Footage Purporting To Show Brussels Explosions Was Shot In 2011

Footage Purporting To Show Brussels Explosions Was Shot In 2011

CCTV that was reported to be taken from from the deadly Brussels Airport explosions, appears to be fake.

Footage that was said to show the Zaventem Airport explosion is remarkably similar a video that shows the moment a bomb attack took place at Domodedovo Airport in Russia in 2011.

But as the Independent reports: the clip, which shows people walking before they duck and flee following an explosion, has been widely shared on social media since the Brussels blasts took place on Tuesday morning.

VRT news agency apologised on Twitter for the CCTV footage being fake

The first video (below) is the CCTV purporting to show the Brussels Airport explosions and the second is of the 2011 bomb attack at Domodedovo Airport in Russia


And that wasn’t the only fake video that was put out yesterday….

According to The Free Thought Project :

During this massive search and presentation of information, some disinformation made its way out on the airwaves, as well as the interwebs.

While claiming to have CCTV footage from Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels, CNN ran a clip of a chaotic scene of a smoke-filled subway tube with people running for their lives.

Citing the non-existent Twitter handle, @OnlinMagazine as their source, CNN showed a looped video of people frantically attempting to escape a burning subway while Chris Cuomo pretended he was a reporter.

The issue with this looped chaos used by CNN for dramatic effect is that it’s not from March 22, 2016, in Brussels — It’s from the April 11, 2011, bombing of the Minsk Metro in Belarus

No retraction has been made and, in fact, the video is still available for viewing on the media giant’s YouTube channel.

Since the attacks early this morning, the fake videos have gone viral, being spread all over social media. However, none of the actual CCTV footage has been released.’s

In instances of attacks like this one, CCTV footage is always carefully reviewed before its release. The idea that it could have been released only hours after the attacks is ridiculous, which highlights, at best, the incompetence of such a large news organization, or, at worst, a deliberate release of false information meant to deceive their viewers. Either way, this is one more reason not to trust the mainstream media.


  • JustMe

    The same morning there was a big emergency exercise in Antwerp, evacuating a concert hall (Sportpaleis) with the scenario of bombs exploding (including ‘severely wounded’ actors)…they showed it on tv right before the real attack news came on, it was never mentioned afterwards…just saying…

    • Shirley Willis

      that’s their modus operendie. They create a type of training exercise, exactly like the terrorist attack they will claim later, taking pictures of ‘actors’ so when the military goes in and does the killing, the cameras are rolling elsewhere and viola! A succcessfully completed ‘false flag’ brought to you by your friendly government, blamed on the nearest Muslim, and with Americans sufficiently scared, more rights will be given up in order to ‘save us from the terrorists’ (our very own government)!

  • Onno Westerman

    Faked or not the truth is there was a attack with 2 explosions in Brussel airport and at the metro and 2 brother were dead and a third person got away and left the bomb a heavy one. Why they showed on news fake video is beyond my understand ing .