Trump-Hating Florida Shooting Survivor Is Son Of ‘Deep State’ FBI Spy

Trump-hating Florida school shooting survivor exposed as son of FBI agent

A Florida school shooting survivor who has been featured across the major news networks advocating for a total gun ban, is the son of an FBI agent.  

David Hogg, a vehement Trump critic, has featured heavily across all the major news networks over the last few days, pleading with politicians to abolish the Second Amendment. However, what the news networks have neglected to mention is that Hogg is the son of a former ‘Deep State’ FBI agent. reports: And while the media allowed Hogg to adorn us with his worldly teen views on the Constitution, they conveniently left out the part where the FBI was warned that the Florida school shooter had promised to shoot up a school — at least twice — long before the massacre that killed 17 students last week.

If Hogg knew the shooter would snap — as he and other students have professed — perhaps he could have told his father about it.

Oh but wait, his father was in the FBI.

It would not have mattered anyway.

That’s the funny thing about the limelight, kid.

Often the lights can come crashing down on your head.

  • Kane

    One for all ,all for one ,the 3. femo democratic mouseketeers.

  • seemorebetter

    This kid knew this was going down. this was setup for quite sometime.

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      • Ian L. Hannaford

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  • marg200

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  • Christian Thomas

    He wasn’t even a student there. He graduated from a school in CA. His face in his Yearbook is available on the net.

  • Eye4one2

    Just another leftist pawn….

  • Watchman for Truth

    More shit created by the Jesuit, Zionist corporate media propagandists to distract the brainwashed braindead, brain dysfunctional sheeple straight into a gun confiscation coming mass slaughter genocide aka DEMOCIDE!!!

  • nancya68

    so rehearsed….and what about all his California you tube videos????

  • ich bin es nicht

    please prove that he is the son of a FBI deep state agent. If all media is lying, why should i believe Yournewswire? Especially because Yournewswire lied before which i found out? You told wrong stories about Sebastian Kurz and Putin. Why should i believe Yournewswire. I prefer to admit to know nothing what is not proven.

  • 3seas

    apparently he does not like the first amendment either as FB and twitter are censoring any posts/comments in opposition.