FBI: We’re Ready To Indict Hillary Clinton

The FBI say there is a 90% chance that Hillary Clinton will be indicted within days, as evidence of a Washington pedophile ring emerges.

The FBI have said there is a 90% chance that Hillary Clinton will be indicted within days, as evidence of a Washington pedophile ring involving the Clinton Foundation emerges. 

Multiple reports of FBI agents speaking to major media outlets over the last 24 hours since the child sex scandal broke say that the department is “actively and aggressively” pursuing the Clintons in five separate probes.

A deep hatred of Hillary Clinton exists within the FBI, multiple bureau agents told the Guardian. Agents explained that Clinton is considered “the antichrist” within the department, and a desire to stop her being elected spurred the rapid series of damaging leaks just days before the election.

A Wall Street Journal report says the FBI’s pursuit of the case is rooted in recordings of a suspect in a different corruption case who spoke about the Clinton Foundation’s dirty dealings.

FBI: “90% Chance Of Indictment And Prosecution”

The FBI say there is a 90% chance of indictment and prosecution for Hillary Clinton and others connected to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton campaign.

Fox is now reporting that federal investigators have collected “a lot of evidence” including Wikileaks emails to and from foundation officials.

The FBI’s probe into the foundation is much larger than has previously been reported, the network says. Some witnesses are being interviewed for a third time as the noose begins to tighten.

It is a “very high priority,” Fox’s FBI sources said.

There is a mutiny within the FBI as agents rebel against director James Comey’s decision not to recommend prosecution in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. His decision to re-open the case is down to departmental pressure, FBI agents claim.

“The FBI is Trumpland,” one current agent told the Guardian. Clinton is “the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel” who have investigated the Democratic nominee.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Steve Pieczenik claims that the Clintons have initiated a “silent coup” in their bid for power, explaining that the White House, judiciary, CIA, FBI, Loretta Lynch and James Comey have all been “co-opted” through political cronyism.

Coup and counter-coup

He has also gone on the record explaining that the emails being released by WikiLeaks were leaked by brave members of the US intelligence community in an effort to expose Hillary Clinton’s corruption and stop her being elected.

In order to stop this coup we in the intelligence community have informally got together and with their permission I am starting to announce that we have initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.”

The State Department veteran’s claims might explain the unprecedented and mysterious actions by the FBI on Tuesday. The FBI Vault silently and unexpectedly made documents relating to the investigations into Hillary Clinton and the death of Vince Foster available to the public – some of which were not due to be declassified until 2041.

The Clinton Pedophilia Connection

Steve Pieczenik also corroborates news that Hillary Clinton and her cronies are about to outed by the FBI for their involvement in an elite Washington pedophile ring.

Not only will she be charged with obstruction of justice, with lying to a prosecutor in the FBI, she will also be charged with pedophilia, and sex with minors,” claims Pieczenik, who has served in the State Department in four different administrations.

  • mike

    Finally they will be brought to justice. I was loosing faith in upholding the Ten Commandments that were Brocken over several times – Thank you FBI

  • BarryeatsSpunk

    Don’t and you are a fucking LIAR!!!! Sick of these above the LAW FUCKS! My plates on my car are expired… Cop pulls me over to give me a ticket.. You think I am taking it? HELL NO! Arrest this CUNT and I will take my lumps!!!! Otherwise… FUCK OFF!!!!

  • PogmoThoin13

    So DO IT already and stop merely threatening to do it!

  • dianecee

    Let’s clean up the trash that has piled up within our borders.

  • Skip Godinez

    Maybe SHillary was able to dodge sniper fire while in Bosnia, but she isn’t going to be able to dodge the truth from Wikileaks !!!!

    • MEL

      I say identify the children who were “borrowed”, Kidnapped, stolen, traded …. and see if any parents can identify their child in these photos or shared computer/internet information. There are parents out there (who thought they were the ones losing their minds) who were trying to tell schools and daycares (with bus drivers who drove kids to school) that “something” was not right … and it was more than just an elementary school teacher marking a child absent for nearly EIGHT OUT OF NINE WEEKS … without reporting the information to the principal OR calling the parent(s). The elementary school teacher had no memory of the child coming to class (age 7). The day care administrator could remember the child getting on the daycare bus to be dropped off at school. NO ONE THOUGT TO QUESTION THE DRIVER. (Only, that when he left the daycare for school the child was with him & when he picked children up in the afternoon from school to bring back to the day care that he returned with the child. But, the school had no written record or physical/actual memory when questioned by parent and assistant principal that the child had ever been in class or dropped off.)

      Even worse if the child was “targeted” … (as far as they knew no OTHER children from the day care were being marked absent by OTHER teachers). The child’s mother had a few months prior reported a violent sexual assault (rape) against a prominent person in the community. The mother was a nurse and a life long resident in the area. The prominent person was new to the area.

      No investigation … no resolutions …. no justice …. (until the predator finally died – he could never abuse again)

      Before, the predator’s death …. he had lost his license to practice and his mental incapacities had been brought up in a huge law suit that he was sued in and lost … A drop in the bucket for the victim nearly 20 years later.

      How far does this ‘sickness’ and pedophilia go …. yes, THEY know what types of jobs to seek.

      And, I don’t believe they understand what some parents will do …. do they? Just give them the proof.

  • Solano Jones

    So sick of all these “90% chance of indictment” type of articles. Where are you going to go to get an indictment when the Obama DOJ won’t even empanel a Grand Jury? Morons! If Clinton skates on this stuff until Tuesday, there’s a 90% chance it will disappear down the black memory hole and never be heard of again. If this stuff is true, oathkeepers had better step up and stop the insanity, or you will deserve the civil turmoil that results.

  • Mary George

    Are the Podesta brothers,Killary,Bubba Bill,Epstein,Huma,Weiner and others going to be arrested?