Untouchables” after the famous federal agent Eliot Ness.

Comey has clamped down on all FBI agents and he expects a full-scale war between the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ), the White House, and the State Department. He has confirmed and understands that many sitting senators, congressmen, lobbyists, and power players are going to be indicted and prosecuted. One of the main targets of the probe is the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Among the targets under investigation are John Podesta, Huma, Cheryl Mills, CNN, ABC, NBC, etc.

As it turns out, Weiner, Huma’s husband, had been forwarding Huma’s emails each time she came home and left her computer open. Huma appears to have been in touch with Saudi actors, and therefore, espionage is strongly suspected.

Comey and his 40 “Untouchables” are now preparing to take down the largest corruption ever witnessed in American history… which is what I think must happen if Comey is planning to stay part of the FBI. He lost so much respect and so much credibility with the first Hillary investigation, it would take something of this magnitude to allow him to face the public again.

The Pentagon has internal players and outside players they call “creatives“. Creatives are civilians who tend to be geniuses, malcontents, extreme hackers, or otherwise demonstrate brilliance in other useful areas. A Pentagon program called Cicada 3301, which we have reported on previously, was created by several of these talented civilians. The program is now used to allow thousands of honest government people to report on their corrupt superiors, using what is called a dead box whistleblower encryption method so the non-corrupted government officials can report corruption and still remain safe.

  • Dan Jones

    Totally sick if this is true, and Trump said they are nice people…

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark


      It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness…. unless you work in a fireworks factory!

  • Amaris

    your sins will find you out, and all that is hidden and in the dark will be shouted from the highest rooftops.

    ‘For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open’.Luke 8:17

    “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea’. Matthew 18:6

  • Brooklyn Dave

    Wow is all I can say about this article. I hope the FBI is not pulling America’s chain. If anyone has the power to forge ahead it is the FBI. I am curious about Comey. I think he may be a good guy at heart but was just so afraid of the Clintons. Now that Trump is president elect, his courage grew (hope that’s the case). Wonder how much they will go after Obama directly. I would love to see the Clintons (I always speak of them as though they were Siamese twins) and Obama go at it like rabid dogs turning on each other. What does Hildabeast have on Obama and what does he have on her that hasn’t come to light. I think we have most of what we need to know about the Clinton and their fake Foundation –but more may be revealed about Obama & Co. I’d be delighted to see some Republicans go down as well.

  • walnutpasta

    There’s zero credibility to this. As someone actively looking, researching and searching on reddit about this news over in /r/conspiracy and /r/pizzagate you cannot take users there as a source. We’ve yet to prove anything, really.. We need more help on the search, but we can’t title things like:
    “FBI: Rumors About Clinton Pedophile Ring Are True”

    “Experts” on Reddit are still anonymous, unless they post some sort of verifiable credit to themselves. But the sources thus far on these are Anonymous, people claiming to be afraid for their lives. While we want to get to the bottom of that, I’d hate to see false information being spread.

  • vincent marquette

    These people belong in prison. Pedophile ring, that’s to much to tolerate.

    • Please-End-You

      are you that large of an idiot to honest believe this? if true, GKY and spare the world your idiocy.

      • Sue B.

        I haven’t read any where that Bill and Hillary have denied it.

        • Paceride

          LOL so now any ridiculous webiste can make any accusation and if the accused doesn’t deny it it’s true?

      • Beanie

        If it is false post the proof! I have read many reports from many news sites…not the mainstream news cos they are crap/propaganda. A few deny it but many are posting this as fact. Time will reveal all with Clinton and those of the 1% ilk.

        • Paul Lalonde

          you actually need proof? hahahahahahaha
          how fucking dumb are you anyway? hahahahahaha

          • Beanie

            You don’t and just believe what you read….how fucking dumb are you? Wait, I know…nevermind!

      • John Conner

        Just ask the Clintons daughter and her new baby if its true.

      • B. Roberts

        Look in the mirror when you say Idiot..I for one am not an Idiot..I have read all about this a long time ago when Hillary was running for Office. I never got any of my reading from the Media because they are as Corrupt ans Liar’s just like Hillary..If you want to go and research a little more on Hillary here is something else you can call an Idiot for believing but then again look in the mirror

        Posted by Elliot Bougis | Nov 7, 2016 | Breaking News
        America’s Lady Macbeth Sees the Ghosts of Her Rise to Power Coming for Her
        How To Make An Organic Super Food For Survial At Home – Watch Video Click Here
        They say you know a person by the company he keeps. Last week explosive findings in the Wikileaks emails shed light on some very disturbing company that Hillary Clinton has kept for decades. A week ago probably only a thousand people in America knew what “Spirit Cooking” is. Now, it’s a household term in many places.
        Marina Abramovic is a Serbian artist who has produced dozens of sexual, grotesque, and occult performances for decades.
        Spirit Cooking is a kind of “performance art” that uses animal blood, child dolls, and occult expressions to break a person’s normal psychological limits. It is, however, not simply “art,” as desperate defenders of these dark Democratic devotions claim. Three years ago Abramovic fielded questions from Reddit users. Notice the distinction she makes in this exchange:
        Marina! What place do you see the occult having within contemporary art; can magick be made (not simply appropriated/ performed)?
        Everything depends on which context you are doing what you are doing. If you are doing the occult magic in the context of art or in a gallery, then it is the art. If you are doing it in different context, in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art. The intention, the context for what is made, and where it is made defines what art is or not.
        As the emails reveal, it was precisely as a small, private “Spirit Cooking” event that Abramovic invited John Podesta and his brother to. Since this news has broken, Abramovic has denied that she is a satanist, yet interestingly, he Twitter handle for years has included “666”!
        Again, we know a person by the company she keeps, and Hillary Clinton has known the Podestas for decades. She is also on a first name basis with Abramovic! Further, her campaign has given at least $10,000 to Abramovic in the past.

        Bizarre as all this may seem, there is extensive background to support Hillary’s satanic connections. In 1996, when Hillary was First Lady, Bob Woodward exposed Hillary’s relationship with a well known spiritualist/hypnotist, Dr. Jean Houston. As The New York Times explained in June 1996:
        Jean Houston has instructed executives from such buttoned-down companies as Xerox, lectured at such sober universities as Harvard and worked with such mainstream figures as Margaret Mead.
        Dr. Houston, a 57-year-old author of 15 books who is admired by many adherents of the human potential movement and of New Age mysticism, made headlines over the weekend because of her work with another mainstream figure, Hillary Rodham Clinton. “Seances” were among the interpretations of sessions in which Dr. Houston and Mrs. Clinton supposedly conversed with Eleanor Roosevelt and Gandhi.
        But in an interview here at her Rockland County home today, Dr. Houston said Mrs. Clinton never made any seance-like effort to contact the spirits of Mrs. Roosevelt or Gandhi but simply engaged in an intellectual role-playing exercise to tackle a problem the First Lady was having with her book about children, “It Takes a Village.”
        Houston’s denial seems reasonable enough, but the Clintons themselves do not seem so bashful about admitting Hillary’s occult experience.


    • Amaris

      watch for trolls. They are here.

    • Occams

      Oh, I think treason and sedition rank right up there, too (as well Bush, Cheney, and their lot).

      • B. Roberts

        yes, I am with you Bush and Cheney Plus..The list is big and long..I have read a lot on this but not from the Media most of them are as Corrupt and Liar’s just like Hillary..

  • Cheri

    More evil and treasonous acts in our government that the normal person could ever begin to conceive or dare think of implementing. Staggering the cockroaches who have taken over our government for their own personal gain and pleasure.


    It’s a post in a conspiracy theory subreddit that has been deleted.
    This is hilariously stupid.

  • Sue B.

    This is just too disgusting for for words! ANYONE who harms a child belongs in prison, preferably, for the rest of their life!!! If Hillary & Bill Clinton are involved in this dirty “Ring” they’d damn better be prosecuted to the fullest, along with every other “animal”! I expect we’ll be reading that James Comey will be found dead before the end of the year. And you, Democrats, want this disgusting, vile woman as your President??? You’d better hope they don’t get to your children or grand children!!!

  • http://www.smartmoversatlantic.ca/ jeff smith

    wikileaks confirmed the dealings of saudi’s and qatar governmental involvement in arming ( american arms sales to the saudi’s under hillary clinton quadrupled ( they had lots to spare )) of isis rebels and the state department under hillary clinton’s full knowledge of such . Personally I think that ambassador Chris Stevens was left out to dry ( be killed ) because he knew that terrorists ( isis , al qaeda ) were being armed by the Saudi’s with the american administrations full acknowledgment and possible blessing ( certainly the case in Syria ( the administrations full participation and blessing )) as for israel’s involvement it really doesn’t make since other than there possible belief , that as long as there enemies are fighting each other they are better off ( i believe the article is full of conjecture on this note ) . As the the clinton’s sex scandles it always appears to be worse than what one would otherwise would think to be true ( truth is stranger than fiction when it comes to the clintons and there cronies )

    • JC

      I never thought about them wanting to get rid of Ambassador Stevens because he was a liability. That’s a good point.

      • Darin

        That was my very first thought.

      • Occams

        That Stevens was a ‘liability’ has been long-known as to why he was killed.

        A staged event – in a long list of staged events from the last 5 or 6 admins’….


      Jeff I couldn’t have made a better reply. Thank you.


      I suppose it’s the “thoughts???” that count, but Jeffy, your comment is the worse piece of writing I’ve encountered in any comment sections I have ever visited. This includes the comments written by the dim, the dull, and the delusional, who comment in the Sports section of Yahoo News!

      • http://www.smartmoversatlantic.ca/ jeff smith

        whose been fucking your goat shafar ? is there anything normal about islamic culture . has islam ever contributed one good thing to the world ? If an atomic bomb was dropped on mecca , what negatives could one think of that would be a loss for the rest of civilization ? If islam disappeared totally from the earth , tell be one loss that would be the the rest of the world ? Made that day come soon when islam is NO MORE .


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          And that’s just for the today. This will be the starting point to even more of your tomorrow’s stupid.

          What’s more you haven’t a clue as to just how blithering your idiocy is. You’re a classic case of the Dunning Kruger Effect in operation.

          • http://www.smartmoversatlantic.ca/ jeff smith

            im sorry to hear your goat’s been cheating on you .

          • Wulver

            I don’t agree with your take on Islam. Zealots are zealots and therefore dangerous no matter what flavour of religious dogma they profess to adhere to. Having said that, you sure seem to have got this Shafar retrobate’s number. Bravo.

          • http://www.smartmoversatlantic.ca/ jeff smith

            well when someone just attacks and doesn’t supply any facts in their reason for opposing they make themselves an easy target . as for islam , just the fact that their founder married a six year old and had sexual relations with her , then finally consummating the marriage ( intercourse ) with her at her tender age of 9 should make any reasonable person to question the validity of the tenets of said religion . that is just one of approximately hundreds of points one could make against islam ( one other being the very fact that islam forbids with death any investigation into its claims )

          • Wulver

            Yadda yadda yada. The Talmud says that a female child is ok to ball up until they’re three. Look it up. You’re falling for the fake news again. It didn’t just start yesterday, it has always been so. Koran bad Torah bad Talmud bad Mormons bad. It’s absurd. Islam is not the enemy.

          • http://www.smartmoversatlantic.ca/ jeff smith

            First the talmud IS NOT Divine inspired scripture but a book of jewish customs and man’s interpretation of Holy scriptures . Not sure what you mean by ball up but it refers to having sex with a three year old baby that is just sick and would not be tolerated nor implied in moses , the prophets or the historical books ( en we think of the Law as the five books of Moses and the prophets as the last 17 books of the Old Testament, we still have 17 books left over. Most Bible teachers called the twelve books from Joshua through 2 Chronicles the Books of History and the five books from Job through Song of Solomon the books of Wisdom. However, that does not explain the New Testament references to the Old Testament books. The reason is simple: the Hebrew scriptures, although they had the exact same books as we have today in the Old Testament, were divided differently than they are in our English Bible. There were other differences. A number of books that we have as separate books were combined into single books and this gave a total of 24 books (not the 39 we have today). For instance, all twelve minor prophets were combined into one book. And, the books were in a different order than we have today. One of the most interesting things about the book order of the Hebrew scriptures is that they finished with 1 and 2 Chronicles; not with Malachi. ) As for what is good or bad . Truth is not abstract and I recognize truths in all ideologies and or religions ( universal principles ) but the absolute truth is found only in the Old and New Testaments . God has not given his followers a mix bag of hap hazard saying but a consistent , coherent , progressive revelation written over a span of 2000 years by almost 50 various authors all coming together in full agreement as in the its progressive revealing over time . Its all we ever need to know about God and our relationship to Him in this life . So man’s ideas are not worth the paper they are written on if they do not line up to His written Word , the Holy Bible .

          • Stuart Wells

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        • Stuart Wells

          what a fucking idiot. well for a start AL Cohol. AL Gebra. the list goes on and on in maths science education philosophy laws (yes laws, english and american law is based on old islamic laws and principles..). but you’re just a white trash fool scared of some bogeyman under your bed. try to use your brain and stop letting others wash it for you…..

          • http://www.smartmoversatlantic.ca/ jeff smith

            more fake history from a goat muzzie . Where do idiots come up with this stuff . Oh wait , that wahhabi islamic school of thought . Hmmmmmmmm, must be true . Oh wait we have 2000 years of written history that supports a Christianity centered culture and 1400 hundred years of those same Christians that witnessed the onslaught of islamic hordes that destroyed all practically all evidence of civilization wherever it went ( with very few exceptions ) Islam is based on two false pillars ; one that Jesus Christ wasn’t crucified and two He didn’t rise from the dead . The two are so verified by historical documents that at least the first is not rejected by any historical scholar both liberal and conservative . Is there any historical records to support islams claims . NO there is not . Actually all that muhammad wrote ( contradiction after contradiction. One minute he calls Jesus the word and next he denies the divinity of jesus ) are ramblings of a madman . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikxb09pyZwM

      • Occams

        Wow….Great fact-filled rebuttal.

        Were you paid to post this trash – or actually this stupid?

        • Paceride

          Hey, I just made $5 just by telling you you’re an idiot!

  • idontknow

    This story ceased being believable the second it painted gimp boy Comey as a good guy and an “untouchable”.

    Comey has made over $6 million from the Clinton Foundation, and has provided get out of jail free cards for the Clintons since the 90s.

    While I have no doubt about the pedophilia claims, the rest of this story sounds more like fed disinformation than anything else…

    • deano

      ya I believe that, was wondering why they were sporting comey a Hillary adhearant

  • deano

    they will cover it all up sadly lik ethey always do

    • Mr Twank L Bang

      Normally I would agree, but this is everywhere, all over the internet, and just a little looking into to it by your average person is enough to open the” rabbit hole” of finding your own confirming evidence (most is circumstantial, true, but what’s not is the absolutely perverted images posted publicly on social media; I stop searching all together once the implicit photos became more and more explicit). Many of the lower level are operatives are amazingly open about it too, or at least their code word, symbology game is weak.

  • Kevin

    There was an FBI investigator on 4ch that explained all of this. Not just the Clinton pedophile activity of Bill & Hillary, but others in government. Also several mass shootings sponsered by our government, false flag events. The feeling within the FBI, people who have taken an oath to protect the US and her citizens, that to release the information would throw us into a civil war. They also feared in that case that China or Russia would get involved. They were considering getting help from some others to leak some info a little at a time to lessen impact. They were hoping for a Trump win because they will be able to do their job without fear of discipline including death. There is video of a woman on You Tube telling about her expierience as government sex slave, yes US gov., that was taken to Hillary as a presidential model, meaning no STD’s. And all this info is starting to connect the dots. This leaked info from wieners laptop has involved the NYPD and this will make it very hard to cover up. I believe the truth is totally behind the fake news site lists.

    • BC

      I’m to the point if this is true, they need to just release it all, as they continue to try and steal the election

    • Acetic_V_Gina

      And now she sudden;y wants to run for mayor of NYC. Yup, I believe this is ALL true. Trump has fired most of the State Department and kept Comey in his job. This will get very interesting. Trump knows EXACTLY who these “people” are.

  • Cathryn Lam Quintero

    They should lose their pensions and all the hookups they made for any relatives & cronies!

  • Dante

    Good this is awsome i hope it’s def true tho seriously .. Fuck them all crooked cunt HILLARY and Bill and Loretta the black cuntbag holdimg info and not allowing them to do there jobs and weiner and his Arab wife


    All this will be news worthy IF and WHEN these creatures are arrested for their crimes. Until then it’s just endless speculations.

  • carenharkins

    It’s only Fake News if you’re guilty.

  • clockworkelves

    I’ll believe they will pursue this when I see it!!

  • David Witenstein

    Im a republican conservative who is tired of fake news. Did you hear the one about the flying jackass? When I see it I’ll believe it.

  • get help

    REMEMBER SHE KNEW SHE LOST WAY AHEAD OF TIME. Otherwise how did she know to cancel her fireworks? I believe they (LEOS/FBI) told her that if the DNC was going to rig the election by software means in the final countdown, then the powers-that-be that have really done the pedophile stuff were going to be outed. NO WONDER SHE WAS UPSET AT PODESTA!…His Wikileaks emails indict ALL OF THEM…His lead up to the Jeffrey Epstein Lolita Express flight logs, 2 dozen for Bill & half dozen for Hill going to the Bahamas to a private orgy island with under age children. Some who may have leads back to orphans from Haiti & Clinton Foundation. Look into Barb Harris discovery of black box & integer fractional vote manipulation that the DNC possessed & may have used to flip flop votes at the very back end, when the final votes were tallied for the FINAL MAP.

    So they are so persistent that because Clintons Machine are evil, have trillions of PAC money from donors around the world from the NWO globalist…2nd phase of retaliation to steal…via “RECOUNT”…But not everybody on board. Clintons pressuring with her little black book. Epic Fail due to deadlines and State Constitutions and Election LAW. Cannot control that many Judges farther out from DC. Plus many of her supporters not willing to cheat after the fact. Lots of eyes on a recount.

    Next trying to bribe, scare or use the RINOs implanted in the Congress & Electoral College…does not seem that people and/or States & Judges are going to risk a Civil War or their integrity.

    Lastly, SUDDENLY…it is the Russians? Or maybe the Chinese..CIA CRONIES who are politizing this…GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! You don’t think the FBI, NYPD and other LEOs from around the world and the MILITARY are going to forget what happened to the children? She is skating on thin ice. Even Obama realizes that people will only take so much before the gallows could be built in the main square in WA DC.

    Just look at SOUTH KOREA, last week. Those farmers, citizens, business owners, and even the Law Enforcement were on the side of the people as 3 million marched, flooding streets to grab their female President. She has nearly the same accusations of crimes of Pay to play, a sidekick (like Huma) who gave secrets to foreigners, and a FOUNDATION that was a laundering scheme. (THIS IS NOT FAKE NEWS)..You cannot make this up. The S. Korean female President also has speculation of satanism or witchcraft which did not bode well with the people wielding torches & pitchforks! It is all over mainstream World News and online news sources. Even Public TV shows the video of crowds and that she stepped down…before they grabbed her.

    Even if Obama attempted Marshall Law and/or a pardon for these scumbags…pardoning pedophiles does not fly with even the most hardened soul! Just ask those convicted, they dare not put them in with the General Population in PRISON.

    Trump has over a hundred Generals, loyal military men & women, LEOs, Secret Service & part of the FBI and the NYPD on his side if they try this coup d’etat. With all the treason, not even a fool would attempt a pardon sequence. SHE IS TRUMPED! Obama is wise to leave quietly and not stir the hornet’s nest. Because really the only reason he has not been yanked out all these years is because political correctness, possible rioting in the streets and fears of being labeled a racist for removing a person of color….is all out in the open…There is nothing left to lose. But to Save The Children people will do all sorts of things. THEY WERE UNABLE TO STEAL OUR 2ND AMENDMENT..It will not just be torches and pitchforks…not just tar & feathers…THIS IS NOT INCITEMENT, THIS IS OBSERVATION! #SaveTheChildren #ChildSlaveryMustStopNOW

  • L Garou

    Public executions are warranted and will be welcomed by justice starved Americans and decent human beings across the world..

  • ThePurpleCrab

    Televised hearings with special prosecutors.

    This debacle goes back to to before 9/11 and its planning, the proverbial ‘fruit of the poisonous tree’ has allowed the illicit snowball to grow into what we are faced with today.

    • John C Carleton

      Washington, the politicians, the elected, appointed, salaried, minions of “government”, the parasite bankers, the public tit hanger ons, have proved they not only can not, but will not, and have no desire, to police themselves and clean ALL of their deviate, corrupted crap up. It appears they need some help doing. You do not know how i would like to see the FBI come out and take down these scum, with being a former “president”, not being an exemption from justice. I will have to see it to have any hope of the beast bringing justice, or at least lock up where they can not harm society any farther, it’s own henchmen. Seen too much, lived too much of it to hope for anything but BS and evil from anything Fed. I would like to be proved wrong, i really would.

  • Ideas Time

    This behavior by the inbred elites has been going on for centuries. They are only now being exposed in a massive way due to the internet.

  • The Prescient Minority

    Even if this is true and it probably is, it will never go any where. The rule of law does not exist for those in the ruling class. The Justice System has become the “Just Us” system for the career politicians in government.

  • Stop Bush and Clinton

    And somehow I’m pretty sure this will never get to a courtroom…
    If you’re called Bush or Clinton, you’re above the law and will get away with committing a genocide in public.
    If you aren’t, good luck getting out of that ticket for going 1 mph over the limit.

    • Occams

      True, but ‘generating revenue’ is a whole other subject for broke cities.

  • HP Austin

    Cathy O’Brien says that Hillary Clinton sexually assaulted her when she was a young girl. Hillary is also said to have made six trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Sex Slave Island” on Epstein’s 727 known as “The Lolita Express”, which is staffed by underage girls. It also has a bedroom.

    A former estate manager on Sex Slave Island said that he saw girls as young as 12 running around naked. He also stole the “little black book” which contained over 20 ways to contact Bill Clinton, who made 26 trips to the island.

    There is NO doubt that at least one intelligence agency has bugged the plane and the island, so the visitors are easily blackmailed.

  • fabricstain

    Been hearing this repeatedly for at least the past year. I’ll believe it when I see that first indictment, but I won’t be holding my breath.

  • John Conner

    Most Dem were raped by there parents so they are just doing what they learned from a very young age.

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    If only if this article were true….that would mean ALL the corrupt folks in Washington will be in prison. Do we have that many beds open or will Bozo just release more criminals out of jail to make room for him, hill, bill, loretta, bozo, et al?

  • Alan Thompson

    They are SICK. We Must take them Down. Put them in Jail. Do NOT let Obama pardon them.

  • http://www.whatreallyhappened.com TruthYourFreedom

    even if some of the information is true…the style and content of this site look lie fake news that trips up conservatives when it is easily disproved later

  • plamenpetkov

    Reddit has experts? Ohgawd.

  • Thebes42

    If someone really has these photos, they HAVE a DUTY to their FELLOW CITIZENS to LEAK them.

  • Paceride

    Egads, you people are fucking stupid.

  • Zach

    I hate to break it to anybody reading this site, but you have been duped into reading false propaganda.

    This entire site is a fallacy. False. Incorrect. Clickbait. Fake. Not real. Call it what you will.

    If you visit this site and take anything it says with an ounce of credibility, you have been conned.

  • Eluegl

    I’m so fucking lost i don’t understand like there’s too many information wtf

  • Straight is OK too?

    Slick Willie has a history of flying on a pedophile ‘ s jet to his island for weekends in “Caligula.”

  • Paul Lalonde

    seriously are some of you actually that dumb that you believe this? heheheheehehehehe

  • Acetic_V_Gina

    Fast forward to today knowing Trump has dismissed the State Department, and kept Comey on as director. Wow. I truly hope this plays out and all of these sick people go straight to hell.

  • Barbusie910

    I have know by the ass – inine things that congress has approved
    of over the last 15 years that something had to be real wrong and
    very dysfunctional with congress ..

    I just sat back and collated all the information I had gathered on this computer over the years concerning the abduction of children, and
    the CIA’s sick ass projects designed to overthrow and topple foreign governments, that they could easily put together and covertly run a huge pedophile operation using abducted children and then disposing them when they got too old to be a viable entity..

    Using under aged children to entice, seduce, and capture on camera
    to be used as a blackmail tool, congressmen, high government officials, judges, heads of state, high profile media personnel, and even white house staff and cabinet members, and then black mailing them to do things their way instead of the right way, would be a lucrative and productive means to control our own government rendering elections virtually useless for as long as THEY could get away with it.. And with a stranglehold on high media executives they could also control everything that was put out to the American public
    ( fake news)…

    Thank GOD we chose to put TRUMP into that oval office instead
    of the HILADBEST.. She’s one of the people that will be going to jail
    for running this paedophile ring along with a few dozen other
    MONSTERS she is acquainted with …..

    Can you imagine what this country would have been like in a few months with that witch sitting behind the Resolute Desk ……

  • Fuckyou

    RUMORS! RUMORS! So the verified locations, the witnesses, the victims, the symbols and codes, the paintings and “art,” the blackmails, the video tapes, the dark web, the money laundering, the hundreds of thousands of abductions. etc. All this is still not enough? To call the Clinton Pedophile Ring a rumor is more sick than PEDOPHILIA ITSELF!

  • Fred Freud

    Nothing is beyond belief when discussing the depravity of our political elite. The evidence cited in this article may well exist (and I hope so) but I must see it to believe it. We’ve been teased so many times in the past with no pay off.
    And then, of course, when it comes to Bus/Clinton/Obama crimes I am skeptical there are honest players in our government & media who have authority & will to bring the criminals to justice.

  • Sophie Oliver


    • Sophie Oliver