FBI Insider: We Are Investigating Pizzagate

FBI insider claims agency have launched full blown investigation into Pizzagate

An FBI insider has revealed that the agency are currently conducting a low-key investigation into ‘Pizzagate’ and a potential Washington D.C. pedophile ring. 

According to the insider, FBI agents are biding their time and waiting until the Trump administration get into power, before making any actual arrests.

Voat.co reports:

Exact quote:

FBI is facing the entire Federal government in this case.


Here is also what he said.

“…pedophilia is primarily in British parliament & Saudi Arabia, and that’s why HRC and BC love foreign donors so much. They get paid in children as well as money. Dig deep and you can find it. It will sicken you.”

When asked why data isn’t just leaked immediately so the people at the highest levels can be indicted, he says:

“Total chaos. The government would be exposed at every layer, who pays who, who buys what, and no one has yet asked about the human trafficking bits I have been laying out.”

Most of us want to do good but political turmoil at the top prevents us. Remember, this scandal is massive enough to send foreign governments into conflict with us. We cannot simply turn over everything and hope for the best. With intel as high as this, many people have turned away even if they have an inkling of what the details are.”

It wasn’t until I started examining the evidence we’ve gathered here that I finally understand the precarious position the FBI is in.

Can you imagine if a video of a US politician brutally raping and killing a child actually made it out to the world? Can you imagine if the world found out that the US has been giving thousands of children to the Saudis to be raped, in exchange for political favors? You know that feeling you have about Comet Ping Pong? That’s how the world would feel about “Americans” — country that sells children into rape rings.

(Can you blame them? Perhaps it is up to us to clean up our backyard.)

You know that block on Connecticut with Comet, etc? That appears to be what most of the US government became, as a whole. One big child trafficking front in exchange for favors, intel, and money. If this gets out to the world, and video footage is seen, we could see multiple wars and uprisings occur.

Maybe we deserve judgment for allowing it to happen all these years. I don’t know. The victims have been telling us for decades, and usually they have been dismissed as “crazy.”

On a lighter note, FBI anon did say that in January, it will be easier for them to arrest certain individuals while ensuring overall stability.

He said we must keep focusing on the Clinton Foundation, and imagine all of its doners are implicated. And he said we must keep firing out tweets, articles, memes, videos, word of mouth, etc.

  • tomatoman

    bring it on… bringgg itttt onnnnnn. lol.. cant wait…

  • John Cook

    When you think it through this is Really big. Unlike most “conspiracy theories” it is Very clear if you just look at the evidence – and it’s a very sensitive issue, even with the normies.
    Trump will have a choice, either become a hero by exposing it or lose virtually his whole base support by supressing it (or trying to). I think that he will make the obvious choice – even if he is “controlled opposition” – and when he does it will destroy the whole “establishment”, including the filthy msm. It will even take down entity’s that are now shilling for it’s cover up.
    Pizzagate is bigger, by far, than watergate, this is going to become the biggest “scandle” in history – it will change the world, and for the better. And Trump will not be able to resist being the hero – he Will do something about it.

    We just have to keep pushing.

  • Dove

    Thanks for covering this in this climate.

  • thos1787

    The investigation will progress UNTIL the truth gets too close to power. Much like the Panama Papers, the threat of exposure to the close connections of the powerful will derail the entire investigation !!

    • Adam Smith

      Yep. They might, like you know, start WW3. Russia, NK, .. Take your pick. They will do ANYTHING. They worship Lucifer for goodness sakes. We can NOT let them get away with ANYTHING they dish out! They are desperate. They are in a panic! …hmm, wonder why in the hell Kissinger just made a recent visit to the WH. What’s HE thinking?? >:(

  • OldPoorRichard

    There’s ample evidence to believe Comet and that other pizza pub really are (or were) hubs for child sex trafficking, but I don’t believe that it’s this vast conspiracy. Right away, this comment is nonsense:

    “Total chaos. The government would be exposed at every layer, who pays who, who buys what, and no one has yet asked about the human trafficking bits I have been laying out”

    Even if this is at every level of government (which I seriously doubt) it’s still only a fraction of people. The government will continue to function with barely a hiccup and the only “chaos” will be in the press, not in real life. We need to out these rapists and put them behind bars no matter the purported risks, no matter how many or few there are and no matter how deeply connected they are.

    “this scandal is massive enough to send foreign governments into conflict with us. We cannot simply turn over everything and hope for the best.”

    Horsefeathers. So what if they do… and yes we can release all the information. How could an American citizen possibly care if baby rapists in Saudi Arabia would want to declare war on us, bring it on.

    If there really is a tremendous pedophilia ring spanning the globe at the highest levels of government, it is undebatably worth civil war or intercontinental war to rout it out. So put up or shut up. (?)–(Crickets.)

    Bottom line, THERE IS NO INFORMATION. Yes there are child predators in Washington DC and every city, that doesn’t mean it’s entrenched into the government. This vast conspiracy isn’t real. We are being trolled. This is FAKE NEWS. These leakers aren’t just lying, they’re fake, they’re not really insiders at all and they don’t have any information, just trolling speculation.

    There’s all this explosive “evidence” supposedly from “insiders” supposedly “about to be revealed” regarding everything from royal family sex trafficking to the fact we are actually ruled by aliens. Except THE EVIDENCE NEVER COMES OUT despite the frequent trolling and “leaking” of evidence-free speculation. One article said Chuck Schumer was on tape having sex with kids. Publish the tape or quit lying about its existence. (?)–(Crickets. Thought so.)

    • Imogen Spedding

      If one doesn’t do some research on these cases, on a global level, it would be easy to agree to all points you bring forth, “OldPoorRichard”.

      Now, notice from the very start how the article here states the investigation is being (present continuous) conducted on a “low-key” level, meaning covertly. Second to clear up, the article states “a potential” “pedophile ring”. This allows the article (and the website publishing it) to get further into the subject without being blamed for misguidance; something like a washing-their-hands policy. This tactic is very often used in articles writing about this subject.

      The above said, I’ll offer just one case, as there are quite a few, that would absolutely “send foreign governments into conflict”.

      Sir Peter Hayman was a British diplomat, a high commissioner in Canada from 1970-74; was Knighted in 1971; was director general of British Information Services in New York between 1961 and 1964; was deputy commandant of the British military government in West Berlin from 1964 till 1966. Finally, he was a High level member and activist of the paedophile information exchange (P.I.E.), that tried to legislate sex with a child from the age of 4-years-old.

      Imagine the police trying to get an arrest on paedophilia charges for this long-time deputy director of MI6; the officers in charge would not survive 24hrs. A slap on the wrist by any judge and/or British parliament enquiry would be enough for Sir Peter Hayman. Why? Because of his position in MI6, his gathering of information on whichever country, and his international dealings.

      Governments are filled with people. And people have sexual preferences. I too hope that this “vast conspiracy isn’t real”; we shall see as time passes.

      The Westminster Case: