Officials: Marijuana Intoxication Main Factor In Death – What Do You Think?

Marijuana intoxication

A new report has concluded that Marijuana intoxication was the chief contributing factor in a man’s death after he had a cookie with 6 servings of the active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

According to Yahoo! News [1]:

A teenager in Colorado died after consuming an entire marijuana cookie that contained 6 servings of marijuana’s active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), according to a new report. [2]

The 19-year-old man had received a marijuana cookie from his friend, a 23-year-old who bought the product from a store [3]. The sales clerk instructed the friend to divide the cookie into six pieces, with each piece containing about 10 mg of THC, the recommended serving size established by Colorado authorities.

At first, the 19-year-old followed these instructions, and ate just part of the cookie. But after about 30 to 60 minutes, he didn’t feel any effects, so he ate the rest of the cookie, according to the report, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Over the next few hours, the man showed erratic speech and hostile behaviors, the report said. About 2.5 hours after he ate the whole cookie, he jumped off a balcony on the fourth floor of his building, and died from trauma from the fall, the report said.

Officials determined that marijuana intoxication was the chief contributing factor to the man’s death, which occurred in March 2014. An autopsy found that the man’s blood levels of THC were above the legal limit for driving a car in Colorado.

“This case illustrates a potential danger associated with recreational edible marijuana use,” the report said. [Where Americans Smoke and Grow Marijuana (Maps)] [4]

In 2012, Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and stores selling the products opened in 2014. [5]

Marijuana takes longer to have an effect when ingested as opposed to smoked. Peak blood levels of THC occur about 1 to 2 hours after ingestion of marijuana, compared to just 5 to 10 minutes after the drug is smoked.
“Because of the delayed effects of THC-infused edibles, multiple servings might be consumed in close succession before experiencing the ‘high’ from the initial serving, as reportedly occurred in this case,” the report said.

High doses of THC “can produce serious anxiety attacks and psychoticlike symptoms,” Robert MacCoun, a professor at Stanford Law School, told Live Science in an interview earlier this year. MacCoun previously published a commentary in the New England Journal of Medicine expressing concern about the hazards of edible marijuana products for children and teens.

In February this year, Colorado instituted new rules for the packaging and labeling of edible marijuana products, requiring these products to contain no more than 10 mg of THC, or to have clear marking of each 10-mg serving, the report said.

However, the new report suggests “a need for improved public health messaging to reduce the risk for overconsumption of THC,” the researchers said.







  • Kara

    He didn’t die from marijuana?

    • Awaken Humanity

      Exactly, I would like to know if he was on any pharmaceuticals as well.

    • Turbosloth

      He took it which caused psychotic symptoms and resulted in his death, so yes..Had he taken the appropriate dose, instead of 6 times as much he’d probably be alive.

      • Soldarius

        So did you form that assumption or did the media provide it for you?

        What other ingredients were in the cookie? What other drugs did the guy take before or with the cookie? Was a hallucinogen mixed in the cookie? Is this fear mongering or propaganda due to the rise in popularity of the legalization of the plant?

        Ask questions and do some research before believing everything you hear or see.

  • Sydney Chandler

    I don’t believe this. Not for a second. I’m gonna investigate.

    • Wes

      believe it man Majijuana is not as harmless as people believe.. 60mg of THC is alot thats probobly more than any mere mortal could smoke.. Sides Marijuana has stronger effects when ingested.

      • MacMan

        Cannabis didnt kill him…

        “he jumped off a balcony on the fourth floor of his building, and died from trauma from the fall” that killed him…

        • Bill Leseberg

          Two things killed this dumbass, gravity and stupidity. This is God’s way of thinning the herd.

        • jon

          “rejoice we lost a fukin idiot” how about a positive drugs story “man takes lsd and realizes all matter is one . . .

      • Sydney Chandler

        As a medical marijuana user I can tell you that 60mg of edible weed is not going to kill you. Else I would have been dead already.

  • LukePranay

    Meanwhile, at the same time, thousands were dying from alcohol related things…

    And you can also die from drinking too much water…

  • Mitch Mitchell

    No, don’t believe it.

  • Emmeaki

    You need to change this lie of a headline. He died from jumping off a balcony, not from the weed!

  • Tammy

    Don’t believe this.

  • jd

    That is so stupid people are idiots that think that you’re going to die from that because obviously he didn’t die from he jumped off of the freaking balcony like an idiot so can’t tell me marijuana kill the dummy for jumping off a building

  • Cam

    Idiot…he killed himself while he was high so people blame marijuana. He was depressed before the weed. Best believe

  • Chris

    He leaped to his death. I swear, the only people dumb enough to believe marijuana causes ‘reefer madness’ are people who’ve never used it. Not buying this one iota.

  • Bill Leseberg

    Apparently these officials suffer from DTDS (Dumber-Than-Dog-Shit). The officials determined that marijuana intoxication was the chief contributing factor to the man’s death. I don’t think so, but then, I am not an official. Gravity and Stupidity were the chief contributing factors in the man’s death. The dumbass ate a pot cookie, jumped from a balcony on the fourth floor of his building, and when Gravity introduced him to the ground he died. That Gravity is a bitch! The dumbass that died also suffered from DTDS. Stupidity was the cause, not THC, nor a gun, Confederate flag, or the General Lee, just simple
    “stupidity” in a dumbass. I think this was God’s way of thinning the herd.

  • Mark Alberto Yoder Nunez

    I think he died from jumping from the balcony.

    • Mark Alberto Yoder Nunez

      Most people just fall asleep when they get too much!

  • jon

    Not even reading this, its just lies.

    As for people who whine that marijuana causes paranoia, they’re wrong,
    or misguided. It may on a small percentile increase psychosis if they
    were genetically pre-disposed. So in a way doing them a favour by
    highlighting there problems earlier, rather than leaving them living in
    confusion. The mass paranoia that is whined about, about is actually
    people just having a smoke and reflecting on themselves and their life,
    and then feeling really unconfortable with what they learn/observe. Its
    not the drug thats the problem just that they’re cunts and never

    Well done on writing this article, another recent belter is that the chems in cigarettes actually increase psychosis.
    Ever noticed how some people can kick the habit of heroin but never cigs?
    Or we could mention the whole rats on drugs in a shit environment vs an ideal environment.

  • jon

    when we were young we used to just eat buds or lumps of hash, no need to waste time making a cookie.

    I had a long flight and ate quarter oz of hash beforehand, just before going through security. I slept like a log, kept waking up on the smell of food, but couldnt stay awake long enough for the trolley to get to me, then woke again when they were clearing trays and then back to sleep again. This happened for every meal on the flight. When I arrived at destination my mate picked me up at the airport, He says I came through the door just drapsed over the trolley, we then had a lovely ride laying in the back of a jeep looking at the stars, no harm done. but that was maybe too much hash, I did not even notice we landed till the passengers wanted to get past me as I had an aisle seat. Wonder if they went for a pee during the flight?

    Can you eat too much, dont be silly if the body doesnt like it you will puke and puke till you puke the bile from your stomachand then sleep it off.