FBI Sources Says James Comey Plans ‘Suprise’ Hillary Arrest

FBI's James Comey still plans to arrest Hillary Clinton

Sources close to FBI Director James Comey have confirmed that Hillary remains a target for a determined prosecution by the agency. 

Comey is said to be working behind the scenes on a criminal investigation that insiders at the FBI say will ensure that Hillary Clinton is prosecuted for fraudulent activity within the Clinton Foundation. reports:

With little public fanfare, Comey’s agents have been looking into Hillary’s relationship with foreign businessmen and governments who donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and are suspected of having received favors from the secretary of state in return.

Such pay-to-play behavior falls under the category of “public corruption,” and Comey’s agents are trying to determine whether Hillary conducted a series of secret meetings with foreigner donors separate from her duties as secretary of state.

Several people interviewed by the FBI have confirmed that Hillary did just that on numerous occasions while she was at the State Department.

“There are a sizable number of agents on this case,” said the source. “I don’t know exactly how many. It’s fewer than were assigned to the email case, but it’s still dozens of agents. By any measure, it’s a major investigation.

“Comey is taking every precaution against leaks while the investigation is ongoing. He’s ordered all the agents on the case to sign nondisclosure agreements and submit to random lie detector tests.

“While this public-corruption investigation is going on, the FBI is also looking into new information that, as a result of Hillary’s carelessness, hostile states like Iran hacked into her email system and compromised U.S. intelligence sources and personnel.

“Hillary shouldn’t imagine that she’s free and clear. Comey may have pulled his punches the last time around because he didn’t think his case was winnable in a court of law, but it’s possible that new evidence could shock the country and make Hillary a very vulnerable presidential candidate.”

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  1. bull, he’s investigated them three times with a free pass each time. they own him.

  2. It would be a white wash if he did anything else.

    • nothing is going to happen to Hillary she and bill knows way to much on so many people in every department in Washington including the FBI and the Justice Department and States department .Hillary will never be arrested . take that to bank

    • I second it!  You are absolutely right.  Starting from the very top.  The cormmie in chief.

  3. Why would Comey investigate, when he could have prosecuted over her e-mails. Standard operating procedures for law enforcement is, arrest then the news story. BS article, just to confuse the issues. Propaganda, in other words.

    • I think as he is into his investigation he might be  finding more against her therefore  this will take more time than he expected.. Recently in Philly Feds took from a DNC support group tons of  boxes for investigation. The DNC  group was  the  brotherhood support group for Hillary, 

    • this is not his investigation….the 2 depts dealing with this pertains to fraud..he just wants people to believe its HIM doing it to try and regain some credit ability

  4. Hillary is not above the law. Stop talking about her illegal unethical dangerous behavior to America. Stop making it about politics and news. Get the arrest warrant ready and GO SERVE IT. ARREST HER!

    • I agree with you.  Why have these people in the Government lets her get away with murder.  I just don’t understand how anybody can get away with all the things she’s done!

  5. Maybe Hillary released Comey’s relatives she had locked in a dungeon?

  6. Comey is B. S. 

  7. The FBI is no stranger to losing cases, they want an Iron clad case before they attempt an arrest.  Why the bullshit article?  Because he wants it known to the public just in case Lynch got bought off again.  I think that would be her end but the Clinton’s use people like toilet paper.

  8. corruption
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    1Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery:
    the journalist who wants to expose corruption in high places
    More example sentences Synonyms
    1.1The action or effect of making someone or something morally depraved:
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  9. he had better be careful. he might end up like the others that tried to get them…

  10. comey actually has nothing to do with this..other depts are doing this but said they would keep him informed….bad idea..then he can keep lynch and hillary informed so they can cover their tracks….he just wants everyone to think HE is doing something

  11. Hafta see it before we believe it.  And I’ll betcha that there are so many fall guys/suckers that she can blame between now and eternity — they’ll never get to her.  And those suckers . . . . they’ll never let her down, peril of “suicide.”

  12. REMEMBER THIS NAME , , Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.

  13. He has no balls.  Will never happen.  I hope for the sake of this country that I’m wrong. But Obama won’t let it happen.  They are all in bed together and it’s the citizens that willsuffer in the long run

  14. Go buy yourself a spell-checker.


  16. From day one, he looked very uncomfortable testifying under because he knew he was lying for her but pressed into by DOJ

    • Believe me when you are giving an offer you can’t refuse you’ll say anything they want you to say.  That is call corruption.  I’m just saying.  What do I know.  I’m just the gorilla in the room.

  17. If he does he might end up accidentally dropping a bar on his throat while doing bench presses.

  18. Well, just watch the body count take a dramatic rise. Remember, nothing will happen, because if they are allowed to get Clinton, then they’ll also have Obama. Believe me, they both have treasonous info on each other that could bring on the hangman’s rope. Also, many more pols on both sides of the fence are in this too, so watch the protection kick in.

  19. I’ll believe it when I see it

  20. I’ll believe that when I see it because James TRAITOR Comey already proved he’s a crook when he let Hillary go for obvious criminal breaches of security.

  21. The bitch needs to be executed for treason…

  22. Ha ha April fool’s already passed. Seriously Crooked Bill and Hillary are making a fool out of Comey and a mockery out of the justice system.

  23. Comey is Goliath and Hillary is David, Comey want to live.

  24. I will believe it when I see it.

  25. “Such pay-to-play behavior falls under the category of “public corruption,” and Comey’s agents are trying to determine whether Hillary conducted a series of secret meetings with foreigner donors separate from her duties as secretary of state.” Private meetings would constitute a violation of the Logan Act…

  26. I will believe it when I see it, but if true, it supports the theory that Comey let Hillary skate on the email server to avoid risking exposure of the far greater scandal that Hillary was selling US secrets to foreign powers using her weak email server to deliver and the Clinton Foundation to collect and launder payments.

  27. “Comey is said to be working behind the scenes on a criminal investigation that insiders at the FBI say will ensure that Hillary Clinton is prosecuted for fraudulent activity within the Clinton Foundation.”

    Once the investigation is complete, will he again lay out all the criminal actions she did, but then conclude “although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to Justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case.”

    If he values his life, and his families lives, he will.

  28. I think the FBI is worried that more info from Wikileaks will be released showing the FBI had plenty of evidence to indict her all along.  We need to understand the US government is one large pay for play scheme, as this is a characteristic of the fascist marriage of government and business interests.  While they might ruin the careers of politicians who accept tainted money, they will do nothing about the people who give the money.  They are the real protected ones.  

  29. I hope the FBI can spell surprise better than the editors of this site can.

  30. James Comey, you are a TRAITOR.
    Comey did more damage to America than did Benedict Arnold.

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